DWL-520 Ver E1. testing

Andrew Barr barr.156
Sun Jan 4 16:43:47 PST 2004

I have had problems with this card "disappearing" when I do a hard reset (as
opposed to rebooting via the OS). This can usually be fixed, for me at
least, by shutting down the machine completely (pulling the plug might help)
and starting back up. If I reboot using the operating system I don't have
this problem.

Andrew Barr
barr.156 at osu.edu

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> mrcool at stupidgamerz.com wrote:
> > First, thanks all for your work on the newer (firmwareless) cards.  
> > I
> > sucessfully made both a DWL 520 (pci card) and the DWL 650 (pcmcia)
> to
> > work, using the latest CVS and SuSE 8.2, and SuSE 9.0 distros.

 Again, I want to thank Jouni Malinen and the many others who have
contributed to this project.  I have been using hostap with my Linksys card
for about a year now, and I recently purchased several DLink DWL 520s for
use in a network.  The problem now is that after following the instructions
from the above post (using CVS and loading module with no_primary =1 option,
then [firmware rev 1.7.4]:

 /sbin/prism2_srec -gs wlan0 /etc/firmware/pm010102.hex  /sbin/prism2_srec
-gip wlan0 /etc/firmware/pm010102.hex  /sbin/prism2_srec -rp wlan0

 everything works great until reboot.  When my kernel 2.6.0 box loads,
'lspci' cant find the card.  I have to remove/ reseat the card for it to be
found again, then again follow the steps outlined above.  Is there something
that is locking the card up?  Should I try different firmware?

 deforest sessoms

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