[PATCH] DWL-650 RevP - autodetection

Pavel Roskin proski
Wed Jan 14 15:56:41 PST 2004


Finally I could check the status of DWL-650 Revision P.  Many thanks to
Jouni for making it work.  It's quite flaky, but at this point I want to
fix the annoyance number one - the need to set no_primary=1 on hostap_cs.
That's a hack which cannot work properly with multiple cards.

Although there have been duplicate manufacturer IDs in the past (e.g.
0x0156, 0x0002 for both Intersil and Lucent cards), I don't think it will
happen for cards without flash.  At least there will be no incompatible
cards with the same ID.  The manufacturer ID is the best way to identify
them that doesn't involve string manipulation, and I hope the vendors
won't repeat their error.

A table of known cards without primary firmware has been added to
hostap_cs.  This has only one card, but it should be easy to add more.

The card's manufacturer ID is checked in prism2_config().  If the ID
matches an entry in the table, local->no_pri is set for the card.  This
has the same effect as setting no_primary, but it's local to the card.

"no_primary" should be eliminated once we add detection for other cards,
such are DWL-520 Rev E.

Pavel Roskin

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