pcmcia-cs support in CVS?

jar at pcuf.fi jar
Mon Jan 5 05:49:57 PST 2004

> The new functions have proper type definitions and fix issues on some
> platforms, so I would prefer to use them. In addition, it looks like the
> kernel modules for PC Cards are the way to go, so I'm kind of prepared
> to "officially" drop support for the external pcmcia-cs modules in the
> development branch of Host AP driver (stable branch and 0.1.x versions
> would still work with external modules). Are there good reasons not to
> do this?

Does it means that the driver doesn't support eg. the Compaq WL200. Which
is pcmcia-to-pci bridge and needs that the i82365 module is compiled from
the external pcmcia-cs package (the original OLD kernel module i82365
doesn't support pci) in the future ?

Best Regards, Jar

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