Followup on a DWL-520 issue

Jerry mrcool
Wed Jan 28 19:18:28 PST 2004

> mrcool, would you mind posting at least portions of your script so that
> some of us can start unloading our drivers?  While i'm starting to get
> the hang of this, i'm still not all that familiar with prism2_srec
> enough to unload the drivers

this is my stop script::

/sbin/ifconfig TWI0 down
/usr/local/sbin/brctl delif TWI0 wlan0
/sbin/ifconfig wlan0 down
/sbin/rmmod hostap_pci
/sbin/rmmod hostap_crypt_wep
/sbin/rmmod hostap

TWI0 is the bridge created that is the AP.  in most cases i use routing, but
i wanted everything on the same subnet.  So, i bring the bridge interface
down, remove the wlan0 interface from it, bring the wlan0 interface down,
then rmmod the drivers in the reverse of the loading...

Pavel, you mentioned about trying 1.7.4, well, this IS using 1.7.4, already,

DWL520E1 (pci): pm010102.hex    rf010704.hex

are the correct firmware images to laod to make the PCI CARD usable.   But i
think the DWL650P1 (pcmcia) same images without problems... ill verify that
I havent tried with a more recent copy of the CVS (this is 1/9/04), but i
may tomorrow, same with the pccard...

Good luck all.


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