Prism54 WPA Support - wpa_supplicant - Linux general wpa support

Bradley Chapman kakadu_croc
Thu Jun 3 04:05:06 PDT 2004

To all,

I'm sorry to break into this thread, but I was just curious as to what will
eventually happen to wpa_supplicant. Based upon Mr. Malinen's words, as well as what
a few others in this thread have been saying, will WPA and 802.1x eventually become
generalized driver frameworks in the kernel (like MII), using the current Crypto API
and crypto drivers?

I'm just asking from an enduser perspective here, because eventually I will be
purchasing an 802.11g Prism54 device and would like to have an idea of the relative
ease of configuring 802.1x and WPA in the future.




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