Any network traffic after authentication

Benjamin KLEIN-FIGNIER hostap
Tue Mar 2 11:41:59 PST 2004

Hello everybody,

I'm currently trying to install a small access point with 802.1X 
using HostAP. I manage to be authenticated by the radius server using 
(yes, i know how bad it is but it's only a test). Everything seems well 
on the
client (802.1X connection successful), the access point (IEEE 802.1X 
and the radius server.
But... any network traffic is possible between the client and the 
access point
(or anything behind it).

At first, I believed the problem was related to WEP encryption but even 
if I
disable it  (with wep_key_len_broadcast=0 and wep_key_len_unicast=0) the
problem remains the same. If I use my access point without hostapd (ie. 
authentication) everything is right, my DHCP server gives me an IP and 
so on...

Any idea ?


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