mrcool at stupidgamerz.com mrcool
Sun Jan 25 12:07:18 PST 2004

--- Evan Bartlett <evbo17 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I was just wondering if you had had any more luck with
> the DWL-650P1 
> (revp) wireless card.  Ive been scouring the net for
> days now and havnt 
> had much luck trying to get this things installed. 
> Thanks
> evan
Sure...  I have had a working DWL-650P1 since the 1/1/04 CVS.  
in fact i use this script to start it...

/usr/local/bin/prism2_srec -gs wlan0 /usr/local/bin/firmware/pm010102.hex
sleep 2
/usr/local/bin/prism2_srec -gip wlan0 /usr/local/bin/firmware/pm010102.hex
/usr/local/bin/prism2_srec -rp wlan0 /usr/local/bin/firmware/rf010704.hex

I have it automagically find the card and load the driver with no_primary
set. (which, by the way, works fine for other prism cards without
modification).  then I run this script and set the net parameters, and is
ready to go wardrivin (kismet works fine) or AP or client, just like any
others, until i eject the card or restart the computer.


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