Capturing SS info from Probe Request.

Anand S. Katti askatti
Wed Jun 30 22:34:49 PDT 2004

Hello All,

	In an Experiment, I want to make the HostAP collect the Signal
Strength[SS] information for the Probe Request received by the firmware. I
understand that HostAP doesn't receive the Probe Request as discussed
earlier. I would greatly appreciate if anybody has the idea on how to make
HostAP get the SS related info for Probe Request ?

One of the Possibilites I was thinking of is using one more card in the
HostAP machine as sniffer to keep looking for probe request, but here too
is it possible that the sniffer can extract the signal strength info from
the probe reqest destined for the AP running HostAP ? Can we do some
changes in the sniffing program to get this info from the firmware ?

Thanks in Advance,

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