Hack HostAP for IW_STATISTICS Updates in Wireless Extensions???

Henry Ip henryiphk
Sun Jun 27 22:17:11 PDT 2004

Hi all,

Thanks for the HostAP driver. I would like ask 3 questions:

Question 1:
I found that the iw_statistics and iw_range structures
does not get updated when the WLAN adapter is configured
in Master mode as in
iwconfig wlan0 mode Master

Is there a way to hack in the HostAP driver (especially for the
pccard) to enable iw_statistics and iw_range structures updates
when the card is in Master mode???

Hardware used:
Linksys WPC11 PCMCIA WLAN Card.
Sony Vaio PCG F403 notebook

Kernel used:

HostAP Driver used:
HostAP 0.0.1

I am now researching on Wireless Scheduling with the help
of Channel State Information.

I know that in Managed mode. The WLAN card searches for
Access Points to then updates the link quality data
in the iw_statistics and iw_range structures. Now I would like
to do this in the Master mode, such that the link quality
data of the most recent communication can be obtained.

Question 2:
And in Master mode, the command:
iwlist wlan0 scanning

does not "scan" at all.

How to enable this as well?

Question 3:
As a newbie in the Linux world, I would like to ask a general question
about Open Source Software Community:
Is it a GOOD / a MUST practice to READ THE SOURCE code as many
as possible?

For example, I am doing something about Linux Wireless LAN
with the HostAP Driver. Then I should read ALL the source codes for
Wireless Extensions in Linux Kernel
Wireless Tools (iwconfig, iwlist...)
HostAP Driver Code
... etc...

Any help and /or guidance is very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Henry Yip

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