roaming with HostAP

Bojan Dusevic bojan_d
Sun Jan 25 13:17:34 PST 2004

hi all,

I am currently working on project that involves implementing a roaming feature between 2 access points.  So far, my team has configured 2 linux boxes to work as Access points (using hostAP).  Our next task is to configure roaming between these 2 machines.  We would like to do it on the Access points rather than on the clients.  Basically, we need the session data to be transferred only between these two APs. We also need some mechanism that automatically changes the WEP keys when switching from one AP to the other.  However, we would like to get anything working first (keep WEP keys the same).
I noticed that hostAP has some roaming support, but I found the documentation to be very vague and not detailed enough.  It also seems that it provides support for the roaming on the client side, which is not what I am looking for.  Please tell me if I am wrong!!!  I am fairly new to the world of linux and wireless comm., so I am looking for some help with this.  If anybody knows how to go about doing this, please let me know.

Bojan Dusevic
4th year student
Computer Engineering
University of Toronto

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