HostAP and Power Save

mike-hostap at mike-hostap
Fri Jan 23 13:41:17 PST 2004


	We've also had issues with client equipment - mostly linksys 
wet11's have this problem - apparently going in to power save mode, and 
staying asleep long enough to generate 'no more space in STA PS mode buffer' messages, and is 
is under direct test with constant ping traffic to the device, the device 
behind it, as well as a healthy amount of broadcast traffic on the 
network. The buffering works great by the way - I can get 10 - 15 
pings or so to dissapear into the void, and then all of a sudden get all 
of the replies back, albeit with insane latencies due to being held 
in the ap (from 18000ms). I am wondering what the risks would be if I 
modified hostap to ignore powersave mode? In my application, the client 
devices are all outdoor mounted and connected to utillity mains, so saving 
a few mw here and there is kinda pointless and I think it's buggy client 
behavior anyways. 

Any comments? 



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