Flashable 1.8.0 firmware for Prism2.5 available

Pavel Roskin proski
Mon Jan 12 14:36:17 PST 2004


netgate.com has posted sf010800.hex - flashable firmware for Prism2.5,
version 1.8.0.  It's now here:

The original firmware has PDR 0x0413 that cannot be plugged.  The same
problem exists in the RAM version of this firmware.  I have removed that
PDR.  See README inside the archive.

I have flashed one of my cards and it's OK.  At least the HostAP driver
detects it.  I don't have any other information about that firmware,
including performance and list of changes.

Currently the latest firmware in my collection is:

             RAM       Flash
Prism 2      1.7.1     1.7.1
Prism 2.5    1.8.0     1.8.0

Pavel Roskin

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