Are there changelogs for Prism firmware releases?

David Goodenough david.goodenough
Thu Jun 3 07:41:10 PDT 2004

I know there are sites that collect the Prism firmware releases, but are 
there changelogs for what it in the various releases.

I ask because I want to know if I should go around all my sites and 
update the firmware to solve a problem I am having, but it would be
a waste to do if the problem is not going to be fixed.

The nodes are using Senao 100mW cards, all at 1.4.6.  Every now
and then they either go slow or drop off completely, but issuing
the command "iwconfig <iface> rate auto" wakes them up, and 
typically ups the rate at which they are running, or if simply stopped
starts them again.

These are running hostap (Debian sid) from a couple of months
ago, but I have not noticed anything like this in the hostap
changelogs.  They are running on a 2.4.24 kernel.

When I first came across this problem what I noticed was the
drop outs, and the first fix I found was to use cardctl to 
eject and insert the card again.  ifdown/ifup was not enough.
But when looking at a slow down problem I noticed that the
iwconfig rate auto would restart a card as well so I moved to this
less brutal method.

I now have each node doing a rate auto every 2 minutes on
each of its wireless cards, but it does not feel right!


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