Kernel Panic + IAPP and hostap

sankpal_manisha sankpal_manisha
Fri Jun 4 04:00:02 PDT 2004

 Thanks Jouni

I finally get resolved my probelm by downloading new version of hostap (0.1.3)

I have carried out some expt with two APs (having 0.1.X version of hostap) and winXP as a client. both APs have IAPP and 802.1x support. the broadcast address (iapp_interface) is br0 on both AP which is bridge between eth0 and wlan0. i.e both APs are connected over wire having same subnet.

when the client moves from one AP say AP-A to other AP say AP-B, till the AP-B asks for the user name and passwd. also the AP-B sends a IAPP.Announce request which comtains 
        type:announce request
        protocol data units 
            Network Name value ""
            PHY type(16)value "proprietary"

According to my knowledge, IAPP is used to transfer the credentials from one AP to another AP. Can anybody explain me the exact procedure in hostap and IAPP?

Also i have carried out same expt with above setup but without IAPP support and i get same packets except IAPP.Announce Request. So what does one gain more by enabling IAPP support in hostap-0.1.3?

and what will happen if APs are connected wirelessy .ie. if they have WDS implemented?

Please shed on this issue...........
Thank in advance


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