SMC 2532W-B problems...

mrcool at mrcool
Sun Jan 25 12:43:40 PST 2004

This is a bit off topic, but i need other opinions...  I have 2 (now) of
these cards that "quit working", they will initialize, load, accept commands,
and firmware, etc.  just like normal.  but nothing can see them, and they see
nothing farther away than 3 meters.  Its as if the amp on the card, (or the
antenna diversity jack) have quit, and so no signal is being sent out (or
recieved).  The second card replaced the first one.  I did change antennas,
as i thought maybe the antenna (omni) had shorted out.  My logic was that the
200Mw amp in the SMC2532W, broadcasting out to the direct short, eventually
burned out.  Leaving the card to otherwise "work". (The antenna in use at
THIS time had other problems that i thought i had fixed. so the short in the
antenna was a logical thought to me. this is another story entirely)

well. This time, a shorting antenna isnt near as likely.  Its possible,
because it did rain last night, that moisture could have gotten in and
shorted things out, but only in the connector, and this has happened in other
circumstances and not been a problem. After drying out, they would return to
normal.  I have a Senao (200Mw) thats been runnin for a long time (since 6 to
8 mos before i even got first the SMC)  Im not gonna say that it has shorted
out like is possible the others have, but has been runnin considerably longer
than all the others put together... 

Honestly, i dont think the others shorted out, as i couldnt find evidence of
it in the first antenna i pulled down, i just accepted that as the best
solution, and the second has been through a MUCH longer and more soaking rain
than this just a few weeks ago...  My thoughts are perhaps the SMC is just a
"weak" card, or more realistically, a lower powered card "overclocked" to
200Mw (for lack of a better word), that when its just broadcasting as an AP
(and not many clients or activity) will eventually burn out... If this is
true, would lots of clients and activity, or being activly associated to
another AP (as client) allow it to "live" longer as it would have a "load" on
it versus just being essentually an open curcit??

Anyway, i hope i havent upset anyone with this post, as it is off topic.  But
i need other folks opinions as it will dictate what i do next, and probably
all future deployments as well.  Everyones thoughs will be appreciated.



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