Gunter Burchardt gbur
Thu Jun 3 23:59:24 PDT 2004

> In addition, I prefer going small step at a time,
> so I would not like to receive multi-thousand line patch some day..
> Short and simple patches more often is the way to go.

Sounds good. Lets start :)

> >  * Enabling/Disabling of a port.
> ieee802_1x_set_sta_authorized() could be modified to call a function
> pointer and each network interface type (e.g., Host AP driver with
> hostapd for IEEE 802.11 management, IEEE 802.11 driver with integrated
> IEEE 802.11 management, wired Ethernet) would have its own handler
> functions.

I will start with this point. Its a relative closed issue in source
code. There I can become acquainted with the source. First i will add a
struct to hostapd struct that holds all callback functions ond driver
specific issues (i guess there will be more than one later) and make 
code for initialise this structure. Second i will implement the
initialisation of this structure for host AP driver. The callback
function for host ap driver i will put to driver.c . The initialisation 
for ethernet and other drivers comes on later steps.


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