problem with downing wlan's

Vaclav Dvorak vdvo
Thu Jan 1 16:23:00 PST 2004


I am having problems with prism54 driver for an SMC2802W 802.11g card in 
a computer that also has two ZCom XI-626 802.11b cards controlled by 
hostap, one of them in master mode. The problem may be completely 
unrelated to hostap (although I'd love to hear if there are any known 
problems with hostap when combined with prism54). However, during 
debugging, I stumbled upon a different problem:

I wanted to try rmmod-ing hostap_pci to see whether it helps, and it 
doesn't seem to work. I did "ifconfig wlan0 down; ifconfig wlan1 down; 
rmmod hostap_pci", and it hung the machine. So the next time the machine 
booted, I tried the commands one by one. The ifconfig's succeeded, but 
the rmmod never finished, although this time it didn't hang. Instead, 
the log said: "kernel: unregister_netdevice: waiting for wlan1 to become 
free. Usage count = 2", and the message repeated approximately once 
every 10 seconds.

Hostap is 0.1.2.

Vaclav Dvorak  <vdvo at>

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