WPA Supplicant

Skerb1 skerb1
Sun Jun 13 14:57:29 PDT 2004

I am using WPA Supplicant 0.2.2
I have a D-Link DI-624 with firmware 2.42
and a Broadcom BCM94306 using the Linuxant Driverloader

Anyway I can connect to my access point just fine using WPA-TKIP when I 
have the BROADCAST SSID enabled on my AP.  However whenever I disable 
the BROADCAST SSID setting I can no longer connect to my AP in Linux.  I 
can connect just fine with the BROADCAST SSID disabled in WinXP.

I am not sure what is wrong, but I would like to connect to my AP with 
the BROADCAST SSID disabled for obvious security reasons.  Any ideas 
would be appreciated.

Here is how I am calling it:

ifconfig eth1 up
wpa_supplicant -B -c myconfig.conf -i eth1
dhcpcd eth1

Here is a copy of my wpa_supplicant config file:


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