D-Link 650

Stefan Heim sheim
Mon Jan 19 05:43:42 PST 2004

On Monday 19 January 2004 13:30, sankpal_manisha wrote:
> I have  a D-Link DWL-650+ 32bit cardbus PCMCIA card. Also I have
> brought D-Link DWL-520+ PCI card.They support up to 22Mbps with AirPlus
> series.
> Are these cards support the hostap mode?

No. These cards are not based on Intersil's Prism2/2.5/3 chipset but on Texas 
Instruments' acx100 chipset and currently not supported by the hostap driver. 
Watch out for the "+" at the end of the DWL-XXX+ to distinguish between cards 
based on those entirely different chipsets. Thanks to the braindead product 
naming policy D-Link seem to use with their products you *can't* even be sure 
get a Prism-based card if the "+" is not there...

> If not ,should I buy a card of 16bit (i.e old cards) to use HostAP?

It's not a matter of PCMCIA (16 bit) or CardBus (32 bit) interface, but you 
need a Prism2/2.5/3 based card if you want to use hostap.

The DWL-520+ and DWL-650+ you seem to have bought can be use as STAs in ad-hoc 
or infrastructure mode with the drivers from http://sf.net/projects/acx100/ . 
You won't have any AP functionality though...


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