One More Try

Roy Badami roy
Sat Jan 31 14:13:53 PST 2004

>>>>> "marc" == marc smith <mjsmith at> writes:
    marc> I am having issue getting the Linksys WPC11 Ver. 4 card to
    marc> work with any drivers.  Does anyone have any insight as to
    marc> what the problem is?

Well, the Linksys WPC11 v4 uses the Realtek chipset, so you're asking
on the wrong list.  hostap only supports the Intersil Prism II, Prism
2.5 and Prism 3 chipsets.
    marc> If I wanted to go buy a new card to play with this project
    marc> is there any recommendations as to which card performs the
    marc> best.

My WPC11 v3 (which is Prism-based) seems to work OK, but I haven't
played with it extensively.


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