One More Try

James B. Hiller jhiller
Sat Jan 31 17:15:49 PST 2004

> I am Know this is for hostap. If any of you would have read my first
> post you would know that I was asking for help because I want to start
> playing with hostap. 

Tone, please.  People aren't sitting around waiting for you to post things,
nor are they jumping through the list figuring out what you might have meant.
If you'd like help, you need to provide adequate context.

> I did not know that the linksys WPC11 ver 4 was a realtek chip set. Now
> that I know that and you have given me a resource to look at I will go
> buy me a prism based network card. 

>From your first paragraph in your original post:

>> I am having issue getting the Linksys WPC11 Ver. 4 card to work with any
>> drivers.  Does anyone have any insight as to what the problem is? 

there is no way someone could have guessed that you wanted to know
anything about hostap; that you were even running linux; or anything
about what kind of problem you were having.  It also seems very much like
you'd not read much of what's already available on hostap from its
web page and included documentation.

Do your reading and provide clear requests and you'll get much better


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