DWL 520 rev. E

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Fri Jan 30 17:02:44 PST 2004

On Thu, Jan 29, 2004 at 01:00:09PM -0600, Joshua Thorp wrote:

> There are still a few bugs to work out on my end with the card as it 
> turns out.  Yesterday I restarted my machine,  wasn't able to get the 
> card to load,  at one point I managed to change the NIC to 0x8000 when 
> it should be 0x8024.  So I turned off the computer and pulled the power 
> cable and took PCI card out and put it back in.  When I rebooted 
> everything went well.  This morning I thought perhaps the problem was 
> because I didn't unload the driver properly before shutting down?

I just bought one of these cards in order to figure out what could be
going wrong. Good thing the boxes have the hardware revision specified
in a visible place--CompUSA had a pile of D-Link DWL-520 cards, most of
which actually were h/w rev. D1, but at least one was rev. E1. Anyway,
of course I was unable to reproduce any of the reported issues.. The
card was initialized without any issues, no problems downloading
firmware images, and rebooting the box works fine, too, with or without
first rmmod'ing the modules.

"Original COR value" seems to be somewhat random, but this did not seem
to cause any noticeable issues. Anyway, it might be better to just
hardcode the value in hostap_pci. Prism2.5/3 PCI cards should only use
the COR sreset bit if I remember correctly.

Since the card works fine in my test setup, I would assume that the
problems are somewhat related to the used CPU/motherboard. I did testing
on a small x86 board (Mobile Pentium MMX 166 MHz, ALi chipset

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