Change orinoco driver to hostap with kernel 2.6.6

Juan Carlos Martin Severiano x01_jcm
Mon Jun 14 09:48:21 PDT 2004


I have tried to install HostAP 0.1.3 in my laptop (Fedora core 1, kernel 2.6.6 running, wireless card DELL truemobile 1150), and I followed the instructions contained in the README file:

make install

(no error messages displayed)

but when I restart cardmgr (doing /etc/init.d/pcmcia restart) I get again the orinoco driver (that comes by default with the kernel)  instead of hostap (looking at the modules loaded, with lsmod)

How do I get rid of the default orinoco driver, in order to be able to use hostap instead?

Maybe the problem is that I have followed the instructions for "Systems using kernel tree PCMCIA modules" instead of "System using external pcmcia-cs modules". Honestly I don't know which of both suits my system, but the first one compiled without problems.


Juan Carlos Mart?n
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