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Tobias Rice tobias
Sun Jun 13 05:56:16 PDT 2004

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Just trying to rule out things, I downloaded/compiled the 2.4.26 source
with the 0.1.3 driver. It is much more stable, but throughput is aweful.
I also switched from Master to AdHoc mode, to see if it would help, but
I need to run in Master mode now. My laptop never gets to 11M anymore
and during any kind of transfer drops to 2M, then to 1M and cuts out
alltogether. Before Debian, this had windows2003 server on it and worked
really well in AdHoc mode. (ruling out hardware issues) Before using
windows, it was redhat with the linux-wlan-ng driver in AdHoc and it
work well too, so it has to be some configuration issue. Any thoughts on
settings I should try?
Many thanks.

Tobias Rice wrote:

| I'm using Debian/Sarge and a netgear MA311. I am using Debian's kernel
| sourc 2.6.6. I downloaded the latest dev (0.2.2) drivers, used the
| kernel patch 2.6.2 (after changing all instances of 2.6.2 with 2.6.6),
| copied everything needed to the kernel source, cofig'd, built, and
| installed the kernel. I then make/make install the hostap driver. I set
| up the system in bridging mode and with WEP. All seemed to work well,
| but performance decayed and it stopped working over a 24hour period.
| Should I have used the 0.1.3 drivers? Any hints why it was so slow?
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