new /usr/src directory?

Utin Mikhail A CONT NPRI UtinMA
Mon Jun 14 11:53:49 PDT 2004

A few days ago I asked almost the same question (how to set up default directory in hostap Makefile), and got excellent answer. It helped to reach to a certain point, but I still had make error while installing hostap driver.

I decide to go from scratch with FC2, with all updates. It also includes new kernel 2.6.6-1.427. When I went to /usr/src to check it and to create links, and following to prepare kernel source (as it was advised).However, I did not find new directory corresponding to new kernel number, as I got when I updated FC1. So, I do not have a place to copy config file from /boot, and get the /usr/src/linux link.


What would you suggest?


Thanks a lot



Mikhail A. Utin


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