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Mon Jun 21 12:35:25 PDT 2004

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<quote who="Gargi D">
> How do I use the inquire command provided by Private IOCTL of hostap? What
> are the values it takes?
> Also how do I use the debug/test mode of HostAP along with
> ReadMIF/WriteMIF
> Commands?
> -- Gargi
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> Subject: Wireless <--> Wireless Bridge
>> Let me start by saying I think I have read that this doesn't work, but
I am look for a workaround and/or verification that what I am
>> attempting is not possible (yet)
>> Wlan Client   ----> Wlan0 (hostap in master) Bridged to Wlan1 (in
Managed mode) --> RemoteAP ---> Ethernet.
>> System:
>> Ibm Laptop w/ 2 dwl-650 wireless nics running Redhat FC2
>> I have have a connection on both nics:
>> Wlan1 side can ping the internet via the "remoteap"
>> "Client Laptop" can talk to Wlan0
>> It appears that the client does a arp request that appears to come in
wlan0 and out wlan1 but I never see any arp replies, I tried a static
arp also and that didn't seam to help either.
>> I am I missing something or does this not currently work due to framing
>> Thanks
>> Bryan

can you post a tcpdump for wlan{0,1)?  maybe one from RemoteAP if you can
get it??

KC Ferguson

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