Firmware question

Stuart Frame stuart
Mon Mar 1 16:12:30 PST 2004

> Is there anything new or fixed in secondary firmware 1.8.0 that makes
> worth the upgrade (from 1.7.4)?
> Has anyone had negative experiences with 1.8.0?
> Also, is primary 1.1.1 still the latest and greatest? I have seen
> but
> only in ram format.
> Does anyone have a large network of APs with a particular firmware
> reliably? What firmware is best for a production environment?
> Thanks,
> Sergio

I am using 1.8.0 on a veritech 2511 card. Not sure if it is the firmware
or hardware, but I cannot bridge wlan and ethernet when wlan is in
managed mode - bridge works fine in Master mode.

I have not done any testing to confirm it is the firmware, will be
reverting back to 1.7.4 this week.
If you use bridging I would test 1.8.0 first in the lab.

Works much better in windows XP, i.e. more stable connection (I am
beaming about 2km to the AP).

Stuart Frame,
National IT Manager,
Niue Island

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