Reassociaton & LLC

vatn at vatn
Wed Jan 21 00:09:25 PST 2004

Perhaps a "Link Update Frame" sent by the new AP to update
stale station caches (entries of "where" this STA is located)
in the L2-switches of the LAN.
See the 802.11F spec for more info.


> Hi all,
> We are conducting an experiment to measure
> packet-loss during handoff time. We noticed that
> just after the handoff process completes (i.e.
> reassociation reponse is received), LLC packets are
> exchanged between the STA and the AP, and after that
> there is a delay of about 100-150 ms before data
> transmission will start again.
> Anybody knows the reason why this last delay is there?
> Thanks,
> Anshuman
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