Followup on a DWL-520 issue

mrcool at mrcool
Tue Jan 27 10:22:23 PST 2004

  The DWL520 is the pci version of the DWL650 pcmcia card.  Both need to have
the firmware flashed at driver load, as the current threads have been about. 
Well several weeks ago another individual mentioned that when a computer with
the dwl520 in that has been successfully made to work, is rebooted, (not shut
off) the DWL520 wont work until a power down.  The bios reports several
"unknown PCI Device" in the bios post at boot, and it wont work after it
boots up.  If you power the computer down and back on,it works normally until
a reboot...

Well, i have found that if you unload the hostap drivers BEFORE you reboot,
it will work properly after a reboot...  Im thinking that (some?) of the
firmware remains and the bios cant recognize it then... I created a shutdown
script to bring the bridge down,  then the interface, and finally unload the
drivers.  And this seems to work fine.

Hope some others find this usefull. 

Good luck


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