help! Heavy packetloss!

Jerry mrcool
Sun Jan 18 19:06:43 PST 2004

>>if there are any secret hacks or fine tuning i can do to reduce packet loss, please 
>>advise w/ any possible suggestions. so far my guess is this wireless ISP is designed to put an antenna on your roof,  >>im using a portable 8dbi patch. maybe my antenna too weak?

yes, a real antenna, er, uh... a DIRECTIONAL antenna would make all the difference.  I have a 12mi link that was just to an OMNI antenna (a good one, 15Dbi) good signal, but heavy packet loss.  i put a 17Dbi directional in place of the omni and it was ALL the difference.    An omni puts out signal in all directions, so there isnt as much concentration of packets (signal) in any one direction, but with a directional you have a higher concentration, so better effeciency.

good luck

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