WLAN-HostAP-Router-Ethernet LAN

Anand S. Katti askatti
Sat Jan 3 08:11:17 PST 2004

Hello All,

I have a strange problem, its like this.

DHCP-SERVER		Desktop_Machine+HostAP-----Laptop[DHCP CLIENT]
   |			|

=== = Ethernet LAN

HostAP is installed on a Machine that is connected to LAN WITH PUBLIC IP.
The idea is, on a LAN we are running one DHCP server, A desktop
machine with hostap installed is connected to that same LAN with public

Now What should be the IP address of the wireless intercace of the hostap
on this machine must be? I want to serve wireless CLIENTS with public IP
address from DHCP server with hostap acting as Access Point.

HostAP machine eth0=
HostAP        wlan0= ?
DHCPserver on LAN configured to give IP= to

Thanking you,
Anand S. Katti

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