Prism54 WPA Support - wpa_supplicant - Linux general wpa support

Luis R. Rodriguez mcgrof
Wed Jun 2 00:14:49 PDT 2004

So WPA is now a priority for prism54 development. Here's where we're at. 
Long ago in January Jouni had added some wpa supplicant support into 
prism54. It's not until today when I started looking into

I'm glad wpa_supplicant exists :). Interacting with it *is* our missing
link to getting full WPA support (great job Jouni). In wpa_supplicant 
cvs I see a base code for driver_prism54.c (empty routines, just providing skeleton).
Well I'll be diving in it now and see where I can get. If anyone else is
interested in helping with WPA support for prism54, working with
wpa_supplicant is the way to go.

I'm curious though -- wpa_supplicant is pretty much userspace. This was
done with good intentions from what I read but before we get dirty 
with wpa_supplicant I'm wondering if we should just integrate a lot of 
wpa_supplicant into kernel space (specifically wireless tools).
Regardless, as Jouni points out, there is still a framework for WPA that needs
to be written for all linux wireless drivers, whether it's to assist
wpa_supplicant framework or to integrate wpa_supplicant into kernel space.

What's the plan?


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