Firmware for > 11 channels

Matt Brown matt
Thu Jun 17 21:09:53 PDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-06-17 at 14:08, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> hostap_diag format is not likely to be very easy to use, but
> "prism2_srec -D wlan0" format should be compatible with Prism2 firmware
> loading tools (including prism2_srec). I don't remember how much testing
> I did with this command (and matching -P option in prism2_srec), so I
> would recommend first starting with volatile RAM download without
> changing anything in the flash.

With pleasure I can now report that this procedure worked successfully.
The card I tried it with was a Senao/Engenium 2511CD-PLUS with external
antenna connectors. 

For future reference the following is the procedure that I used
1. Dump current PDA 
prism2_srec -D wlan0 > pda
2. Backup PDA
cp pda pda.bak
3. Edit PDA (see below for details)
4. Write PDA, along with volatile firmware
prism2_srec -r wlan0 ak010101.hex rf010800.hex -P pda
5. Verify card is working and can use all 14 channels :)
6. Reflash card 
prism2_srec -f wlan0 pk010101.hex sf010800.hex -P pda

All done :)

It seems that you only need to change 1 value in the PDA file, that is
the list of allowed channels. There does not seem to be any requirement
to match the Regulatory Domain with the allowed channels. The address of
this setting in the PDA is 0x0104. 

To enable all 14 channels I set this to 0x3fff

Thanks for all your help. Hopefully the testing has been useful for you.

Now my next step is to try and do the same with an Orinoco card :)


Matt Brown
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