Question on Wireless Extensions design

Lewis Adam-CAL022 Adam.Lewis
Wed Jan 28 09:14:27 PST 2004

Hi all,
It is a little vague to me why some of the iwpriv commands are handled via do_ioctl() and others are handled in the by separate iwpriv set/get routines in the driver.  For example, iwpriv commands such as monitor, wd_add and kickmac are all handled by the do_ioctl() handler in the driver, but other iwpriv commands such as get/set beacon interval are registered and handled in via their own routines (e.g. prism2_ioctl_priv_get_prism2_param() and prism2_ioctl_priv_prism2_param()).  What is the reason for this partitioning?  It looks to me as though the private commands handled by the do_ioctl() handler (e.g. hostap_ioctl()) are specific commands to perform an action (such as kicking a mac or adding one to the acl list), where the ones handled by the set/get routines specifically operate on variables.  If somebody can confirm my assumption, or correct it, that would be great.
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