Accesspoint On Redhat 9.0

Joel zealous
Tue Jan 6 19:21:40 PST 2004

Dear all,

I m very new to this list and wireless. Though I have searched alot on 
google on wireless on linux.
I want to setup Wireless accesspoint. I want to replace mikrotik 
wireless with redhat linux in our company. Linux has all things we 
want.I have 1 prism card and that i want to make it as accesspoint. and 
other cisco aironet 350 series pci card as client on linux.

Asci Diagram on supposed network.

                                    Main Link
                                    Wireless Accespoint on linux.        
                    |   <------ Omni directional antenae.
 |----------------------------------------------------- |

My Problem.
1) I am ugly at compiling linux and patching. so I need ready made rpm 
so that i can install hostap driver so that prism can work as wireless 
accesspoint on redhat linux 9.0
2) Plz tell me what are the parameters needed to setup up wireless 
access point on redhat linux 9.0

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanking you.
Joel n.solanki

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