PCI Wireless Cards in Linux (HostAP Mode)

James B. Hiller jhiller
Sun Jan 4 07:44:49 PST 2004

> mode). Cards with Intersil Prism 2/2.5/3 chipset are known to work as 
> HostAP but I could only find one of them currently on shelves Linksys 
> WMP 11 ver 1.
> Are there any others which can work under Linux in HostAP mode ?

Based on the ones I have both acquired and tried, a current, quickly
formulated status:

DLink DWL-520:

  My own source for this card, in both versions A1 and B2, was
  NetworkingOutlet.com.  That was in June.  I doubt that they have
  any more.  But a search on www.pricewatch.com reveals a number
  of distributors, beginning with newegg.com, moving the 520.
  The challenge will be ensuring that you get them to tell you the
  version number so you don't wind up with one later than version B2.

Netgear MA311:

  I had purchased these at each of Circuit City, Office Depot, and Best
  Buy over the summer.  I didn't notice any of them having them presently,
  but you could always check with them and their web sites.  A search
  on www.pricewatch.com reveals three vendors with these cards.  There
  are surely others.

Zcomax XI-626:

  See their web site (www.zcomax.com).  Click products, then 802.11b,
  then fly down to PCI, and you'll see this one.  Just to be safe, call
  and ask whether the version shipping is still using the Prism

Hope this helps.


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