How to measure the MAC packet dealy

prystelka at prystelka
Fri Jun 11 15:01:34 PDT 2004

I'm thinking of adding some QoS level to the DCF of IEEE 802.11b in ad-hoc.
The idea is to measure the MAC packet delay (in the fact the medium contention delay) using hostap driver in ad-hoc mode and use that measured results to suitable control the TC module at higher layer.
I need to measure the packet delay from the moment it goes to the station buffer to the moment of ACK reception (RTS/CTS/DATA/ACK mode is only considered - of course some retransmissions could happpend that lengthen that delay).
I have some questions:
- Do you know how that delay could be measured using hostap driver (which functions should I use)?
- How precisely it could be measured?
- What is the mactime and could I use it to measure that delay?
- Is it possible to send only one frame to the station buffer, start to measure the delay, finish that measurement after receiving ACK then send to the station buffer next frame (The IP packet is significantly higher and I must divide it for a small parts, then send one by one to the station buffer)?
Am I correct with that considerations?

Thanks for any help in that matter.

Best regards,

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