netlink issues between hostap and zebra

Theodor Milkov zimage
Mon Jan 5 05:52:48 PST 2004

Happy New Year!

Want to ask about an not critical but very annoying problem I have with
zebra and which I believe is caused by hostap. On a machine running
zebra I was using Linux kernel 2.4.18 and hostap-2002-10-12 in Managed
mode without any issues.

Later it became necessary to switch to WDS and hence I upgraded to Linux
kernel 2.4.20, hostap-0.1.2 and also flashed my Senao to fw. 1.5.6.
Since then zebra complaints about:

ZEBRA: netlink_parse_info: netlink-listen type RTM_NEWLINK(16), seq=0, pid=0
ZEBRA: netlink-listen filter function error

Using iproute tools I can see:

$ ip monitor
BUG: nil ifname

I think this is somehow hostap related because if wlan0wds0 is shut down
(ip link set dev wlan0wds0 down) the annoying messages disappear.

I also think these messages have something to do with speed changes
because I deploy 2 very similar hostap installations.

The first one have very strong signal level, no packet loss at all and
the "nil ifname" messages are at rate about 2-3 per hour.

The second system is in very noisy environment, have noticeable packet
loss and rises and lowers it speed several times per minute. "nil
ifname" messages are also several time per minute.

I'm open for suggestions and can run test on request.

Best regards,

    Theodor Milkov      Head Network Administrator
    CCNA                Davidov Electric Ltd.
                        Phone: +359 2 8702129

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