DWL 520 rev. E

Pavel Roskin proski
Wed Jan 28 11:27:02 PST 2004

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, Joshua Thorp wrote:

> Chalk me up as another success.

Good to know.

> ifconfig wlan0 up
> iwconfig wlan0 mode managed
> iwconfig wlan0 essid SUNSTAR
> ifconfig wlan0
> ifconfig wlan0 up
> I now have a working card.  I am confused about the ifconfig wlan0 up,
> I had to do it twice.  Is that because of changing to managed mode (was
> the first one not necessary)?

Actually, "ifconfig wlan0" should bring the interface up.
This should work:

iwconfig wlan0 essid SUNSTAR
iwconfig wlan0 mode managed
ifconfig wlan0

If it doesn't, run dmesg and see kernel messages.

Pavel Roskin

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