Bastos Fernandez Alexandre ALEBAS
Tue Jun 1 23:16:15 PDT 2004

Yes, the latter is, more or less, what we are thinking about. We have two
A first one, where the clients are. And a second one, where there are
several servers
and a proxy to the WAN. We have a gateway between the two networks, which
act as authenticator.
So, unauthenticated clients can't reach any server, and they can't use any
It is not critical for us if two clients communicates themselves.


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Even if the open1x authenticator worked, it may not be very useful anyway.
wired 802.1X setups, the authenticator is generally implemented at the 
switch, where you obviously can't just load your own software. I suppose it 
might be possible to have a host acting as a bridge between 2 networks and 
try having the authenticator there, (so unauthenticated clients could reach 
each other but not the rest of the network) but what kind of setup did you 
have in mind?

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