Andrea G. Forte andreaf
Fri Feb 27 11:31:02 PST 2004

Jouni and everyone,

we were able to make HostAP 0.0.4 work with the kernel 2.4.6 (using
Linksys WCF11).
It has some
issues with some APs but I think this has to do with the firmware of the
card and the APs. With mmost of the other APs works fine. We have still to
figure out how the DHCP client is called in Zaurus. Does HostAP have any
DHCP integrated?

We also tried again HostAP 0.1.2 with kernel 2.4.18 and this time it loads
the hostap modules but they do not get used.
Attached to this email there is the dmesg file, vmlinux(zImage),, /proc/ksyms and /proc/modules.
You can download the hostap*.o modules from the following link:

Hope you can help to fix this problem.
Thank you,

On Thu, 19 Feb 2004, Jouni Malinen wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 19, 2004 at 02:59:21PM -0500, Andrea G. Forte wrote:
> > I have updated the kernel to 2.4.18 and used HostAP 0.1.12.
> > When I use the HostAP driver I get a lot of errors in dmesg, the following
> > is the beginning of the errors in dmesg:
> Could you please test this again without first loading linux-wlan-ng
> driver? I would also need to get the addresses from the oops resolved to
> symbols. Any change that you could pipe it through ksymoops? If not, I
> would need to get and vmlinux from the kernel build tree and
> the Host AP modules (hostap*.o) and contents of /proc/ksyms and
> /proc/modules from the system to be able to resolve the symbols myself
> > We also installed hostap 0.0.4 using the kernel 2.4.6 and everything
> > seemed to work. The only problem is that it would not connect to any AP
> > when in Managed mode and it would not work as AP in Master mode...we could
> > not see it when scanning.
> > We noticed that the WCF11 works fine if ANY is selected as essid and it
> > gives some problems if the essid is specified. Could this be the problem
> > (since hostAP does not support ANY as essid)? How could we fix this?
> Is this ANY SSID comment only about 0.0.4 and 0.1.2 just crashes?
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c5730000 __insmod_hostap_cs_O/home/root/modules/2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix/net/hostap_cs.o_M3E13C782_V132114	[hostap_cs]
c57399e8 __insmod_hostap_cs_S.data_L328	[hostap_cs]
c5730060 __insmod_hostap_cs_S.text_L29720	[hostap_cs]
c5739c1c __insmod_hostap_cs_S.bss_L8	[hostap_cs]
c5737478 __insmod_hostap_cs_S.rodata_L9584	[hostap_cs]
c5710060 hostap_register_crypto_ops	[hostap]
c57100ec hostap_unregister_crypto_ops	[hostap]
c5710194 hostap_get_crypto_ops	[hostap]
c5711d14 hostap_init_data	[hostap]
c5711ff8 hostap_free_data	[hostap]
c57115f8 hostap_check_sta_fw_version	[hostap]
c571530c hostap_handle_sta_tx	[hostap]
c571564c hostap_handle_sta_release	[hostap]
c5715678 hostap_handle_sta_tx_exc	[hostap]
c5715858 hostap_update_sta_ps	[hostap]
c5715900 hostap_handle_sta_rx	[hostap]
c5715d5c hostap_is_sta_assoc	[hostap]
c5715d9c hostap_add_sta	[hostap]
c5715e8c hostap_update_rates	[hostap]
c5715fe8 hostap_add_wds_links	[hostap]
c57160ec hostap_wds_link_oper	[hostap]
c5710d00 hostap_deauth_all_stas	[hostap]
c5717068 hostap_info_init	[hostap]
c5716de0 hostap_info_process	[hostap]
c571c0f0 hostap_init_proc	[hostap]
c571c224 hostap_remove_proc	[hostap]
c571d1d4 hostap_80211_rx	[hostap]
c571eab4 hostap_set_word	[hostap]
c571eaf4 hostap_set_string	[hostap]
c571eb7c hostap_get_porttype	[hostap]
c571ebdc hostap_set_encryption	[hostap]
c571eeb8 hostap_set_antsel	[hostap]
c571f054 hostap_set_roaming	[hostap]
c571f0a4 hostap_set_auth_algs	[hostap]
c571f110 hostap_dump_rx_header	[hostap]
c571f358 hostap_dump_tx_header	[hostap]
c571f57c hostap_netif_wake_queues	[hostap]
c571f650 hostap_netif_stop_queues	[hostap]
c571f6d4 hostap_80211_header_parse	[hostap]
c571f700 hostap_80211_prism_header_parse	[hostap]
c571f744 hostap_80211_get_hdrlen	[hostap]
c571f7b0 hostap_get_stats	[hostap]
c571fcac hostap_setup_dev	[hostap]
c5723f48 hostap_proc	[hostap]
c571fb44 hostap_set_multicast_list_queue	[hostap]
c571fe94 hostap_set_hostapd	[hostap]
c571e4ac hostap_add_interface	[hostap]
c571e60c hostap_remove_interface	[hostap]
c5710000 __insmod_hostap_O/home/root/modules/2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix/net/hostap.o_M3E13C782_V132114	[hostap]
c5710060 __insmod_hostap_S.text_L65324	[hostap]
c571ff8c __insmod_hostap_S.rodata_L14544	[hostap]
c5723e90 __insmod_hostap_S.data_L184	[hostap]
c5723f48 __insmod_hostap_S.bss_L8	[hostap]
c5770e4c udc_release_cable_irq	[sa1100_bi]
c577045c udc_stall_ep0	[sa1100_bi]
c5770794 udc_setup_ep	[sa1100_bi]
c5770d0c udc_name	[sa1100_bi]
c577535c dbgflg_usbdbi_setup	[sa1100_bi]
c5775350 dbgflg_usbdbi_rx	[sa1100_bi]
c5772620 ep2_int_hndlr	[sa1100_bi]
c5774994 __insmod_sa1100_bi_S.data_L408	[sa1100_bi]
c577534c dbgflg_usbdbi_usbe	[sa1100_bi]
c577072c udc_serial_init	[sa1100_bi]
c5770000 __insmod_sa1100_bi_O/lib/modules.rom/2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix/kernel/drivers/usb/device/bi/sa1100_bi.o_M00000000_V132114	[sa1100_bi]
c5770060 __insmod_sa1100_bi_S.text_L16888	[sa1100_bi]
c5775378 ticker_terminating	[sa1100_bi]
c5775284 ep0_interrupts	[sa1100_bi]
c5770e68 udc_release_io	[sa1100_bi]
c5775354 dbgflg_usbdbi_tx	[sa1100_bi]
c577042c udc_init	[sa1100_bi]
c5773fa0 udc_ticker_poke	[sa1100_bi]
c5770adc udc_disable_interrupts	[sa1100_bi]
c5770edc ep0_disable	[sa1100_bi]
c5772d30 hex2buf	[sa1100_bi]
c5770440 udc_start_in_irq	[sa1100_bi]
c5772604 ep2_reset	[sa1100_bi]
c5775328 ep1_device	[sa1100_bi]
c57752d8 rx_interrupts_last	[sa1100_bi]
c57752e0 usbd_rcv_dma	[sa1100_bi]
c5774258 __usbd_module_info	[sa1100_bi]
c5775384 udc_interrupts_last	[sa1100_bi]
c5773148 bi_cancel_urb	[sa1100_bi]
c5770d24 udc_request_udc_irq	[sa1100_bi]
c5771bec ep1_reset	[sa1100_bi]
c577529c udc_ep2_errors	[sa1100_bi]
c577537c ticker_timer_set	[sa1100_bi]
c57708b8 udc_disable_ep	[sa1100_bi]
c5772d0c hexdigit	[sa1100_bi]
c5775310 ep0_endpoint	[sa1100_bi]
c5770f0c ep0_reset	[sa1100_bi]
c57725c4 ep2_disable	[sa1100_bi]
c5770a94 udc_suspended_interrupts	[sa1100_bi]
c5770e98 ep0_enable	[sa1100_bi]
c5775370 dbgflg_usbdbi_pur	[sa1100_bi]
c5775348 dbgflg_usbdbi_tick	[sa1100_bi]
c5771aac ep1_enable	[sa1100_bi]
c5775284 __insmod_sa1100_bi_S.bss_L260	[sa1100_bi]
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hostap_cs              40672   0
hostap                 82448   0 [hostap_cs]
sa1100_bi              23088   0 (unused)
net_fd                 16688   0 (unused)
usbdcore               22592   0 [sa1100_bi net_fd]
usbdmonitor             5488   0
sharp_mmcsd_m          27408   1
devinfo                 2912   0 (unused)
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wlan0: LinkStatus: BSSID=44:44:44:44:44:44
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: entry still in list? (entry=c0ba4320, type=0, res=-1)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: interrupted; err=-110
wlan0: hfa384x_get_rid: CMDCODE_ACCESS failed (res=-110, rid=fdc6, len=12)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: entry still in list? (entry=c0ba4320, type=0, res=-1)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: interrupted; err=-110
wlan0: hfa384x_get_rid: CMDCODE_ACCESS failed (res=-110, rid=fdc6, len=12)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: entry still in list? (entry=c0ba4320, type=0, res=-1)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: interrupted; err=-110
wlan0: hfa384x_get_rid: CMDCODE_ACCESS failed (res=-110, rid=fdc1, len=2)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: entry still in list? (entry=c0ba4320, type=0, res=-1)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: interrupted; err=-110
wlan0: hfa384x_get_rid: CMDCODE_ACCESS failed (res=-110, rid=fc06, len=2)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: entry still in list? (entry=c0ba4320, type=0, res=-1)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: interrupted; err=-110
wlan0: hfa384x_get_rid: CMDCODE_ACCESS failed (res=-110, rid=fd42, len=6)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: entry still in list? (entry=c0ba4320, type=0, res=-1)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: interrupted; err=-110
wlan0: hfa384x_get_rid: CMDCODE_ACCESS failed (res=-110, rid=fc0e, len=34)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: entry still in list? (entry=c0ba4320, type=0, res=-1)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: interrupted; err=-110
wlan0: hfa384x_get_rid: CMDCODE_ACCESS failed (res=-110, rid=fc84, len=2)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: entry still in list? (entry=c0ba4320, type=0, res=-1)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: interrupted; err=-110
wlan0: hfa384x_get_rid: CMDCODE_ACCESS failed (res=-110, rid=fc83, len=2)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: entry still in list? (entry=c0ba4320, type=0, res=-1)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: interrupted; err=-110
wlan0: hfa384x_get_rid: CMDCODE_ACCESS failed (res=-110, rid=fc82, len=2)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: entry still in list? (entry=c0ba4320, type=0, res=-1)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: interrupted; err=-110
wlan0: hfa384x_get_rid: CMDCODE_ACCESS failed (res=-110, rid=fc09, len=2)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: entry still in list? (entry=c0ba4320, type=0, res=-1)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: interrupted; err=-110
wlan0: hfa384x_get_rid: CMDCODE_ACCESS failed (res=-110, rid=fd48, len=2)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: entry still in list? (entry=c0ba4320, type=0, res=-1)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: interrupted; err=-110
wlan0: hfa384x_get_rid: CMDCODE_ACCESS failed (res=-110, rid=fd43, len=6)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
hostap_cs: detach postponed, 'wlan0' still locked
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: entry still in list? (entry=c0ba4320, type=0, res=-1)
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd: interrupted; err=-110
hostap_cs: Shutdown failed
hostap_cs: Driver unloaded
hostap_crypt: unregistered algorithm 'NULL' (deinit)
hostap_crypt: registered algorithm 'NULL'
hostap_cs: 0.1.2 - 2003-11-02 (Jouni Malinen <jkmaline at>)
hostap_cs: setting Vcc=33 (constant)
hostap_cs: setting Vcc=33 (from config)
Checking CFTABLE_ENTRY 0x01 (default 0x01)
IO window settings: cfg->io.nwin=1
io->flags = 0x0046, io.base=0x0000, len=64
hostap_cs: index 0x01: Vcc 3.3, irq 35, io 0xc5670000-0xc567003f
hostap_cs: Registered netdevice wlan0
prism2_hw_init: initialized in 200 ms
wlan0: NIC: id=0x800c v1.0.0
wlan0: PRI: id=0x15 v1.0.5
wlan0: STA: id=0x1f v1.3.4
wlan0: defaulting to bogus WDS frame as a workaround for firmware bug in Host AP mode WDS
wlan0: LinkStatus=2 (Disconnected)
wlan0: LinkStatus: BSSID=44:44:44:44:44:44
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was busy for 5000 usec
wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue - timeout - reg=0x8888
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00000000 A sa1100_rs_cleanup
00000020 A audio_tc35143_exit
0000008c A ucb1200_ts_cleanup
00000098 A deflate_cleanup
000000c0 A bsdcomp_cleanup
000000c4 A irda_cleanup
c0004000 A swapper_pg_dir
c0008000 ? __init_begin
c0008000 ? _stext
c0008000 ? stext
c000803c ? __switch_data
c0008058 ? __ret
c0008080 ? __mmap_switched
c00080b0 ? __create_page_tables
c000812c ? __error
c0008134 ? __lookup_processor_type
c0008184 ? __lookup_architecture_type
c00081c0 ? profile_setup
c00081fc ? name_to_kdev_t
c0008294 ? root_dev_setup
c000835c ? checksetup
c00083cc ? calibrate_delay
c00084f4 ? readonly
c0008530 ? readwrite
c000856c ? debug_kernel
c00085a0 ? quiet_kernel
c00085d4 ? parse_options
c000871c ? start_kernel
c000884c ? do_initcalls
c0008880 ? do_basic_setup
c00088c0 ? memtag
c00088f4 ? build_tag_list
c0008a98 ? convert_to_tag_list
c0008ac0 ? __stubs_start
c0008ac0 ? vector_IRQ
c0008b40 ? vector_data
c0008bc0 ? vector_prefetch
c0008c40 ? vector_undefinstr
c0008cc0 ? vector_FIQ
c0008cc4 ? vector_addrexcptn
c0008cf0 ? __stubs_end
c0008d10 ? __trap_init
c0008d40 ? init_irq_proc
c0008d50 ? init_IRQ
c0008dbc ? nohlt_setup
c0008ddc ? hlt_setup
c0008e00 ? reboot_setup
c0008e24 ? fpe_setup
c0008e4c ? setup_processor
c0008ef0 ? __real_stubs_start
c0008f58 ? setup_machine
c0008fc8 ? parse_cmdline
c000910c ? setup_ramdisk
c0009150 ? setup_initrd
c0009160 ? request_standard_resources
c0009314 ? parse_tag_core
c0009360 ? parse_tag_mem32
c00093f4 ? parse_tag_videotext
c0009458 ? parse_tag_ramdisk
c0009494 ? parse_tag_initrd
c00094b8 ? parse_tag_initrd2
c00094e0 ? parse_tag_serialnr
c0009514 ? parse_tag_revision
c0009538 ? parse_tag_cmdline
c000956c ? parse_tag
c00095c0 ? parse_tags
c0009610 ? setup_arch
c00097d4 ? sa1100_get_rtc_time
c0009820 ? time_init
c0009924 ? trap_init
c0009990 ? find_bootmap_pfn
c0009a48 ? find_memend_and_nodes
c0009bb8 ? check_initrd
c0009bcc ? reserve_node_zero
c0009c30 ? bootmem_init
c0009d7c ? paging_init
c0009f4c ? mem_init
c000a120 ? nocache_setup
c000a168 ? nowrite_setup
c000a1b0 ? noalign_setup
c000a1f0 ? create_mapping
c000a47c ? memtable_init
c000a608 ? iotable_init
c000a648 ? create_memmap_holes
c000a788 ? pgtable_cache_init
c000a7d8 ? alignment_init
c000a840 ? __sa1100_setup
c000a85c ? __sa110_setup
c000a870 ? __setup_common
c000a890 ? sa1100_init
c000a8b8 ? sa1100_map_io
c000a8d4 ? sa1100_init_irq
c000aa44 ? sa1100_init_dma
c000aaa8 ? lcm_init_irq
c000acc0 ? scoop_init
c000ad18 ? collie_init
c000afdc ? fixup_collie
c000b03c ? collie_map_io
c000b05c ? Collie_battery_init
c000b1dc ? apm_driver_version
c000b200 ? apm_setup
c000b38c ? apm_init
c000b5a8 ? pm_init
c000b62c ? init_idle
c000b6d8 ? sched_init
c000b778 ? fork_init
c000b7ac ? proc_caches_init
c000b908 ? abi_register_sysctl
c000b92c ? panic_setup
c000b958 ? console_setup
c000bacc ? init_modules
c000bb00 ? softirq_init
c000bb70 ? spawn_ksoftirqd
c000bbf8 ? reserve_setup
c000bccc ? sysctl_init
c000bcf8 ? uid_cache_init
c000bd80 ? signals_init
c000bdd4 ? page_cache_init
c000beb4 ? kmem_cache_init
c000bf44 ? kmem_cache_sizes_init
c000c030 ? kmem_cpucache_init
c000c044 ? bootmem_bootmap_pages
c000c068 ? init_bootmem_core
c000c0d4 ? reserve_bootmem_core
c000c18c ? free_bootmem_core
c000c20c ? __alloc_bootmem_core
c000c488 ? free_all_bootmem_core
c000c5d4 ? init_bootmem_node
c000c5e8 ? reserve_bootmem_node
c000c600 ? free_bootmem_node
c000c618 ? free_all_bootmem_node
c000c62c ? init_bootmem
c000c670 ? reserve_bootmem
c000c698 ? free_bootmem
c000c6c0 ? free_all_bootmem
c000c6dc ? __alloc_bootmem
c000c750 ? __alloc_bootmem_node
c000c790 ? swap_setup
c000c7b0 ? kswapd_init
c000c7ec ? free_area_init_core
c000cc58 ? free_area_init
c000cc98 ? setup_mem_frac
c000cd10 ? free_area_init_node
c000cdcc ? init_shmem_fs
c000ce7c ? debug_mm_init
c000ce90 ? buffer_init
c000cfb0 ? bdflush_init
c000d00c ? root_data_setup
c000d02c ? fs_names_setup
c000d04c ? get_fs_names
c000d104 ? mount_root
c000d61c ? bdev_cache_init
c000d6e0 ? cdev_cache_init
c000d758 ? init_pipe_fs
c000d7c0 ? fasync_init
c000d81c ? filelock_init
c000d880 ? dcache_init
c000d9b8 ? vfs_caches_init
c000dabc ? inode_init
c000dc08 ? dnotify_init
c000dc64 ? init_mount_tree
c000dcb8 ? mnt_init
c000dde0 ? init_script_binfmt
c000ddfc ? init_elf_binfmt
c000de18 ? proc_root_init
c000df18 ? proc_tty_init
c000dfcc ? proc_misc_init
c000e184 ? init_ext2_fs
c000e1a0 ? init_cramfs_fs
c000e1c0 ? init_ramfs_fs
c000e1dc ? init_minix_fs
c000e1f8 ? init_fat_fs
c000e210 ? init_vfat_fs
c000e22c ? init_nfs_fs
c000e27c ? udpport_set
c000e2a8 ? tcpport_set
c000e2d4 ? init_nls_utf8
c000e30c ? init_smb_fs
c000e328 ? init_devpts_fs
c000e374 ? ipc_init
c000e390 ? ipc_init_ids
c000e444 ? msg_init
c000e498 ? sem_init
c000e4f8 ? shm_init
c000e544 ? memory_devfs_register
c000e564 ? chr_dev_init
c000e5bc ? console_init
c000e640 ? tty_init
c000e7e8 ? raw_init
c000e854 ? pty_init
c000ed44 ? misc_init
c000edb0 ? batch_entropy_init
c000ee5c ? rand_initialize
c000ef58 ? vcs_init
c000efac ? console_map_init
c000f000 ? con_init
c000f36c ? con_init_devfs
c000f3bc ? assign_ports
c000f434 ? autoconfig
c000f58c ? sa1100_rs_init
c000f908 ? ucb1200_init
c000fb80 ? ucb1200_cleanup
c000fc0c ? ucb1200_adc_exc_init
c000fcb0 ? ucb1200_ts_init
c000fecc ? kbd_init
c000ff8c ? sharpled_init
c000fff8 ? sharpkbdctl_init
c001002c ? sharpbuz_init
c0010084 ? rtc_init
c00101f4 ? blk_dev_init
c001030c ? device_init
c0010338 ? ramdisk_start_setup
c0010364 ? load_ramdisk
c0010394 ? prompt_ramdisk
c00103c4 ? ramdisk_size
c00103f0 ? ramdisk_size2
c0010404 ? ramdisk_blocksize
c0010430 ? rd_init
c00105a8 ? identify_ramdisk_image
c0010804 ? rd_load_image
c0010cbc ? rd_load_disk
c0010d3c ? rd_load
c0010d54 ? rd_load_secondary
c0010d6c ? malloc
c0010d84 ? free
c0010d98 ? gzip_mark
c0010da8 ? gzip_release
c0010db8 ? fill_inbuf
c0010e40 ? flush_window
c0010f2c ? error
c0010f5c ? crd_load
c0011064 ? loop_init
c00112f0 ? max_loop_setup
c001131c ? probe_list
c0011394 ? ethif_probe
c0011474 ? network_probe
c00114b0 ? network_ldisc_init
c00114c0 ? special_device_init
c00114d0 ? net_device_init
c00114ec ? loopback_init
c00115b0 ? ppp_init
c001160c ? ppp_async_init
c0011648 ? deflate_init
c0011688 ? bsdcomp_init
c00116bc ? init_ide_data
c0011728 ? stridx
c001175c ? match_parm
c0011890 ? ide_setup
c0011f78 ? probe_for_hwifs
c0011f88 ? ide_init_builtin_drivers
c0011fa8 ? ide_init
c0012050 ? init_ide_cs
c00120e4 ? init_soundcore
c0012138 ? CollieIrqInit
c0012190 ? mixer_init
c00121f8 ? sq_init
c0012280 ? state_init
c00122b4 ? Collie_sound_init
c00124bc ? audio_tc35143_init
c0012608 ? sa1100_mtdrom_init
c0012718 ? sa1100_mtdram_init
c0012830 ? init_mtd
c0012894 ? init_mtdchar
c00128d8 ? init_mtdblock
c00129ac ? init_pcmcia_ds
c0012c34 ? init_pcmcia_cs
c0012cc8 ? sa1100_pcmcia_machine_init
c0012d08 ? sa1100_pcmcia_driver_init
c001314c ? init_pcnet_cs
c00131b4 ? fbmem_init
c001328c ? video_setup
c0013564 ? my_atoi
c00135a8 ? fb_find_mode
c0013888 ? fbcon_show_logo
c0013e24 ? logo_setup
c0013e50 ? draw_logo_screen
c0013f90 ? colliefb_init
c0014070 ? colliefl_init
c0014214 ? irtty_init
c0014304 ? irport_init
c0014398 ? sa1100_irda_init
c001452c ? sock_init
c00145a4 ? sk_init
c0014658 ? skb_init
c00146e8 ? netdev_boot_setup
c0014780 ? net_dev_init
c0014a2c ? dev_mcast_init
c0014a68 ? dst_init
c0014a84 ? rtnetlink_init
c0014af4 ? netlink_proto_init
c0014b40 ? ip_rt_init
c0014dac ? inet_initpeers
c0014e80 ? ip_init
c0014ea4 ? tcp_init
c001526c ? tcp_v4_init
c0015338 ? tcpdiag_init
c0015378 ? arp_init
c00153f4 ? icmp_init
c00154d8 ? devinet_init
c0015540 ? inet_init
c0015720 ? ip_fib_init
c001579c ? fib_hash_init
c001586c ? af_unix_init
c00158c8 ? packet_init
c0015920 ? iriap_init
c0015a40 ? irlmp_init
c0015b30 ? irlap_init
c0015b70 ? irttp_init
c0015bf8 ? irda_device_init
c0015c74 ? irda_proto_init
c0015cc4 ? irda_init
c0015cf8 ? ircomm_init
c0015d74 ? ircomm_tty_init
c0015f54 ? fpe_init
c0015fc4 ? __proc_info_begin
c0015fc4 ? __sa110_proc_info
c0015fe8 ? __sa1100_proc_info
c001600c ? __sa1110_proc_info
c0016030 ? __arch_info_begin
c0016030 ? __mach_desc_COLLIE
c0016030 ? __proc_info_end
c0016060 ? __arch_info_end
c0016060 ? __tagtable_begin
c0016060 ? __tagtable_parse_tag_core
c0016068 ? __tagtable_parse_tag_mem32
c0016070 ? __tagtable_parse_tag_videotext
c0016078 ? __tagtable_parse_tag_ramdisk
c0016080 ? __tagtable_parse_tag_initrd
c0016088 ? __tagtable_parse_tag_initrd2
c0016090 ? __tagtable_parse_tag_serialnr
c0016098 ? __tagtable_parse_tag_revision
c00160a0 ? __tagtable_parse_tag_cmdline
c00160a8 ? __setup_str_profile_setup
c00160a8 ? __tagtable_end
c00160b4 ? root_dev_names
c001631c ? __setup_str_root_dev_setup
c0016324 ? __setup_str_readonly
c0016328 ? __setup_str_readwrite
c001632c ? __setup_str_debug_kernel
c0016334 ? __setup_str_quiet_kernel
c001633c ? init_arch_irq
c0016340 ? __setup_str_nohlt_setup
c0016348 ? __setup_str_hlt_setup
c001634c ? __setup_str_reboot_setup
c0016354 ? __setup_str_fpe_setup
c001635c ? meminfo
c00163c4 ? default_command_line
c00167c4 ? endian_test
c00167c8 ? meminfo
c0016830 ? __setup_str_noalign_setup
c0016838 ? __setup_str_nocache_setup
c0016840 ? __setup_str_nowrite_setup
c0016848 ? standard_io_desc
c00168b8 ? collie_io_desc
c0016908 ? __setup_str_apm_setup
c0016910 ? __setup_str_panic_setup
c0016918 ? __setup_str_console_setup
c0016924 ? __setup_str_reserve_setup
c0016930 ? startup.594
c0016940 ? zone_balance_ratio
c001694c ? zone_balance_min
c0016958 ? zone_balance_max
c0016964 ? __setup_str_setup_mem_frac
c0016970 ? startup.1195
c0016980 ? __setup_str_root_data_setup
c001698c ? __setup_str_fs_names_setup
c0016998 ? root_mount_data
c001699c ? root_fs_names
c00169a0 ? __setup_str_udpport_set
c00169b0 ? __setup_str_tcpport_set
c00169c0 ? __setup_str_ramdisk_start_setup
c00169d0 ? __setup_str_load_ramdisk
c00169e0 ? __setup_str_prompt_ramdisk
c00169f0 ? __setup_str_ramdisk_size
c00169fc ? __setup_str_ramdisk_size2
c0016a0c ? __setup_str_ramdisk_blocksize
c0016a20 ? __setup_str_max_loop_setup
c0016a2c ? eisa_probes
c0016a34 ? mca_probes
c0016a3c ? isa_probes
c0016a44 ? parport_probes
c0016a4c ? m68k_probes
c0016a54 ? sgi_probes
c0016a5c ? mips_probes
c0016a64 ? pci_probes
c0016a6c ? __setup_str_ide_setup
c0016a70 ? fb_drivers
c0016a7c ? num_pref_init_funcs
c0016a80 ? __setup_str_video_setup
c0016a88 ? modedb
c001747c ? linux_logo_red
c0017537 ? linux_logo_green
c00175f2 ? linux_logo_blue
c00176ad ? linux_logo
c0018fad ? linux_logo_bw
c00192cd ? linux_logo16
c0019f50 ? __setup_str_logo_setup
c0019f58 ? monspecs
c0019f68 ? init_var
c001a008 ? logo_screen_width
c001a00c ? logo_screen_height
c001a010 ? logo_screen_data
c001c810 ? __setup_str_netdev_boot_setup
c001c818 ? __setup_str_netdev_boot_setup
c001c820 ? banner
c001c860 ? __setup_profile_setup
c001c860 ? __setup_start
c001c868 ? __setup_root_dev_setup
c001c870 ? __setup_readonly
c001c878 ? __setup_readwrite
c001c880 ? __setup_debug_kernel
c001c888 ? __setup_quiet_kernel
c001c890 ? __setup_nohlt_setup
c001c898 ? __setup_hlt_setup
c001c8a0 ? __setup_reboot_setup
c001c8a8 ? __setup_fpe_setup
c001c8b0 ? __setup_noalign_setup
c001c8b8 ? __setup_nocache_setup
c001c8c0 ? __setup_nowrite_setup
c001c8c8 ? __setup_apm_setup
c001c8d0 ? __setup_panic_setup
c001c8d8 ? __setup_console_setup
c001c8e0 ? __setup_reserve_setup
c001c8e8 ? __setup_setup_mem_frac
c001c8f0 ? __setup_root_data_setup
c001c8f8 ? __setup_fs_names_setup
c001c900 ? __setup_udpport_set
c001c908 ? __setup_tcpport_set
c001c910 ? __setup_ramdisk_start_setup
c001c918 ? __setup_load_ramdisk
c001c920 ? __setup_prompt_ramdisk
c001c928 ? __setup_ramdisk_size
c001c930 ? __setup_ramdisk_size2
c001c938 ? __setup_ramdisk_blocksize
c001c940 ? __setup_max_loop_setup
c001c948 ? __setup_ide_setup
c001c950 ? __setup_video_setup
c001c958 ? __setup_logo_setup
c001c960 ? __setup_netdev_boot_setup
c001c968 ? __setup_netdev_boot_setup
c001c970 ? __initcall_alignment_init
c001c970 ? __initcall_start
c001c970 ? __setup_end
c001c974 ? __initcall_sa1100_init
c001c978 ? __initcall_sa1100_init_dma
c001c97c ? __initcall_collie_init
c001c980 ? __initcall_Collie_battery_init
c001c984 ? __initcall_apm_init
c001c988 ? __initcall_pm_init
c001c98c ? __initcall_abi_register_sysctl
c001c990 ? __initcall_spawn_ksoftirqd
c001c994 ? __initcall_uid_cache_init
c001c998 ? __initcall_kmem_cpucache_init
c001c99c ? __initcall_kswapd_init
c001c9a0 ? __initcall_init_shmem_fs
c001c9a4 ? __initcall_debug_mm_init
c001c9a8 ? __initcall_bdflush_init
c001c9ac ? __initcall_init_pipe_fs
c001c9b0 ? __initcall_fasync_init
c001c9b4 ? __initcall_filelock_init
c001c9b8 ? __initcall_dnotify_init
c001c9bc ? __initcall_init_script_binfmt
c001c9c0 ? __initcall_init_elf_binfmt
c001c9c4 ? __initcall_init_ext2_fs
c001c9c8 ? __initcall_init_cramfs_fs
c001c9cc ? __initcall_init_ramfs_fs
c001c9d0 ? __initcall_init_minix_fs
c001c9d4 ? __initcall_init_fat_fs
c001c9d8 ? __initcall_init_vfat_fs
c001c9dc ? __initcall_init_nfs_fs
c001c9e0 ? __initcall_init_nls_utf8
c001c9e4 ? __initcall_init_smb_fs
c001c9e8 ? __initcall_init_devpts_fs
c001c9ec ? __initcall_chr_dev_init
c001c9f0 ? __initcall_raw_init
c001c9f4 ? __initcall_sa1100_rs_init
c001c9f8 ? __initcall_ucb1200_init
c001c9fc ? __initcall_ucb1200_adc_exc_init
c001ca00 ? __initcall_ucb1200_ts_init
c001ca04 ? __initcall_sharpled_init
c001ca08 ? __initcall_sharpkbdctl_init
c001ca0c ? __initcall_sharpbuz_init
c001ca10 ? __initcall_rtc_init
c001ca14 ? __initcall_device_init
c001ca18 ? __initcall_loop_init
c001ca1c ? __initcall_ppp_init
c001ca20 ? __initcall_ppp_async_init
c001ca24 ? __initcall_deflate_init
c001ca28 ? __initcall_bsdcomp_init
c001ca2c ? __initcall_init_ide_cs
c001ca30 ? __initcall_idedisk_init
c001ca34 ? __initcall_init_soundcore
c001ca38 ? __initcall_Collie_sound_init
c001ca3c ? __initcall_audio_tc35143_init
c001ca40 ? __initcall_sa1100_mtdrom_init
c001ca44 ? __initcall_sa1100_mtdram_init
c001ca48 ? __initcall_init_mtd
c001ca4c ? __initcall_init_mtdchar
c001ca50 ? __initcall_init_mtdblock
c001ca54 ? __initcall_init_pcmcia_cs
c001ca58 ? __initcall_sa1100_pcmcia_driver_init
c001ca5c ? __initcall_init_pcnet_cs
c001ca60 ? __initcall_colliefl_init
c001ca64 ? __initcall_netlink_proto_init
c001ca68 ? __initcall_inet_init
c001ca6c ? __initcall_af_unix_init
c001ca70 ? __initcall_packet_init
c001ca74 ? __initcall_fpe_init
c001ca78 ? __initcall_end
c001d000 ? __init_end
c001d000 t rest_init
c001d000 T _text
c001d03c t prepare_namespace
c001d054 t init
c001d1c0 T request_dma
c001d1d4 T disable_dma
c001d1d4 T enable_dma
c001d1d4 T free_dma
c001d1d4 T get_dma_list
c001d1d4 T get_dma_residue
c001d1d4 T init_dma
c001d1d4 T set_dma_addr
c001d1d4 T set_dma_count
c001d1d4 T set_dma_mode
c001d1d4 T set_dma_page
c001d1d4 T set_dma_sg
c001d1d4 T set_dma_speed
c001d200 t __pabt_invalid
c001d214 t __dabt_invalid
c001d228 t __irq_invalid
c001d23c t __und_invalid
c001d280 t __dabt_svc
c001d2e0 t __irq_svc
c001d380 t __und_svc
c001d3e0 t __pabt_svc
c001d460 t __dabt_usr
c001d4c0 t __irq_usr
c001d580 t __und_usr
c001d5b0 t call_fpe
c001d5cc t fpundefinstr
c001d600 t __pabt_usr
c001d63c T ret_from_exception
c001d64c T __switch_to
c001d680 T __do_softirq
c001d6a0 t ret_fast_syscall
c001d6d8 t slow
c001d6e0 t reschedule
c001d6e4 t ret_slow_syscall
c001d6e4 T ret_to_user
c001d720 t __do_signal
c001d730 T ret_from_fork
c001d760 T vector_swi
c001d7e4 t __sys_trace
c001d808 t __sys_trace_return
c001d820 t __cr_alignment
c001d824 t __syscall_start
c001d824 T sys_call_table
c001dbac t __syscall_end
c001dc24 t sys_syscall
c001dc48 t sys_fork_wrapper
c001dc50 t sys_vfork_wrapper
c001dc58 t sys_execve_wrapper
c001dc60 t sys_clone_wapper
c001dc68 t sys_sigsuspend_wrapper
c001dc70 t sys_rt_sigsuspend_wrapper
c001dc78 t sys_sigreturn_wrapper
c001dc80 t sys_rt_sigreturn_wrapper
c001dc88 t sys_sigaltstack_wrapper
c001dc90 t sys_mmap2
c001dca0 t dummy_mask_unmask_irq
c001dcb0 T disable_irq
c001dcf4 T enable_irq
c001dd3c T get_irq_list
c001de10 t check_irq_lock
c001deac T do_IRQ
c001e00c T setup_arm_irq
c001e0e8 T request_irq
c001e1ac T free_irq
c001e254 T probe_irq_on
c001e35c T probe_irq_off
c001e3c4 T disable_hlt
c001e3e8 T enable_hlt
c001e40c T cpu_idle
c001e488 T machine_halt
c001e498 T machine_power_off
c001e4c4 T machine_restart
c001e544 T show_regs
c001e6bc T show_fpregs
c001e788 T alloc_task_struct
c001e7d8 T __free_task_struct
c001e824 T exit_thread
c001e834 T flush_thread
c001e87c T release_thread
c001e88c T copy_thread
c001e90c T dump_fpu
c001e948 T dump_thread
c001ea20 T kernel_thread
c001ea68 T get_wchan
c001eb14 t arch_idle
c001eb60 t ptrace_getrn
c001eb90 t ptrace_getaluop2
c001ec20 t ptrace_getldrop2
c001ec88 t get_branch_address
c001ef78 t add_breakpoint_arm
c001f038 T ptrace_set_bpt
c001f0e8 T __ptrace_cancel_bpt
c001f1b0 T ptrace_disable
c001f1c4 t do_ptrace
c001f5c8 T sys_ptrace
c001f718 T syscall_trace
c001f7a0 T __up
c001f7c0 T __down
c001f8bc T __down_interruptible
c001f9f4 T __down_trylock
c001fa80 T __down_failed
c001faa0 T __down_interruptible_failed
c001fac0 T __down_trylock_failed
c001fae0 T __up_wakeup
c001fb00 t c_show_cache
c001fb90 t c_show
c001ff50 t c_start
c001ff84 t c_next
c001ffb0 t c_stop
c001ffc0 T copy_siginfo_to_user
c00200c4 T sys_sigsuspend
c0020178 T sys_rt_sigsuspend
c0020294 T sys_sigaction
c00203e8 t restore_sigcontext
c0020530 T sys_sigreturn
c0020670 T sys_rt_sigreturn
c0020790 t setup_sigcontext
c00208a4 t setup_return
c0020954 t setup_frame
c0020a40 t setup_rt_frame
c0020b74 t handle_signal
c0020cd8 T do_signal
c00210c8 T sys_pipe
c0021138 T old_mmap
c002126c T sys_arm_mremap
c0021304 T old_select
c0021388 T sys_ipc
c0021608 T sys_fork
c0021630 T sys_clone
c0021650 T sys_vfork
c002167c T sys_execve
c00216d8 T sys_pause
c0021704 T do_mmap2
c00217d0 t dummy_set_rtc
c00217e4 t dummy_gettimeoffset
c00217f8 T do_gettimeofday
c0021898 T do_settimeofday
c0021984 t sa1100_set_rtc
c00219e0 t sa1100_gettimeoffset
c0021a24 t sa1100_timer_interrupt
c0021bb4 t verify_stack
c0021bf4 t dump_mem
c0021ca4 t dump_instr
c0021d28 t dump_stack
c0021d4c t dump_backtrace
c0021de0 T show_trace_task
c0021e10 T die
c0021f30 T die_if_kernel
c0021f50 T do_undefinstr
c0021fcc T do_unexp_fiq
c0021ff4 T bad_mode
c0022108 t bad_syscall
c00221a0 T arm_syscall
c0022360 T __bad_xchg
c0022390 T baddataabort
c00223f8 T __bug
c0022450 T __readwrite_bug
c0022478 T __pte_error
c00224a8 T __pmd_error
c00224d8 T __pgd_error
c0022508 T __div0
c0022528 T abort
c002254c T _memcpy_fromio
c0022574 T _memcpy_toio
c002259c T _memset_io
c00225c0 T do_check_pgt_cache
c0022680 T show_mem
c00227f8 T free_initmem
c00228c8 T si_meminfo
c002291c T search_exception_table
c00229dc T show_pte
c0022ab0 t __do_kernel_fault
c0022b28 t __do_user_fault
c0022b74 T do_bad_area
c0022bd0 t __do_page_fault
c0022d4c T do_page_fault
c0022e8c T do_translation_fault
c0022f20 T consistent_alloc
c0023060 T pci_alloc_consistent
c002307c T consistent_free
c0023124 T consistent_sync
c0023174 t do_sect_fault
c00231b4 t do_external_fault
c00231f0 t do_bad
c0023204 T do_DataAbort
c0023294 T do_PrefetchAbort
c00232b0 t adjust_pte
c0023394 t make_coherent
c0023448 T update_mmu_cache
c002351c t remap_area_pages
c00236e4 T __ioremap
c0023794 T __iounmap
c00237b0 T get_pgd_slow
c002387c T free_pgd_slow
c0023908 T setup_mm_for_reboot
c0023974 t pte_cache_ctor
c00239b8 t proc_alignment_read
c0023aec t proc_alignment_write
c0023b34 t do_alignment_finish_ldst
c0023b6c t do_alignment_ldrhstrh
c0023c90 t do_alignment_ldrstr
c0023da0 t do_alignment_ldmstm
c002402c T do_alignment
c00242c0 T cpu_sa1100_data_abort
c00242c0 T cpu_sa110_data_abort
c00242dc T cpu_sa1100_check_bugs
c00242dc T cpu_sa110_check_bugs
c00242ec T cpu_sa1100_proc_init
c00242ec T cpu_sa110_proc_init
c00242f8 T cpu_sa110_proc_fin
c0024324 T cpu_sa1100_proc_fin
c0024340 T cpu_sa1100_reset
c0024340 T cpu_sa110_reset
c0024380 t idle
c002438c T cpu_sa110_do_idle
c00243ac t fast_clock
c00243b4 t slow_clock
c00243e0 T cpu_sa1100_do_idle
c0024420 T cpu_sa110_cache_clean_invalidate_all
c0024424 t cpu_sa110_cache_clean_invalidate_all_r2
c0024480 T cpu_sa1100_cache_clean_invalidate_all
c0024484 t cpu_sa1100_cache_clean_invalidate_all_r2
c00244e0 T cpu_sa110_cache_clean_invalidate_range
c0024520 T cpu_sa1100_cache_clean_invalidate_range
c0024540 T cpu_sa1100_flush_ram_page
c0024540 T cpu_sa110_flush_ram_page
c0024580 T cpu_sa1100_dcache_invalidate_range
c0024580 T cpu_sa110_dcache_invalidate_range
c00245c0 T cpu_sa110_dcache_clean_range
c00245f4 T cpu_sa1100_dcache_clean_range
c0024620 T cpu_sa1100_dcache_clean_page
c0024620 T cpu_sa110_dcache_clean_page
c0024640 T cpu_sa1100_dcache_clean_entry
c0024640 T cpu_sa110_dcache_clean_entry
c0024660 T cpu_sa1100_icache_invalidate_range
c0024660 T cpu_sa110_icache_invalidate_range
c002467c T cpu_sa1100_icache_invalidate_page
c002467c T cpu_sa110_icache_invalidate_page
c00246a0 T cpu_sa1100_tlb_invalidate_all
c00246a0 T cpu_sa110_tlb_invalidate_all
c00246c0 T cpu_sa1100_tlb_invalidate_range
c00246c0 T cpu_sa110_tlb_invalidate_range
c0024700 T cpu_sa1100_tlb_invalidate_page
c0024700 T cpu_sa110_tlb_invalidate_page
c0024720 T cpu_sa110_set_pgd
c0024780 T cpu_sa1100_set_pgd
c00247e0 T cpu_sa1100_set_pmd
c00247e0 T cpu_sa110_set_pmd
c0024800 T cpu_sa1100_set_pte
c0024800 T cpu_sa110_set_pte
c0024840 t cpu_manu_name
c0024846 t cpu_sa110_name
c0024854 t cpu_sa1100_name
c0024863 t cpu_sa1110_name
c002487c T sa110_processor_functions
c00248d0 t cpu_sa110_info
c00248d8 T sa1100_processor_functions
c002492c t cpu_sa1100_info
c0024934 t cpu_sa1110_info
c002493c t cpu_arch_name
c0024942 t cpu_elf_name
c0024960 T cpufreq_get
c002499c t sa1100_power_off
c0024a0c T set_GPIO_IRQ_edge
c0024b04 t sa1100_mask_irq
c0024b2c t sa1100_unmask_irq
c0024b54 t sa1100_mask_and_ack_GPIO0_10_irq
c0024b8c t sa1100_mask_GPIO0_10_irq
c0024bb4 t sa1100_unmask_GPIO0_10_irq
c0024bdc t sa1100_GPIO11_27_demux
c0024c94 t sa1100_mask_and_ack_GPIO11_27_irq
c0024ce8 t sa1100_mask_GPIO11_27_irq
c0024d2c t sa1100_unmask_GPIO11_27_irq
c0024df4 t start_dma
c0024e6c t process_dma
c0024f7c T sa1100_dma_done
c0025024 t dma_irq_handler
c0025090 T sa1100_request_dma
c00251d8 T sa1100_dma_set_callback
c0025224 T sa1100_dma_set_spin
c0025294 T sa1100_dma_queue_buffer
c0025350 T sa1100_dma_get_current
c0025474 T sa1100_dma_stop
c0025540 T sa1100_dma_resume
c00255b4 T sa1100_dma_flush_all
c0025660 T sa1100_free_dma
c00256e0 T sa1100_dma_sleep
c0025748 T sa1100_dma_wakeup
c00257bc t lcm_IRQ_demux
c0025818 t lcm_mask_and_ack_irq
c0025840 t lcm_mask_irq
c0025868 t lcm_unmask_irq
c0025890 t lcm_key_IRQ_demux
c00258f0 t lcm_key_mask_and_ack_irq
c002591c t lcm_key_mask_irq
c0025948 t lcm_key_unmask_irq
c0025974 t lcm_gpio_IRQ_demux
c00259f0 t lcm_gpio_mask_and_ack_irq
c0025a54 t lcm_gpio_mask_irq
c0025a80 t lcm_gpio_unmask_irq
c0025aac t lcm_lt_IRQ_demux
c0025b0c t lcm_lt_mask_and_ack_irq
c0025b38 t lcm_lt_mask_irq
c0025b64 t lcm_lt_unmask_irq
c0025b90 t lcm_spi_IRQ_demux
c0025bf0 t lcm_spi_mask_and_ack_irq
c0025c54 t lcm_spi_mask_irq
c0025c80 t lcm_spi_unmask_irq
c0025cac t ga_pm_callback
c0025d6c T m62332_sendbit
c0025e2c T m62332_senddata
c00260d8 T collie_apm_get_power_status
c0026304 t collie_charge_on
c00263e0 t collie_charge_off
c00264c8 t collie_pm
c0026698 t Collie_ac_interrupt
c00266f4 t Collie_co_interrupt
c0026758 T collie_get_main_battery
c0026890 T GetMainChargePercent
c0026914 T GetMainLevel
c00269c0 T GetBackLevel
c00269dc T collie_read_MainBattery
c0026ad8 T collie_read_BackBattery
c0026b4c T collie_read_Temp
c0026ba8 T collie_check_temp
c0026c6c T collie_check_voltage
c0026d30 T Collie_battery_power_off
c0026d40 T Collie_battery_power_on
c0026db0 t Collie_battery_pm_callback
c0026eb4 T suspend_collie_read_Temp
c0026f0c T suspend_collie_read_MainBattery
c0026fb0 T GetBackupBatteryAD
c0027034 T chkFatalBatt
c00270f4 T suspend_collie_check_temp
c0027188 T suspend_collie_check_voltage
c0027218 T suspend_collie_charge_on
c00272e0 T suspend_collie_charge_off
c002736c T collie_battery_charge_hook
c00273f0 T collie_get_ad
c002746c T battery_init
c00275a4 t collie_battery_read_params
c00276c0 t collie_battery_write_params
c0027768 t collie_battery_poll
c00277b4 t led0_off
c00277d8 t led0_on
c0027808 t led0_fastblink
c0027834 t led0_slowblink
c0027860 t led1_off
c0027884 t led1_on
c00278b4 t led1_flashon
c00278e0 t led1_flashoff
c002790c t led1_veryfastblink
c0027938 t led1_fastblink
c0027964 t led1_normalblink
c0027990 t led1_slowblink
c00279bc t sharpled_pattern_play
c0027a48 t sharpled_pattern_start
c0027a8c t sharpled_pattern_end
c0027ac0 t collie_led_turn
c0027ae8 t collie_led0_process
c0027b64 t decide_physical_led
c0027cbc T collie_led_supported
c0027d3c T collie_turn_led_status
c0027da8 T collie_init_led
c0027dbc T collie_suspend_led
c0027dd0 T collie_resume_led
c0027de4 T collie_set_buffer
c0027ea8 T collie_buzzer_set_buf
c0027f1c T collie_buz_buffer_init
c0027fe8 T collie_play_sound_by_id
c00280f0 T collie_buzzer_supported
c0028154 T collie_play_sound_by_hz
c0028168 T collie_buzzer_dev_init
c00281f8 T collie_buzzer_dev_release
c0028228 T collie_suspend_buzzer
c0028264 T collie_resume_buzzer
c00282b4 T collie_stop_sound
c00282dc t Collie_disable_sound
c0028304 t CollieSilence
c002831c t Collie_TC35143F_mute
c0028350 t Collie_TC35143F_unmute
c002838c t Collie_TC35143F_disable
c00283d8 t Collie_TC35143F_enable
c0028484 t Collie_Sampling_value
c0028498 t CollieInit
c002850c t Collie_sq_interrupt
c0028534 t CollieIrqInit
c002858c t allocate_buffers
c0028708 t release_buffers
c0028798 T change_power_mode
c0028828 T sharpsl_is_power_mode_sensitive_battery
c0028850 t power_mode_read_params
c00289b8 T lock_FCS
c0028a80 t lock_fcs_read_params
c0028b78 t lock_fcs_write_params
c0028c1c t lock_fcs_poll
c0028c68 t powerirq_handler
c0028cd8 t apm_get_event
c0028f5c t is_kernel_thread
c0028f7c t send_sig_to_all_procs
c0029088 t set_power_state
c0029128 t apm_set_power_state
c0029148 t apm_do_idle
c0029160 t apm_do_busy
c0029174 t apm_power_off
c00291b8 t apm_get_power_status
c00291dc t apm_engage_power_management
c0029254 t apm_error
c00292cc t apm_console_blank
c0029314 t queue_empty
c0029338 t get_queued_event
c002937c t queue_event
c00294e0 t get_cmos_time
c00294fc t set_time
c0029530 t get_time_diff
c0029540 t reinit_timer
c0029550 t send_event
c00296e4 t suspend
c00297bc t standby
c00297f4 t get_event
c0029854 t check_events
c0029a88 t apm_event_handler
c0029b4c t apm_mainloop
c0029c84 t check_apm_user
c0029cc8 t do_read
c0029ecc t do_poll
c0029f38 t do_ioctl
c002a510 t do_release
c002a608 t do_open
c002a6c4 t apm_get_info
c002a7c4 t apm
c002ab04 t collie_wakeup_check
c002ac38 t collie_wakeup_hook
c002ad6c T sa1110_suspend
c002b3a4 T pm_do_suspend
c002b3dc T collie_restart
c002b404 T collie_emerge_off
c002b580 T sleep_param
c002b584 T sleep_param_p
c002b588 T cpu_sa1100_do_suspend
c002b740 t sa1110_sdram_controller_fix
c002b780 T cpu_sa1100_resume
c002b7c0 t resume_turn_on_mmu
c002b7e0 t resume_after_mmu
c002b8e0 T cpu_sa1100_idle
c002b900 T cpu_sa1100_idle_exit
c002b940 T scheduling_functions_start_here
c002b950 t reschedule_idle
c002ba28 t process_timeout
c002ba9c T schedule_timeout
c002bb58 T schedule_tail
c002bb74 T schedule
c002bed0 T __wake_up
c002bfac T __wake_up_sync
c002c098 T complete
c002c174 T wait_for_completion
c002c24c T interruptible_sleep_on
c002c2c8 T interruptible_sleep_on_timeout
c002c350 T sleep_on
c002c3cc T sleep_on_timeout
c002c454 T scheduling_functions_end_here
c002c464 T sys_nice
c002c4e4 t setscheduler
c002c6e8 T sys_sched_setscheduler
c002c6fc T sys_sched_setparam
c002c718 T sys_sched_getscheduler
c002c78c T sys_sched_getparam
c002c864 T sys_sched_yield
c002c8f4 T sys_sched_get_priority_max
c002c92c T sys_sched_get_priority_min
c002c964 T sys_sched_rr_get_interval
c002ca78 t show_task
c002cc50 T render_sigset_t
c002cd0c T show_state
c002cd60 T reparent_to_init
c002ce78 T daemonize
c002cf0c T wake_up_process
c002cf80 T add_wait_queue
c002cfc8 T add_wait_queue_exclusive
c002d010 T remove_wait_queue
c002d040 t get_pid
c002d1a4 t mm_init
c002d250 T mm_alloc
c002d294 T mmput
c002d360 T mm_release
c002d390 t copy_mm
c002d660 T copy_fs_struct
c002d7f0 t count_open_files
c002d82c t copy_files
c002da54 T do_fork
c002e2bc T __mmdrop
c002e31c t default_handler
c002e390 t lookup_exec_domain
c002e3f8 T register_exec_domain
c002e464 T unregister_exec_domain
c002e4c0 T __set_personality
c002e5d8 T get_exec_domain_list
c002e65c T sys_personality
c002e6a4 T panic
c002e7bc T print_tainted
c002e834 T do_syslog
c002ec8c T sys_syslog
c002ece0 t __call_console_drivers
c002ed54 t _call_console_drivers
c002edc8 t call_console_drivers
c002eee8 t emit_log_char
c002ef74 T printk
c002f0ec T acquire_console_sem
c002f158 T release_console_sem
c002f22c T console_conditional_schedule
c002f270 T console_print
c002f290 T console_unblank
c002f2e8 T register_console
c002f4b0 T unregister_console
c002f534 T tty_write_message
c002f57c T inter_module_register
c002f64c T inter_module_unregister
c002f6ec T inter_module_get
c002f748 T inter_module_get_request
c002f770 T inter_module_put
c002f80c T sys_create_module
c002f990 T sys_init_module
c0030150 T try_inc_mod_count
c00301a8 T sys_delete_module
c00303f0 t qm_modules
c003050c t qm_deps
c0030698 t qm_refs
c00307f8 t qm_symbols
c00309ac t qm_info
c0030a88 T sys_query_module
c0030c68 T sys_get_kernel_syms
c0030df4 T find_module
c0030e48 T free_module
c0030f58 T get_module_list
c0031250 t s_start
c00312e4 t s_next
c003135c t s_stop
c0031380 t s_show
c003141c t release_task
c00315dc T session_of_pgrp
c003163c t will_become_orphaned_pgrp
c00316bc T is_orphaned_pgrp
c00316d4 T put_files_struct
c00317f4 T exit_files
c0031820 T put_fs_struct
c0031968 T exit_fs
c0031ac0 T start_lazy_tlb
c0031b00 T end_lazy_tlb
c0031b78 T exit_mm
c0031bd8 t exit_notify
c0031ea4 T do_exit
c00321a0 T complete_and_exit
c00321c8 T sys_exit
c00321e4 T sys_wait4
c003256c t tvtojiffies
c00325c0 t jiffiestotv
c0032604 T do_getitimer
c00326bc T sys_getitimer
c0032734 T it_real_fn
c0032788 T do_setitimer
c0032894 T sys_setitimer
c0032994 T sys_sysinfo
c0032b38 T sys_time
c0032b7c T sys_stime
c0032c3c T sys_gettimeofday
c0032d00 T do_sys_settimeofday
c0032dc0 T sys_settimeofday
c0032ea4 T do_adjtimex
c00333b4 T sys_adjtimex
c003346c T do_softirq
c0033550 T raise_softirq
c00335b8 T open_softirq
c00335e0 T __tasklet_schedule
c003365c T __tasklet_hi_schedule
c00336d8 t tasklet_action
c003379c t tasklet_hi_action
c0033860 T tasklet_init
c0033888 T tasklet_kill
c0033914 t bh_action
c0033988 T init_bh
c00339a4 T remove_bh
c00339dc T __run_task_queue
c0033a64 t ksoftirqd
c0033b28 T cpu_raise_softirq
c0033b80 t do_resource_list
c0033c2c T get_resource_list
c0033c7c t __request_resource
c0033d00 t __release_resource
c0033d58 T request_resource
c0033d78 T release_resource
c0033d8c T check_resource
c0033dd8 t find_resource
c0033eb8 T allocate_resource
c0033f18 T __request_region
c0033fb0 T __check_region
c0033fec T __release_region
c0034070 T do_sysctl
c0034148 T sys_sysctl
c00341d4 t test_perm
c003422c t parse_table
c0034350 T do_sysctl_strategy
c0034500 T register_sysctl_table
c0034598 T unregister_sysctl_table
c00345d8 t register_proc_table
c00346f0 t unregister_proc_table
c0034784 t do_rw_proc
c003482c t proc_readsys
c0034860 t proc_writesys
c0034894 t proc_sys_permission
c00348ac T proc_dostring
c0034ab0 t proc_doutsstring
c0034b40 t do_proc_dointvec
c0034f54 T proc_dointvec
c0034f84 T proc_dointvec_bset
c0034ffc T proc_dointvec_minmax
c00353ec t do_proc_doulongvec_minmax
c0035804 T proc_doulongvec_minmax
c0035830 T proc_doulongvec_ms_jiffies_minmax
c0035860 T proc_dointvec_jiffies
c0035890 T sysctl_string
c0035a08 T sysctl_intvec
c0035ac0 T sysctl_jiffies
c0035b9c T sys_acct
c0035bb0 T sys_capget
c0035d00 t cap_set_pg
c0035d5c t cap_set_all
c0035dbc T sys_capset
c0036048 T ptrace_check_attach
c003609c T ptrace_attach
c00362ac T ptrace_detach
c0036394 T access_process_vm
c0036508 T ptrace_readdata
c00365d0 T ptrace_writedata
c00366b4 T init_timervecs
c0036750 T add_timer
c0036838 T mod_timer
c0036924 T del_timer
c0036974 T tqueue_bh
c003699c T immediate_bh
c00369c4 t second_overflow
c0036c88 t update_wall_time_one_tick
c0036d74 t update_wall_time
c0036dd0 T update_one_process
c0036ed8 T update_process_times
c0036fb0 t count_active_tasks
c0037004 T timer_bh
c00372f4 T do_timer
c0037390 T sys_alarm
c00373dc T sys_getpid
c00373f8 T sys_getppid
c0037418 T sys_getuid
c0037434 T sys_geteuid
c0037450 T sys_getgid
c003746c T sys_getegid
c0037488 T sys_gettid
c00374a4 T sys_nanosleep
c0037690 T get_next_time_tick
c0037734 T free_uid
c00377a4 T alloc_uid
c00378b4 t next_signal
c0037944 t flush_sigqueue
c00379b8 T flush_signals
c00379d8 T exit_sighand
c0037a6c T flush_signal_handlers
c0037ab8 T block_all_signals
c0037aec T unblock_all_signals
c0037b50 t collect_signal
c0037cb8 T dequeue_signal
c0037d88 t rm_from_queue
c0037e40 t rm_sig_from_queue
c0037e58 T bad_signal
c0037f10 t signal_type
c0037fa8 t ignored_signal
c0038004 t handle_stop_signal
c00380bc t send_signal
c003822c t deliver_signal
c0038294 T send_sig_info
c0038354 T force_sig_info
c0038410 T kill_pg_info
c0038488 T kill_sl_info
c003850c t kill_something_info
c0038624 T send_sig
c0038648 T force_sig
c0038664 T kill_pg
c003868c T kill_sl
c00386b4 T kill_proc
c0038720 t wake_up_parent
c0038758 T do_notify_parent
c0038814 T notify_parent
c0038828 T sys_rt_sigprocmask
c0038a20 T do_sigpending
c0038acc T sys_rt_sigpending
c0038ae0 T sys_rt_sigtimedwait
c0038dd4 T sys_kill
c0038e20 T sys_rt_sigqueueinfo
c0038ef4 T do_sigaction
c0039020 T do_sigaltstack
c0039188 T sys_sigpending
c00391a0 T sys_sigprocmask
c0039334 T sys_rt_sigaction
c0039440 T kill_proc_info
c00394a0 t recalc_sigpending
c00394d8 T notifier_chain_register
c0039534 T notifier_chain_unregister
c003957c T notifier_call_chain
c00395cc T register_reboot_notifier
c00395ec T unregister_reboot_notifier
c003960c T sys_ni_syscall
c0039620 t proc_sel
c00396d8 T sys_setpriority
c00397e0 T sys_getpriority
c0039850 T sys_reboot
c0039a50 t deferred_cad
c0039a7c T ctrl_alt_del
c0039ac8 T sys_setregid
c0039be4 T sys_setgid
c0039ca0 t set_user
c0039d34 T sys_setreuid
c0039f08 T sys_setuid
c003a064 T sys_setresuid
c003a270 T sys_getresuid
c003a2c0 T sys_setresgid
c003a3f4 T sys_getresgid
c003a444 T sys_setfsuid
c003a53c T sys_setfsgid
c003a5d0 T sys_times
c003a658 T sys_setpgid
c003a788 T sys_getpgid
c003a7f4 T sys_getpgrp
c003a810 T sys_getsid
c003a87c T sys_setsid
c003a8f8 T sys_getgroups
c003a974 T sys_setgroups
c003aa18 t supplemental_group_member
c003aa60 T in_group_p
c003aa94 T in_egroup_p
c003aac8 T sys_newuname
c003ab3c T sys_sethostname
c003ac08 T sys_gethostname
c003aca0 T sys_setdomainname
c003ad6c T sys_getrlimit
c003add4 T sys_old_getrlimit
c003ae70 T sys_setrlimit
c003af6c T getrusage
c003b1ac T sys_getrusage
c003b1e8 T sys_umask
c003b224 T sys_prctl
c003b458 T exec_usermodehelper
c003b94c t ____call_usermodehelper
c003b994 t __call_usermodehelper
c003b9d0 T call_usermodehelper
c003bac0 T dev_probe_lock
c003bafc T dev_probe_unlock
c003bb38 t need_keventd
c003bb70 T current_is_keventd
c003bbbc T schedule_task
c003bc3c t context_thread
c003be20 T flush_scheduled_tasks
c003bea4 T start_context_thread
c003bedc T sys_chown16
c003bf18 T sys_lchown16
c003bf54 T sys_fchown16
c003bf90 T sys_setregid16
c003bfcc T sys_setgid16
c003bfe8 T sys_setreuid16
c003c024 T sys_setuid16
c003c040 T sys_setresuid16
c003c08c T sys_getresuid16
c003c11c T sys_setresgid16
c003c168 T sys_getresgid16
c003c1f8 T sys_setfsuid16
c003c214 T sys_setfsgid16
c003c230 T sys_getgroups16
c003c2e8 T sys_setgroups16
c003c3c8 T sys_getuid16
c003c400 T sys_geteuid16
c003c438 T sys_getgid16
c003c470 T sys_getegid16
c003c4a8 T pm_register
c003c564 T pm_unregister
c003c5e0 t __pm_unregister
c003c60c T pm_unregister_all
c003c6a4 T pm_send
c003c754 t pm_undo_all
c003c7a8 T pm_send_all
c003c8c0 T pm_find
c003c920 T __free_pte
c003c9d0 T check_pgt_cache
c003c9f0 T clear_page_tables
c003ca9c T copy_page_range
c003ccd4 T unmap_page_range
c003cf4c T zap_page_range
c003cfd4 t follow_page
c003d080 T get_user_pages
c003d274 T map_user_kiobuf
c003d3dc T mark_dirty_kiobuf
c003d45c T unmap_kiobuf
c003d4d4 T lock_kiovec
c003d600 T unlock_kiovec
c003d684 T zeromap_page_range
c003d88c T remap_page_range
c003db24 t do_wp_page
c003dde0 t vmtruncate_list
c003de50 T vmtruncate
c003df98 T swapin_readahead
c003dffc t do_swap_page
c003e134 t do_anonymous_page
c003e218 t do_no_page
c003e374 T handle_mm_fault
c003e4a0 T __pmd_alloc
c003e4bc T pte_alloc
c003e5b0 T make_pages_present
c003e64c T vm_enough_memory
c003e6f4 T lock_vma_mappings
c003e704 T unlock_vma_mappings
c003e714 T sys_brk
c003e824 t find_vma_prepare
c003e8b8 t __vma_link
c003e994 t vma_merge
c003ead4 T do_mmap_pgoff
c003efe4 T get_unmapped_area
c003f118 T find_vma
c003f1a8 T find_vma_prev
c003f2b4 T find_extend_vma
c003f3a8 t unmap_fixup
c003f578 t free_pgtables
c003f61c T do_munmap
c003f8f0 T sys_munmap
c003f940 T do_brk
c003fb3c T build_mmap_rb
c003fba4 T exit_mmap
c003fd30 T __insert_vm_struct
c003fda8 T insert_vm_struct
c003fe38 t add_page_to_hash_queue
c003fe98 T __remove_inode_page
c003ff1c T remove_inode_page
c003ff3c T set_page_dirty
c003ffac T invalidate_inode_pages
c0040050 t do_flushpage
c0040088 t truncate_complete_page
c00400f0 t truncate_list_pages
c00402d8 T truncate_inode_pages
c0040364 t invalidate_list_pages2
c0040530 T invalidate_inode_pages2
c004056c t do_buffer_fdatasync
c0040624 T generic_buffer_fdatasync
c00406e8 T fail_writepage
c0040734 T filemap_fdatasync
c0040828 T filemap_fdatawait
c00408cc T add_to_page_cache_locked
c0040978 T add_to_page_cache
c0040a2c T add_to_page_cache_unique
c0040afc t page_cache_read
c0040c00 t read_cluster_nonblocking
c0040c6c T ___wait_on_page
c0040d1c T unlock_page
c0040d74 t __lock_page
c0040e28 T lock_page
c0040e58 T __find_get_page
c0040ebc T find_trylock_page
c0040f4c t __find_lock_page_helper
c0041008 T __find_lock_page
c0041020 T find_or_create_page
c0041140 T grab_cache_page
c0041158 T grab_cache_page_nowait
c004124c t generic_file_readahead
c00413dc T mark_page_accessed
c0041424 T do_generic_file_read
c004192c t generic_file_direct_IO
c0041b20 T file_read_actor
c0041b8c T generic_file_read
c0041cc8 t file_send_actor
c0041dc4 T sys_sendfile
c0041fec t do_readahead
c00420c4 T sys_readahead
c004212c t nopage_sequential_readahead
c0042288 T filemap_nopage
c0042508 T filemap_sync
c004280c T generic_file_mmap
c0042880 t msync_interval
c00429a4 T sys_msync
c0042aac t madvise_fixup_start
c0042bb8 t madvise_fixup_end
c0042cc4 t madvise_fixup_middle
c0042e5c t madvise_behavior
c0042f20 t madvise_willneed
c00430ac t madvise_dontneed
c00430e0 t madvise_vma
c004312c T sys_madvise
c004322c t mincore_page
c00432c8 t mincore_vma
c0043408 T sys_mincore
c0043520 T read_cache_page
c004369c T generic_file_write
c0043e0c T remove_suid
c0043e7c t change_protection
c0044048 t mprotect_fixup
c0044524 T sys_mprotect
c004472c t mlock_fixup
c0044aa8 t do_mlock
c0044bbc T sys_mlock
c0044c60 T sys_munlock
c0044ccc t do_mlockall
c0044d6c T sys_mlockall
c0044df0 T sys_munlockall
c0044e30 t move_one_page
c0044f2c t move_page_tables
c0045034 T do_mremap
c0045684 T sys_mremap
c00456ec T vmfree_area_pages
c00458c8 T get_vm_area
c0045988 T vfree
c0045a18 T __vmalloc
c0045bf8 T vread
c0045cac T vwrite
c0045d50 T vmalloc_area_pages
c0045ec4 t kmem_cache_estimate
c0045f60 t kmem_slab_destroy
c0046068 T kmem_cache_create
c00463fc t __kmem_cache_shrink
c00464b4 T kmem_cache_shrink
c00464f4 T kmem_cache_destroy
c004665c t kmem_cache_grow
c0046924 T kmem_cache_alloc
c0046a18 T kmalloc
c0046b48 T kmem_cache_free
c0046c40 T kfree
c0046d34 T kmem_find_general_cachep
c0046d78 T kmem_cache_reap
c0046ff4 t proc_getdata
c0047210 T slabinfo_read_proc
c0047258 T slabinfo_write_proc
c004726c T kmem_cache_active_page
c00472dc T _kmem_cache_active_page
c004738c T activate_page
c0047430 T lru_cache_add
c00474a4 T __lru_cache_del
c0047534 T lru_cache_del
c0047548 t swap_out
c0047ad8 t shrink_cache
c0047ea4 t refill_inactive
c0047fc0 t shrink_caches
c004807c T try_to_free_pages
c0048120 t check_classzone_need_balance
c0048160 t kswapd_balance_pgdat
c0048204 t kswapd_balance
c0048244 t kswapd_can_sleep_pgdat
c0048290 t kswapd_can_sleep
c00482d0 T kswapd
c00483ac t rw_swap_page_base
c00484e4 T rw_swap_page
c0048548 T rw_swap_page_nolock
c00485fc t __free_pages_ok
c00488b8 t rmqueue
c0048b10 t balance_classzone
c0048d28 T __alloc_pages
c0048ef0 T __get_free_pages
c0048f1c T get_zeroed_page
c0048f50 T __free_pages
c0048fa4 T free_pages
c0049000 T nr_free_pages
c0049058 T nr_free_buffer_pages
c00490b8 T show_free_areas_core
c0049218 T show_free_areas
c0049238 t swap_writepage
c0049278 T show_swap_cache_info
c00492bc T add_to_swap_cache
c00493ac T __delete_from_swap_cache
c004940c T delete_from_swap_cache
c004945c T free_page_and_swap_cache
c00494b4 T lookup_swap_cache
c0049530 T read_swap_cache_async
c00495fc T get_swap_page
c0049868 t swap_info_get
c004995c t swap_info_put
c004996c t swap_entry_free
c00499d8 T swap_free
c0049a0c t exclusive_swap_page
c0049a84 T can_share_swap_page
c0049b0c T remove_exclusive_swap_page
c0049c0c T free_swap_and_cache
c0049cec t unuse_vma
c0049e90 t unuse_process
c0049ee4 t find_next_to_unuse
c0049f3c t try_to_unuse
c004a278 T sys_swapoff
c004a51c T get_swaparea_info
c004a744 T is_swap_partition
c004a7b0 T sys_swapon
c004aecc T si_swapinfo
c004af98 T swap_duplicate
c004b084 T swap_count
c004b148 T get_swaphandle_info
c004b24c T valid_swaphandles
c004b2ec T alloc_pages_node
c004b314 T show_free_areas_node
c004b338 t alloc_pages_pgdat
c004b368 T _alloc_pages
c004b434 t int_sqrt
c004b474 t badness
c004b550 t select_bad_process
c004b634 T oom_kill_task
c004b69c t oom_kill
c004b710 T reset_out_of_memory_condition
c004b77c T check_out_of_memory
c004b89c T out_of_memory
c004b9ec t shmem_recalc_inode
c004ba34 t shmem_swp_entry
c004bae0 t shmem_free_swp
c004bb3c t shmem_truncate
c004bd74 t shmem_delete_inode
c004bde8 t shmem_clear_swp
c004be48 t shmem_unuse_inode
c004bf20 T shmem_unuse
c004bf6c t shmem_writepage
c004c08c t shmem_getpage_locked
c004c380 t shmem_getpage
c004c494 T shmem_nopage
c004c4f0 T shmem_lock
c004c55c t shmem_mmap
c004c5b0 T shmem_get_inode
c004c72c t shmem_set_size
c004c784 t shmem_read_super
c004c85c T shmem_file_setup
c004c9b0 T shmem_zero_setup
c004ca1c t freepg_signal_send
c004cae0 T freepg_signal_reset
c004cb00 T freepg_signal_low
c004cb4c T freepg_signal_min
c004cb98 T freepg_signal_check
c004cbe0 t page_detail
c004cc84 t page_statistics
c004cd30 t show_zone_info
c004cde8 t show_node_info
c004ce3c t __show_page_info
c004ce94 T show_page_info
c004ceb0 t show_pg_info
c004cee4 T vfs_statfs
c004cf48 T sys_statfs
c004cfe4 T sys_fstatfs
c004d078 T do_truncate
c004d100 T sys_truncate
c004d2e8 T sys_ftruncate
c004d464 T sys_truncate64
c004d64c T sys_ftruncate64
c004d7bc T sys_utime
c004d8a4 T sys_utimes
c004d9a0 T sys_access
c004da88 T sys_chdir
c004dbf4 T sys_fchdir
c004dd10 T sys_chroot
c004de90 T sys_fchmod
c004df2c T sys_chmod
c004dfdc t chown_common
c004e0d4 T sys_chown
c004e138 T sys_lchown
c004e19c T sys_fchown
c004e1e4 T filp_open
c004e234 T dentry_open
c004e454 T get_unused_fd
c004e548 T sys_open
c004e624 T sys_creat
c004e644 T filp_close
c004e6d0 T sys_close
c004e790 T sys_vhangup
c004e7dc T generic_file_open
c004e820 T generic_read_dir
c004e834 T generic_file_llseek
c004e904 T no_llseek
c004e91c T default_llseek
c004e9c4 T sys_lseek
c004ea5c T sys_llseek
c004eb4c T sys_read
c004eca0 T sys_write
c004edf4 t do_readv_writev
c004f0d4 T sys_readv
c004f150 T sys_writev
c004f1cc T sys_pread
c004f330 T sys_pwrite
c004f494 T get_device_list
c004f50c t get_chrfops
c004f574 T register_chrdev
c004f608 T unregister_chrdev
c004f65c T chrdev_open
c004f6bc T kdevname
c004f6f8 T cdevname
c004f758 t sock_no_open
c004f76c T init_special_inode
c004f808 T get_empty_filp
c004f948 T init_private_file
c004f9bc T fput
c004fb60 T fget
c004fbb8 T put_filp
c004fc3c T file_move
c004fc74 T fs_may_remount_ro
c004fcdc T unlock_buffer
c004fd38 T __wait_on_buffer
c004fe08 T end_buffer_io_sync
c004fe60 t write_locked_buffers
c004fe98 t write_some_buffers
c004ffa8 t write_unlocked_buffers
c004ffe8 t wait_for_buffers
c00500d4 t wait_for_locked_buffers
c005010c T sync_buffers
c0050170 T fsync_super
c0050224 T fsync_no_super
c0050254 T fsync_dev
c0050294 T sync_dev
c00502b0 T sys_sync
c00502cc T sync_card
c0050300 T file_fsync
c005039c T sys_fsync
c005049c T sys_fdatasync
c005059c t __insert_into_lru_list
c005063c t __remove_from_lru_list
c00506c8 t __remove_from_queues
c0050700 t remove_from_queues
c0050714 T get_hash_table
c00507d4 T buffer_insert_inode_queue
c005081c T buffer_insert_inode_data_queue
c0050864 t __remove_inode_queue
c005088c T inode_has_buffers
c00508c8 T invalidate_bdev
c0050a34 T __invalidate_buffers
c0050a70 t free_more_memory
c0050adc T init_buffer
c0050afc t end_buffer_io_async
c0050bc0 T fsync_inode_buffers
c0050d3c T fsync_inode_data_buffers
c0050eb8 T osync_inode_buffers
c0050f4c T osync_inode_data_buffers
c0050fe0 T invalidate_inode_buffers
c0051054 T getblk
c00510ac t balance_dirty_state
c0051130 T balance_dirty
c0051170 T __mark_buffer_dirty
c00511c0 T mark_buffer_dirty
c0051214 T set_buffer_flushtime
c0051244 t __refile_buffer
c00512ac T refile_buffer
c00512c0 T __brelse
c0051308 T __bforget
c0051340 T bread
c00513c0 t __put_unused_buffer_head
c005143c T put_unused_buffer_head
c0051450 T get_unused_buffer_head
c0051508 T set_bh_page
c0051534 t create_buffers
c005160c t discard_buffer
c00516a8 T try_to_release_page
c0051710 T discard_bh_page
c0051798 T create_empty_buffers
c0051818 t unmap_underlying_metadata
c005188c t __block_write_full_page
c0051a90 t __block_prepare_write
c0051dd8 t __block_commit_write
c0051f0c T block_read_full_page
c0052140 T generic_cont_expand
c005225c T cont_prepare_write
c00524f0 T block_prepare_write
c0052540 T block_commit_write
c0052574 T generic_commit_write
c00525e8 T block_truncate_page
c00527c0 T block_write_full_page
c0052900 T writeout_one_page
c0052974 T waitfor_one_page
c00529c4 T generic_block_bmap
c00529fc T generic_direct_IO
c0052b44 t end_buffer_io_kiobuf
c0052b94 t wait_kio
c0052c08 T brw_kiovec
c0052f9c T brw_page
c0053070 T block_symlink
c0053168 t grow_dev_page
c0053240 t hash_page_buffers
c0053328 t grow_buffers
c005346c t sync_page_buffers
c0053564 T try_to_free_buffers
c0053698 T show_buffers
c00536e8 T wakeup_bdflush
c005370c t sync_old_buffers
c0053784 T block_sync_page
c00537b0 T sys_bdflush
c0053878 T bdflush
c0053948 T kupdate
c0053a90 T set_buffer_async_io
c0053abc T __mark_dirty
c0053af0 t get_filesystem
c0053b38 t put_filesystem
c0053b80 t find_filesystem
c0053bcc T register_filesystem
c0053c2c T unregister_filesystem
c0053c84 t fs_index
c0053d0c t fs_name
c0053dc0 t fs_maxindex
c0053df8 T sys_sysfs
c0053e5c T get_filesystem_list
c0053ed0 T get_fs_type
c0053f04 t alloc_super
c005405c t grab_super
c00540f8 t insert_super
c005414c t remove_super
c00541d8 T drop_super
c0054210 T sync_supers
c00543ac T get_super
c0054440 T sys_ustat
c00544f8 t read_super
c0054650 T get_unnamed_dev
c0054694 T put_unnamed_dev
c00546e8 t get_sb_bdev
c00549b4 t get_sb_nodev
c0054a0c t get_sb_single
c0054b9c T kill_super
c0054d08 T do_remount_sb
c0054e38 T do_kern_mount
c0054fb8 T kern_mount
c0054fdc t max_block
c0055084 t blkdev_size
c00550d0 t kill_bdev
c0055100 T set_blocksize
c0055218 t blkdev_get_block
c0055268 t blkdev_direct_IO
c0055294 t blkdev_writepage
c00552b0 t blkdev_readpage
c00552d0 t blkdev_prepare_write
c00552f8 t blkdev_commit_write
c0055318 t block_llseek
c005542c t __block_fsync
c0055498 t block_fsync
c00554b0 t bd_read_super
c00555a0 t init_once
c00555fc t bdfind
c0055660 T bdget
c0055780 T bdput
c005584c T bd_acquire
c00558ec T bd_forget
c0055934 T get_blkdev_list
c00559a4 T get_blkfops
c00559d0 T register_blkdev
c0055a6c T unregister_blkdev
c0055ac8 T check_disk_change
c0055b7c T ioctl_by_bdev
c0055c08 t do_open
c0055de0 T blkdev_get
c0055e50 T blkdev_open
c0055e88 T blkdev_put
c0055fac T blkdev_close
c0055fc8 t blkdev_ioctl
c0056008 T bdevname
c0056068 t init_once
c00560b0 t cdfind
c0056114 T cdget
c00561c8 T cdput
c0056230 t cp_new_stat
c00563ac T sys_newstat
c0056438 T sys_newlstat
c00564c4 T sys_newfstat
c0056544 T sys_readlink
c00565fc t cp_new_stat64
c0056760 T sys_stat64
c00567ec T sys_lstat64
c0056878 T sys_fstat64
c00568f8 T register_binfmt
c005696c T unregister_binfmt
c00569bc T sys_uselib
c0056af4 t count
c0056b4c T copy_strings
c0056d2c T copy_strings_kernel
c0056d8c T put_dirty_page
c0056e88 T setup_arg_pages
c0056fd8 T open_exec
c00570c4 T kernel_read
c0057174 t exec_mmap
c005727c T flush_old_exec
c0057568 T prepare_binprm
c005766c T compute_creds
c00577d4 T remove_arg_zero
c0057848 T search_binary_handler
c00579dc T do_execve
c0057be0 T set_binfmt
c0057c80 T do_coredump
c0057de0 T pipe_wait
c0057e9c t pipe_read
c0058128 t pipe_write
c0058444 t pipe_lseek
c005845c t bad_pipe_r
c0058470 t bad_pipe_w
c0058484 t pipe_ioctl
c00584bc t pipe_poll
c0058538 t pipe_release
c0058600 t pipe_read_release
c005861c t pipe_write_release
c0058638 t pipe_rdwr_release
c005865c t pipe_read_open
c00586cc t pipe_write_open
c005873c t pipe_rdwr_open
c00587cc T pipe_new
c005887c t pipefs_delete_dentry
c0058890 t get_pipe_inode
c005895c T do_pipe
c0058c14 t pipefs_statfs
c0058c44 t pipefs_read_super
c0058d24 T getname
c0058e04 T vfs_permission
c0058f3c T permission
c0058f74 T get_write_access
c0058fb8 T deny_write_access
c0059004 T path_release
c0059064 t cached_lookup
c00590d4 t real_lookup
c0059214 T follow_up
c00592f4 T follow_down
c00593d4 T link_path_walk
c0059d24 T path_walk
c0059d48 t __emul_lookup_dentry
c0059e80 T set_fs_altroot
c0059fb4 T path_init
c005a130 T lookup_hash
c005a1ec T lookup_one_len
c005a25c T __user_walk
c005a2d8 T vfs_create
c005a3d8 T open_namei
c005aa00 t lookup_create
c005aaa0 T vfs_mknod
c005abe4 T sys_mknod
c005ad9c T vfs_mkdir
c005ae98 T sys_mkdir
c005afa0 t d_unhash
c005b01c T vfs_rmdir
c005b298 T sys_rmdir
c005b3f8 T vfs_unlink
c005b5b0 T sys_unlink
c005b728 T vfs_symlink
c005b820 T sys_symlink
c005b93c T vfs_link
c005ba60 T sys_link
c005bbe0 T vfs_rename_dir
c005c1d4 T vfs_rename_other
c005c554 T vfs_rename
c005c604 T sys_rename
c005c8e0 T vfs_readlink
c005c95c T vfs_follow_link
c005cb30 t page_getlink
c005cba4 T page_readlink
c005cc08 T page_follow_link
c005ce08 t expand_files
c005ce68 t locate_fd
c005cef4 t dupfd
c005cf94 T sys_dup2
c005d0b0 T sys_dup
c005d0e0 t setfl
c005d1ec t do_fcntl
c005d450 T sys_fcntl
c005d4a0 T sys_fcntl64
c005d54c t send_sigio_to_task
c005d62c T send_sigio
c005d6f0 T fasync_helper
c005d7ec T __kill_fasync
c005d870 T kill_fasync
c005d888 t file_ioctl
c005d9b4 T sys_ioctl
c005dbcc T vfs_readdir
c005dcc8 T dcache_readdir
c005de8c t fillonedir
c005df30 T old_readdir
c005df90 t filldir
c005e064 T sys_getdents
c005e0f0 t filldir64
c005e248 T sys_getdents64
c005e30c T poll_freewait
c005e368 T __pollwait
c005e434 t max_select_fd
c005e510 T do_select
c005e750 t select_bits_alloc
c005e770 t select_bits_free
c005e784 T sys_select
c005eba8 t do_pollfd
c005ec78 t do_poll
c005ed6c T sys_poll
c005f0ac t wait_for_partner
c005f0f0 t wake_up_partner
c005f110 t fifo_open
c005f40c t locks_alloc_lock
c005f470 T locks_init_lock
c005f4f8 t init_once
c005f518 T locks_copy_lock
c005f5a8 t flock_make_lock
c005f638 t assign_type
c005f668 t flock_to_posix_lock
c005f788 t flock64_to_posix_lock
c005f8fc t lease_alloc
c005fa18 t locks_delete_block
c005fa70 t locks_insert_block
c005fb0c t locks_wake_up_blocks
c005fbcc t locks_insert_lock
c005fc24 t locks_delete_lock
c005fd40 t locks_conflict
c005fd98 t posix_locks_conflict
c005fe50 t flock_locks_conflict
c005fea0 t interruptible_sleep_on_locked
c005ff48 t locks_block_on
c005ff7c t locks_block_on_timeout
c005ffb4 T posix_test_lock
c0060008 T posix_locks_deadlock
c006008c T locks_mandatory_locked
c00600e0 T locks_mandatory_area
c00602c8 t flock_lock_file
c0060488 T posix_lock_file
c0060a50 T __get_lease
c0060c9c T lease_get_mtime
c0060ce0 T fcntl_getlease
c0060d20 t lease_modify
c0060da0 T fcntl_setlease
c0061024 T sys_flock
c00610e8 T fcntl_getlk
c0061314 T fcntl_setlk
c006154c T fcntl_getlk64
c0061738 T fcntl_setlk64
c0061970 T locks_remove_posix
c0061b10 T locks_remove_flock
c0061b7c T posix_block_lock
c0061b90 T posix_unblock_lock
c0061bb4 t lock_get_status
c0061e20 t move_lock_status
c0061eb0 T get_locks_status
c0061fd0 T lock_may_read
c006208c T lock_may_write
c006213c T dput
c0062310 T d_invalidate
c0062398 T dget_locked
c0062400 T d_find_alias
c00624a0 T d_prune_aliases
c0062558 T prune_dcache
c00626f8 T shrink_dcache_sb
c00628c0 T have_submounts
c0062944 t select_parent
c00629f0 T shrink_dcache_parent
c0062a1c T shrink_dcache_memory
c0062a68 T d_alloc
c0062c08 T d_instantiate
c0062c58 T d_alloc_root
c0062ca8 T d_lookup
c0062e08 T d_validate
c0062f14 T d_delete
c0062fb0 T d_rehash
c0063034 T d_move
c0063160 T __d_path
c0063288 T sys_getcwd
c00634d0 T is_subdir
c0063508 T d_genocide
c00635b8 T find_inode_number
c0063668 t init_buffer_head
c00636a8 t destroy_inode
c00636e0 t init_once
c00637f4 T __mark_inode_dirty
c0063898 t __wait_on_inode
c0063918 T sync_inodes_sb
c0063b54 T sync_unlocked_inodes
c0063ccc t get_super_to_sync
c0063d54 T sync_inodes
c0063dac t try_to_sync_unused_inodes
c0063f68 T write_inode_now
c006419c T generic_osync_inode
c0064238 T clear_inode
c00642f4 t dispose_list
c0064374 t invalidate_list
c0064450 T invalidate_inodes
c00644dc T invalidate_device
c0064544 T prune_icache
c0064650 T shrink_icache_memory
c006469c t find_inode
c0064718 t clean_inode
c00647b8 T get_empty_inode
c006485c t get_new_inode
c0064a40 T iunique
c0064ad4 T igrab
c0064b90 T iget4
c0064ccc T insert_inode_hash
c0064d40 T remove_inode_hash
c0064d68 T iput
c0064fc0 T force_delete
c0064fe0 T bmap
c0065018 T update_atime
c0065088 T inode_change_ok
c0065230 T inode_setattr
c0065314 t setattr_mask
c0065378 T notify_change
c00654bc t bad_follow_link
c0065514 t return_EIO
c0065528 T make_bad_inode
c0065570 T is_bad_inode
c0065598 T alloc_fd_array
c00655d0 T free_fd_array
c0065618 T expand_fd_array
c0065714 T alloc_fdset
c0065758 T free_fdset
c00657ac T expand_fdset
c0065964 T end_kio_request
c0065a08 t kiobuf_init
c0065a58 T alloc_kiobuf_bhs
c0065adc T free_kiobuf_bhs
c0065b24 T alloc_kiovec
c0065bb4 T free_kiovec
c0065c30 T expand_kiobuf
c0065cbc T kiobuf_wait_for_io
c0065d70 t redo_inode_mask
c0065dac T fcntl_dirnotify
c0065f2c T __inode_dir_notify
c0065ffc T sys_nfsservctl
c0066010 T alloc_vfsmnt
c0066098 T free_vfsmnt
c00660d0 T set_devname
c0066120 T lookup_mnt
c00661a0 t check_mnt
c00661e8 t detach_mnt
c0066258 t attach_mnt
c006635c t next_mnt
c00663a8 t clone_mnt
c0066444 T __mntput
c0066474 t m_start
c00664fc t m_next
c006653c t m_stop
c0066578 t show_vfsmnt
c00668fc T may_umount
c006691c T umount_tree
c0066a24 t do_umount
c0066b4c T sys_umount
c0066c40 T sys_oldumount
c0066c58 t mount_is_safe
c0066c98 t copy_tree
c0066d6c T graft_tree
c0066eec t do_loopback
c006708c t do_remount
c006713c t do_move_mount
c00673c8 t do_add_mount
c0067510 t copy_mount_options
c00675e0 T do_mount
c0067760 T sys_mount
c0067840 t chroot_fs_refs
c0067a54 T sys_pivot_root
c0067e04 t rootfs_lookup
c0067e30 t rootfs_read_super
c0067ed0 T seq_open
c0067f38 T seq_read
c00682c4 t traverse
c00684b4 T seq_lseek
c00685f0 T seq_release
c0068618 T seq_escape
c00686d8 T seq_printf
c006873c T sys_quotactl
c0068750 t load_script
c0068974 t set_brk
c00689b4 t padzero
c00689fc t create_elf_tables
c0068dfc t load_elf_interp
c00690ec t load_aout_interp
c006924c t load_elf_binary
c0069d30 t load_elf_library
c0069f70 t dump_write
c0069fa4 t dump_seek
c006a00c t notesize
c006a044 t writenote
c006a104 t elf_core_dump
c006a9c4 T de_get
c006a9f8 T de_put
c006aa88 t proc_delete_inode
c006ab08 t proc_read_inode
c006ab30 t proc_statfs
c006ab6c t parse_options
c006ac98 T proc_get_inode
c006add8 T proc_read_super
c006aea4 t proc_root_lookup
c006af0c t proc_root_readdir
c006af68 t proc_fd_link
c006affc t proc_exe_link
c006b108 t proc_cwd_link
c006b1c0 t proc_root_link
c006b278 t proc_pid_environ
c006b2f4 t proc_pid_cmdline
c006b3f0 t proc_check_root
c006b570 t proc_permission
c006b59c t pid_maps_read
c006b5d8 t proc_info_read
c006b700 t mem_open
c006b724 t mem_read
c006b8d0 t proc_pid_follow_link
c006b964 t do_proc_readlink
c006bac8 t proc_pid_readlink
c006bbc4 t proc_readfd
c006bddc t proc_base_readdir
c006bf94 t task_dumpable
c006bfb8 t proc_pid_make_inode
c006c090 t pid_fd_revalidate
c006c0a4 t pid_base_revalidate
c006c0f0 t pid_delete_dentry
c006c104 t proc_lookupfd
c006c288 t proc_base_lookup
c006c4d4 t proc_self_readlink
c006c52c t proc_self_follow_link
c006c570 T proc_pid_lookup
c006c79c T proc_pid_delete_inode
c006c808 t get_pid_list
c006c860 T proc_pid_readdir
c006c9bc T proc_match
c006ca1c t proc_file_read
c006cc1c t proc_file_write
c006cc58 t proc_file_lseek
c006cd00 t xlate_proc_name
c006cd88 t make_inode_number
c006cdd0 t proc_readlink
c006cdf0 t proc_follow_link
c006ce14 t proc_delete_dentry
c006ce28 T proc_lookup
c006cef4 T proc_readdir
c006d0a8 t proc_register
c006d164 t proc_kill_inodes
c006d214 t proc_create
c006d2d8 T proc_symlink
c006d36c T proc_mknod
c006d3c4 T proc_mkdir
c006d428 T create_proc_entry
c006d4dc T free_proc_entry
c006d528 T remove_proc_entry
c006d63c t collect_sigign_sigcatch
c006d6dc T proc_pid_status
c006da74 T proc_pid_stat
c006dd20 t statm_pgd_range
c006df24 T proc_pid_statm
c006e098 t proc_pid_maps_get_line
c006e2b4 T proc_pid_read_maps
c006e4b0 T proc_pid_pmem
c006e7bc t kmsg_open
c006e7dc t kmsg_release
c006e800 t kmsg_read
c006e818 t kmsg_poll
c006e864 t tty_drivers_read_proc
c006ea58 t tty_ldiscs_read_proc
c006eb34 T proc_tty_register_driver
c006eba8 T proc_tty_unregister_driver
c006ebe4 t proc_calc_metrics
c006ec38 t loadavg_read_proc
c006ed2c t uptime_read_proc
c006eddc t meminfo_read_proc
c006f090 t version_read_proc
c006f0ec t cpuinfo_open
c006f10c t modules_read_proc
c006f154 t ksyms_open
c006f174 t kstat_read_proc
c006f44c t devices_read_proc
c006f494 t partitions_read_proc
c006f4bc t interrupts_read_proc
c006f504 t filesystems_read_proc
c006f54c t ioports_read_proc
c006f5a4 t cmdline_read_proc
c006f604 t locks_read_proc
c006f62c t execdomains_read_proc
c006f674 t swaps_read_proc
c006f6bc t memory_read_proc
c006f714 t read_profile
c006f830 t write_profile
c006f86c t mounts_open
c006f88c t create_seq_entry
c006f8b8 t open_kcore
c006f8f8 t get_kcore_size
c006f998 t notesize
c006f9d0 t storenote
c006fa5c t elf_kcore_store_hdr
c006fcec t read_kcore
c0070130 t raid_name
c0070194 T disk_name
c00704cc T add_gd_partition
c0070558 t check_partition
c007071c T devfs_register_partitions
c007072c T register_disk
c0070760 T grok_partitions
c007088c T read_dev_sector
c0070938 t partition_name
c007094c t extended_partition
c0070c48 t solaris_x86_partition
c0070c58 t bsd_partition
c0070c68 t netbsd_partition
c0070c78 t openbsd_partition
c0070c88 t unixware_partition
c0070c98 t minix_partition
c0070ca8 t handle_ide_mess
c0070ea4 T msdos_partition
c007124c T ext2_get_group_desc
c0071308 t read_block_bitmap
c007139c t __load_block_bitmap
c0071588 T ext2_free_blocks
c00718f0 T ext2_new_block
c0072090 T ext2_count_free_blocks
c00720a8 T ext2_group_sparse
c00721c8 T ext2_bg_has_super
c0072200 T ext2_bg_num_gdb
c0072238 T ext2_count_free
c00722a0 t ext2_commit_chunk
c0072338 t ext2_check_page
c0072568 t ext2_get_page
c00725f0 t ext2_readdir
c0072874 T ext2_find_entry
c00729ac T ext2_dotdot
c00729e4 T ext2_inode_by_name
c0072a20 T ext2_set_link
c0072af4 T ext2_add_link
c0072d48 T ext2_delete_entry
c0072e44 T ext2_make_empty
c0072f74 T ext2_empty_dir
c0073078 t ext2_release_file
c007309c T ext2_sync_file
c00730b8 T ext2_fsync_inode
c007311c t read_inode_bitmap
c007318c t load_inode_bitmap
c0073340 T ext2_free_inode
c0073514 t find_group_dir
c00735ec t find_group_other
c00736ec T ext2_new_inode
c0073a6c T ext2_count_free_inodes
c0073a84 T ext2_put_inode
c0073a98 T ext2_delete_inode
c0073b4c T ext2_discard_prealloc
c0073b84 t ext2_alloc_block
c0073c28 t ext2_block_to_path
c0073d28 t ext2_get_branch
c0073e10 t ext2_alloc_branch
c0074000 t ext2_get_block
c0074424 t ext2_writepage
c0074440 t ext2_readpage
c0074460 t ext2_prepare_write
c0074488 t ext2_bmap
c00744a4 t ext2_direct_IO
c00744d0 t ext2_find_shared
c0074620 t ext2_free_branches
c007478c T ext2_truncate
c0074b88 T ext2_read_inode
c0074fa8 t ext2_update_inode
c007535c T ext2_write_inode
c0075370 T ext2_sync_inode
c0075388 T ext2_ioctl
c00755b4 t ext2_lookup
c0075628 t ext2_create
c00756cc t ext2_mknod
c0075764 t ext2_symlink
c00758ac t ext2_link
c0075970 t ext2_mkdir
c0075a90 t ext2_unlink
c0075af8 t ext2_rmdir
c0075b80 t ext2_rename
c0075da4 T ext2_error
c0075eb0 T ext2_panic
c0075f4c T ext2_warning
c0075fa4 T ext2_update_dynamic_rev
c0075ff4 T ext2_put_super
c00760b8 t parse_options
c007653c t ext2_setup_super
c0076694 t ext2_check_descriptors
c00767a0 t ext2_max_size
c0076860 T ext2_read_super
c007702c t ext2_commit_super
c0077060 t ext2_sync_super
c00770b8 T ext2_write_super
c0077128 T ext2_remount
c0077270 T ext2_statfs
c0077368 t ext2_readlink
c0077388 t ext2_follow_link
c00773a8 T zlib_fs_adler32
c007757c T zlib_fs_inflate_blocks_reset
c00775f8 T zlib_fs_inflate_blocks_new
c007764c T zlib_fs_inflate_blocks
c00782fc T zlib_fs_inflate_blocks_free
c0078318 T zlib_fs_inflate_set_dictionary
c0078348 T zlib_fs_inflate_blocks_sync_point
c0078368 T zlib_fs_inflate_codes_new
c007839c T zlib_fs_inflate_codes
c0078b3c T zlib_fs_inflate_codes_free
c0078b4c T zlib_fs_inflate_fast
c0078ecc T zlib_fs_inflate_workspacesize
c0078ee4 T zlib_fs_inflateReset
c0078f54 T zlib_fs_inflateEnd
c0078fac T zlib_fs_inflateInit2_
c00790b0 T zlib_fs_inflateInit_
c00790d4 T zlib_fs_inflate
c00795d8 T zlib_fs_inflateSync
c00796ec T zlib_fs_inflateSyncPoint
c0079728 t huft_build
c0079ca4 T zlib_fs_inflate_trees_bits
c0079d34 T zlib_fs_inflate_trees_dynamic
c0079ea4 T zlib_fs_inflate_trees_fixed
c0079ef0 T zlib_fs_inflate_flush
c007a050 t get_cramfs_inode
c007a188 t cramfs_read
c007a35c t cramfs_read_super
c007a570 t cramfs_statfs
c007a5c0 t cramfs_readdir
c007a76c t cramfs_lookup
c007a914 t cramfs_readpage
c007aaf8 T cramfs_uncompress_block
c007abb8 T cramfs_uncompress_init
c007ac3c T cramfs_uncompress_exit
c007ac84 t ramfs_statfs
c007acb4 t ramfs_lookup
c007ace0 t ramfs_readpage
c007ad68 t ramfs_prepare_write
c007adf8 t ramfs_commit_write
c007ae54 T ramfs_get_inode
c007af64 t ramfs_mknod
c007afd4 t ramfs_mkdir
c007aff0 t ramfs_create
c007b00c t ramfs_link
c007b098 t ramfs_empty
c007b0f4 t ramfs_unlink
c007b13c t ramfs_rename
c007b18c t ramfs_symlink
c007b1d4 t ramfs_sync_file
c007b1e8 t ramfs_read_super
c007b264 t count_free
c007b3b8 T minix_free_block
c007b480 T minix_new_block
c007b550 T minix_count_free_blocks
c007b588 T minix_V1_raw_inode
c007b62c T minix_V2_raw_inode
c007b6d8 t minix_clear_inode
c007b768 T minix_free_inode
c007b810 T minix_new_inode
c007ba10 T minix_count_free_inodes
c007ba38 t block_to_path
c007badc t alloc_branch
c007bc5c t find_shared
c007be8c t free_branches
c007bf58 T V1_minix_get_block
c007c2c0 T V1_minix_truncate
c007c510 t get_block
c007c878 t block_to_path
c007c94c t alloc_branch
c007cac8 t find_shared
c007ccf8 t free_branches
c007cdc4 T V2_minix_get_block
c007d124 T V2_minix_truncate
c007d37c t get_block
c007d6dc t add_nondir
c007d738 t minix_hash
c007d7a4 t minix_lookup
c007d82c t minix_mknod
c007d890 t minix_create
c007d8a8 t minix_symlink
c007d968 t minix_link
c007da00 t minix_mkdir
c007db34 t minix_unlink
c007dba0 t minix_rmdir
c007dc18 t minix_rename
c007de44 t minix_delete_inode
c007de74 t minix_commit_super
c007de98 t minix_write_super
c007dee4 t minix_put_super
c007df9c t minix_remount
c007e07c t minix_read_super
c007e4dc t minix_statfs
c007e548 t minix_get_block
c007e5a0 t minix_writepage
c007e5bc t minix_readpage
c007e5dc t minix_prepare_write
c007e604 t minix_bmap
c007e620 T minix_set_inode
c007e6b4 t V1_minix_read_inode
c007e77c t V2_minix_read_inode
c007e84c t minix_read_inode
c007e880 t V1_minix_update_inode
c007e968 t V2_minix_update_inode
c007ea60 t minix_update_inode
c007ea94 t minix_write_inode
c007eab4 T minix_sync_inode
c007eb68 T minix_truncate
c007eb9c T minix_sync_file
c007ec04 t dir_commit_chunk
c007ec80 t dir_get_page
c007ece0 t minix_readdir
c007ee9c T minix_find_entry
c007efd4 T minix_add_link
c007f1d8 T minix_delete_entry
c007f288 T minix_make_empty
c007f368 T minix_empty_dir
c007f478 T minix_set_link
c007f52c T minix_dotdot
c007f570 T minix_inode_by_name
c007f5ac T fat_bread
c007f5cc T fat_getblk
c007f5ec T fat_brelse
c007f614 T fat_mark_buffer_dirty
c007f634 T fat_set_uptodate
c007f654 T fat_is_uptodate
c007f674 T fat_ll_rw_block
c007f694 T default_fat_bread
c007f6b4 T default_fat_getblk
c007f6d4 T default_fat_brelse
c007f6f0 T default_fat_mark_buffer_dirty
c007f708 T default_fat_set_uptodate
c007f738 T default_fat_is_uptodate
c007f750 T default_fat_ll_rw_block
c007f770 T fat_access
c007f790 T fat_bmap
c007f7b0 T default_fat_access
c007fae0 T fat_cache_init
c007fb50 T fat_cache_lookup
c007fbe4 T fat_cache_add
c007fcc0 T fat_cache_inval_inode
c007fd14 T fat_cache_inval_dev
c007fd5c T fat_get_cluster
c007fe18 T default_fat_bmap
c007ff00 T fat_free
c0080088 t uni16_to_x8
c008014c t fat_strnicmp
c00801b4 T fat_search_long
c0080b00 t fat_readdirx
c00817f8 T fat_readdir
c0081838 t vfat_ioctl_fill
c00819e8 T fat_dir_ioctl
c0081b18 T fat_dir_empty
c0081c60 T fat_add_entries
c0081e70 T fat_new_dir
c0081fbc T fat_file_read
c0081fe4 T fat_get_block
c00820c4 T fat_file_write
c00820ec T default_fat_file_write
c0082144 T fat_truncate
c0082218 T fat_hash_init
c0082250 T fat_attach
c00822a0 T fat_detach
c00822dc T fat_iget
c008235c T fat_build_inode
c00823f8 T fat_delete_inode
c0082438 T fat_clear_inode
c0082470 T fat_put_super
c0082524 t parse_options
c0082c40 t fat_read_root
c0082dd4 T fat_fh_to_dentry
c0082f24 T fat_dentry_to_fh
c0082f88 T fat_read_super
c008386c T fat_statfs
c0083954 t is_exec
c00839a8 t fat_writepage
c00839c4 t fat_readpage
c00839e4 t fat_prepare_write
c0083a20 t _fat_bmap
c0083a3c t fat_fill_inode
c0083d38 T fat_write_inode
c0083e98 T fat_notify_change
c0083fc0 T fat_fs_panic
c0084018 T fat_is_binary
c00840b4 T lock_fat
c00840ec T unlock_fat
c0084124 T fat_clusters_flush
c00841bc T fat_add_cluster
c008442c T fat_extend_dir
c00845c8 T date_dos2unix
c0084690 T fat_date_unix2dos
c0084828 T fat__get_entry
c0084914 t raw_scan_sector
c0084af0 t raw_scan_root
c0084b6c t raw_scan_nonroot
c0084c24 t raw_scan
c0084c78 T fat_subdirs
c0084d08 T fat_scan
c0084d4c T register_cvf_format
c0084e0c T unregister_cvf_format
c0084eb4 T dec_cvf_format_use_count_by_version
c0084f3c T detect_cvf
c0085054 t vfat_revalidate
c0085080 t simple_getbool
c0085148 t parse_options
c0085414 t vfat_strnicmp
c008547c t vfat_hash
c00854f4 t vfat_hashi
c0085584 t vfat_cmpi
c0085624 t vfat_cmp
c00856bc t vfat_valid_longname
c00857b4 t vfat_find_form
c0085804 t vfat_create_shortname
c0085fb4 t xlate_to_uni
c008620c t vfat_fill_slots
c00864d0 t vfat_build_slots
c0086548 t vfat_add_entry
c0086814 t vfat_find
c0086948 T vfat_lookup
c0086a64 T vfat_create
c0086b4c t vfat_remove_entry
c0086cc4 T vfat_rmdir
c0086d84 T vfat_unlink
c0086e28 T vfat_mkdir
c0086f94 T vfat_rename
c0087208 T vfat_read_super
c0087298 t nfs_readdir_filler
c00873fc t nfs_do_filldir
c0087578 t nfs_readdir
c0087a40 t nfs_lookup_revalidate
c0087cb0 t nfs_dentry_delete
c0087d04 t nfs_dentry_iput
c0087d30 t nfs_lookup
c0087e1c t nfs_instantiate
c0087e60 t nfs_create
c0087f44 t nfs_mknod
c0088030 t nfs_mkdir
c0088114 t nfs_rmdir
c0088184 t nfs_sillyrename
c008833c t nfs_safe_remove
c0088480 t nfs_unlink
c0088500 t nfs_symlink
c0088670 t nfs_link
c0088744 t nfs_rename
c0088944 T nfs_permission
c0088a74 t nfs_file_flush
c0088b0c t nfs_file_read
c0088bd8 t nfs_file_mmap
c0088c84 t nfs_fsync
c0088cfc t nfs_prepare_write
c0088d10 t nfs_commit_write
c0088d28 t nfs_sync_page
c0088d70 t nfs_file_write
c0088e50 T nfs_lock
c00890c4 T nfs_reqlist_init
c0089188 T nfs_reqlist_exit
c0089200 T nfs_reqlist_alloc
c0089268 T nfs_reqlist_free
c0089294 t nfs_flushd
c00893bc t nfs_flushd_exit
c00893f4 t nfs_read_inode
c00894d4 t nfs_write_inode
c0089508 t nfs_delete_inode
c008957c t nfs_clear_inode
c008959c t nfs_put_super
c00895f0 t nfs_umount_begin
c0089610 t nfs_get_root
c0089678 T nfs_read_super
c0089f70 t nfs_statfs
c008a0fc t nfs_show_options
c008a310 T nfs_zap_caches
c008a394 t nfs_invalidate_inode
c008a3bc t nfs_fill_inode
c008a4a8 t nfs_find_actor
c008a588 T nfs_inode_is_stale
c008a624 T nfs_fhget
c008a690 t __nfs_fhget
c008a764 T nfs_notify_change
c008a928 T nfs_wait_on_inode
c008aabc T nfs_revalidate
c008ab1c T nfs_open
c008ab90 T nfs_release
c008abd4 T __nfs_revalidate_inode
c008ae04 T __nfs_refresh_inode
c008b310 t nfs_xdr_enc_void
c008b334 t nfs_xdr_fhandle
c008b374 t nfs_xdr_sattrargs
c008b52c t nfs_xdr_diropargs
c008b57c t nfs_xdr_readargs
c008b6c4 t nfs_xdr_readres
c008baf8 t nfs_xdr_writeargs
c008bc3c t nfs_xdr_createargs
c008bdfc t nfs_xdr_renameargs
c008be70 t nfs_xdr_linkargs
c008bedc t nfs_xdr_symlinkargs
c008c0a8 t nfs_xdr_readdirargs
c008c19c t nfs_xdr_readdirres
c008c2ec T nfs_decode_dirent
c008c3d8 t nfs_xdr_dec_void
c008c3ec t nfs_xdr_stat
c008c424 t nfs_xdr_attrstat
c008c748 t nfs_xdr_diropres
c008ca98 t nfs_xdr_readlinkargs
c008cb38 t nfs_xdr_readlinkres
c008cc0c t nfs_xdr_writeres
c008cc30 t nfs_xdr_statfsres
c008cdbc T nfs_stat_to_errno
c008ce30 T nfs_create_request
c008cfdc T nfs_release_request
c008d0dc T nfs_list_add_request
c008d164 T nfs_wait_on_request
c008d2b8 T nfs_coalesce_requests
c008d3c8 t nfs_scan_forward
c008d558 T nfs_scan_lru
c008d5a8 T nfs_scan_lru_timeout
c008d614 T nfs_scan_list
c008d788 t nfs_try_to_free_pages
c008d8bc T nfs_init_nfspagecache
c008d90c T nfs_destroy_nfspagecache
c008d940 t nfs_proc_get_root
c008d9c8 t nfs_proc_getattr
c008da54 t nfs_proc_setattr
c008daec t nfs_proc_lookup
c008dbb8 t nfs_proc_readlink
c008dc5c t nfs_proc_read
c008dd74 t nfs_proc_write
c008deac t nfs_proc_create
c008df80 t nfs_proc_mknod
c008e110 t nfs_proc_remove
c008e1d4 t nfs_proc_unlink_setup
c008e238 t nfs_proc_unlink_done
c008e294 t nfs_proc_rename
c008e37c t nfs_proc_link
c008e438 t nfs_proc_symlink
c008e524 t nfs_proc_mkdir
c008e5f4 t nfs_proc_rmdir
c008e6a8 t nfs_proc_readdir
c008e774 t nfs_proc_statfs
c008e808 t nfs_readdata_release
c008e82c t nfs_readpage_sync
c008ea64 t nfs_readpage_async
c008eb54 t nfs_read_rpcsetup
c008eca0 t nfs_async_read_error
c008ed94 t nfs_pagein_one
c008eed8 T nfs_pagein_list
c008ef60 T nfs_scan_lru_read_timeout
c008ef9c T nfs_scan_lru_read
c008efd8 t nfs_scan_read
c008f04c T nfs_pagein_inode
c008f0b4 t nfs_readpage_result
c008f330 T nfs_readpage
c008f424 T nfs_init_readpagecache
c008f474 T nfs_destroy_readpagecache
c008f4a8 t nfs_symlink_filler
c008f514 t nfs_getlink
c008f56c t nfs_readlink
c008f5d4 t nfs_follow_link
c008f62c t nfs_put_unlinkdata
c008f698 t nfs_async_unlink_init
c008f728 t nfs_async_unlink_done
c008f7bc t nfs_async_unlink_release
c008f7d4 T nfs_async_unlink
c008f8e0 T nfs_complete_unlink
c008f9a8 t nfs_writedata_release
c008f9cc t nfs_writepage_sync
c008fc80 t nfs_writepage_async
c008fda8 T nfs_writepage
c008feb0 t region_locked
c008ff9c t nfs_find_request
c008fff4 t nfs_wait_on_requests
c00900b4 T nfs_scan_lru_dirty_timeout
c00900f0 T nfs_scan_lru_dirty
c009012c t nfs_scan_dirty
c009019c T nfs_scan_lru_commit_timeout
c0090200 T nfs_scan_lru_commit
c0090264 t nfs_scan_commit
c00902d4 t nfs_update_request
c0090610 t nfs_strategy
c0090684 T nfs_flush_incompatible
c0090710 T nfs_updatepage
c00909a4 t nfs_write_rpcsetup
c0090af0 t nfs_flush_one
c0090da0 T nfs_flush_list
c0090f44 t nfs_writeback_done
c00914dc t nfs_commit_rpcsetup
c009161c T nfs_commit_list
c0091860 t nfs_commit_done
c0091c98 T nfs_flush_file
c0091d0c T nfs_commit_file
c0091d70 T nfs_sync_file
c0091e24 T nfs_init_writepagecache
c0091e74 T nfs_destroy_writepagecache
c0091ea8 t nfs3_rpc_wrapper
c0091f2c t nfs3_proc_get_root
c0091fb4 t nfs3_proc_getattr
c0092040 t nfs3_proc_setattr
c00920f0 t nfs3_proc_lookup
c0092224 t nfs3_proc_access
c0092380 t nfs3_proc_readlink
c0092458 t nfs3_proc_read
c0092570 t nfs3_proc_write
c00926a4 t nfs3_proc_create
c00928e0 t nfs3_proc_remove
c00929c4 t nfs3_proc_unlink_setup
c0092a34 t nfs3_proc_unlink_done
c0092a74 t nfs3_proc_rename
c0092bb8 t nfs3_proc_link
c0092cd0 t nfs3_proc_symlink
c0092df8 t nfs3_proc_mkdir
c0092ef4 t nfs3_proc_rmdir
c0092fc8 t nfs3_proc_readdir
c0093154 t nfs3_proc_mknod
c00932e8 t nfs3_proc_statfs
c00933ac t nfs3_xdr_enc_void
c00933d0 t nfs3_xdr_fhandle
c0093440 t nfs3_xdr_sattrargs
c00936f0 t nfs3_xdr_diropargs
c0093770 t nfs3_xdr_accessargs
c0093804 t nfs3_xdr_readargs
c0093970 t nfs3_xdr_writeargs
c0093af4 t nfs3_xdr_createargs
c0093d7c t nfs3_xdr_mkdirargs
c0093fc0 t nfs3_xdr_symlinkargs
c0094214 t nfs3_xdr_mknodargs
c00944b8 t nfs3_xdr_renameargs
c0094580 t nfs3_xdr_linkargs
c0094640 t nfs3_xdr_readdirargs
c00947cc t nfs3_xdr_readdirres
c0094dc4 T nfs3_decode_dirent
c00953f4 t nfs3_xdr_commitargs
c00954c8 t nfs3_xdr_dec_void
c00954dc t nfs3_xdr_attrstat
c00958e4 t nfs3_xdr_wccstat
c0095e30 t nfs3_xdr_lookupres
c00966e0 t nfs3_xdr_accessres
c0096b38 t nfs3_xdr_readlinkargs
c0096c04 t nfs3_xdr_readlinkres
c00970d8 t nfs3_xdr_readres
c009763c t nfs3_xdr_writeres
c0097c14 t nfs3_xdr_createres
c00989d8 t nfs3_xdr_renameres
c009945c t nfs3_xdr_linkres
c0099d94 t nfs3_xdr_fsstatres
c009a410 t nfs3_xdr_fsinfores
c009a97c t nfs3_xdr_pathconfres
c009adec t nfs3_xdr_commitres
c009b380 T nlmclnt_block
c009b474 T nlmclnt_grant
c009b560 t nlmclnt_mark_reclaim
c009b5d4 T nlmclnt_recovery
c009b6d4 t reclaimer
c009b80c T nlmclnt_setgrantargs
c009b88c T nlmclnt_freegrantargs
c009b8b4 T nlmclnt_proc
c009bc2c T nlmclnt_alloc_call
c009bcb4 T nlmclnt_call
c009bea8 T nlmsvc_async_call
c009bf44 T nlmclnt_async_call
c009c030 t nlmclnt_test
c009c08c t nlmclnt_insert_lock_callback
c009c0a4 t nlmclnt_remove_lock_callback
c009c0d0 t nlmclnt_lock
c009c1b0 T nlmclnt_reclaim
c009c2e0 t nlmclnt_unlock
c009c358 t nlmclnt_unlock_callback
c009c404 T nlmclnt_cancel
c009c594 t nlmclnt_cancel_callback
c009c690 t nlm_stat_to_errno
c009c72c T nlmclnt_lookup_host
c009c758 T nlmsvc_lookup_host
c009c780 T nlm_lookup_host
c009caf0 T nlm_bind_host
c009cce4 T nlm_rebind_host
c009cd5c T nlm_get_host
c009cdd8 T nlm_release_host
c009ce2c T nlm_shutdown_hosts
c009cf9c t nlm_gc_hosts
c009d13c t set_grace_period
c009d1c0 t lockd
c009d4f8 T lockd_up
c009d67c T lockd_down
c009d7f0 t nlmsvc_insert_block
c009d8d0 t nlmsvc_remove_block
c009d93c t nlmsvc_lookup_block
c009dae8 t nlmsvc_delete_block
c009dc30 T nlmsvc_traverse_blocks
c009dcec T nlmsvc_lock
c009e070 T nlmsvc_testlock
c009e154 T nlmsvc_unlock
c009e1f4 T nlmsvc_cancel_blocked
c009e2d4 t nlmsvc_notify_blocked
c009e3e4 t nlmsvc_grant_blocked
c009e57c t nlmsvc_grant_callback
c009e6b8 T nlmsvc_grant_reply
c009e8ac T nlmsvc_retry_blocked
c009e9b4 T nlmsvc_share_file
c009eab8 T nlmsvc_unshare_file
c009eb4c T nlmsvc_traverse_shares
c009ebd0 t cast_to_nlm
c009ec24 t nlmsvc_retrieve_args
c009ed48 t nlmsvc_proc_null
c009ed7c t nlmsvc_proc_test
c009ee74 t nlmsvc_proc_lock
c009ef7c t nlmsvc_proc_cancel
c009f06c t nlmsvc_proc_unlock
c009f15c t nlmsvc_proc_granted
c009f1e0 t nlmsvc_proc_test_msg
c009f248 t nlmsvc_proc_lock_msg
c009f2b0 t nlmsvc_proc_cancel_msg
c009f318 t nlmsvc_proc_unlock_msg
c009f380 t nlmsvc_proc_granted_msg
c009f3e8 t nlmsvc_proc_share
c009f4e8 t nlmsvc_proc_unshare
c009f5dc t nlmsvc_proc_nm_lock
c009f630 t nlmsvc_proc_free_all
c009f674 t nlmsvc_proc_sm_notify
c009f7dc t nlmsvc_callback
c009f880 t nlmsvc_callback_exit
c009f8dc T nlm_lookup_file
c009fb4c t nlm_traverse_locks
c009fc6c t nlm_traverse_files
c009fe18 T nlm_release_file
c009ff8c T nlmsvc_mark_resources
c009ffc8 T nlmsvc_free_host_resources
c00a0020 T nlmsvc_invalidate_client
c00a0090 t nsm_mon_unmon
c00a013c T nsm_monitor
c00a01c0 T nsm_unmonitor
c00a0238 t nsm_create
c00a02d0 t xdr_error
c00a02e4 t xdr_encode_mon
c00a04b4 t xdr_decode_stat_res
c00a0530 t xdr_decode_stat
c00a0564 t nlm_encode_lock
c00a0764 t nlm_encode_testres
c00a0950 T nlmsvc_decode_testargs
c00a0bd8 T nlmsvc_encode_testres
c00a0c28 T nlmsvc_decode_lockargs
c00a0f20 T nlmsvc_decode_cancargs
c00a11c8 T nlmsvc_decode_unlockargs
c00a142c T nlmsvc_decode_shareargs
c00a15f8 T nlmsvc_encode_shareres
c00a16a0 T nlmsvc_encode_res
c00a1738 T nlmsvc_decode_notify
c00a17ac T nlmsvc_decode_reboot
c00a1830 T nlmsvc_decode_res
c00a1910 T nlmsvc_decode_void
c00a193c T nlmsvc_encode_void
c00a1970 t nlmclt_encode_void
c00a1994 t nlmclt_decode_void
c00a19a8 t nlmclt_encode_testargs
c00a1a60 t nlmclt_decode_testres
c00a1c34 t nlmclt_encode_lockargs
c00a1d40 t nlmclt_encode_cancargs
c00a1e0c t nlmclt_encode_unlockargs
c00a1ea8 t nlmclt_encode_res
c00a1f30 t nlmclt_encode_testres
c00a1f74 t nlmclt_decode_res
c00a203c T nlm_procname
c00a206c t nlm4_decode_cookie
c00a2100 t nlm4_encode_cookie
c00a215c t nlm4_decode_fh
c00a21f4 t nlm4_encode_fh
c00a2278 t nlm4_decode_oh
c00a228c t nlm4_encode_oh
c00a22a0 t nlm4_decode_lock
c00a24b4 t nlm4_encode_lock
c00a26b0 t nlm4_encode_testres
c00a2950 t xdr_argsize_check
c00a297c t xdr_ressize_check
c00a29b0 T nlm4svc_decode_testargs
c00a2a2c T nlm4svc_encode_testres
c00a2a60 T nlm4svc_decode_lockargs
c00a2b48 T nlm4svc_decode_cancargs
c00a2be4 T nlm4svc_decode_unlockargs
c00a2c3c T nlm4svc_decode_shareargs
c00a2d2c T nlm4svc_encode_shareres
c00a2d80 T nlm4svc_encode_res
c00a2dc4 T nlm4svc_decode_notify
c00a2e28 T nlm4svc_decode_reboot
c00a2e9c T nlm4svc_decode_res
c00a2ef8 T nlm4svc_decode_void
c00a2f0c T nlm4svc_encode_void
c00a2f20 t nlm4clt_encode_void
c00a2f44 t nlm4clt_decode_void
c00a2f58 t nlm4clt_encode_testargs
c00a2fd0 t nlm4clt_decode_testres
c00a3200 t nlm4clt_encode_lockargs
c00a32e0 t nlm4clt_encode_cancargs
c00a3370 t nlm4clt_encode_unlockargs
c00a33d0 t nlm4clt_encode_res
c00a3420 t nlm4clt_encode_testres
c00a3464 t nlm4clt_decode_res
c00a34b8 t nlm4svc_retrieve_args
c00a35e8 t nlm4svc_proc_null
c00a361c t nlm4svc_proc_test
c00a3708 t nlm4svc_proc_lock
c00a3808 t nlm4svc_proc_cancel
c00a38f0 t nlm4svc_proc_unlock
c00a39d8 t nlm4svc_proc_granted
c00a3a5c t nlm4svc_proc_test_msg
c00a3ac4 t nlm4svc_proc_lock_msg
c00a3b2c t nlm4svc_proc_cancel_msg
c00a3b94 t nlm4svc_proc_unlock_msg
c00a3bfc t nlm4svc_proc_granted_msg
c00a3c64 t nlm4svc_proc_share
c00a3d5c t nlm4svc_proc_unshare
c00a3e48 t nlm4svc_proc_nm_lock
c00a3e9c t nlm4svc_proc_free_all
c00a3ee0 t nlm4svc_proc_sm_notify
c00a4048 t nlm4svc_callback
c00a40ec t nlm4svc_callback_exit
c00a4148 T utf8_mbtowc
c00a41f4 T utf8_mbstowcs
c00a427c T utf8_wctomb
c00a432c T utf8_wcstombs
c00a43a8 T register_nls
c00a441c T unregister_nls
c00a446c t find_nls
c00a44cc T load_nls
c00a44e0 T unload_nls
c00a4528 t uni2char
c00a4584 t char2uni
c00a45b8 T load_nls_default
c00a45e4 t uni2char
c00a4618 t char2uni
c00a4650 t str_upper
c00a4688 t reverse_string
c00a46c0 t convert_memcpy
c00a46f4 t convert_cp
c00a47c0 t setcodepage
c00a4830 T smb_setcodepage
c00a490c t smb_encode_smb_length
c00a4944 t smb_build_path
c00a4a98 t smb_encode_path
c00a4ae4 t smb_simple_encode_path
c00a4b54 t utc2local
c00a4b70 t local2utc
c00a4b8c t date_dos2unix
c00a4c44 t date_unix2dos
c00a4dd0 t smb_ntutc2unixutc
c00a4df8 T smb_len
c00a4e24 t smb_bcc
c00a4e50 t smb_valid_packet
c00a4ecc t smb_verify
c00a4f6c T smb_get_rsize
c00a4f84 T smb_get_wsize
c00a4f9c T smb_errno
c00a5464 t smb_retry
c00a5594 t smb_request_ok
c00a5660 T smb_newconn
c00a5870 T smb_wakeup
c00a5894 T smb_setup_header
c00a59b0 t smb_setup_bcc
c00a5a04 t smb_proc_seek
c00a5ac0 t smb_proc_open
c00a5bf8 T smb_open
c00a5d4c t smb_proc_close
c00a5dd0 t smb_proc_close_inode
c00a5ea0 T smb_close
c00a5f20 T smb_close_fileid
c00a5f9c T smb_proc_read
c00a6138 T smb_proc_write
c00a6270 T smb_proc_create
c00a63bc T smb_proc_mv
c00a64dc t smb_proc_generic_command
c00a65c8 T smb_proc_mkdir
c00a65e0 T smb_proc_rmdir
c00a65f8 t smb_set_rw
c00a6658 T smb_proc_unlink
c00a6784 T smb_proc_flush
c00a67d4 T smb_proc_trunc
c00a6900 t smb_init_dirent
c00a6948 t smb_finish_dirent
c00a69b8 T smb_init_root_dirent
c00a6a00 t smb_decode_short_dirent
c00a6b1c t smb_proc_readdir_short
c00a6ea0 t smb_decode_long_dirent
c00a71bc t smb_proc_readdir_long
c00a76c8 T smb_proc_readdir
c00a771c t smb_proc_getattr_ff
c00a7954 t smb_proc_getattr_core
c00a7a5c t smb_proc_getattr_trans2
c00a7c80 t smb_proc_do_getattr
c00a7d78 T smb_proc_getattr
c00a7dec t smb_proc_setattr_core
c00a7f28 T smb_proc_setattr
c00a7f9c t smb_proc_setattr_ext
c00a80bc t smb_proc_setattr_trans2
c00a827c T smb_proc_settime
c00a83c8 T smb_proc_dskattr
c00a84d4 t smb_readdir
c00a8964 t smb_dir_open
c00a89d8 t smb_lookup_validate
c00a8a84 t smb_hash_dentry
c00a8af4 t smb_compare_dentry
c00a8b88 t smb_delete_dentry
c00a8bd8 T smb_new_dentry
c00a8c1c T smb_renew_times
c00a8c60 t smb_lookup
c00a8d48 t smb_instantiate
c00a8e20 t smb_create
c00a8e98 t smb_mkdir
c00a8ed4 t smb_rmdir
c00a8f18 t smb_unlink
c00a8f5c t smb_rename
c00a8ff0 T smb_invalid_dir_cache
c00a9080 T smb_invalidate_dircache_entries
c00a90f0 T smb_dget_fpos
c00a91b0 T smb_fill_cache
c00a9504 t _recvfrom
c00a9610 t _send
c00a96e8 t found_data
c00a972c t smb_data_callback
c00a9834 t smb_data_ready
c00a98a0 T smb_valid_socket
c00a98e4 t server_sock
c00a993c T smb_catch_keepalive
c00a99c4 T smb_dont_catch_keepalive
c00a9a60 T smb_close_socket
c00a9ab8 t smb_send_raw
c00a9b10 t smb_receive_raw
c00a9b6c t smb_get_length
c00a9c64 T smb_round_length
c00a9c84 t smb_receive
c00a9d48 t smb_receive_trans2
c00aa0a4 T smb_request
c00aa2e8 t smb_send_trans2
c00aa598 T smb_trans2_request
c00aa7ac T smb_iget
c00aa870 T smb_get_inode_attr
c00aa918 T smb_set_inode_attr
c00aa9ec T smb_invalidate_inodes
c00aaa10 t smb_refresh_inode
c00aaad4 T smb_revalidate_inode
c00aab40 t smb_delete_inode
c00aab78 t parse_options
c00aacf0 t smb_show_options
c00aae78 t smb_put_super
c00aaf10 T smb_read_super
c00ab1f8 t smb_statfs
c00ab224 T smb_notify_change
c00ab428 t smb_fsync
c00ab49c t smb_readpage_sync
c00ab5d0 t smb_readpage
c00ab620 t smb_writepage_sync
c00ab734 t smb_writepage
c00ab7fc t smb_updatepage
c00ab818 t smb_file_read
c00ab888 t smb_file_mmap
c00ab8e8 t smb_prepare_write
c00ab8fc t smb_commit_write
c00ab914 t smb_file_write
c00ab9a0 t smb_file_open
c00ab9dc t smb_file_release
c00aba20 t smb_file_permission
c00aba48 T smb_ioctl
c00abb4c T smb_getopt
c00abca0 t devpts_root_readdir
c00abe24 t devpts_revalidate
c00abe6c t devpts_root_lookup
c00abf6c t devpts_put_super
c00abff4 t devpts_parse_options
c00ac1a4 t devpts_remount
c00ac1d8 T devpts_read_super
c00ac358 t devpts_statfs
c00ac388 T devpts_pty_new
c00ac484 T devpts_pty_kill
c00ac4d4 T ipc_findkey
c00ac524 t grow_ary
c00ac5b8 T ipc_addid
c00ac674 T ipc_rmid
c00ac700 T ipc_alloc
c00ac734 T ipc_free
c00ac758 T ipcperms
c00ac80c T kernel_to_ipc64_perm
c00ac854 T ipc64_perm_to_ipc_perm
c00ac8e4 T ipc_parse_version
c00ac90c t newque
c00aca00 t free_msg
c00aca38 t load_msg
c00acba0 t store_msg
c00acc88 t ss_wakeup
c00accd0 t expunge_all
c00acd10 t freeque
c00acdc0 T sys_msgget
c00acecc T sys_msgctl
c00ad5bc t testmsg
c00ad624 T sys_msgsnd
c00ad958 T sys_msgrcv
c00adcb8 t sysvipc_msg_read_proc
c00ade84 T pipelined_send
c00adf34 T convert_mode
c00adf78 t newary
c00ae06c T sys_semget
c00ae1bc t sem_revalidate
c00ae264 t try_atomic_semop
c00ae3dc t update_queue
c00ae498 t count_semncnt
c00ae51c t count_semzcnt
c00ae5a0 t freeary
c00ae63c t copy_semid_to_user
c00ae6fc T semctl_nolock
c00ae93c T semctl_main
c00aed64 T semctl_down
c00aef94 T sys_semctl
c00af0cc t freeundos
c00af138 t alloc_undo
c00af1f8 T sys_semop
c00af64c T sem_exit
c00af854 t sysvipc_sem_read_proc
c00af9f8 t shm_open
c00afa80 t shm_destroy
c00afae0 t shm_close
c00afbcc t shm_mmap
c00afc74 t newseg
c00afe14 T sys_shmget
c00aff50 t shm_get_stat
c00b0014 T sys_shmctl
c00b08c4 T sys_shmat
c00b0b4c T sys_shmdt
c00b0bd4 t sysvipc_shm_read_proc
c00b0da0 t do_write_mem
c00b0e30 t read_mem
c00b0ed0 t write_mem
c00b0f30 t mmap_mem
c00b0fc8 t read_kmem
c00b1130 t write_kmem
c00b1298 t read_port
c00b1328 t write_port
c00b13c8 t read_null
c00b13dc t write_null
c00b13f0 t read_zero
c00b164c t mmap_zero
c00b169c t write_full
c00b16b0 t null_lseek
c00b16d8 t memory_lseek
c00b1744 t open_port
c00b1784 t memory_open
c00b187c t alloc_tty_struct
c00b18b8 t _tty_make_name
c00b1914 T tty_name
c00b193c t check_tty_count
c00b19f4 T tty_register_ldisc
c00b1a80 t tty_set_ldisc
c00b1c98 T get_tty_driver
c00b1d08 T tty_check_change
c00b1d9c t hung_up_tty_read
c00b1dbc t hung_up_tty_write
c00b1ddc t hung_up_tty_poll
c00b1df4 t hung_up_tty_ioctl
c00b1e18 T do_tty_hangup
c00b2108 T tty_hangup
c00b2124 T tty_vhangup
c00b2138 T tty_hung_up_p
c00b2160 T disassociate_ctty
c00b2248 T wait_for_keypress
c00b2278 T stop_tty
c00b22f0 T start_tty
c00b23a0 t tty_read
c00b249c t tty_write
c00b2724 t down_tty_sem
c00b2760 t up_tty_sem
c00b279c t init_dev
c00b2bd4 t release_mem
c00b2ca0 t release_dev
c00b320c t tty_open
c00b3608 t tty_release
c00b3624 t tty_poll
c00b36d4 t tty_fasync
c00b3818 t tiocsti
c00b38c4 t tiocgwinsz
c00b391c t tiocswinsz
c00b3a10 t tioccons
c00b3ab0 t fionbio
c00b3af4 t tiocsctty
c00b3be4 t tiocgpgrp
c00b3c20 t tiocspgrp
c00b3cd0 t tiocgsid
c00b3d1c t tiocttygstruct
c00b3d78 t tiocsetd
c00b3da8 t send_break
c00b3e14 T tty_ioctl
c00b4330 t __do_SAK
c00b4434 T do_SAK
c00b4468 t flush_to_ldisc
c00b4560 T tty_get_baud_rate
c00b460c T tty_flip_buffer_push
c00b4678 t initialize_tty_struct
c00b47d8 T tty_default_put_char
c00b4808 T tty_register_devfs
c00b4818 T tty_unregister_devfs
c00b4828 T tty_register_driver
c00b48f8 T tty_unregister_driver
c00b4a3c T tty_paranoia_check
c00b4abc t check_unthrottle
c00b4b08 t reset_buffer_flags
c00b4b64 T n_tty_flush_buffer
c00b4bb0 T n_tty_chars_in_buffer
c00b4c10 t opost
c00b4dd4 t opost_block
c00b4fcc t echo_char
c00b5054 t eraser
c00b5444 t n_tty_receive_room
c00b5488 t n_tty_receive_buf
c00b6014 T is_ignored
c00b6070 t n_tty_set_termios
c00b62d4 t n_tty_close
c00b6308 t n_tty_open
c00b63ac t read_chan
c00b6b74 t write_chan
c00b6d84 t normal_poll
c00b6ee0 T tty_wait_until_sent
c00b6fc0 t unset_locked_termios
c00b70a0 t change_termios
c00b7280 t set_termios
c00b73f0 t get_termio
c00b7488 t inq_canon
c00b7510 T send_prio_char
c00b7588 T n_tty_ioctl
c00b7aa8 T raw_open
c00b7c64 T raw_release
c00b7cf8 T raw_ctl_ioctl
c00b7f9c T raw_read
c00b7fd0 T raw_write
c00b8004 t rw_raw_dev
c00b82e8 t pty_close
c00b8414 t pty_unthrottle
c00b8478 t pty_write
c00b862c t pty_write_room
c00b8668 t pty_chars_in_buffer
c00b86b8 t pty_get_device_number
c00b86e8 t pty_set_lock
c00b8738 t pty_bsd_ioctl
c00b8788 t pty_unix98_ioctl
c00b87dc t pty_flush_buffer
c00b883c t pty_open
c00b8918 t pty_set_termios
c00b8948 t misc_read_proc
c00b8a0c t misc_open
c00b8c9c T misc_register
c00b8e0c T misc_deregister
c00b8ee8 t create_entropy_store
c00b8fdc t clear_entropy_store
c00b9014 t free_entropy_store
c00b9040 t add_entropy_words
c00b9130 t credit_entropy_store
c00b9168 T batch_entropy_store
c00b9230 t batch_entropy_process
c00b9348 t add_timer_randomness
c00b9434 T add_keyboard_randomness
c00b946c T add_mouse_randomness
c00b948c T add_interrupt_randomness
c00b94c4 T add_blkdev_randomness
c00b9518 t SHATransform
c00b967c t extract_entropy
c00b99d4 T get_random_bytes
c00b9a44 t init_std_data
c00b9ac0 T rand_initialize_irq
c00b9b14 T rand_initialize_blkdev
c00b9b64 t random_read
c00b9ccc t urandom_read
c00b9cf0 t random_poll
c00b9d88 t random_write
c00b9e8c t random_ioctl
c00ba1f8 T generate_random_uuid
c00ba234 t change_poolsize
c00ba2b4 t proc_do_poolsize
c00ba338 t poolsize_strategy
c00ba3fc t proc_do_uuid
c00ba4f8 t uuid_strategy
c00ba5d8 t sysctl_init_random
c00ba638 t halfMD4Transform
c00ba940 T secure_tcp_sequence_number
c00baa2c T secure_ip_id
c00baa98 T _kd_mksound
c00baaa8 T _kbd_rate
c00baabc T vt_ioctl
c00bc518 T vt_waitactive
c00bc5d0 T reset_vc
c00bc678 T complete_change_console
c00bc754 T change_console
c00bc7fc t vcs_size
c00bc868 t vcs_lseek
c00bc90c t vcs_read
c00bccfc t vcs_write
c00bd1dc t vcs_open
c00bd210 T vcs_make_devfs
c00bd220 t set_inverse_transl
c00bd2b4 T set_translate
c00bd2dc T inverse_translate
c00bd334 t update_user_maps
c00bd398 T con_set_trans_old
c00bd410 T con_get_trans_old
c00bd4a8 T con_set_trans_new
c00bd528 T con_get_trans_new
c00bd5a4 t con_release_unimap
c00bd650 T con_free_unimap
c00bd6a8 t con_unify_unimap
c00bd80c t con_insert_unipair
c00bd8e0 T con_clear_unimap
c00bd9ac T con_set_unimap
c00bdbf4 T con_set_default_unimap
c00bdd3c T con_copy_unimap
c00bddc4 T con_get_unimap
c00bdedc T con_protect_unimap
c00bdf08 T conv_uni_to_pc
c00bdfc8 T schedule_console_callback
c00bdfe4 t scrup
c00be0d8 t scrdown
c00be1c0 t do_update_region
c00be380 T update_region
c00be3d8 t build_attr
c00be4f8 t update_attr
c00be5bc T invert_screen
c00be734 T complement_pos
c00be87c t insert_char
c00be9c8 t delete_char
c00beb10 t add_softcursor
c00bebdc t hide_cursor
c00bec84 t set_cursor
c00bed48 t set_origin
c00bedf0 T redraw_screen
c00bef60 T vc_cons_allocated
c00bef94 t visual_init
c00bf094 T vc_allocate
c00bf1c0 T vc_resize
c00bf5bc T vc_disallocate
c00bf634 t gotoxy
c00bf70c t gotoxay
c00bf73c T scrollback
c00bf788 T scrollfront
c00bf7d4 t lf
c00bf850 t ri
c00bf8c4 t csi_J
c00bfaa4 t csi_K
c00bfbfc t csi_X
c00bfcac t default_attr
c00bfd18 t csi_m
c00c00e0 t respond_string
c00c0144 t cursor_report
c00c01a8 T mouse_report
c00c0200 T mouse_reporting
c00c0234 t set_mode
c00c052c t setterm_command
c00c0748 t csi_at
c00c0788 t csi_L
c00c07f0 t csi_P
c00c0830 t csi_M
c00c0898 t save_cur
c00c0998 t restore_cur
c00c0ad4 t reset_terminal
c00c0d60 t do_con_trol
c00c1028 t con_write_utf
c00c1134 t con_write_ctrl_ESnormal
c00c1148 t con_write_ctrl_ESesc
c00c140c t con_write_ctrl_ESnonstd
c00c14dc t con_write_ctrl_ESpalette
c00c1614 t con_write_ctrl_ESsquare
c00c1710 t con_write_ctrl_ESgetpars
c00c17cc t con_write_ctrl_ESgotpars
c00c1da8 t con_write_ctrl_ESpercent
c00c1e1c t con_write_ctrl_ESfunckey
c00c1e48 t con_write_ctrl_EShash
c00c1ecc t con_write_ctrl_ESsetG0
c00c2008 t con_write_ctrl_ESsetG1
c00c2148 t do_con_write
c00c2710 t console_callback
c00c27f4 T set_console
c00c2814 T tioclinux
c00c29c0 t con_write
c00c29e8 t con_put_char
c00c2a30 t con_write_room
c00c2a50 t con_chars_in_buffer
c00c2a64 t con_throttle
c00c2a74 t con_unthrottle
c00c2a98 t con_stop
c00c2b20 t con_start
c00c2ba4 t con_flush_chars
c00c2bf0 t con_open
c00c2c90 t con_close
c00c2ccc t vc_init
c00c2dfc t clear_buffer_attributes
c00c2e60 T take_over_console
c00c3024 T give_up_console
c00c3060 t set_vesa_blanking
c00c309c t vesa_powerdown
c00c3110 t vesa_powerdown_screen
c00c3138 t timer_do_blank_screen
c00c3310 T do_blank_screen
c00c3328 t unblank_screen_t
c00c333c T unblank_screen
c00c3450 t blank_screen
c00c346c T poke_blanked_console
c00c3518 T set_palette
c00c3564 t set_get_cmap
c00c36cc T con_set_cmap
c00c36e4 T con_get_cmap
c00c36fc T reset_palette
c00c3790 T con_font_op
c00c3aa4 T screen_glyph
c00c3afc T screen_pos
c00c3b54 T getconsxy
c00c3b88 T putconsxy
c00c3bb4 T vcs_scr_readw
c00c3bf8 T vcs_scr_writew
c00c3c38 t pm_con_request
c00c3ca0 t sel_pos
c00c3ce8 T clear_selection
c00c3d50 T sel_loadlut
c00c3db8 T set_selection
c00c44b4 T paste_selection
c00c45e4 t get_MSR
c00c4678 t get_MCR
c00c46c4 t set_MCR
c00c4744 t rs_stop
c00c4780 t rs_start
c00c47d8 t rs_interrupt_single
c00c4c58 t rs_interrupt_cts
c00c4d58 t rs_interrupt_dsr
c00c4d8c t do_serial_bh
c00c4db4 t do_softint
c00c4e20 t startup
c00c51e4 t shutdown
c00c52f8 t change_speed
c00c553c t rs_put_char
c00c55bc t rs_flush_chars
c00c5620 t rs_write
c00c58f8 t rs_write_room
c00c5924 t rs_chars_in_buffer
c00c594c t rs_flush_buffer
c00c59bc t rs_send_xchar
c00c59f0 t rs_throttle
c00c5a58 t rs_unthrottle
c00c5ad8 t get_lsr_info
c00c5b18 t get_modem_info
c00c5bb4 t set_modem_info
c00c5cac t rs_break
c00c5d00 t rs_ioctl
c00c61bc t rs_set_termios
c00c6314 t rs_close
c00c6590 t rs_wait_until_sent
c00c661c t rs_hangup
c00c666c t block_til_ready
c00c696c t get_async_struct
c00c6a8c t rs_open
c00c6c88 t sa1100_rs_pm_callback
c00c6e44 t sa1100_irda_set_power_collie
c00c6e9c t ucb1200_mask_and_ack_irq
c00c6f8c t ucb1200_mask_irq
c00c7054 t ucb1200_unmask_irq
c00c711c t do_UCB1200_IRQ
c00c71f4 t ucb1200_irq_demux
c00c72a8 T ucb1200_set_irq_edge
c00c7304 T ucb1200_disable_irq
c00c734c T ucb1200_enable_irq
c00c7398 T ucb1200_request_irq
c00c7508 T ucb1200_free_irq
c00c75b0 T ucb1200_set_io_direction
c00c766c T ucb1200_test_io
c00c770c T ucb1200_set_io
c00c7804 T ucb1200_read_reg
c00c789c T ucb1200_write_reg
c00c7934 T ucb1200_enable_adc_sync
c00c7958 T ucb1200_disable_adc_sync
c00c797c T ucb1200_start_adc
c00c7ad0 T ucb1200_stop_adc
c00c7aec T ucb1200_read_adc
c00c7b98 T ucb1200_start_audio
c00c7bd8 T ucb1200_stop_audio
c00c7c18 t ucb1200_reg_read_proc
c00c7c70 t ucb1200_irq_read_proc
c00c7d24 t ucb1200_io_read_proc
c00c7dc8 T ucb1200_suspend
c00c7dec T ucb1200_resume
c00c7f14 T ucb1200_sa1100_set_mccr0
c00c7f30 T ucb1200_sa1100_get_mccr0
c00c7f4c T ucb1200_sa1100_get_mcsr
c00c7f68 T ucb1200_sa1100_set_mcsr
c00c7f84 T ucb1200_sa1100_get_mcdr0
c00c7fa0 T ucb1200_sa1100_set_mcdr0
c00c7fbc t sa1100_mcp_enable
c00c7fe8 t sa1100_mcp_disable
c00c7ff8 t sa1100_mcp_read_codec
c00c8038 t sa1100_mcp_write_codec
c00c8078 t sa1100_ucb1200_init
c00c8170 t sa1100_set_adc_sync
c00c8180 t sa1100_ucb1200_exit
c00c8190 T ucb1200_lock_adc
c00c82c8 T ucb1200_get_adc_id
c00c82f4 T ucb1200_unlock_adc
c00c8358 t ucb1200_get_adc_value_interrupt
c00c83dc T ucb1200_get_adc_value
c00c8528 T ucb1200_cancel_get_adc_value
c00c8578 T ucb1200_adc_exc_cleanup
c00c8598 T suspend_read_adc
c00c8604 t ucb1200_ts_ioctl
c00c8790 t ts_clear
c00c8800 t print_par
c00c8918 t new_data
c00c8ad4 t get_data
c00c8b30 t wait_for_action
c00c8bc0 t ts_take_ownership
c00c8c08 t start_chain
c00c8cac t ucb1200_ts_poll
c00c8d00 t ucb1200_ts_read
c00c9040 t ucb1200_ts_starttimer
c00c90b0 t ucb1200_ts_timer
c00c9148 t ucb1200_ts_fasync
c00c916c t ucb1200_ts_open
c00c9184 t ucb1200_ts_release
c00c91b0 t ucb1200_ts_interrupt
c00c94c4 t ucb1200_adcx_interrupt
c00c9534 t ucb1200_adc_interrupt
c00c9570 t adcx_take_ownership
c00c95f4 T ucb1200_adc_start
c00c9670 T ucb1200_adc_done
c00c9698 T ucb1200_adc_value
c00c96b4 T sa1100_ts_init
c00c97a8 t ucb1200_ts_pm_callback
c00c983c t ucb1200_ts_read_params
c00c9958 t ucb1200_ts_write_params
c00c9a00 T collie_get_touch
c00c9b50 T keyboard_wait_for_keypress
c00c9b70 T to_utf8
c00c9be8 T setkeycode
c00c9bfc T getkeycode
c00c9c10 T handle_scancode
c00c9cf4 t kbd_processkeycode
c00c9f8c T kbd_reset_kdown
c00c9fe8 T put_queue
c00ca064 t puts_queue
c00ca100 t applkey
c00ca134 t enter
c00ca190 t caps_toggle
c00ca1e0 t caps_on
c00ca230 t show_ptregs
c00ca258 t hold
c00ca2a8 t num
c00ca2e4 t bare_num
c00ca334 t lastcons
c00ca354 t decr_console
c00ca3a8 t incr_console
c00ca3fc t send_intr
c00ca460 t scroll_forw
c00ca478 t scroll_back
c00ca490 t boot_it
c00ca4a4 t compose
c00ca4c4 t spawn_console
c00ca508 t SAK
c00ca538 t do_ignore
c00ca548 t do_null
c00ca55c t do_spec
c00ca5b8 t do_lowercase
c00ca5d4 t do_self
c00ca628 t do_dead
c00ca650 t do_dead2
c00ca684 t handle_diacr
c00ca728 t do_cons
c00ca748 t do_fn
c00ca77c t do_pad
c00ca8f0 t do_cur
c00ca938 t do_shift
c00caa68 T compute_shiftstate
c00cab40 t do_meta
c00cab90 t do_ascii
c00cabe0 t do_lock
c00cac2c t do_slock
c00cacc4 T getledstate
c00cace0 T setledstate
c00cad48 T register_leds
c00cadc0 t kbd_bh
c00caf4c t key_callback
c00caf90 T collie_kbd_discharge_all
c00cafa0 T collie_kbd_charge_all
c00cafc0 T collie_kbd_activate_all
c00caff8 T collie_kbd_activate_col
c00cb024 T collie_kbd_reset_col
c00cb054 t collie_kbd_irq
c00cb088 t collie_wakeup_button_timer_proc
c00cb0c4 t collie_wakeup_button_irq
c00cb114 t collie_wakeup_button_init
c00cb19c t collie_wakeup_button_exit
c00cb1c4 t collie_kbd_pm_callback
c00cb284 T collie_kbd_hw_init
c00cb324 T collie_kbd_translate
c00cb340 T keypress_map
c00cb3cc T keyrelease_map
c00cb454 t sharppda_kbd_rep
c00cb4d0 t sharppda_kbd_kbdrate
c00cb580 t sharppda_kbd_hold
c00cb6ac T sharppda_kbd_press
c00cb824 T sharppda_kbd_release
c00cb92c T sharppda_scan_key_gpio
c00cbaa0 T sharppda_scan_logdriver_init
c00cbafc T sharppda_scan_logdriver_suspend
c00cbb68 T sharppda_scan_logdriver_resume
c00cbbd0 T sharppda_kbd_extmodif_showstatus
c00cbc20 T sharppda_kbd_extmodif_togglestatus
c00cbc88 T sharppda_kbd_extmodif_packstatus
c00cbc9c t find_hardcode_from_slcode
c00cbcf4 t delete_custom_holdkey_info
c00cbd58 t duplicate_holdkey_info
c00cbe4c t add_custom_holdkey_info
c00cbef0 t del_custom_holdkey_info
c00cbf64 t restore_one_holdkey_info
c00cbfec T restore_all_holdkey_info
c00cc01c T customize_holdkey_char_info
c00cc080 T customize_holdkey_char_info_by_slkey
c00cc0c0 T customize_del_holdkey_info
c00cc0d4 T customize_del_holdkey_info_by_slkey
c00cc108 T customize_restore_holdkey_info
c00cc11c T customize_restore_holdkey_info_by_slkey
c00cc150 T sharppda_kbd_set_hold_threshold
c00cc198 T sharppda_kbd_set_hold_threshold_group
c00cc1ac t is_led_supported
c00cc1d4 T get_led_status
c00cc1fc T set_led_status
c00cc234 t sharpled_open
c00cc270 t sharpled_release
c00cc284 t sharpled_ioctl
c00cc334 t led_pm_callback
c00cc3c4 T sharpkbdctl_stat_changed
c00cc40c t sharpkbdctl_fasync
c00cc430 t sharpkbdctl_poll
c00cc4b4 t sharpkbdctl_open
c00cc50c t sharpkbdctl_release
c00cc520 t sharpkbdctl_ioctl_sednkey
c00cc634 t sharpkbdctl_ioctl
c00cc7b8 t not_implemented_yet
c00cc7d8 T rest
c00cc808 T tone
c00cc830 t is_buzzer_supported
c00cc858 T sharpbuz_make_keytouch_sound
c00cc87c T sharpbuz_make_paneltouch_sound
c00cc8a0 t sharpbuz_open
c00cc920 t sharpbuz_release
c00cc938 t sharpbuz_write
c00cc954 t sharpbuz_ioctl
c00ccb90 t buz_pm_callback
c00ccbe8 t decodetime
c00cce44 t rtc_interrupt
c00cceec t timer1_interrupt
c00ccf74 t rtc_open
c00ccfb0 t rtc_release
c00cd014 t rtc_fasync
c00cd030 t rtc_poll
c00cd078 t rtc_llseek
c00cd090 T rtc_read
c00cd23c t rtc_ioctl
c00cd944 t rtc_read_proc
c00cdb14 t __blk_cleanup_queue
c00cdb94 T blk_cleanup_queue
c00cdbe8 T blk_queue_headactive
c00cdbfc T blk_queue_make_request
c00cdc10 t ll_back_merge_fn
c00cdc64 t ll_front_merge_fn
c00cdcb8 t ll_merge_requests_fn
c00cdd0c t generic_plug_device
c00cdd84 T generic_unplug_device
c00cddd8 t blk_init_free_list
c00cdebc T blk_init_queue
c00cdf78 t __get_request_wait
c00ce08c T is_read_only
c00ce0e0 T set_device_ro
c00ce160 t attempt_merge
c00ce2bc t __make_request
c00cebec T generic_make_request
c00ced4c T submit_bh
c00cedd8 T ll_rw_block
c00cefcc T end_that_request_first
c00cf078 T end_that_request_last
c00cf118 T blk_get_queue
c00cf160 T blkdev_release_request
c00cf1ec T drive_stat_acct
c00cf390 T add_partition
c00cf528 T del_partition
c00cf63c T blkpg_ioctl
c00cf770 T blk_ioctl
c00cfb6c T add_gendisk
c00cfbc0 T del_gendisk
c00cfc2c T get_gendisk
c00cfc80 T get_partition_list
c00cfd88 T elevator_linus_merge
c00cff18 T elevator_linus_merge_cleanup
c00cff50 T elevator_linus_merge_req
c00cff70 T elevator_noop_merge
c00d0040 T elevator_noop_merge_cleanup
c00d0050 T elevator_noop_merge_req
c00d0060 T blkelvget_ioctl
c00d00d8 T blkelvset_ioctl
c00d016c T elevator_init
c00d01bc T bh_rq_in_between
c00d024c t ramdisk_updatepage
c00d0324 t ramdisk_readpage
c00d0350 t ramdisk_prepare_write
c00d0380 t ramdisk_commit_write
c00d0394 t rd_blkdev_pagecache_IO
c00d0508 t rd_make_request
c00d05b4 t rd_ioctl
c00d0768 t rd_open
c00d07d4 t huft_build
c00d0d88 t huft_free
c00d0dbc t inflate_codes
c00d1260 t inflate_stored
c00d1424 t inflate_fixed
c00d15d8 t inflate_dynamic
c00d1ca4 t inflate_block
c00d1dd4 t inflate
c00d1ea0 t makecrc
c00d1f48 t gunzip
c00d24b8 t transfer_none
c00d2504 t transfer_xor
c00d2570 t none_status
c00d2590 t xor_status
c00d25b0 t compute_loop_size
c00d2628 t figure_loop_size
c00d2660 t lo_send
c00d2900 t lo_read_actor
c00d29e4 t lo_receive
c00d2a64 t do_bh_filebacked
c00d2b2c t loop_put_buffer
c00d2b78 t loop_add_bh
c00d2bd8 t loop_get_bh
c00d2c30 t loop_end_io_transfer
c00d2cf8 t loop_get_buffer
c00d2e24 t loop_make_request
c00d30d4 t loop_thread
c00d33b4 t loop_set_fd
c00d35a0 t loop_release_xfer
c00d361c t loop_init_xfer
c00d368c t loop_clr_fd
c00d3800 t loop_set_status
c00d39b0 t loop_get_status
c00d3ae4 t lo_ioctl
c00d3d10 t lo_open
c00d3e20 t lo_release
c00d3f20 T loop_register_transfer
c00d3f64 T loop_unregister_transfer
c00d4010 T loop_exit
c00d4074 t alloc_netdev
c00d4104 t init_alloc_dev
c00d4174 t init_netdev
c00d4240 T init_etherdev
c00d4264 T alloc_etherdev
c00d4288 t eth_mac_addr
c00d42c4 t eth_change_mtu
c00d42f8 T ether_setup
c00d43a4 T register_netdev
c00d4420 T unregister_netdev
c00d4444 t loopback_xmit
c00d45b4 t get_stats
c00d45c8 T ei_open
c00d465c T ei_close
c00d469c t ei_tx_timeout
c00d47e4 t ei_start_xmit
c00d4a54 T ei_interrupt
c00d4c10 t ei_tx_err
c00d4c84 t ei_tx_intr
c00d4ec8 t ei_receive
c00d5214 t ei_rx_overrun
c00d52b4 t get_stats
c00d5324 t do_set_multicast_list
c00d54ac t set_multicast_list
c00d54d0 T ethdev_init
c00d554c T NS8390_init
c00d56a8 t NS8390_trigger_send
c00d5700 t ppp_open
c00d5740 t ppp_release
c00d57c0 t ppp_read
c00d57ec t ppp_file_read
c00d59c8 t ppp_write
c00d59e0 t ppp_file_write
c00d5b94 t ppp_poll
c00d5c0c t ppp_ioctl
c00d62e4 t ppp_unattached_ioctl
c00d64cc t ppp_start_xmit
c00d6780 t ppp_net_stats
c00d6798 t ppp_net_ioctl
c00d68d8 t ppp_net_init
c00d6948 t ppp_xmit_process
c00d6a9c t ppp_send_frame
c00d6fb4 t ppp_push
c00d7160 t ppp_channel_push
c00d736c T ppp_input
c00d75dc T ppp_input_error
c00d7700 t ppp_receive_frame
c00d7788 t ppp_receive_error
c00d77b8 t ppp_receive_nonmp_frame
c00d7d48 t ppp_decompress_frame
c00d7f64 T ppp_register_channel
c00d803c T ppp_channel_index
c00d8054 T ppp_unit_number
c00d80bc T ppp_unregister_channel
c00d81b4 T ppp_output_wakeup
c00d81d4 t ppp_set_compress
c00d8450 t ppp_ccp_peek
c00d8654 t ppp_ccp_closed
c00d86cc t find_comp_entry
c00d8718 T ppp_register_compressor
c00d8780 T ppp_unregister_compressor
c00d87c4 t find_compressor
c00d87e8 t ppp_get_stats
c00d8890 t ppp_create_interface
c00d8a9c t init_ppp_file
c00d8af0 t ppp_destroy_interface
c00d8d74 t ppp_find_unit
c00d8dc0 t ppp_find_channel
c00d8e0c t ppp_connect_channel
c00d8fec t ppp_disconnect_channel
c00d9118 t ppp_destroy_channel
c00d9274 T slhc_init
c00d93e0 T slhc_free
c00d9420 t encode
c00d9468 t pull16
c00d9490 t decode
c00d94c4 T slhc_compress
c00d9ba8 T slhc_uncompress
c00da0b0 T slhc_remember
c00da24c T slhc_toss
c00da278 T slhc_i_status
c00da2b4 T slhc_o_status
c00da304 t ppp_asynctty_open
c00da3a8 t ppp_asynctty_close
c00da480 t ppp_asynctty_read
c00da494 t ppp_asynctty_write
c00da4a8 t ppp_asynctty_ioctl
c00da5e4 t ppp_asynctty_poll
c00da5f8 t ppp_asynctty_room
c00da610 t ppp_asynctty_receive
c00da6a4 t ppp_asynctty_wakeup
c00da6e8 t ppp_async_ioctl
c00da9bc t ppp_async_encode
c00dad04 t ppp_async_send
c00dad54 t ppp_async_push
c00daf88 t ppp_async_flush_output
c00db060 t ppp_async_input
c00db5d4 t async_lcp_peek
c00db734 T deflateInit_
c00db76c T deflateInit2_
c00db9d0 T deflateSetDictionary
c00dbb08 T deflateReset
c00dbbb0 T deflateParams
c00dbc94 t putShortMSB
c00dbccc t flush_pending
c00dbd5c T deflate
c00dc0a0 T deflateEnd
c00dc170 T deflateCopy
c00dc388 T deflateOutputPending
c00dc3b8 t read_buf
c00dc444 t lm_init
c00dc4e8 t longest_match
c00dc6bc t fill_window
c00dc83c t deflate_stored
c00dc9f8 t deflate_fast
c00dcd0c t deflate_slow
c00dd0f0 t tr_static_init
c00dd388 T _tr_init
c00dd438 t init_block
c00dd4e8 t pqdownheap
c00dd5e4 t gen_bitlen
c00dd82c t gen_codes
c00dd8d0 t build_tree
c00ddb84 t scan_tree
c00ddc98 t send_tree
c00de298 t build_bl_tree
c00de348 t send_all_trees
c00de624 T _tr_stored_block
c00de70c T _tr_stored_type_only
c00de7a8 T _tr_align
c00dea8c T _tr_flush_block
c00ded5c T _tr_tally
c00def2c t compress_block
c00df41c t set_data_type
c00df49c t bi_reverse
c00df4d0 t bi_flush
c00df57c t bi_windup
c00df60c t copy_block
c00df6bc T inflateReset
c00df724 T inflateEnd
c00df794 T inflateInit2_
c00df8a8 T inflateInit_
c00df8cc T inflate
c00dfe24 T inflateSetDictionary
c00dfecc T inflateIncomp
c00dff00 T inflateSync
c00e0024 T inflate_blocks_reset
c00e00dc T inflate_blocks_new
c00e017c T inflate_blocks
c00e0e9c T inflate_blocks_free
c00e0edc T inflate_set_dictionary
c00e0f0c T inflate_addhistory
c00e1024 T inflate_packet_flush
c00e1054 t huft_build
c00e1640 T inflate_trees_bits
c00e16c8 T inflate_trees_dynamic
c00e1844 t falloc
c00e186c T inflate_trees_fixed
c00e1a6c T inflate_trees_free
c00e1acc T inflate_codes_new
c00e1b24 T inflate_codes
c00e22b0 T inflate_codes_free
c00e22d8 T inflate_flush
c00e2448 T inflate_fast
c00e2778 T zlibVersion
c00e2790 T adler32
c00e2964 t zfree
c00e29c4 t zalloc
c00e2a0c t zalloc_init
c00e2a84 t z_comp_free
c00e2aac t z_comp_alloc
c00e2bb0 t z_comp_init
c00e2c40 t z_comp_reset
c00e2c64 t z_compress
c00e2dec t z_comp_stats
c00e2e1c t z_decomp_free
c00e2e44 t z_decomp_alloc
c00e2f2c t z_decomp_init
c00e2fc4 t z_decomp_reset
c00e2fe8 t z_decompress
c00e31f4 t z_incomp
c00e32d4 t bsd_clear
c00e331c t bsd_check
c00e33cc t bsd_comp_stats
c00e341c t bsd_reset
c00e3440 t bsd_free
c00e3490 t bsd_alloc
c00e361c t bsd_comp_alloc
c00e3634 t bsd_decomp_alloc
c00e364c t bsd_init
c00e3750 t bsd_comp_init
c00e3778 t bsd_decomp_init
c00e37a0 t bsd_compress
c00e3bb0 t bsd_incomp
c00e3bd8 t bsd_decompress
c00e3fec T autoirq_setup
c00e400c T autoirq_report
c00e404c t init_hwif_data
c00e4158 t ide_old_init_default_hwifs
c00e4178 T drive_is_flashcard
c00e4274 T ide_system_bus_speed
c00e42e4 T ide_input_data
c00e43e8 T ide_output_data
c00e44f0 T atapi_input_bytes
c00e4570 T atapi_output_bytes
c00e45f0 T ide_end_request
c00e4694 T ide_set_handler
c00e4710 T current_capacity
c00e4748 T ide_geninit
c00e47c8 t atapi_reset_pollfunc
c00e48b0 t reset_pollfunc
c00e4a88 t check_dma_crc
c00e4b20 t pre_reset
c00e4b8c t do_reset1
c00e4d14 T ide_do_reset
c00e4d2c T ide_end_drive_cmd
c00e4e58 T ide_dump_status
c00e5130 t try_to_flush_leftover_data
c00e5190 T ide_error
c00e535c T ide_cmd
c00e53d8 t drive_cmd_intr
c00e54e4 t do_special
c00e5570 T ide_wait_stat
c00e56a8 t execute_drive_cmd
c00e57f8 t start_request
c00e5a44 T restart_request
c00e5a88 T ide_stall_queue
c00e5abc T ide_do_request
c00e5df0 T ide_get_queue
c00e5e2c T do_ide_request
c00e5e48 T ide_dma_timeout_retry
c00e5eec T ide_timer_expiry
c00e6114 t unexpected_intr
c00e61e8 T ide_intr
c00e6368 T get_info_ptr
c00e63f8 T ide_init_drive_cmd
c00e641c T ide_do_drive_cmd
c00e6528 T ide_revalidate_disk
c00e6634 t revalidate_drives
c00e66d4 t ide_probe_module
c00e6704 t ide_driver_module
c00e6770 t ide_open
c00e6814 t ide_release
c00e6868 T ide_replace_subdriver
c00e68fc T hwif_unregister
c00e6a0c T ide_unregister
c00e6e6c T ide_setup_ports
c00e6ed0 T ide_register_hw
c00e705c T ide_register
c00e70b8 T ide_add_setting
c00e71c8 T ide_remove_setting
c00e7230 t ide_find_setting_by_ioctl
c00e726c T ide_find_setting_by_name
c00e72ac t auto_remove_settings
c00e72f4 T ide_read_setting
c00e7364 T ide_spin_wait_hwgroup
c00e7408 T ide_write_setting
c00e7514 t set_io_32bit
c00e752c t set_using_dma
c00e75ac t set_pio_mode
c00e7624 T ide_add_generic_settings
c00e7930 T ide_wait_cmd
c00e79ac T ide_wait_cmd_task
c00e79f0 T ide_delay_50ms
c00e7a18 T system_bus_clock
c00e7a40 t ide_ioctl
c00e845c t ide_check_media_change
c00e849c T ide_fixstring
c00e8564 t default_cleanup
c00e8578 t default_do_request
c00e859c t default_end_request
c00e85b4 t default_ioctl
c00e85c8 t default_open
c00e85e8 t default_release
c00e85f8 t default_check_media_change
c00e860c t default_pre_reset
c00e861c t default_capacity
c00e8630 t default_special
c00e8650 t default_driver_reinit
c00e8674 t setup_driver_defaults
c00e8764 T ide_scan_devices
c00e883c T ide_register_subdriver
c00e896c T ide_unregister_subdriver
c00e89fc T ide_register_module
c00e8a4c T ide_unregister_module
c00e8aa4 T ide_xfer_verbose
c00e8cdc T ide_media_verbose
c00e8dd4 T ide_dmafunc_verbose
c00e8ee8 T ide_auto_reduce_xfer
c00e9100 T ide_driveid_update
c00e92b0 T ide_ata66_check
c00e9340 T set_transfer
c00e93a8 T eighty_ninty_three
c00e93ec T ide_config_drive_speed
c00e9838 t ide_getxdigit
c00e988c t xx_xx_parse_error
c00e9914 t proc_ide_write_config
c00e9cbc t proc_ide_read_config
c00e9d1c t ide_getdigit
c00e9d48 t proc_ide_read_drivers
c00e9de8 t proc_ide_read_imodel
c00e9f7c t proc_ide_read_mate
c00ea01c t proc_ide_read_channel
c00ea08c t proc_ide_get_identify
c00ea0c8 t proc_ide_read_identify
c00ea1bc T proc_ide_verify_identify
c00ea214 t proc_ide_read_settings
c00ea3b8 t proc_ide_write_settings
c00ea5a0 T proc_ide_read_capacity
c00ea634 T proc_ide_read_geometry
c00ea6e0 t proc_ide_read_dmodel
c00ea76c t proc_ide_read_driver
c00ea7f4 t proc_ide_write_driver
c00ea84c t proc_ide_read_media
c00ea984 T ide_add_proc_entries
c00ea9f8 T ide_remove_proc_entries
c00eaa40 t create_proc_ide_drives
c00eab34 T destroy_proc_ide_drives
c00eabc4 T create_proc_ide_interfaces
c00eac4c t destroy_proc_ide_interfaces
c00eacc0 T proc_ide_create
c00ead24 T proc_ide_destroy
c00ead58 t actual_try_to_identify
c00eb17c t try_to_identify
c00eb250 t do_probe
c00eb4a8 t enable_nest
c00eb5c0 t hwif_check_regions
c00eb6a4 t hwif_register
c00eb80c t probe_hwif
c00ebaf8 t save_match
c00ebb7c t ide_init_queue
c00ebba4 t init_irq
c00ebea4 t init_gendisk
c00ec16c t hwif_init
c00ec2b0 T ideprobe_init
c00ec388 T probe_cmos_for_drives
c00ec398 t ontrack
c00ec428 T ide_xlate_1024
c00ec5d4 t cs_error
c00ec600 t ide_attach
c00ec770 t ide_detach
c00ec840 t ide_config
c00ecd94 t ide_release
c00ecea4 t ide_invalidate_devices
c00ecef0 t ide_event
c00ed050 t idedisk_bswap_data
c00ed098 t lba_capacity_is_ok
c00ed17c t read_intr
c00ed2bc t write_intr
c00ed41c T ide_multwrite
c00ed50c t multwrite_intr
c00ed5e0 t set_multmode_intr
c00ed640 t set_geometry_intr
c00ed69c t recal_intr
c00ed6d8 t do_rw_disk
c00eda08 t idedisk_open
c00eda7c t idedisk_release
c00edaf0 t idedisk_media_change
c00edb0c t idedisk_revalidate
c00edb4c t init_idedisk_capacity
c00edbcc t idedisk_capacity
c00edbe8 t idedisk_special
c00edd24 t idedisk_pre_reset
c00edd68 t smart_enable
c00edd94 t get_smart_values
c00eddd4 t get_smart_thresholds
c00ede14 t proc_idedisk_read_cache
c00edea0 t proc_idedisk_read_smart_thresholds
c00edf54 t proc_idedisk_read_smart_values
c00ee008 t set_multcount
c00ee074 t set_nowerr
c00ee0c0 t idedisk_add_settings
c00ee480 t idedisk_setup
c00ee75c t idedisk_reinit
c00ee770 t idedisk_cleanup
c00ee784 T idedisk_init
c00ee848 t __sound_insert_unit
c00ee950 t __sound_remove_unit
c00ee9ac t sound_insert_unit
c00eea74 t sound_remove_unit
c00eea88 T register_sound_special
c00eebdc T register_sound_mixer
c00eec28 T register_sound_midi
c00eec74 T register_sound_dsp
c00eecc0 T register_sound_synth
c00eed0c T unregister_sound_special
c00eed34 T unregister_sound_mixer
c00eed54 T unregister_sound_midi
c00eed74 T unregister_sound_dsp
c00eed94 T unregister_sound_synth
c00eedb4 t __look_for_unit
c00eedf8 t soundcore_open
c00eeff0 t do_mod_firmware_load
c00ef0fc T mod_firmware_load
c00ef15c t collie_ct_law
c00ef2d4 t collie_ct_s8
c00ef448 t collie_ct_u8
c00ef5a0 t collie_ct_s16
c00ef6f8 t collie_ct_u16
c00ef864 t Collie_Set_Volume
c00ef8bc t Collie_Get_Volume
c00ef8e0 t wait_ms
c00ef8f4 t Collie_volume_half_adjust
c00ef9b4 t Collie_volume_half_off
c00efa58 t Collie_OP_SHDN_on
c00efa68 t Collie_OP_SHDN_off
c00efa78 t Collie_FS8KLPF_start
c00efa88 t collieDoDelayedSilence
c00efbd0 t collieDelayedSilence
c00efbf4 t collieStartDelayedSilence
c00efc28 t collieTriggerDelayedSilence
c00efc80 t collieCancelDelayedSilence
c00efd14 t Collie_disable_sound
c00efd3c t CollieSilence
c00efe98 t CollieGetSamp
c00effb4 t Collie_DAC_sendword
c00f009c T Collie_audio_power_on
c00f0360 t CollieInit
c00f0388 t Collie_sq_interrupt
c00f03d0 t CollieSetFormat
c00f0538 t sound_silence
c00f0558 t sound_init
c00f0578 t sound_set_format
c00f0598 t sound_set_speed
c00f0644 t sound_set_stereo
c00f0688 t mixer_open
c00f06ac t mixer_release
c00f06cc t mixer_ioctl
c00f0820 t sq_allocate_buffers
c00f099c t sq_release_buffers
c00f0a2c t sq_write
c00f0cfc t sq_poll
c00f0dc8 t sq_open
c00f0eb0 t sq_fsync
c00f0fec t sq_release
c00f1088 t sq_ioctl
c00f1594 t state_open
c00f1734 t state_release
c00f1754 t state_read
c00f17e8 t sound_lseek
c00f1800 t collie_sound_pm_callback
c00f1b10 t audio_clear_buf
c00f1b98 t audio_setup_buf
c00f1d14 t audio_dmain_done_callback
c00f1d60 t audio_recording
c00f1e54 t audio_read
c00f2148 t audio_poll
c00f2204 t audio_llseek
c00f221c t mixer_ioctl
c00f25f0 t audio_set_dsp_speed
c00f26f0 t audio_ioctl
c00f2b24 t audio_init_dma
c00f2b6c t audio_clear_dma
c00f2b88 t audio_open
c00f2cbc t mixer_open
c00f2cd0 t audio_release
c00f2d68 t mixer_release
c00f2d7c t Collie_Sampling_value
c00f2d9c t audio_power_on
c00f2f7c t audio_power_off
c00f308c t audio_tc35143_pm_callback
c00f31b4 T register_mtd_chip_driver
c00f31e4 T unregister_mtd_chip_driver
c00f3204 t get_mtd_chip_driver
c00f3270 T do_map_probe
c00f32d8 t sa1100_ram_erase
c00f3344 t sa1100_ram_point
c00f33a8 t sa1100_ram_unpoint
c00f33b8 t sa1100_ram_read
c00f3420 t sa1100_ram_write
c00f3488 t sa1100_ram_erase
c00f34f4 t sa1100_ram_point
c00f3558 t sa1100_ram_unpoint
c00f3568 t sa1100_ram_read
c00f35d0 t sa1100_ram_write
c00f3638 T add_mtd_device
c00f3728 T del_mtd_device
c00f3818 T register_mtd_user
c00f38bc T unregister_mtd_user
c00f39b0 T __get_mtd_device
c00f3a64 t mtd_pm_callback
c00f3b80 t mtd_read_proc
c00f3cb8 t mtd_lseek
c00f3da8 t mtd_open
c00f3ed0 t mtd_close
c00f3f38 t mtd_read
c00f40b0 t mtd_write
c00f4250 t mtd_erase_callback
c00f4270 t mtd_ioctl
c00f4a04 t erase_callback
c00f4a24 t erase_write
c00f4b5c t write_cached_data
c00f4ba8 t do_cached_write
c00f4d40 t do_cached_read
c00f4e48 t mtdblock_open
c00f5150 t mtdblock_release
c00f5254 t handle_mtdblock_request
c00f542c T mtdblock_thread
c00f55b4 t mtdblock_request
c00f55d8 t mtdblock_ioctl
c00f5724 t set_cis_map
c00f577c T read_cis_mem
c00f58f4 T write_cis_mem
c00f5a5c t cis_readable
c00f5b60 t checksum
c00f5c2c t checksum_match
c00f5c74 t setup_cis_mem
c00f5d48 T release_cis_mem
c00f5db4 t read_cis_cache
c00f5f40 T verify_cis_cache
c00f6018 T pcmcia_replace_cis
c00f60c0 T pcmcia_get_first_tuple
c00f61c8 t follow_link
c00f6354 T pcmcia_get_next_tuple
c00f6668 T pcmcia_get_tuple_data
c00f6714 t parse_device
c00f6954 t parse_checksum
c00f69a8 t parse_longlink
c00f69d8 t parse_longlink_mfc
c00f6a48 t parse_strings
c00f6b24 t parse_vers_1
c00f6b8c t parse_altstr
c00f6bc8 t parse_jedec
c00f6c2c t parse_manfid
c00f6c68 t parse_funcid
c00f6ca4 t parse_funce
c00f6cfc t parse_config
c00f6dfc t parse_power
c00f6f44 t parse_timing
c00f70b8 t parse_io
c00f71f4 t parse_mem
c00f7338 t parse_irq
c00f738c t parse_cftable_entry
c00f7668 t parse_device_geo
c00f7738 t parse_vers_2
c00f77c0 t parse_org
c00f7848 t parse_format
c00f7894 T pcmcia_parse_tuple
c00f7ab8 T read_tuple
c00f7b38 T pcmcia_validate_cis
c00f7d00 t resource_parent
c00f7d28 t make_resource
c00f7d88 t request_io_resource
c00f7df4 t request_mem_resource
c00f7e60 T release_mem_resource
c00f7e84 t add_interval
c00f7f1c t sub_interval
c00f800c t do_io_probe
c00f8264 t do_mem_probe
c00f8474 t inv_probe
c00f8510 T validate_mem
c00f8690 T find_io_region
c00f874c T find_mem_region
c00f8838 t fake_irq
c00f8848 T try_irq
c00f89bc T undo_irq
c00f8a3c t adjust_memory
c00f8af0 t adjust_io
c00f8bb0 t adjust_irq
c00f8c78 T pcmcia_adjust_resource_info
c00f8cfc T release_resource_db
c00f8d64 t do_mtd_request
c00f8e88 t insert_queue
c00f8eac t remove_queue
c00f8ed4 t retry_erase
c00f90c8 T retry_erase_list
c00f9158 t handle_erase_timeout
c00f9170 t setup_erase_request
c00f925c t mtd_modify_window
c00f92ec t mtd_set_vpp
c00f936c t mtd_rdy_mask
c00f93ec T MTDHelperEntry
c00f9474 t setup_regions
c00f96a8 t match_region
c00f9718 T pcmcia_get_first_region
c00f97ec T pcmcia_get_next_region
c00f9830 T pcmcia_register_mtd
c00f9908 T pcmcia_register_erase_queue
c00f9998 T pcmcia_deregister_erase_queue
c00f9a40 T pcmcia_check_erase_queue
c00f9abc T pcmcia_open_memory
c00f9b74 T pcmcia_close_memory
c00f9bac T pcmcia_read_memory
c00f9c4c T pcmcia_write_memory
c00f9cec T pcmcia_copy_memory
c00f9d24 t cs_error
c00f9d48 T register_pccard_driver
c00f9e8c T unregister_pccard_driver
c00f9f78 t proc_read_drivers
c00f9fdc t queue_empty
c00fa000 t get_queued_event
c00fa038 t queue_event
c00fa09c t handle_event
c00fa0e8 t handle_request
c00fa15c t handle_removal
c00fa198 t ds_event
c00fa240 t bind_mtd
c00fa2a8 t bind_request
c00fa480 t get_device_info
c00fa588 t unbind_request
c00fa6ac t ds_open
c00fa778 t ds_release
c00fa858 t ds_read
c00fa938 t ds_write
c00faa18 t ds_poll
c00faabc t ds_ioctl
c00fb28c t register_callback
c00fb2b0 t get_socket_status
c00fb2d4 t set_socket
c00fb2f8 t set_io_map
c00fb31c t set_mem_map
c00fb340 t suspend_socket
c00fb378 t init_socket
c00fb3b0 T pcmcia_register_socket
c00fb4f8 T register_ss_entry
c00fb53c T pcmcia_unregister_socket
c00fb660 T unregister_ss_entry
c00fb6ac t free_regions
c00fb6f0 t cs_sleep
c00fb714 t shutdown_socket
c00fb7f0 t setup_socket
c00fb914 t reset_socket
c00fb980 t unreset_socket
c00fbb30 t send_event
c00fbb98 t do_shutdown
c00fbc2c t parse_events
c00fbd4c T pcmcia_suspend_socket
c00fbd90 T pcmcia_resume_socket
c00fbddc t handle_pm_event
c00fbea0 t alloc_io_space
c00fc120 t release_io_space
c00fc1a8 T pcmcia_access_configuration_register
c00fc2b8 T pcmcia_bind_device
c00fc38c T pcmcia_bind_mtd
c00fc448 T pcmcia_deregister_client
c00fc5dc T pcmcia_get_configuration_info
c00fc72c T pcmcia_get_card_services_info
c00fc784 T pcmcia_get_first_client
c00fc800 T pcmcia_get_next_client
c00fc884 T pcmcia_get_window
c00fc980 T pcmcia_get_first_window
c00fc9c8 T pcmcia_get_next_window
c00fca14 T pcmcia_get_status
c00fcc5c T pcmcia_get_mem_page
c00fcca0 T pcmcia_map_mem_page
c00fcd0c T pcmcia_modify_configuration
c00fce40 T pcmcia_modify_window
c00fcee8 T pcmcia_register_client
c00fd158 T pcmcia_release_configuration
c00fd28c T pcmcia_release_io
c00fd390 T pcmcia_release_irq
c00fd498 T pcmcia_release_window
c00fd54c T pcmcia_request_configuration
c00fd9a0 T pcmcia_request_io
c00fdb14 T pcmcia_request_irq
c00fdd28 T pcmcia_request_window
c00fdfa4 T pcmcia_reset_card
c00fe06c T pcmcia_suspend_card
c00fe0f8 T pcmcia_resume_card
c00fe164 T pcmcia_eject_card
c00fe1f4 T pcmcia_insert_card
c00fe2b4 T pcmcia_set_event_mask
c00fe348 T pcmcia_report_error
c00fe450 T pcmcia_set_detect_interrupt
c00fe494 T serial_card_power_off
c00fe514 T pcmcia_serial_power_off
c00fe570 T CardServices
c00fe910 t sa1100_pcmcia_state_to_config
c00fe974 t sa1100_pcmcia_init
c00fe9d4 t sa1100_pcmcia_suspend
c00fea48 t sa1100_pcmcia_task_handler
c00febfc t sa1100_pcmcia_poll_event
c00fec48 t sa1100_pcmcia_interrupt
c00fec64 t sa1100_pcmcia_register_callback
c00fec94 t sa1100_pcmcia_inquire_socket
c00fed00 t sa1100_pcmcia_get_status
c00fee1c t sa1100_pcmcia_get_socket
c00fee4c t sa1100_pcmcia_set_socket
c00feecc t sa1100_pcmcia_get_io_map
c00fef1c t sa1100_pcmcia_set_io_map
c00ff058 t sa1100_pcmcia_get_mem_map
c00ff0a0 t sa1100_pcmcia_set_mem_map
c00ff270 t sa1100_pcmcia_proc_status
c00ff688 t sa1100_pcmcia_proc_setup
c00ff6d8 T collie_pcmcia_init_reset
c00ff740 t collie_pcmcia_init
c00ff808 t collie_pcmcia_shutdown
c00ff82c t collie_pcmcia_socket_state
c00ffa20 t collie_pcmcia_get_irq_info
c00ffa50 t collie_pcmcia_configure_socket
c00ffc34 T is_pcmcia_card_present
c00ffc5c t flush_stale_links
c00ffc9c t cs_error
c00ffcc8 t pcnet_init
c00ffcdc t pcnet_attach
c00ffe50 t pcnet_detach
c00fff1c t get_hwinfo
c010009c t get_prom
c01001f4 t get_dl10019
c0100284 t get_ax88190
c0100310 t get_hwired
c0100388 t try_io_port
c0100440 t pcnet_config
c0100ac4 t pcnet_release
c0100b4c t pcnet_event
c0100d50 t mdio_sync
c0100d88 t mdio_read
c0100e1c t mdio_write
c0100e98 t mdio_reset
c0100ec8 t set_misc_reg
c0100f90 t mii_phy_probe
c010102c t pcnet_open
c01010e0 t pcnet_close
c010114c t pcnet_reset_8390
c01011e0 t set_config
c0101264 t ei_irq_wrapper
c0101280 t ei_watchdog
c01015bc t ei_ioctl
c0101690 t dma_get_8390_hdr
c010173c t dma_block_input
c0101808 t dma_block_output
c0101930 t setup_dma_config
c0101994 t copyin
c01019d4 t copyout
c0101a20 t shmem_get_8390_hdr
c0101a50 t shmem_block_input
c0101ac0 t shmem_block_output
c0101af4 t setup_shmem_window
c0101d20 t dummycon_startup
c0101d38 t dummycon_init
c0101d90 t dummycon_dummy
c0101da4 t fbmem_read_proc
c0101e6c t fb_read
c0101f74 t fb_write
c0102098 t fb_ioctl
c0102640 t fb_mmap
c01027c8 T GET_FB_IDX
c0102824 t fb_open
c0102900 t fb_release
c0102988 T register_framebuffer
c0102b40 T unregister_framebuffer
c0102bd0 T fb_alloc_cmap
c0102d08 T fb_copy_cmap
c0103018 T fb_get_cmap
c0103148 T fb_set_cmap
c0103284 T fb_default_cmap
c01032d4 T fb_invert_cmaps
c0103424 t PROC_CONSOLE
c0103484 T __fb_try_mode
c0103550 t cursor_timer_handler
c0103658 T set_all_vcs
c010370c T set_con2fb_map
c0103994 t fbcon_startup
c0103a4c t fbcon_init
c0103b10 t fbcon_deinit
c0103b54 t fbcon_changevar
c0103b90 t fbcon_font_widths
c0103c10 t fbcon_setup
c0104594 t fbcon_clear
c010474c t fbcon_putc
c010483c t fbcon_putcs
c0104948 t fbcon_cursor
c0104b60 t fbcon_vbl_handler
c0104c1c t fbcon_redraw_softback
c0104f94 t fbcon_redraw
c01051d4 T fbcon_redraw_clear
c010523c T fbcon_redraw_bmove
c0105404 t fbcon_scroll
c0105e80 t fbcon_bmove
c0105f94 t fbcon_bmove_rec
c010611c t fbcon_switch
c0106374 t fbcon_blank
c0106594 t fbcon_free_font
c01065ec t fbcon_do_set_font
c0106b28 t fbcon_font_op
c010716c t fbcon_set_palette
c0107284 t fbcon_screen_pos
c0107338 t fbcon_getxy
c01074a8 t fbcon_invert_region
c010755c t fbcon_scrolldelta
c01078a0 t fbcon_set_origin
c01078e0 t pm_fbcon_request
c0107998 t fbcon_dummy_op
c01079a8 T fbcon_find_font
c01079f4 T fbcon_get_default_font
c0107a68 t colliefb_palette_decode
c0107b0c t colliefb_getcolreg
c0107b64 t colliefb_setcolreg
c0107bf8 t colliefb_get_cmap
c0107ca0 t colliefb_set_cmap
c0107d5c t colliefb_install_cmap
c0107e00 t colliefb_encode_var
c0107e6c t colliefb_decode_var
c0107f6c t colliefb_get_var
c0107fd8 t colliefb_set_var
c01081c4 t colliefb_updatevar
c01081d8 t colliefb_get_fix
c0108284 t colliefb_init_fbinfo
c01083f8 t colliefb_map_video_memory
c0108598 t colliefb_activate_var
c01086ac t colliefb_inter_handler
c010870c t colliefb_disable_lcd_controller
c0108888 T colliefb_disable_lcd_controller_emergency
c01089d4 t colliefb_disable_lcd_controller_blank
c0108b50 T colliefb_get_comadj
c0108ba8 t colliefb_enable_lcd_controller
c0108e0c t colliefb_blank
c0108e84 t colliefb_switch
c0108f0c t colliefb_map_backup_video_memory
c010907c t screen_backup
c0109148 t screen_restore
c01091c0 t colliefb_pm_callback
c0109244 t colliefl_read_params
c0109368 t colliefl_write_params
c0109440 T colliefl_blank
c01094d4 t colliefl_pm_callback
c0109550 t colliefl_step_contrast_setting
c0109670 t colliefl_enable_accel
c01096cc t colliefl_disable_accel
c0109728 T colliefl_temporary_contrast_set
c0109820 T colliefl_temporary_contrast_reset
c0109910 t colliefl_ioctl
c0109990 T fbcon_cfb16_setup
c01099bc T fbcon_cfb16_bmove
c0109cec T fbcon_cfb16_clear
c0109e08 T fbcon_cfb16_putc
c010a230 T fbcon_cfb16_putcs
c010a6fc T fbcon_cfb16_revc
c010a8b8 T fbcon_cfb16_clear_margins
c010a9f8 t irtty_open
c010ac84 t irtty_close
c010ad54 t irtty_stop_receiver
c010adcc t __irtty_change_speed
c010af04 t irtty_change_speed
c010b06c t irtty_ioctl
c010b264 t irtty_receive_buf
c010b32c t irtty_change_speed_complete
c010b3bc t irtty_hard_xmit
c010b578 t irtty_receive_room
c010b58c t irtty_write_wakeup
c010b6b0 t irtty_is_receiving
c010b6cc t irtty_set_dtr_rts
c010b77c t irtty_set_mode
c010b7b8 t irtty_raw_read
c010b7dc t irtty_raw_write
c010b84c t irtty_net_init
c010b864 t irtty_net_open
c010b908 t irtty_net_close
c010b974 t irtty_net_ioctl
c010bbcc t irtty_net_get_stats
c010bbe4 T irport_open
c010be54 T irport_close
c010bef8 T irport_start
c010bf3c T irport_stop
c010bf6c T irport_probe
c010bf80 T irport_change_speed
c010c000 T __irport_change_speed
c010c144 t irport_write_wakeup
c010c260 t irport_write
c010c2cc t irport_change_speed_complete
c010c35c t irport_timeout
c010c408 T irport_hard_xmit
c010c578 t irport_receive
c010c5c8 T irport_interrupt
c010c65c t irport_net_init
c010c674 T irport_net_open
c010c704 T irport_net_close
c010c76c t irport_is_receiving
c010c788 t irport_set_dtr_rts
c010c7dc t irport_raw_write
c010c830 t irport_net_ioctl
c010ca34 t irport_net_get_stats
c010ca4c t sa1100_irda_rx_alloc
c010cad8 t sa1100_irda_rx_dma_start
c010cb48 t sa1100_irda_set_speed
c010cc8c t __sa1100_irda_set_power
c010cca0 t sa1100_irda_startup
c010cd28 t sa1100_irda_shutdown
c010cd64 t sa1100_irda_suspend
c010cde0 t sa1100_irda_resume
c010cec0 t sa1100_irda_pmproc
c010cf0c t sa1100_irda_hpsir_irq
c010d148 t sa1100_irda_fir_error
c010d2bc t sa1100_irda_fir_irq
c010d348 t sa1100_irda_irq
c010d380 t sa1100_irda_txdma_irq
c010d4d0 t sa1100_irda_hard_xmit
c010d6dc t sa1100_irda_ioctl
c010d800 t sa1100_irda_stats
c010d818 t sa1100_irda_start
c010d960 t sa1100_irda_stop
c010da40 t sa1100_irda_init_iobuf
c010da94 t sa1100_irda_net_init
c010dbe8 t sa1100_irda_net_uninit
c010dc38 T move_addr_to_kernel
c010dcb4 T move_addr_to_user
c010dd4c t sockfs_statfs
c010dd7c t sockfs_read_super
c010de5c t sockfs_delete_dentry
c010de70 t sock_map_fd
c010e03c T sockfd_lookup
c010e0bc T sock_alloc
c010e168 t sock_no_open
c010e17c T sock_release
c010e1f0 T sock_sendmsg
c010e2c4 T sock_recvmsg
c010e3d0 t sock_lseek
c010e3e8 t sock_read
c010e474 t sock_write
c010e518 t sock_sendpage
c010e598 T sock_readv_writev
c010e618 t sock_readv
c010e67c t sock_writev
c010e6e0 t sock_ioctl
c010e70c t sock_poll
c010e73c t sock_mmap
c010e76c t sock_close
c010e7b0 t sock_fasync
c010e9ec T sock_wake_async
c010ea80 T sock_create
c010eb6c T sys_socket
c010ebb4 T sys_socketpair
c010ecb0 T sys_bind
c010ed24 T sys_listen
c010ed78 T sys_accept
c010ee74 T sys_connect
c010eef0 T sys_getsockname
c010ef6c T sys_getpeername
c010efe8 T sys_sendto
c010f0b4 T sys_send
c010f0d8 T sys_recvfrom
c010f1b0 T sys_recv
c010f1d4 T sys_setsockopt
c010f268 T sys_getsockopt
c010f2f0 T sys_shutdown
c010f33c T sys_sendmsg
c010f538 T sys_recvmsg
c010f708 T sock_fcntl
c010f740 T sys_socketcall
c010f928 T sock_register
c010f980 T sock_unregister
c010f9b4 T socket_get_info
c010fa3c t sock_set_timeout
c010fb18 T sock_setsockopt
c0110048 T sock_getsockopt
c0110400 T sk_alloc
c0110464 T sk_free
c01104bc T sock_wfree
c0110544 T sock_rfree
c0110578 T sock_wmalloc
c011060c T sock_rmalloc
c0110684 T sock_kmalloc
c0110710 T sock_kfree_s
c011074c t sock_wait_for_wmem
c0110848 T sock_alloc_send_pskb
c0110a78 T sock_alloc_send_skb
c0110a9c T __lock_sock
c0110b58 T __release_sock
c0110ba8 T sklist_remove_socket
c0110c64 T sklist_insert_socket
c0110cd8 t sklist_destroy_timer
c0110cf4 T sklist_destroy_socket
c0110e50 T sock_no_release
c0110e64 T sock_no_bind
c0110e78 T sock_no_connect
c0110e8c T sock_no_socketpair
c0110ea0 T sock_no_accept
c0110eb4 T sock_no_getname
c0110ec8 T sock_no_poll
c0110edc T sock_no_ioctl
c0110ef0 T sock_no_listen
c0110f04 T sock_no_shutdown
c0110f18 T sock_no_setsockopt
c0110f2c T sock_no_getsockopt
c0110f40 T sock_no_fcntl
c0110fd0 T sock_no_sendmsg
c0110fe4 T sock_no_recvmsg
c0110ff8 T sock_no_mmap
c011100c T sock_no_sendpage
c01110b0 T sock_def_wakeup
c01110e8 T sock_def_error_report
c011114c T sock_def_readable
c01111b0 T sock_def_write_space
c011124c T sock_def_destruct
c011126c T sock_init_data
c0111390 T skb_over_panic
c01113e4 T skb_under_panic
c0111438 T alloc_skb
c0111600 t skb_drop_fraglist
c0111674 t skb_clone_fraglist
c01116bc t skb_release_data
c0111774 T kfree_skbmem
c01117f8 T __kfree_skb
c01118dc T skb_clone
c0111ab4 t copy_skb_header
c0111b9c T skb_copy
c0111c88 T skb_linearize
c0111db4 T pskb_copy
c0111f40 T pskb_expand_head
c0112094 T skb_realloc_headroom
c011214c T skb_copy_expand
c0112218 T ___pskb_trim
c01123c4 T __pskb_pull_tail
c0112728 T skb_copy_bits
c01128e8 T skb_checksum
c0112b2c T skb_copy_and_csum_bits
c0112db0 T skb_copy_and_csum_dev
c0112e68 t skb_headerinit
c0112ebc T verify_iovec
c0112fb0 T memcpy_toiovec
c0113060 T memcpy_tokerneliovec
c01130d4 T memcpy_fromiovec
c011319c T memcpy_fromiovecend
c0113274 T csum_partial_copy_fromiovecend
c0113548 t wait_for_packet
c01136a4 T skb_recv_datagram
c01137e0 T skb_free_datagram
c0113838 T skb_copy_datagram
c011385c T skb_copy_datagram_iovec
c0113a10 T skb_copy_and_csum_datagram
c0113db4 T skb_copy_and_csum_datagram_iovec
c0113ec4 T datagram_poll
c0113fb4 t scm_fp_copy
c011408c T __scm_destroy
c01140d8 T __scm_send
c01142dc T put_cmsg
c01143f0 T scm_detach_fds
c01145d4 T scm_fp_dup
c0114650 T dev_add_pack
c01146f8 T dev_remove_pack
c01147f4 T netdev_boot_setup_add
c0114870 T netdev_boot_setup_check
c01148fc T __dev_get_by_name
c0114950 T dev_get_by_name
c0114988 T dev_get
c01149a4 T __dev_get_by_index
c01149e8 T dev_get_by_index
c0114a20 T dev_getbyhwaddr
c0114afc T dev_alloc_name
c0114ba4 T dev_alloc
c0114c10 T netdev_state_change
c0114c54 t default_rebuild_header
c0114cd4 T dev_open
c0114dc4 T dev_close
c0114e88 T register_netdevice_notifier
c0114ea8 T unregister_netdevice_notifier
c0114ec8 T dev_queue_xmit_nit
c0114fa8 T skb_checksum_help
c0115048 T dev_queue_xmit
c01153e8 t get_sample_stats
c0115480 T netif_rx
c01155fc t deliver_to_old_ones
c0115704 t net_tx_action
c0115800 T net_call_rx_atomic
c0115854 t net_rx_action
c0115bf0 T register_gifconf
c0115c20 t dev_ifname
c0115ce8 t dev_ifconf
c0115e34 t sprintf_stats
c0115f5c t dev_get_info
c0115ffc t dev_proc_stats
c01160b4 T netdev_set_master
c011622c T dev_set_promiscuity
c01162ac T dev_set_allmulti
c01162f8 T dev_change_flags
c011642c t dev_ifsioc
c0116978 T dev_ioctl
c0116f80 T dev_new_index
c0116fc4 T register_netdevice
c0117134 T netdev_finish_unregister
c0117200 T unregister_netdevice
c01174c8 t net_run_sbin_hotplug
c0117560 t __dev_mc_upload
c011759c T dev_mc_upload
c01175ec T dev_mc_delete
c0117714 T dev_mc_add
c01178b0 T dev_mc_discard
c011794c t dev_mc_read_proc
c0117ae4 t dst_run_gc
c0117bb4 t dst_discard
c0117c0c t dst_blackhole
c0117c64 T dst_alloc
c0117d44 T __dst_free
c0117e38 T dst_destroy
c0117f9c t dst_dev_event
c0118154 t neigh_blackhole
c01181ac T neigh_rand_reach_time
c01181d0 t neigh_forced_gc
c0118300 t neigh_del_timer
c011837c t pneigh_queue_purge
c011846c T neigh_ifdown
c0118654 t neigh_alloc
c0118780 T neigh_lookup
c011884c T neigh_create
c0118a60 T pneigh_lookup
c0118c0c T pneigh_delete
c0118d00 t pneigh_ifdown
c0118d90 T neigh_destroy
c0118fd0 t neigh_suspect
c0119010 t neigh_connect
c0119050 t neigh_sync
c01190e4 t neigh_periodic_timer
c0119258 t neigh_timer_handler
c01194b4 T __neigh_event_send
c01197b8 T neigh_update
c0119b90 T neigh_event_ns
c0119c38 t neigh_hh_init
c0119d50 T neigh_compat_output
c0119e0c T neigh_resolve_output
c011a0a8 T neigh_connected_output
c011a1dc t neigh_proxy_process
c011a350 T pneigh_enqueue
c011a498 T neigh_parms_alloc
c011a56c T neigh_parms_release
c011a64c T neigh_table_init
c011a73c T neigh_table_clear
c011a7cc T neigh_delete
c011a98c T neigh_add
c011ac08 t neigh_fill_info
c011aeb0 t neigh_dump_table
c011afd8 T neigh_dump_info
c011b074 T neigh_sysctl_register
c011b1c0 T neigh_sysctl_unregister
c011b1f4 T rtnl_lock
c011b230 T rtnl_unlock
c011b29c T rtattr_parse
c011b324 T __rta_fill
c011b3ac T rtnetlink_send
c011b440 T rtnetlink_put_metrics
c011b578 t rtnetlink_fill_ifinfo
c011b924 T rtnetlink_dump_ifinfo
c011b9ac T rtnetlink_dump_all
c011ba70 T rtmsg_ifinfo
c011bb40 t rtnetlink_done
c011bb54 t rtnetlink_rcv
c011c034 t rtnetlink_event
c011c0bc T net_random
c011c104 T net_srandom
c011c12c T net_ratelimit
c011c1fc T dev_get_wireless_info
c011c380 T wireless_process_ioctl
c011c9cc T eth_header
c011caec T eth_rebuild_header
c011cb4c T eth_type_trans
c011cc20 T eth_header_parse
c011cc4c T eth_header_cache
c011ccb8 T eth_header_cache_update
c011ccdc t p8023_datalink_header
c011cd1c T make_8023_client
c011cd64 T destroy_8023_client
c011cd80 T qdisc_restart
c011ce80 t dev_watchdog
c011cf84 t dev_watchdog_init
c011cfb0 T __netdev_watchdog_up
c011d020 t dev_watchdog_up
c011d070 t dev_watchdog_down
c011d0ec t noop_enqueue
c011d144 t noop_dequeue
c011d158 t noop_requeue
c011d1d4 t pfifo_fast_enqueue
c011d2a0 t pfifo_fast_dequeue
c011d320 t pfifo_fast_requeue
c011d384 t pfifo_fast_reset
c011d450 t pfifo_fast_init
c011d48c T qdisc_create_dflt
c011d548 T qdisc_reset
c011d570 T qdisc_destroy
c011d600 T dev_activate
c011d6d0 T dev_deactivate
c011d764 T dev_init_scheduler
c011d7cc T dev_shutdown
c011d878 t netlink_sock_destruct
c011d9d0 t netlink_table_grab
c011dab4 t netlink_insert
c011db9c t netlink_remove
c011dc44 t netlink_create
c011dd38 t netlink_release
c011defc t netlink_autobind
c011e008 t netlink_bind
c011e0dc t netlink_connect
c011e1a0 t netlink_getname
c011e204 t netlink_overrun
c011e244 T netlink_unicast
c011e614 T netlink_broadcast
c011e934 T netlink_set_err
c011e9ac t netlink_sendmsg
c011ebf0 t netlink_recvmsg
c011ed40 T netlink_data_ready
c011edb4 T netlink_kernel_create
c011ee38 t netlink_destroy_callback
c011eea4 t netlink_dump
c011f0bc T netlink_dump_start
c011f214 T netlink_ack
c011f2f8 t netlink_read_proc
c011f414 T in_ntoa
c011f464 T in_aton
c011f4f0 t rt_cache_get_info
c011f710 t rt_cache_stat_get_info
c011f7dc t rt_check_expire
c011f998 t rt_run_flush
c011fa68 T rt_cache_flush
c011fbac t rt_garbage_collect
c011ff8c t rt_intern_hash
c01202ac T rt_bind_peer
c01203b4 t ip_select_fb_ident
c012043c T __ip_select_ident
c01204fc t rt_del
c01205d0 T ip_rt_redirect
c0120b50 t ipv4_negative_advice
c0120c10 T ip_rt_send_redirect
c0120d40 t ip_error
c0120e50 T ip_rt_frag_needed
c01210c8 T ip_rt_update_pmtu
c0121154 t ipv4_dst_check
c012118c t ipv4_dst_reroute
c01211a0 t ipv4_dst_destroy
c0121264 t ipv4_link_failure
c01212c4 t ip_rt_bug
c0121384 T ip_rt_get_source
c01214a8 t rt_set_nexthop
c01215b4 t ip_route_input_mc
c012188c T ip_route_input_slow
c0121f78 T ip_route_input
c0122104 T ip_route_output_slow
c01229dc T ip_route_output_key
c0122b88 t rt_fill_info
c0122fa4 T inet_rtm_getroute
c0123204 T ip_rt_dump
c01233e4 T ip_rt_multicast_event
c01233fc t ipv4_sysctl_rtcache_flush
c0123444 t ipv4_sysctl_rtcache_flush_strategy
c0123484 t unlink_from_unused
c0123510 t peer_avl_rebalance
c012364c t unlink_from_pool
c0123894 t cleanup_once
c01239a8 T inet_getpeer
c0123c14 t peer_check_expire
c0123d24 t fold_prot_inuse
c0123d50 T afinet_get_info
c0123e8c t fold_field
c0123ecc T snmp_get_info
c012409c T netstat_get_info
c0124154 T inet_add_protocol
c0124214 T inet_del_protocol
c0124374 T ip_call_ra_chain
c0124464 t ip_run_ipprot
c01244e0 T ip_local_deliver
c01246e8 T ip_rcv
c0124bec t ip_frag_destroy
c0124cec t ip_evictor
c0124e7c t ip_expire
c0125004 t ip_frag_intern
c01250c0 t ip_frag_create
c01251a0 t ip_frag_queue
c01255cc t ip_frag_reasm
c01259c4 T ip_defrag
c0125ba0 T ip_forward
c0125e2c T ip_options_build
c0126020 T ip_options_echo
c0126360 T ip_options_fragment
c0126404 T ip_options_compile
c01269c0 T ip_options_undo
c0126acc T ip_options_get
c0126bf4 T ip_forward_options
c0126d5c T ip_options_rcv_srr
c0126f14 t ip_dev_loopback_xmit
c0126f98 T ip_build_and_send_pkt
c01271e4 T ip_mc_output
c012742c T ip_output
c012759c T ip_queue_xmit
c0127bf8 t ip_build_xmit_slow
c0128130 T ip_build_xmit
c0128514 T ip_fragment
c0128978 t ip_reply_glue_bits
c0128a34 T ip_send_reply
c0128b74 T ip_send_check
c0128be8 T ip_finish_output
c0128d38 t ip_cmsg_recv_pktinfo
c0128d90 t ip_cmsg_recv_ttl
c0128dc8 t ip_cmsg_recv_tos
c0128df8 t ip_cmsg_recv_opts
c0128e38 T ip_cmsg_recv_retopts
c0128ea0 T ip_cmsg_recv
c0128f3c T ip_cmsg_send
c0129030 T ip_ra_control
c012922c T ip_icmp_error
c01293fc T ip_local_error
c01295f4 T ip_recv_error
c0129844 T ip_setsockopt
c012a0c8 T ip_getsockopt
c012a840 T tcp_mem_schedule
c012aa90 T __tcp_mem_reclaim
c012ab24 T tcp_rfree
c012ab68 T tcp_poll
c012acbc T tcp_write_space
c012ad54 T tcp_ioctl
c012af88 T tcp_listen_start
c012b130 t tcp_listen_stop
c012b3d0 t wait_for_tcp_connect
c012b5c8 t wait_for_tcp_memory
c012b868 t tcp_error
c012b8d4 T do_tcp_sendpages
c012c464 T tcp_sendpage
c012c598 T tcp_sendmsg
c012d74c t tcp_recv_urg
c012d84c t cleanup_rbuf
c012d984 t tcp_data_wait
c012daf8 t tcp_prequeue_process
c012dbc8 T tcp_recvmsg
c012e408 t tcp_close_state
c012e4e8 T tcp_shutdown
c012e530 T tcp_destroy_sock
c012e818 T tcp_close
c012efc0 T tcp_disconnect
c012f388 t wait_for_connect
c012f534 T tcp_accept
c012f730 T tcp_setsockopt
c012ff58 T tcp_getsockopt
c01303f0 t tcp_incr_quickack
c013043c T tcp_enter_quickack_mode
c0130464 t tcp_fixup_sndbuf
c01304a8 t __tcp_grow_window
c0130540 t tcp_fixup_rcvbuf
c01305c0 t tcp_init_buffer_space
c01306d0 t tcp_clamp_window
c013080c t tcp_event_data_recv
c0130a50 T tcp_update_metrics
c0130c44 T tcp_init_cwnd
c0130cc4 t tcp_init_metrics
c0130e24 t tcp_update_reordering
c0130eb8 t tcp_sacktag_write_queue
c01314e8 T tcp_clear_retrans
c0131518 T tcp_enter_loss
c01316f4 t tcp_check_sack_reneging
c013180c t tcp_time_to_recover
c0131a2c t tcp_check_reno_reordering
c0131a78 t tcp_add_reno_sack
c0131ad4 t tcp_remove_reno_sacks
c0131b48 t tcp_mark_head_lost
c0131c20 t tcp_update_scoreboard
c0131d64 t tcp_cwnd_down
c0131ddc t tcp_undo_cwr
c0131e8c t tcp_try_undo_recovery
c0131fb0 t tcp_try_undo_dsack
c0132000 t tcp_try_undo_partial
c01320f8 t tcp_try_undo_loss
c0132204 t tcp_try_to_open
c013234c t tcp_fastretrans_alert
c0132850 t tcp_ack_saw_tstamp
c0132974 t tcp_ack_no_tstamp
c0132a8c t tcp_clean_rtx_queue
c0132e18 t tcp_ack_probe
c0132efc t tcp_ack_update_window
c0133020 t tcp_ack
c0133358 T tcp_parse_options
c01335e0 t tcp_disordered_ack
c01336b0 t tcp_reset
c01337c8 t tcp_fin
c0133a38 t tcp_send_dupack
c0133b1c t tcp_sack_maybe_coalesce
c0133c10 t tcp_sack_new_ofo_skb
c0133d5c t tcp_sack_remove
c0133e5c t tcp_ofo_queue
c01340d8 t tcp_data_queue
c0134bf4 t tcp_collapse
c0134fb0 t tcp_collapse_ofo_queue
c013506c t tcp_prune_queue
c0135264 T tcp_cwnd_application_limited
c0135310 t tcp_new_space
c01353d8 t __tcp_data_snd_check
c01354e4 t tcp_check_urg
c0135690 t tcp_copy_to_iovec
c0135744 t __tcp_checksum_complete_user
c01357e8 T tcp_rcv_established
c01360a0 t tcp_rcv_synsent_state_process
c0136644 T tcp_rcv_state_process
c0137190 t tcp_advertise_mss
c01371d4 t tcp_cwnd_restart
c0137278 T tcp_transmit_skb
c013799c T tcp_send_skb
c0137bf0 T tcp_push_one
c0137d34 t skb_split
c0137f68 t tcp_fragment
c0138298 T tcp_sync_mss
c0138318 T tcp_write_xmit
c0138634 T __tcp_select_window
c0138730 t tcp_retrans_try_collapse
c01389bc T tcp_simple_retransmit
c0138b40 T tcp_retransmit_skb
c0138e20 T tcp_xmit_retransmit_queue
c013921c T tcp_send_fin
c01394ac T tcp_send_active_reset
c013959c T tcp_send_synack
c0139718 T tcp_make_synack
c0139be0 T tcp_connect
c013a148 T tcp_send_delayed_ack
c013a240 T tcp_send_ack
c013a340 t tcp_xmit_probe_skb
c013a3d4 T tcp_write_wakeup
c013a614 T tcp_send_probe0
c013a7bc T tcp_init_xmit_timers
c013a82c T tcp_clear_xmit_timers
c013a900 t tcp_write_err
c013a9e8 t tcp_out_of_resources
c013abbc t tcp_orphan_retries
c013ac14 t tcp_write_timeout
c013ad60 t tcp_delack_timer
c013af94 t tcp_probe_timer
c013b060 t tcp_retransmit_timer
c013b424 t tcp_write_timer
c013b568 t tcp_synack_timer
c013b774 T tcp_delete_keepalive_timer
c013b7c0 T tcp_reset_keepalive_timer
c013b810 T tcp_set_keepalive
c013b870 t tcp_keepalive_timer
c013bb60 T tcp_bucket_create
c013bbc4 t tcp_v4_get_port
c013be9c T tcp_put_port
c013bf50 T tcp_listen_wlock
c013c024 t tcp_v4_hash
c013c164 T tcp_unhash
c013c238 t __tcp_v4_lookup_listener
c013c2cc t tcp_v4_check_established
c013c5ac T tcp_v4_hash_connecting
c013c734 T tcp_v4_connect
c013cab4 t tcp_v4_search_req
c013cb6c t tcp_v4_synq_add
c013cc08 T tcp_v4_err
c013d380 T tcp_v4_send_check
c013d46c t tcp_v4_send_reset
c013d5fc t tcp_v4_send_ack
c013d7c0 t tcp_v4_timewait_ack
c013d848 t tcp_v4_or_send_ack
c013d880 t tcp_v4_route_req
c013d984 t tcp_v4_send_synack
c013da7c t tcp_v4_or_free
c013da9c T tcp_v4_conn_request
c013df1c T tcp_v4_syn_recv_sock
c013e1d8 t tcp_v4_hnd_req
c013e3cc t tcp_v4_checksum_init
c013e534 T tcp_v4_do_rcv
c013e6a0 T tcp_v4_rcv
c013ee7c t __tcp_v4_rehash
c013eeac t tcp_v4_reselect_saddr
c013f074 T tcp_v4_rebuild_header
c013f1d8 t v4_addr2sockaddr
c013f200 T tcp_v4_remember_stamp
c013f36c T tcp_v4_tw_remember_stamp
c013f48c t tcp_v4_init_sock
c013f584 t tcp_v4_destroy_sock
c013f7a0 t get_openreq
c013f860 t get_tcp_sock
c013f9d8 t get_timewait_sock
c013fa90 T tcp_get_info
c013ff68 T tcp_v4_lookup_listener
c0140014 T __tcp_put_port
c0140088 T tcp_inherit_port
c0140100 T tcp_v4_lookup
c0140308 T tcp_timewait_kill
c01403f4 T tcp_timewait_state_process
c014082c t __tcp_tw_hashdance
c0140928 T tcp_time_wait
c0140bc4 t tcp_twkill
c0140ce0 T tcp_tw_deschedule
c0140d8c T tcp_tw_schedule
c0140f70 t tcp_twcal_tick
c0141108 T tcp_create_openreq_child
c01414b8 T tcp_check_req
c0141828 T tcp_child_process
c01418f8 t tcpdiag_fill
c0141eb4 t tcpdiag_get_exact
c0142038 T bitstring_match
c01420c0 T tcpdiag_bc_run
c014229c T valid_cc
c01422ec T tcpdiag_bc_audit
c01423e4 T tcpdiag_dump
c01428a0 t tcpdiag_dump_done
c01428b4 t tcpdiag_rcv
c0142a68 t raw_v4_hash
c0142b14 t raw_v4_unhash
c0142bbc T __raw_v4_lookup
c0142c34 T raw_v4_input
c0142d40 T raw_err
c0142e7c t raw_rcv_skb
c0142fe8 T raw_rcv
c014304c t raw_getfrag
c014306c t raw_getrawfrag
c0143164 t raw_sendmsg
c0143480 t raw_close
c01434a8 t raw_bind
c0143550 T raw_recvmsg
c01436a4 t raw_init
c01436d0 t raw_seticmpfilter
c014373c t raw_geticmpfilter
c01437dc t raw_setsockopt
c014383c t raw_getsockopt
c014389c t raw_ioctl
c0143924 t get_raw_sock
c01439d0 T raw_get_info
c0143acc t udp_v4_get_port
c0143d84 t udp_v4_hash
c0143d9c t udp_v4_unhash
c0143e48 T udp_v4_lookup_longway
c0143f3c T udp_err
c0144100 t udp_check
c0144154 t udp_getfrag
c0144254 t udp_getfrag_nosum
c01442b0 T udp_sendmsg
c0144748 T udp_ioctl
c01447d4 T udp_recvmsg
c0144a64 T udp_connect
c0144c6c T udp_disconnect
c0144cf8 t udp_close
c0144d0c t udp_queue_rcv_skb
c0144e68 t udp_v4_mcast_deliver
c0145048 t udp_checksum_init
c014511c T udp_rcv
c0145510 t get_udp_sock
c01455dc T udp_get_info
c01456d8 T udp_v4_lookup
c014572c T arp_mc_map
c0145814 t arp_hash
c0145840 t arp_constructor
c01459c8 t arp_error_report
c0145a54 t arp_solicit
c0145b70 t arp_filter
c0145c20 t arp_set_predefined
c0145cb0 T arp_find
c0145f08 T arp_bind_neighbour
c0145f94 T arp_send
c01461e8 t parp_redo
c0146204 T arp_rcv
c0146824 T arp_req_set
c0146a4c t arp_state_to_flags
c0146a7c t arp_req_get
c0146b74 T arp_req_delete
c0146d08 T arp_ioctl
c0146f30 t arp_get_info
c0147238 T arp_ifdown
c0147258 t icmp_xmit_lock_bh
c0147278 t icmp_xmit_unlock_bh
c0147298 T xrlim_allow
c01472fc t icmp_out_count
c0147368 t icmp_glue_bits
c0147408 t icmp_reply
c01475d4 T icmp_send
c01479c0 t icmp_unreach
c0147ca0 t icmp_redirect
c0147d64 t icmp_echo
c0147dc8 t icmp_timestamp
c0147ed8 t icmp_address
c0147ee8 t icmp_address_reply
c0148080 t icmp_discard
c0148090 T icmp_rcv
c0148270 t inet_alloc_ifa
c01482b8 T in_dev_finish_destroy
c0148380 T inetdev_init
c014856c t inetdev_destroy
c0148708 T inet_addr_onlink
c014876c t inet_del_ifa
c01489bc t inet_insert_ifa
c0148c3c t inet_set_ifa
c0148d8c T inetdev_by_index
c0148ddc T inet_ifa_byprefix
c0148eac T inet_rtm_deladdr
c014901c T inet_rtm_newaddr
c01491f8 T devinet_ioctl
c01498c0 t inet_gifconf
c01499b8 T inet_select_addr
c0149aa4 T register_inetaddr_notifier
c0149ac4 T unregister_inetaddr_notifier
c0149ae4 t inetdev_event
c0149cb4 t inet_fill_ifaddr
c0149f20 t inet_dump_ifaddr
c0149ff0 t rtmsg_ifa
c014a0e8 T inet_forward_change
c014a154 t devinet_sysctl_forward
c014a1cc t devinet_sysctl_register
c014a2d4 t devinet_sysctl_unregister
c014a308 T inet_sock_destruct
c014a538 T inet_sock_release
c014a600 T inet_setsockopt
c014a62c T inet_getsockopt
c014a658 t inet_autobind
c014a7e4 T inet_listen
c014a924 t inet_create
c014abb4 T inet_release
c014ac1c t inet_bind
c014aea8 T inet_dgram_connect
c014af20 t inet_wait_for_connect
c014b0a4 T inet_stream_connect
c014b350 T inet_accept
c014b4d0 t inet_getname
c014b558 T inet_recvmsg
c014b5ac T inet_sendmsg
c014b600 T inet_shutdown
c014b7d0 t inet_ioctl
c014bb7c T inet_register_protosw
c014bc84 T inet_unregister_protosw
c014bd04 t ip_ma_put
c014bd90 t ip_mc_filter_add
c014bdd8 t ip_mc_filter_del
c014be20 t igmp_group_dropped
c014be50 t igmp_group_added
c014be80 T ip_mc_inc_group
c014bfec T ip_mc_dec_group
c014c130 T ip_mc_down
c014c1e8 T ip_mc_up
c014c2a0 T ip_mc_destroy_dev
c014c3c4 t ip_mc_find_dev
c014c4a0 T ip_mc_join_group
c014c684 T ip_mc_leave_group
c014c79c T ip_mc_drop_socket
c014c844 T ip_check_mc
c014c880 t ipv4_sysctl_forward
c014c8d0 t ipv4_sysctl_forward_strategy
c014c920 T fib_flush
c014c978 t fib_get_procinfo
c014ca3c T ip_dev_find
c014cb28 T inet_addr_type
c014cc08 T fib_validate_source
c014cef0 T ip_rt_ioctl
c014d08c t inet_check_attr
c014d0e4 T inet_rtm_delroute
c014d168 T inet_rtm_newroute
c014d1ec T inet_dump_fib
c014d2b4 t fib_magic
c014d3d4 t fib_add_ifaddr
c014d510 t fib_del_ifaddr
c014d6a4 t fib_disable_ip
c014d6e4 t fib_inetaddr_event
c014d75c t fib_netdev_event
c014d7fc T free_fib_info
c014d8a8 T fib_release_info
c014d94c T ip_fib_check_default
c014d9c8 T fib_nh_match
c014da5c t fib_check_nh
c014dd0c T fib_create_info
c014e104 T fib_semantic_match
c014e1ec T __fib_res_prefsrc
c014e214 T fib_dump_info
c014e4d0 T fib_convert_rtentry
c014e904 T fib_sync_down
c014e9d8 t fib_flag_trans
c014ea24 T fib_node_get_info
c014eb24 t fn_free_node
c014eb54 t fn_new_zone
c014ecc8 t fn_hash_lookup
c014edc8 t fib_detect_death
c014eea0 t fn_hash_select_default
c014f0bc t fn_hash_insert
c014f4e8 t fn_hash_delete
c014f79c t fn_hash_flush
c014f8a4 t fn_hash_get_info
c014f994 t fn_hash_dump
c014fb44 t rtmsg_fib
c014fca0 t unix_mkname
c014fd30 t __unix_remove_socket
c014fda8 t __unix_insert_socket
c014fe18 t __unix_find_socket_byname
c014fe84 t unix_find_socket_byinode
c014feec t unix_write_space
c014ff60 t unix_dgram_disconnected
c0150060 t unix_sock_destructor
c01501fc t unix_release_sock
c01504bc t unix_listen
c0150564 t unix_create1
c0150680 t unix_create
c015070c t unix_release
c015073c t unix_autobind
c01508b8 t unix_find_other
c0150a10 t unix_bind
c0150d80 t unix_dgram_connect
c0150ef8 t unix_wait_for_peer
c0150fc0 t unix_stream_connect
c015141c t unix_socketpair
c01514cc t unix_accept
c01515bc t unix_getname
c01516b4 t unix_detach_fds
c0151708 t unix_destruct_fds
c0151758 t unix_attach_fds
c01517b4 t unix_dgram_sendmsg
c0151c3c t unix_stream_sendmsg
c0151fd0 t unix_copy_addr
c0152010 t unix_dgram_recvmsg
c0152124 t unix_stream_data_wait
c0152210 t unix_stream_recvmsg
c015266c t unix_shutdown
c01527c0 t unix_ioctl
c0152850 t unix_poll
c01528e8 t unix_read_proc
c0152a98 T unix_inflight
c0152b30 T unix_notinflight
c0152bc8 T unix_gc
c0153000 T unix_sysctl_register
c015302c T unix_sysctl_unregister
c015304c T packet_sock_destruct
c01530ec t packet_rcv_spkt
c01532e0 t packet_sendmsg_spkt
c0153540 t packet_rcv
c01537e0 t tpacket_rcv
c0153d0c t packet_sendmsg
c0153ff4 t packet_release
c0154244 t packet_do_bind
c01543fc t packet_bind_spkt
c01544a4 t packet_bind
c0154560 t packet_create
c0154758 t packet_recvmsg
c0154864 t packet_getname_spkt
c0154910 t packet_getname
c01549dc t packet_dev_mc
c0154a50 t packet_dev_mclist
c0154a9c t packet_mc_add
c0154bc0 t packet_mc_drop
c0154ccc t packet_flush_mclist
c0154d7c t packet_setsockopt
c0154f3c T packet_getsockopt
c0155074 t packet_notifier
c01551d4 t packet_ioctl
c0155520 T packet_poll
c01555b0 t packet_mm_open
c01555f8 t packet_mm_close
c0155640 t free_pg_vec
c0155724 t packet_set_ring
c0155c40 t packet_mmap
c0155df4 t packet_read_proc
c0155f30 T iriap_cleanup
c0155f80 T iriap_open
c0156060 t __iriap_close
c01560ec T iriap_close
c0156150 t iriap_register_lsap
c0156214 t iriap_disconnect_indication
c0156304 T iriap_disconnect_request
c0156370 T iriap_getinfobasedetails_request
c0156380 T iriap_getinfobasedetails_confirm
c0156390 T iriap_getobjects_request
c01563a0 T iriap_getobjects_confirm
c01563b0 T iriap_getvalue
c01563c0 T iriap_getvaluebyclass_request
c0156540 T iriap_getvaluebyclass_confirm
c015671c T iriap_getvaluebyclass_response
c0156a88 T iriap_getvaluebyclass_indication
c0156bc8 T iriap_send_ack
c0156c94 T iriap_connect_request
c0156d08 t iriap_connect_confirm
c0156d60 t iriap_connect_indication
c0156e40 t iriap_data_indication
c0157070 T iriap_call_indication
c01570e8 T iriap_watchdog_timer_expired
c01570f8 T irias_proc_read
c01572e8 T iriap_next_client_state
c015730c T iriap_next_call_state
c0157330 T iriap_next_server_state
c0157354 T iriap_next_r_connect_state
c0157378 T iriap_do_client_event
c01573b4 T iriap_do_call_event
c01573f0 T iriap_do_server_event
c015742c T iriap_do_r_connect_event
c0157468 t state_s_disconnect
c01574b8 t state_s_connecting
c0157520 t state_s_call
c0157558 t state_s_make_call
c01575f0 t state_s_calling
c0157600 t state_s_outstanding
c0157628 t state_s_replying
c0157638 t state_s_wait_for_call
c0157648 t state_s_wait_active
c0157658 t state_r_disconnect
c0157740 t state_r_call
c0157770 t state_r_waiting
c0157780 t state_r_wait_active
c0157790 t state_r_receiving
c01577c4 t state_r_execute
c0157810 t state_r_returning
c0157820 T irlmp_cleanup
c01578cc T irlmp_open_lsap
c01579ec t __irlmp_close_lsap
c0157a80 T irlmp_close_lsap
c0157b24 T irlmp_register_link
c0157bfc T irlmp_unregister_link
c0157c70 T irlmp_connect_request
c0157ec8 T irlmp_connect_indication
c0157fe0 T irlmp_connect_response
c0158084 T irlmp_connect_confirm
c015819c T irlmp_dup
c0158230 T irlmp_disconnect_request
c01583b4 T irlmp_disconnect_indication
c015852c T irlmp_do_expiry
c01585a4 T irlmp_do_discovery
c0158690 T irlmp_discovery_request
c01586e8 T irlmp_get_discoveries
c015874c T irlmp_discovery_confirm
c0158800 T irlmp_discovery_expiry
c0158888 T irlmp_get_discovery_response
c01588f8 T irlmp_data_request
c0158984 T irlmp_data_indication
c0158a34 T irlmp_udata_request
c0158aac T irlmp_udata_indication
c0158b7c T irlmp_status_request
c0158b8c T irlmp_status_indication
c0158c04 T irlmp_hint_to_service
c0158cd4 T irlmp_service_to_hint
c0158dd8 T irlmp_register_service
c0158e90 T irlmp_unregister_service
c0158f40 T irlmp_register_client
c015900c T irlmp_update_client
c0159078 T irlmp_unregister_client
c01590e0 T irlmp_slsap_inuse
c01591b0 T irlmp_find_free_slsap
c0159250 T irlmp_convert_lap_reason
c01592ac T irlmp_get_saddr
c01592d8 T irlmp_get_daddr
c0159304 T irlmp_proc_read
c0159540 T irlmp_do_lsap_event
c0159598 T irlmp_do_lap_event
c01595e4 T irlmp_discovery_timer_expired
c0159670 T irlmp_watchdog_timer_expired
c01596a8 T irlmp_idle_timer_expired
c01596e0 t irlmp_state_standby
c01597d8 t irlmp_state_u_connect
c0159974 t irlmp_state_active
c0159b44 t irlmp_state_disconnected
c0159c60 t irlmp_state_connect
c0159d98 t irlmp_state_connect_pend
c0159ef4 t irlmp_state_dtr
c015a0ec t irlmp_state_setup
c015a2cc t irlmp_state_setup_pend
c015a414 T irlmp_send_lcf_pdu
c015a488 T irlmp_link_data_indication
c015a668 T irlmp_link_disconnect_indication
c015a708 T irlmp_link_connect_indication
c015a738 T irlmp_link_connect_confirm
c015a7d8 T irlmp_link_discovery_indication
c015a828 T irlmp_link_discovery_confirm
c015a894 t irlmp_find_lsap
c015a91c T irlmp_send_data_pdu
c015a968 T irlap_cleanup
c015a998 T irlap_open
c015ab18 t __irlap_close
c015aba0 T irlap_close
c015ac08 T irlap_connect_indication
c015aca0 T irlap_connect_response
c015ad0c T irlap_connect_request
c015adb4 T irlap_connect_confirm
c015ae10 T irlap_data_indication
c015ae7c T irlap_data_request
c015b054 T irlap_disconnect_request
c015b0f4 T irlap_disconnect_indication
c015b190 T irlap_discovery_request
c015b27c T irlap_discovery_confirm
c015b2d8 T irlap_discovery_indication
c015b334 T irlap_status_indication
c015b38c T irlap_reset_indication
c015b3e8 T irlap_reset_confirm
c015b3f8 T irlap_generate_rand_time_slot
c015b47c T irlap_update_nr_received
c015b640 T irlap_validate_ns_received
c015b660 T irlap_validate_nr_received
c015b6bc T irlap_initiate_connection_state
c015b70c T irlap_wait_min_turn_around
c015b74c T irlap_flush_all_queues
c015b958 T irlap_change_speed
c015b9c8 T irlap_init_qos_capabilities
c015ba9c T irlap_apply_default_connection_parameters
c015bba0 T irlap_apply_connection_parameters
c015bc9c T irlap_set_local_busy
c015bcb0 T irlap_proc_read
c015c084 t irlap_poll_timer_expired
c015c0c0 T irlap_start_poll_timer
c015c19c T irlap_do_event
c015c308 T irlap_next_state
c015c348 t irlap_state_ndm
c015c690 t irlap_state_query
c015c82c t irlap_state_reply
c015c924 t irlap_state_conn
c015ca44 t irlap_state_setup
c015cd50 t irlap_state_offline
c015cd64 t irlap_state_xmit_p
c015cf58 t irlap_state_pclose
c015d044 t irlap_state_nrm_p
c015d614 t irlap_state_reset_wait
c015d6e0 t irlap_state_reset
c015d8a0 t irlap_state_xmit_s
c015da64 t irlap_state_nrm_s
c015e094 t irlap_state_sclose
c015e164 t irlap_state_reset_check
c015e21c T irlap_queue_xmit
c015e2bc T irlap_send_snrm_frame
c015e48c t irlap_recv_snrm_cmd
c015e550 T irlap_send_ua_response_frame
c015e6c4 T irlap_send_dm_frame
c015e794 T irlap_send_disc_frame
c015e85c T irlap_send_discovery_xid_frame
c015ebcc t irlap_recv_discovery_xid_rsp
c015ed5c t irlap_recv_discovery_xid_cmd
c015efac T irlap_send_rr_frame
c015f074 T irlap_send_rd_frame
c015f120 T irlap_send_frmr_frame
c015f214 t irlap_recv_rnr_frame
c015f268 t irlap_recv_rej_frame
c015f2bc t irlap_recv_srej_frame
c015f310 t irlap_recv_disc_frame
c015f354 T irlap_send_data_primary
c015f45c T irlap_send_data_primary_poll
c015f5f8 T irlap_send_data_secondary_final
c015f7a0 T irlap_send_data_secondary
c015f8ac T irlap_resend_rejected_frames
c015f988 T irlap_resend_rejected_frame
c015fa2c T irlap_send_ui_frame
c015fa80 T irlap_send_i_frame
c015fac8 t irlap_recv_ui_frame
c015fafc t irlap_recv_frmr_frame
c015fb7c T irlap_send_test_frame
c015fd40 t irlap_recv_test_frame
c015fe0c T irlap_driver_rcv
c0160188 T irda_start_timer
c01601d0 T irlap_start_mbusy_timer
c01601f4 T irlap_stop_mbusy_timer
c016022c t irlap_slot_timer_expired
c0160268 t irlap_query_timer_expired
c01602a4 t irlap_final_timer_expired
c01602e0 t irlap_wd_timer_expired
c016031c t irlap_backoff_timer_expired
c0160358 t irlap_media_busy_expired
c016037c T irlap_start_slot_timer
c01603a0 T irlap_start_query_timer
c01603c4 T irlap_start_final_timer
c01603e8 T irlap_start_wd_timer
c016040c T irlap_start_backoff_timer
c0160430 T irlmp_start_watchdog_timer
c0160454 T irlmp_start_discovery_timer
c0160478 T irlmp_start_idle_timer
c016049c T irlmp_stop_idle_timer
c01604c0 T msb_index
c0160500 T irda_qos_compute_intersection
c0160594 T irda_init_max_qos_capabilies
c01606b8 T irlap_adjust_qos_settings
c01607ec T irlap_qos_negotiate
c016083c T irlap_insert_qos_negotiation_params
c0160bd0 t irlap_param_baud_rate
c0160c3c t irlap_param_link_disconnect
c0160ca8 t irlap_param_max_turn_time
c0160d00 t irlap_param_data_size
c0160d58 t irlap_param_window_size
c0160db0 t irlap_param_additional_bofs
c0160e08 t irlap_param_min_turn_time
c0160e60 T irlap_max_line_capacity
c0160eec T irlap_requested_line_capacity
c0160f30 T irda_qos_bits_to_value
c0160fe8 T irda_make_appropriate_qos
c0161094 T irda_device_list_new
c01610f4 T irda_device_list_delete
c016112c t __irda_dev_delete
c0161144 T irda_specific_device_new
c01611f0 t irda_search_name
c0161284 t irda_search_item
c0161340 t get_value_bits
c016140c t irda_parse_key_value
c01614f4 t irda_parse_device_settings
c016171c T hashbin_new
c0161784 T hashbin_clear
c0161810 T hashbin_delete
c01618a8 T hashbin_insert
c0161994 T hashbin_find
c0161ab8 T hashbin_remove_first
c0161b04 T hashbin_remove
c0161c6c T hashbin_remove_this
c0161d60 T hashbin_get_first
c0161dcc T hashbin_get_next
c0161e64 t __enqueue_last
c0161ea8 T enqueue_first
c0161ef0 T enqueue_queue
c0161f5c T dequeue_first
c0161fac t dequeue_general
c0162004 t hash
c0162050 T enqueue_last
c0162078 T irttp_open_tsap
c016224c t __irttp_close_tsap
c01622f4 T irttp_close_tsap
c01623bc T irttp_udata_request
c016243c T irttp_data_request
c0162604 t irttp_run_tx_queue
c01627e4 T irttp_give_credit
c01628f4 t irttp_udata_indication
c01629b0 t irttp_data_indication
c0162ae8 T irttp_status_indication
c0162b34 T irttp_flow_request
c0162bc0 T irttp_connect_request
c0162dd0 t irttp_connect_confirm
c0162f80 t irttp_connect_indication
c0163178 T irttp_connect_response
c016334c T irttp_dup
c0163420 T irttp_disconnect_request
c01635f0 t irttp_disconnect_indication
c016370c T irttp_do_data_indication
c016381c t irttp_run_rx_queue
c0163a8c t irttp_flush_queues
c0163c98 t irttp_reassemble_skb
c0163e74 t irttp_fragment_skb
c0164098 t irttp_param_max_sdu_size
c01640e8 t irttp_todo_expired
c01641b8 t irttp_start_todo_timer
c0164220 T irttp_proc_read
c0164494 T irda_device_cleanup
c01644d0 T irda_device_set_media_busy
c0164544 T irda_device_set_dtr_rts
c0164594 T irda_device_change_speed
c01645e0 T irda_device_is_receiving
c0164634 T irda_task_next_state
c0164648 t __irda_task_delete
c016466c T irda_task_delete
c01646a0 T irda_task_kick
c01647d8 T irda_task_execute
c0164878 t irda_task_timer_expired
c016488c T irda_device_setup
c0164900 T irda_device_txqueue_empty
c0164924 T irda_device_dongle_init
c01649a0 T irda_device_dongle_cleanup
c01649dc T irda_device_register_dongle
c0164a3c T irda_device_unregister_dongle
c0164a78 T irda_device_set_mode
c0164ac4 T setup_dma
c0164b28 T strndup
c0164ba0 T irias_new_object
c0164c0c T __irias_delete_attrib
c0164c64 T __irias_delete_object
c0164cc4 T irias_delete_object
c0164d2c T irias_delete_attrib
c0164da8 T irias_insert_object
c0164dec T irias_find_object
c0164e20 T irias_find_attrib
c0164e74 T irias_add_attrib
c0164ed8 T irias_object_change_attribute
c0164f78 T irias_add_integer_attrib
c0165020 T irias_add_octseq_attrib
c01650d4 T irias_add_string_attrib
c0165184 T irias_new_integer_value
c01651e4 T irias_new_string_value
c016525c T irias_new_octseq_value
c0165300 T irias_new_missing_value
c0165354 T irias_delete_value
c01653b8 T crc_calc
c0165408 T async_wrap_skb
c0165534 t state_outside_frame
c0165590 t state_begin_frame
c0165650 t state_link_escape
c0165708 t state_inside_frame
c0165900 T async_bump
c0165a08 T async_unwrap_char
c0165a34 t stuff_byte
c0165a84 t irda_data_indication
c0165b68 t irda_disconnect_indication
c0165c34 t irda_connect_confirm
c0165d30 t irda_connect_indication
c0165e10 T irda_connect_response
c0165e78 t irda_flow_indication
c0165ed4 t irda_getvalue_confirm
c0165f4c t irda_selective_discovery_indication
c0165fbc t irda_discovery_timeout
c0165ff8 t irda_open_tsap
c01660c4 t irda_find_lsap_sel
c01661cc t irda_discover_daddr_and_lsap_sel
c01662dc t irda_getname
c016635c t irda_listen
c01663b4 t irda_bind
c0166440 t irda_accept
c016668c t irda_connect
c01668ac t irda_create
c0166a18 T irda_destroy_socket
c0166aa0 t irda_release
c0166c28 t irda_sendmsg
c0166db4 t irda_recvmsg_dgram
c0166e78 t irda_data_wait
c0166ecc t irda_recvmsg_stream
c01671c8 t irda_sendmsg_dgram
c01672fc t irda_shutdown
c01673a0 t irda_poll
c0167470 t irda_ioctl
c01675a0 t irda_setsockopt
c01679d8 t irda_extract_ias_value
c0167a90 t irda_getsockopt
c016800c t irda_device_event
c0168034 T irda_proc_modcount
c0168044 T irlmp_add_discovery
c016810c T irlmp_add_discovery_log
c0168154 T irlmp_expire_discoveries
c01681fc T irlmp_dump_discoveries
c0168234 T irlmp_copy_discoveries
c0168344 T irlmp_find_device
c01683bc T discovery_proc_read
c01684b8 t irda_insert_no_value
c0168524 t irda_extract_no_value
c0168578 t irda_insert_integer
c016873c t irda_extract_integer
c01688f0 t irda_extract_string
c01689a0 t irda_extract_octseq
c01689ec T irda_param_pack
c0168ab4 T irda_param_unpack
c0168b88 T irda_param_insert
c0168c60 T irda_param_extract
c0168d50 T irda_param_extract_all
c0168dc0 T irda_notify_init
c0168e08 T irda_proc_register
c0168e80 T irda_proc_unregister
c0168ee0 t do_devname
c0168f4c T irda_sysctl_register
c0168f88 T irda_sysctl_unregister
c0168fa8 t do_specdev
c0169374 T ircomm_open
c016945c t __ircomm_close
c01694c4 T ircomm_close
c0169528 T ircomm_connect_request
c0169594 T ircomm_connect_indication
c016962c T ircomm_connect_response
c016967c T ircomm_connect_confirm
c0169714 T ircomm_data_request
c0169770 T ircomm_data_indication
c01697fc T ircomm_process_data
c01698d0 T ircomm_control_request
c016992c t ircomm_control_indication
c0169a00 T ircomm_disconnect_request
c0169a50 T ircomm_disconnect_indication
c0169ae8 T ircomm_flow_request
c0169b58 t ircomm_proc_read
c0169cb0 t ircomm_state_idle
c0169d88 t ircomm_state_waiti
c0169e60 t ircomm_state_waitr
c0169f74 t ircomm_state_conn
c016a0ac T ircomm_do_event
c016a0d4 T ircomm_next_state
c016a0e8 T ircomm_open_lsap
c016a1b4 T ircomm_lmp_connect_request
c016a1ec T ircomm_lmp_connect_response
c016a284 T ircomm_lmp_disconnect_request
c016a2fc T ircomm_lmp_flow_control
c016a38c T ircomm_lmp_data_request
c016a474 T ircomm_lmp_data_indication
c016a4d4 T ircomm_lmp_connect_confirm
c016a540 T ircomm_lmp_connect_indication
c016a5ac T ircomm_lmp_disconnect_indication
c016a5f8 T ircomm_open_tsap
c016a6d0 T ircomm_ttp_connect_request
c016a70c T ircomm_ttp_connect_response
c016a72c T ircomm_ttp_data_request
c016a80c T ircomm_ttp_data_indication
c016a86c T ircomm_ttp_connect_confirm
c016a948 T ircomm_ttp_connect_indication
c016aa24 T ircomm_ttp_disconnect_request
c016aa40 T ircomm_ttp_disconnect_indication
c016aa8c T ircomm_ttp_flow_indication
c016aadc t ircomm_tty_startup
c016ac18 t ircomm_tty_block_til_ready
c016aebc t ircomm_tty_open
c016b0f0 t ircomm_tty_close
c016b298 t ircomm_tty_flush_buffer
c016b330 t ircomm_tty_do_softint
c016b41c t ircomm_tty_write
c016b6c0 t ircomm_tty_write_room
c016b748 t ircomm_tty_wait_until_sent
c016b7fc t ircomm_tty_throttle
c016b884 t ircomm_tty_unthrottle
c016b908 t ircomm_tty_chars_in_buffer
c016b964 t ircomm_tty_shutdown
c016bb34 t ircomm_tty_hangup
c016bb9c t ircomm_tty_send_xchar
c016bbac T ircomm_tty_start
c016bbcc T ircomm_tty_stop
c016bc08 T ircomm_tty_check_modem_status
c016bd40 t ircomm_tty_data_indication
c016c074 t ircomm_tty_control_indication
c016c124 t ircomm_tty_flow_indication
c016c1f0 t ircomm_tty_line_info
c016c730 t ircomm_tty_read_proc
c016c800 T ircomm_tty_attach_cable
c016c890 T ircomm_tty_detach_cable
c016c948 t ircomm_tty_ias_register
c016caa0 T ircomm_tty_send_initial_parameters
c016cb90 t ircomm_tty_discovery_indication
c016cc0c T ircomm_tty_check_disconnect_pend
c016cc5c T ircomm_tty_check_flow_start
c016cc94 T ircomm_tty_disconnect_indication
c016cda8 t ircomm_tty_getvalue_confirm
c016ce68 T ircomm_tty_connect_confirm
c016cf10 T ircomm_tty_connect_indication
c016cfec T ircomm_tty_link_established
c016d0cc T ircomm_tty_start_watchdog_timer
c016d10c T ircomm_tty_watchdog_timer_expired
c016d148 T ircomm_tty_start_discon_timer
c016d188 T ircomm_tty_discon_timer_expired
c016d1c4 T ircomm_tty_start_flow_timer
c016d204 T ircomm_tty_flow_timer_expired
c016d240 t ircomm_tty_state_idle
c016d380 t ircomm_tty_state_search
c016d4d8 t ircomm_tty_state_query_parameters
c016d600 t ircomm_tty_state_query_lsap_sel
c016d6fc t ircomm_tty_state_setup
c016d7cc t ircomm_tty_state_ready
c016d960 T ircomm_tty_do_event
c016d9c0 T ircomm_tty_next_state
c016d9ec T ircomm_tty_change_speed
c016db38 T ircomm_tty_set_termios
c016dc60 t ircomm_tty_get_modem_info
c016dcc8 t ircomm_tty_set_modem_info
c016de08 t ircomm_tty_get_serial_info
c016ded4 t ircomm_tty_set_serial_info
c016dee8 T ircomm_tty_ioctl
c016e020 T ircomm_param_flush
c016e054 T ircomm_param_request
c016e23c t ircomm_param_service_type
c016e2fc t ircomm_param_port_type
c016e34c t ircomm_param_port_name
c016e3a0 t ircomm_param_data_rate
c016e3f0 t ircomm_param_data_format
c016e440 t ircomm_param_flow_control
c016e490 t ircomm_param_xon_xoff
c016e4f4 t ircomm_param_enq_ack
c016e558 t ircomm_param_line_status
c016e56c t ircomm_param_dte
c016e60c t ircomm_param_dce
c016e650 t ircomm_param_poll
c016e6a0 T rpc_create_client
c016e82c T rpc_shutdown_client
c016e8c4 T rpc_destroy_client
c016e93c T rpc_release_client
c016e9d8 t rpc_default_callback
c016e9e8 T rpc_clnt_sigmask
c016ea90 T rpc_clnt_sigunmask
c016eaf8 T rpc_call_sync
c016ebb0 T rpc_call_async
c016ec70 T rpc_call_setup
c016ed04 T rpc_restart_call
c016ed4c t call_reserve
c016ee18 t call_reserveresult
c016ef50 t call_allocate
c016f04c t call_encode
c016f174 t call_bind
c016f1e0 t call_reconnect
c016f278 t child_reconnect
c016f2b4 t child_reconnect_status
c016f2e0 t call_transmit
c016f368 t call_status
c016f4c4 t call_timeout
c016f668 t call_decode
c016f84c t call_refresh
c016f8bc t call_refreshresult
c016f91c t call_header
c016f9f4 t call_verify
c016fcbc t xprt_lock_write
c016fd88 t xprt_release_write
c016fdf4 t xprt_recvmsg
c016ff70 t xprt_adjust_cwnd
c01700b0 T xprt_adjust_timeout
c0170188 t xprt_close
c01701f4 t xprt_disconnect
c0170250 T xprt_reconnect
c0170504 t xprt_reconn_status
c0170554 t csum_partial_copy_to_page_cache
c01706f8 t udp_data_ready
c0170980 t tcp_input_record
c0170ec0 T xprt_tcp_pending
c0170f20 t xprt_remove_pending
c0170f8c T __rpciod_tcp_dispatcher
c0171080 t tcp_data_ready
c017120c t tcp_state_change
c017132c t tcp_write_space
c0171400 t udp_write_space
c01714c4 t xprt_timer
c0171548 T xprt_transmit
c0171630 t do_xprt_transmit
c0171a0c T xprt_receive
c0171a70 T xprt_reserve
c0171b90 t xprt_reserve_status
c0171c3c t xprt_request_init
c0171cec T xprt_release
c0171dd8 T xprt_default_timeout
c0171e10 T xprt_set_timeout
c0171e44 t xprt_setup
c0172014 t xprt_bind_socket
c01720ec t xprt_create_socket
c0172244 T xprt_create_proto
c01722c0 T xprt_shutdown
c0172318 T xprt_clear_backlog
c017236c T xprt_destroy
c01723c0 t rpc_run_timer
c0172454 T rpc_add_timer
c017252c T rpc_add_wait_queue
c0172658 T rpc_remove_wait_queue
c0172728 T rpciod_wake_up
c017277c t __rpc_sleep_on
c01729b0 T rpc_sleep_on
c0172a00 T rpc_sleep_locked
c0172a60 t __rpc_wake_up_task
c0172d74 t __rpc_default_timer
c0172dbc T rpc_wake_up_task
c0172e18 T rpc_wake_up_next
c0172eb8 T rpc_wake_up
c0172f24 T rpc_wake_up_status
c0172f94 T __rpc_lock_task
c0172fcc T rpc_unlock_task
c0173048 T rpc_delay
c017307c t __rpc_atrun
c0173098 t __rpc_execute
c01733d0 T rpc_execute
c0173458 t __rpc_schedule
c0173628 T rpc_allocate
c0173728 T rpc_free
c0173760 t rpc_default_free_task
c01737a0 T rpc_new_task
c0173978 T rpc_release_task
c0173b98 t rpc_child_exit
c0173c34 T rpc_new_child
c0173c7c T rpc_run_child
c0173ea0 T rpc_killall_tasks
c0173f30 t rpciod
c01741f8 t rpciod_killall
c01742cc T rpciod_up
c0174410 T rpciod_down
c01745f0 T rpc_show_tasks
c01746b8 T rpc_init_task
c01747f8 T rpcauth_register
c0174840 T rpcauth_unregister
c0174888 T rpcauth_create
c01748d4 T rpcauth_destroy
c01748f0 T rpcauth_init_credcache
c0174924 T rpcauth_free_credcache
c01749d8 t rpcauth_gc_credcache
c0174af4 T rpcauth_insert_credcache
c0174b3c t rpcauth_lookup_credcache
c0174c18 t rpcauth_remove_credcache
c0174c84 T rpcauth_lookupcred
c0174cd0 T rpcauth_bindcred
c0174d38 T rpcauth_matchcred
c0174d90 T rpcauth_holdcred
c0174e04 T put_rpccred
c0174ed8 T rpcauth_unbindcred
c0174f38 T rpcauth_marshcred
c0174fa8 T rpcauth_checkverf
c0175010 T rpcauth_refreshcred
c0175078 T rpcauth_invalcred
c01750e0 T rpcauth_uptodatecred
c0175110 t nul_create
c0175194 t nul_destroy
c01751dc t nul_create_cred
c0175234 t nul_destroy_cred
c0175248 t nul_match
c017525c t nul_marshal
c0175294 t nul_refresh
c01752b0 t nul_validate
c017532c t unx_create
c01753b0 t unx_destroy
c01753f8 t unx_create_cred
c0175508 T authunix_fake_cred
c0175590 t unx_destroy_cred
c01755a4 t unx_match
c017569c t unx_marshal
c01758c0 t unx_refresh
c01758ec t unx_validate
c0175988 T svc_create
c0175a10 T svc_destroy
c0175aac T svc_init_buffer
c0175b0c T svc_release_buffer
c0175b30 T svc_create_thread
c0175c04 T svc_exit_thread
c0175c5c T svc_register
c0175d8c T svc_process
c0176380 t svc_sock_enqueue
c01764e0 T svc_wake_up
c0176570 t svc_sendto
c0176670 t svc_recv_available
c01766fc t svc_recvfrom
c0176804 t svc_udp_data_ready
c01768d4 t svc_udp_recvfrom
c0176c88 t svc_udp_sendto
c0176ce8 t svc_udp_init
c0176d24 t svc_tcp_listen_data_ready
c0176e04 t svc_tcp_state_change
c0176ed8 t svc_tcp_data_ready
c0176f98 t svc_tcp_accept
c017720c t svc_tcp_recvfrom
c01777a8 t svc_tcp_sendto
c0177840 t svc_tcp_init
c01778f0 T svc_recv
c0177dc4 T svc_drop
c0177f00 T svc_send
c01780c8 t svc_setup_socket
c0178264 t svc_create_socket
c01783dc T svc_delete_socket
c0178574 T svc_makesock
c01785ec T svc_authenticate
c01786a8 T svc_auth_register
c01786e4 T svc_auth_unregister
c0178708 t svcauth_null
c0178820 t svcauth_unix
c01789d4 T rpc_getport
c0178b04 t pmap_getport_done
c0178ba8 T rpc_register
c0178cbc t pmap_create
c0178d3c t xdr_error
c0178d50 t xdr_encode_mapping
c0178e44 t xdr_decode_port
c0178e78 t xdr_decode_bool
c0178eac T xdr_encode_netobj
c0178f14 T xdr_decode_netobj_fixed
c0178f74 T xdr_decode_netobj
c0178fcc T xdr_encode_array
c0179020 T xdr_encode_string
c0179050 T xdr_decode_string
c01790d0 T xdr_decode_string_inplace
c017912c T xdr_shift_iovec
c01791b8 T xdr_zero_iovec
c0179244 T rpc_proc_read
c01793cc T svc_proc_read
c0179544 T rpc_proc_register
c01795b4 T rpc_proc_unregister
c01795d4 T svc_proc_register
c0179644 T svc_proc_unregister
c0179664 T rpc_proc_init
c01796c4 T rpc_proc_exit
c017971c T rpc_register_sysctl
c0179764 T rpc_unregister_sysctl
c0179794 t proc_dodebug
c0179a2c T resetFPA11
c0179a70 T SetRoundingMode
c0179aec T SetRoundingPrecision
c0179b58 T EmulateAll
c0179c0c T EmulateCPDO
c0179de8 T PerformLDF
c0179f60 T PerformSTF
c017a1b8 T PerformLFM
c017a308 T PerformSFM
c017a44c T EmulateCPDT
c017a4d4 T EmulateCPRT
c017a5a0 T PerformFLT
c017a6d0 T PerformFIX
c017a78c t PerformComparison
c017aa58 T float_raise
c017ab10 T getTransferLength
c017ab6c T getRegisterCount
c017abd8 T getRoundingPrecision
c017ac34 T getDestinationSize
c017ac90 T checkCondition
c017acc0 t estimateDiv128To64
c017b00c t estimateSqrt32
c017b0d0 t countLeadingZeros32
c017b11c t countLeadingZeros64
c017b15c T float32_is_nan
c017b17c T float32_is_signaling_nan
c017b1c0 t float32ToCommonNaN
c017b240 t commonNaNToFloat32
c017b280 t propagateFloat32NaN
c017b304 T float64_is_nan
c017b340 T float64_is_signaling_nan
c017b3c4 t float64ToCommonNaN
c017b448 t commonNaNToFloat64
c017b4b8 t propagateFloat64NaN
c017b5ac T floatx80_is_nan
c017b60c T floatx80_is_signaling_nan
c017b69c t floatx80ToCommonNaN
c017b728 t commonNaNToFloatx80
c017b7a4 t propagateFloatx80NaN
c017b88c t roundAndPackInt32
c017b9a0 t normalizeFloat32Subnormal
c017b9dc t roundAndPackFloat32
c017bb94 t normalizeRoundAndPackFloat32
c017bbd8 t normalizeFloat64Subnormal
c017bc24 t roundAndPackFloat64
c017bf90 t normalizeRoundAndPackFloat64
c017bff4 t normalizeFloatx80Subnormal
c017c03c t roundAndPackFloatx80
c017cbd8 t normalizeRoundAndPackFloatx80
c017cce4 T int32_to_float32
c017cd24 T int32_to_float64
c017cdac T int32_to_floatx80
c017ce38 T float32_to_int32
c017cfb4 T float32_to_int32_round_to_zero
c017d080 T float32_to_float64
c017d1a8 T float32_to_floatx80
c017d2c0 T float32_round_to_int
c017d43c t addFloat32Sigs
c017d600 t subFloat32Sigs
c017d7f4 T float32_add
c017d81c T float32_sub
c017d844 T float32_mul
c017da24 T float32_div
c017dbc8 T float32_rem
c017df58 T float32_sqrt
c017e0e0 T float32_eq
c017e180 T float32_le
c017e23c T float32_lt
c017e2f8 T float32_eq_signaling
c017e378 T float32_le_quiet
c017e454 T float32_lt_quiet
c017e530 T float64_to_int32
c017e6d4 T float64_to_int32_round_to_zero
c017e83c T float64_to_uint32
c017e9a8 T float64_to_uint32_round_to_zero
c017eb10 T float64_to_float32
c017ec60 T float64_to_floatx80
c017edd8 T float64_round_to_int
c017f134 t addFloat64Sigs
c017f618 t subFloat64Sigs
c017fb4c T float64_add
c017fba4 T float64_sub
c017fbfc T float64_mul
c01800e8 T float64_div
c01806d8 T float64_rem
c0180c20 T float64_sqrt
c0181178 T float64_eq
c0181268 T float64_le
c0181398 T float64_lt
c01814c4 T float64_eq_signaling
c018159c T float64_le_quiet
c01816f4 T float64_lt_quiet
c0181848 T floatx80_to_int32
c01819d8 T floatx80_to_int32_round_to_zero
c0181b34 T floatx80_to_float32
c0181ca0 T floatx80_to_float64
c0181e14 T floatx80_round_to_int
c0182204 t addFloatx80Sigs
c01826f8 t subFloatx80Sigs
c0182cf4 T floatx80_add
c0182d78 T floatx80_sub
c0182dfc T floatx80_mul
c0183250 T floatx80_div
c0183ae4 T floatx80_rem
c01845c0 T floatx80_sqrt
c0185208 T floatx80_eq
c0185340 T floatx80_le
c0185588 T floatx80_lt
c01857cc T floatx80_eq_signaling
c01858e0 T floatx80_le_quiet
c0185b4c T floatx80_lt_quiet
c0185db4 T SingleCPDO
c0185fc8 T DoubleCPDO
c01862e8 T ExtendedCPDO
c01866a8 T nwfpe_enter
c01866bc t emulate
c01866c8 t next
c0186700 T __backtrace
c0186708 T c_backtrace
c018687c T change_bit
c01868a8 T __csum_ipv6_magic
c01868e8 t .zero
c01868f4 t .less8
c018690c t .less4
c0186914 t .less8_wordlp
c0186928 t .less8_byte
c0186934 t .done
c018694c t .not_aligned
c0186970 T csum_partial
c01869ec t .zero
c01869f4 t .dst_unaligned
c0186a14 t .dst_16bit
c0186a34 t .less8
c0186a78 t .less8_aligned
c0186a80 t .less8_byteonly
c0186a98 T csum_partial_copy_nocheck
c0186b4c t .exit
c0186b5c t .done
c0186b74 t .src_not_aligned
c0186c58 t .src2_aligned
c0186d2c t .src3_aligned
c0186dfc t .zero
c0186e04 t .dst_unaligned
c0186e24 t .dst_16bit
c0186e44 t .less8
c0186e88 t .less8_aligned
c0186e90 t .less8_byteonly
c0186ea8 T csum_partial_copy_from_user
c0186f68 t .exit
c0186f78 t .done
c0186f90 t .src_not_aligned
c0187080 t .src2_aligned
c0187160 t .src3_aligned
c018723c T clear_bit
c0187280 T copy_page
c01872c0 t LC0
c01872c4 T udelay
c01872ec T __delay
c01872f8 T find_first_zero_bit
c01872fc t .bytelp
c018731c T find_next_zero_bit
c018733c t .found
c0187380 T memchr
c01873a0 T memcpy
c01873a0 T memmove
c0187800 T memset
c01878c0 T __memzero
c0187940 T set_bit
c0187980 T __arch_strncpy_from_user
c01879c0 T __arch_strnlen_user
c0187a00 T strchr
c0187a20 T strrchr
c0187a40 T test_and_change_bit
c0187a74 T test_and_clear_bit
c0187aa8 T test_and_set_bit
c0187adc t .c2u_dest_not_aligned
c0187b04 T __arch_copy_to_user
c0187b18 t .c2u_dest_aligned
c0187b20 t .c2u_0fupi
c0187b58 t .c2u_0cpy8lp
c0187b70 t .c2u_0rem8lp
c0187b9c t .c2u_0nowords
c0187ba4 t .c2u_nowords
c0187bc4 t .c2u_not_enough
c0187bcc t .c2u_finished
c0187bd4 t .c2u_src_not_aligned
c0187be8 t .c2u_1fupi
c0187c28 t .c2u_1cpy8lp
c0187c58 t .c2u_1rem8lp
c0187c90 t .c2u_1nowords
c0187cb8 t .c2u_2fupi
c0187cf8 t .c2u_2cpy8lp
c0187d28 t .c2u_2rem8lp
c0187d60 t .c2u_2nowords
c0187d88 t .c2u_3fupi
c0187dc8 t .c2u_3cpy8lp
c0187df8 t .c2u_3rem8lp
c0187e30 t .c2u_3nowords
c0187e58 t .cfu_dest_not_aligned
c0187e80 T __arch_copy_from_user
c0187e94 t .cfu_dest_aligned
c0187e9c t .cfu_0fupi
c0187ed4 t .cfu_0cpy8lp
c0187eec t .cfu_0rem8lp
c0187f18 t .cfu_0nowords
c0187f20 t .cfu_nowords
c0187f40 t .cfu_not_enough
c0187f48 t .cfu_finished
c0187f54 t .cfu_src_not_aligned
c0187f68 t .cfu_1fupi
c0187fa8 t .cfu_1cpy8lp
c0187fd8 t .cfu_1rem8lp
c0188010 t .cfu_1nowords
c0188038 t .cfu_2fupi
c0188078 t .cfu_2cpy8lp
c01880a8 t .cfu_2rem8lp
c01880e0 t .cfu_2nowords
c0188108 t .cfu_3fupi
c0188148 t .cfu_3cpy8lp
c0188178 t .cfu_3rem8lp
c01881b0 t .cfu_3nowords
c01881d8 T __arch_clear_user
c018823c T __get_user_1
c0188260 T __get_user_2
c018828c T __get_user_4
c01882b0 T __get_user_8
c01882d4 t __get_user_bad_8
c01882d8 t __get_user_bad
c01882e4 T __put_user_1
c0188308 T __put_user_2
c0188334 T __put_user_4
c0188358 T __put_user_8
c018837c t __put_user_bad
c0188384 T __ashldi3
c01883c4 T __ashrdi3
c0188404 T __lshrdi3
c0188444 T __muldi3
c01884a8 T __ucmpdi2
c01884e8 T __udivmoddi4
c0188b14 T __udivdi3
c0188b34 T __umoddi3
c0188b5c T __udivsi3
c0188bdc t Lgot_result_udivsi3
c0188be4 t Ldiv0
c0188bf4 T __umodsi3
c0188c98 T __divsi3
c0188d28 t Lgot_result_divsi3
c0188d38 T __modsi3
c0188de8 t Lgot_result_modsi3
c0188df8 t .insb_align
c0188e28 T __raw_readsb
c0188e38 t .insb_aligned
c0188e44 t .insb_16_lp
c0188ec8 t .insb_no_16
c0188f0c t .insb_no_8
c0188f34 t .insb_no_4
c0188f5c t .outsb_align
c0188f8c T __raw_writesb
c0188f9c t .outsb_aligned
c0188fa8 t .outsb_16_lp
c018902c t .outsb_no_16
c0189070 t .outsb_no_8
c0189098 t .outsb_no_4
c01890c0 t .insw_bad_alignment
c01890cc t .insw_bad_align_msg
c01890fc t .insw_align
c0189114 T __raw_readsw
c0189130 t .insw_8_lp
c0189174 t .no_insw_8
c0189198 t .no_insw_4
c01891b0 t .no_insw_2
c01891c0 t .outsw_bad_alignment
c01891cc t .outsw_bad_align_msg
c01891fc t .outsw_align
c0189214 T __raw_writesw
c0189230 t .outsw_8_lp
c0189274 t .no_outsw_8
c0189298 t .no_outsw_4
c01892b0 t .no_outsw_2
c01892c0 T __raw_readsl
c018937c T __raw_writesl
c0189408 T strnicmp
c0189490 T strcpy
c01894b8 T strncpy
c01894ec T strcat
c018952c T strncat
c0189580 T strcmp
c01895bc T strncmp
c0189610 T strlen
c0189640 T strnlen
c018968c T strspn
c0189704 T strpbrk
c0189758 T strtok
c01897e0 T strsep
c0189820 T bcopy
c0189858 T memcmp
c018989c T memscan
c01898cc T strstr
c0189938 T simple_strtoul
c01899f8 T simple_strtol
c0189a28 T simple_strtoull
c0189b38 T simple_strtoll
c0189b6c t skip_atoi
c0189bc8 t number
c0189ee8 T vsnprintf
c018a564 T snprintf
c018a584 T vsprintf
c018a5a8 T sprintf
c018a5c8 T vsscanf
c018ab84 T sscanf
c018aba4 T get_option
c018ac18 T get_options
c018ac78 T memparse
c018ad8c T bust_spinlocks
c018ade4 t __rb_rotate_left
c018ae44 t __rb_rotate_right
c018aea4 T rb_insert_color
c018afc0 t __rb_erase_color
c018b1b8 T rb_erase
c018b2e4 T init_rwsem
c018b310 T __down_read
c018b3a4 T __down_write
c018b434 T __up_read
c018b498 T __up_write
c018c88c t retcodes
c018cf64 t fsr_info
c018d454 t cclk_frequency_100khz
c018d528 t scp_init.627
c018d9d8 t collie_ledpat_static
c018d9e4 t collie_ledpat_flashon
c018d9f0 t collie_ledpat_flashoff
c018d9fc t collie_ledpat_veryfastblink
c018da08 t collie_ledpat_fastblink
c018da14 t collie_ledpat_normalblink
c018da20 t collie_ledpat_slowblink
c018da2c t collie_ledpat_softblink
c018da74 t collie_ledpat_softflash
c018dbb4 t error_table
c018ddae t module_name.882
c018e568 t scp_init.657
c018f334 t tvecs
c018f9cc t Bad_file
c018f9e4 t Unused_file
c018f9fc t Bad_offset
c018fa14 t Unused_offset
c0192778 t border
c019290d t mark.90
c0192914 t inflate_copyright
c0192944 t cplens
c01929c0 t cplext
c0192a3c t cpdist
c0192ab4 t cpdext
c0199484 t list.894
c0199574 t badmagic.957
c01995ac t badtty.958
c0199d8c t twist_table.681
c019a9d4 T max_vals
c019aa0c T NR_TYPES
c019abf0 t days_in_mo
c019b3b0 t border
c019b3fc t cplens
c019b43a t cplext
c019b478 t cpdist
c019b4b4 t cpdext
c019b4f0 t mask_bits
c019b514 t lbits
c019b518 t dbits
c019b554 t p.927
c019b934 t version
c019be1c t npindex_to_proto
c019be2c t npindex_to_ethertype
c019c210 t border
c019c2d0 t cplens
c019c34c t cplext
c019c3c8 t cpdist
c019c440 t cpdext
c019c8f4 t ide_hwif_to_major
c019dbcc t dm_head_vals.834
c019dc38 t ide_major
c019e674 t mantissa
c019e684 t exponent
c019e9a0 t error_table
c019ec64 t service_table
c019f6c8 t scp_init.537
c019fbdc T dummy_con
c019fd74 T fb_con
c019fddc t frequency
c01a11b0 t rtm_min
c01a11d0 t rta_max
c01a1264 t standard_ioctl
c01a161d t prio2band
c01a3380 T timer_bug_msg
c01a5754 t qos_item_table
c01a6020 T irda_crc16_table
c01a9dac T floatx80Constant
c01a9e0c T float64Constant
c01a9e4c T float32Constant
c01a9e6c t aCC
c01a9e8c t sqrtOddAdjustments.582
c01a9eac t sqrtEvenAdjustments.583
c01a9ecc t countLeadingZerosHigh.587
c01a9fcc t __clz_tab
c01aa128 ? __kstrtab_request_dma
c01aa128 T _etext
c01aa134 ? __kstrtab_free_dma
c01aa140 ? __kstrtab_enable_dma
c01aa14c ? __kstrtab_disable_dma
c01aa158 ? __kstrtab_set_dma_addr
c01aa168 ? __kstrtab_set_dma_count
c01aa178 ? __kstrtab_set_dma_mode
c01aa188 ? __kstrtab_set_dma_page
c01aa198 ? __kstrtab_get_dma_residue
c01aa1a8 ? __kstrtab_set_dma_sg
c01aa1b4 ? __kstrtab_set_dma_speed
c01aa1c4 ? __kstrtab_kern_fp_enter
c01aa1d4 ? __kstrtab_fp_printk
c01aa1e0 ? __kstrtab_fp_send_sig
c01aa1ec ? __kstrtab_kd_mksound
c01aa1f8 ? __kstrtab___do_softirq
c01aa208 ? __kstrtab_dump_thread
c01aa214 ? __kstrtab_dump_fpu
c01aa220 ? __kstrtab_udelay
c01aa228 ? __kstrtab___ioremap
c01aa234 ? __kstrtab___iounmap
c01aa240 ? __kstrtab_kernel_thread
c01aa250 ? __kstrtab_system_rev
c01aa25c ? __kstrtab_system_serial_low
c01aa270 ? __kstrtab_system_serial_high
c01aa284 ? __kstrtab___bad_xchg
c01aa290 ? __kstrtab___readwrite_bug
c01aa2a0 ? __kstrtab_enable_irq
c01aa2ac ? __kstrtab_disable_irq
c01aa2b8 ? __kstrtab_pm_idle
c01aa2c0 ? __kstrtab_pm_power_off
c01aa2d0 ? __kstrtab___machine_arch_type
c01aa2e4 ? __kstrtab_csum_partial_copy_nocheck
c01aa300 ? __kstrtab___csum_ipv6_magic
c01aa314 ? __kstrtab___raw_readsb
c01aa324 ? __kstrtab___raw_readsw
c01aa334 ? __kstrtab___raw_readsl
c01aa344 ? __kstrtab___raw_writesb
c01aa354 ? __kstrtab___raw_writesw
c01aa364 ? __kstrtab___raw_writesl
c01aa374 ? __kstrtab_quicklists
c01aa380 ? __kstrtab_strcpy
c01aa388 ? __kstrtab_strncpy
c01aa390 ? __kstrtab_strcat
c01aa398 ? __kstrtab_strncat
c01aa3a0 ? __kstrtab_strcmp
c01aa3a8 ? __kstrtab_strncmp
c01aa3b0 ? __kstrtab_strchr
c01aa3b8 ? __kstrtab_strlen
c01aa3c0 ? __kstrtab_strnlen
c01aa3c8 ? __kstrtab_strpbrk
c01aa3d0 ? __kstrtab_strtok
c01aa3d8 ? __kstrtab_strrchr
c01aa3e0 ? __kstrtab_strstr
c01aa3e8 ? __kstrtab_memset
c01aa3f0 ? __kstrtab_memcpy
c01aa3f8 ? __kstrtab_memmove
c01aa400 ? __kstrtab_memcmp
c01aa408 ? __kstrtab_memscan
c01aa410 ? __kstrtab_memchr
c01aa418 ? __kstrtab___memzero
c01aa424 ? __kstrtab___arch_copy_from_user
c01aa43c ? __kstrtab___arch_copy_to_user
c01aa450 ? __kstrtab___arch_clear_user
c01aa464 ? __kstrtab___arch_strnlen_user
c01aa478 ? __kstrtab_pci_alloc_consistent
c01aa490 ? __kstrtab_consistent_alloc
c01aa4a4 ? __kstrtab_consistent_free
c01aa4b4 ? __kstrtab_consistent_sync
c01aa4c4 ? __kstrtab___get_user_1
c01aa4d4 ? __kstrtab___get_user_2
c01aa4e4 ? __kstrtab___get_user_4
c01aa4f4 ? __kstrtab___get_user_8
c01aa504 ? __kstrtab___put_user_1
c01aa514 ? __kstrtab___put_user_2
c01aa524 ? __kstrtab___put_user_4
c01aa534 ? __kstrtab___put_user_8
c01aa544 ? __kstrtab___ashldi3
c01aa550 ? __kstrtab___ashrdi3
c01aa55c ? __kstrtab___divsi3
c01aa568 ? __kstrtab___lshrdi3
c01aa574 ? __kstrtab___modsi3
c01aa580 ? __kstrtab___muldi3
c01aa58c ? __kstrtab___ucmpdi2
c01aa598 ? __kstrtab___udivdi3
c01aa5a4 ? __kstrtab___umoddi3
c01aa5b0 ? __kstrtab___udivmoddi4
c01aa5c0 ? __kstrtab___udivsi3
c01aa5cc ? __kstrtab___umodsi3
c01aa5d8 ? __kstrtab_abort
c01aa5e0 ? __kstrtab_set_bit
c01aa5e8 ? __kstrtab_test_and_set_bit
c01aa5fc ? __kstrtab_clear_bit
c01aa608 ? __kstrtab_test_and_clear_bit
c01aa61c ? __kstrtab_change_bit
c01aa628 ? __kstrtab_test_and_change_bit
c01aa63c ? __kstrtab_find_first_zero_bit
c01aa650 ? __kstrtab_find_next_zero_bit
c01aa664 ? __kstrtab_elf_platform
c01aa674 ? __kstrtab_elf_hwcap
c01aa680 ? __kstrtab_sys_write
c01aa68c ? __kstrtab_sys_read
c01aa698 ? __kstrtab_sys_lseek
c01aa6a4 ? __kstrtab_sys_open
c01aa6b0 ? __kstrtab_sys_exit
c01aa6bc ? __kstrtab_sys_wait4
c01aa6c8 ? __kstrtab___down_failed
c01aa6d8 ? __kstrtab___down_interruptible_failed
c01aa6f4 ? __kstrtab___down_trylock_failed
c01aa70c ? __kstrtab___up_wakeup
c01aa718 ? __kstrtab_get_wchan
c01aa724 ? __kstrtab__memcpy_fromio
c01aa734 ? __kstrtab__memcpy_toio
c01aa744 ? __kstrtab__memset_io
c01aa750 ? __kstrtab_cpu_sa1100_cache_clean_invalidate_all
c01aa778 ? __kstrtab_cpu_sa1100_cache_clean_invalidate_range
c01aa7a0 ? __kstrtab_cpu_sa1100_flush_ram_page
c01aa7bc ? __kstrtab_cpu_sa1100_dcache_clean_page
c01aa7dc ? __kstrtab_cpu_sa1100_dcache_clean_entry
c01aa7fc ? __kstrtab_cpu_sa1100_dcache_clean_range
c01aa81c ? __kstrtab_cpu_sa1100_dcache_invalidate_range
c01aa840 ? __kstrtab_cpu_sa1100_icache_invalidate_range
c01aa864 ? __kstrtab_cpu_sa1100_icache_invalidate_page
c01aa888 ? __kstrtab_cpu_sa1100_tlb_invalidate_all
c01aa8a8 ? __kstrtab_cpu_sa1100_tlb_invalidate_range
c01aa8c8 ? __kstrtab_cpu_sa1100_tlb_invalidate_page
c01aa8e8 ? __kstrtab_cpu_sa1100_set_pgd
c01aa8fc ? __kstrtab_cpu_sa1100_set_pmd
c01aa910 ? __kstrtab_cpu_sa1100_set_pte
c01aa924 ? __kstrtab_discontig_node_data
c01aa938 ? __kstrtab_cpufreq_get
c01aa944 ? __kstrtab_set_GPIO_IRQ_edge
c01aa958 ? __kstrtab_sa1100_request_dma
c01aa96c ? __kstrtab_sa1100_dma_set_callback
c01aa984 ? __kstrtab_sa1100_dma_set_spin
c01aa998 ? __kstrtab_sa1100_dma_queue_buffer
c01aa9b0 ? __kstrtab_sa1100_dma_get_current
c01aa9c8 ? __kstrtab_sa1100_dma_stop
c01aa9d8 ? __kstrtab_sa1100_dma_resume
c01aa9ec ? __kstrtab_sa1100_dma_flush_all
c01aaa04 ? __kstrtab_sa1100_free_dma
c01aaa14 ? __kstrtab_sa1100_dma_sleep
c01aaa28 ? __kstrtab_sa1100_dma_wakeup
c01aaa3c ? __kstrtab_change_power_mode
c01aaa50 ? __kstrtab_lock_FCS
c01aaa5c ? __kstrtab_autoPowerCancel
c01aaa6c ? __kstrtab_apm_wakeup_src_mask
c01aaa80 ? __kstrtab_apm_wakeup_factor
c01aaa94 ? __kstrtab_collie_battery_charge_hook
c01aaab0 ? __kstrtab_collie_wakeup_key_scan_hook
c01aaacc ? __kstrtab_collie_wakeup_remote_control_hook
c01aaaf0 ? __kstrtab_sa1110_suspend
c01aab00 ? __kstrtab_pm_do_suspend
c01aab10 ? __kstrtab_register_exec_domain
c01aab28 ? __kstrtab_unregister_exec_domain
c01aab40 ? __kstrtab___set_personality
c01aab54 ? __kstrtab_abi_defhandler_coff
c01aab68 ? __kstrtab_abi_defhandler_elf
c01aab7c ? __kstrtab_abi_defhandler_lcall7
c01aab94 ? __kstrtab_abi_defhandler_libcso
c01aabac ? __kstrtab_abi_traceflg
c01aabbc ? __kstrtab_abi_fake_utsname
c01aabd0 ? __kstrtab_printk
c01aabd8 ? __kstrtab_acquire_console_sem
c01aabec ? __kstrtab_console_print
c01aabfc ? __kstrtab_console_unblank
c01aac0c ? __kstrtab_register_console
c01aac20 ? __kstrtab_unregister_console
c01aac34 ? __kstrtab_dequeue_signal
c01aac44 ? __kstrtab_flush_signals
c01aac54 ? __kstrtab_force_sig
c01aac60 ? __kstrtab_force_sig_info
c01aac70 ? __kstrtab_kill_pg
c01aac78 ? __kstrtab_kill_pg_info
c01aac88 ? __kstrtab_kill_proc
c01aac94 ? __kstrtab_kill_proc_info
c01aaca4 ? __kstrtab_kill_sl
c01aacac ? __kstrtab_kill_sl_info
c01aacbc ? __kstrtab_notify_parent
c01aaccc ? __kstrtab_recalc_sigpending
c01aace0 ? __kstrtab_send_sig
c01aacec ? __kstrtab_send_sig_info
c01aacfc ? __kstrtab_block_all_signals
c01aad10 ? __kstrtab_unblock_all_signals
c01aad24 ? __kstrtab_notifier_chain_register
c01aad3c ? __kstrtab_notifier_chain_unregister
c01aad58 ? __kstrtab_notifier_call_chain
c01aad6c ? __kstrtab_register_reboot_notifier
c01aad88 ? __kstrtab_unregister_reboot_notifier
c01aada4 ? __kstrtab_in_group_p
c01aadb0 ? __kstrtab_in_egroup_p
c01aadbc ? __kstrtab_hotplug_path
c01aadcc ? __kstrtab_exec_usermodehelper
c01aade0 ? __kstrtab_call_usermodehelper
c01aadf4 ? __kstrtab_schedule_task
c01aae04 ? __kstrtab_flush_scheduled_tasks
c01aae1c ? __kstrtab_inter_module_register
c01aae34 ? __kstrtab_inter_module_unregister
c01aae4c ? __kstrtab_inter_module_get
c01aae60 ? __kstrtab_inter_module_get_request
c01aae7c ? __kstrtab_inter_module_put
c01aae90 ? __kstrtab_try_inc_mod_count
c01aaea4 ? __kstrtab_do_mmap_pgoff
c01aaeb4 ? __kstrtab_do_munmap
c01aaec0 ? __kstrtab_do_brk
c01aaec8 ? __kstrtab_exit_mm
c01aaed0 ? __kstrtab_exit_files
c01aaedc ? __kstrtab_exit_fs
c01aaee4 ? __kstrtab_exit_sighand
c01aaef4 ? __kstrtab__alloc_pages
c01aaf04 ? __kstrtab___alloc_pages
c01aaf14 ? __kstrtab_alloc_pages_node
c01aaf28 ? __kstrtab___get_free_pages
c01aaf3c ? __kstrtab_get_zeroed_page
c01aaf4c ? __kstrtab___free_pages
c01aaf5c ? __kstrtab_free_pages
c01aaf68 ? __kstrtab_num_physpages
c01aaf78 ? __kstrtab_kmem_find_general_cachep
c01aaf94 ? __kstrtab_kmem_cache_create
c01aafa8 ? __kstrtab_kmem_cache_destroy
c01aafbc ? __kstrtab_kmem_cache_shrink
c01aafd0 ? __kstrtab_kmem_cache_alloc
c01aafe4 ? __kstrtab_kmem_cache_free
c01aaff4 ? __kstrtab_kmalloc
c01aaffc ? __kstrtab_kfree
c01ab004 ? __kstrtab_vfree
c01ab00c ? __kstrtab___vmalloc
c01ab018 ? __kstrtab_mem_map
c01ab020 ? __kstrtab_remap_page_range
c01ab034 ? __kstrtab_max_mapnr
c01ab040 ? __kstrtab_high_memory
c01ab04c ? __kstrtab_vmtruncate
c01ab058 ? __kstrtab_find_vma
c01ab064 ? __kstrtab_get_unmapped_area
c01ab078 ? __kstrtab_init_mm
c01ab080 ? __kstrtab_def_blk_fops
c01ab090 ? __kstrtab_update_atime
c01ab0a0 ? __kstrtab_get_fs_type
c01ab0ac ? __kstrtab_get_super
c01ab0b8 ? __kstrtab_drop_super
c01ab0c4 ? __kstrtab_getname
c01ab0cc ? __kstrtab_names_cachep
c01ab0dc ? __kstrtab_fput
c01ab0e4 ? __kstrtab_fget
c01ab0ec ? __kstrtab_igrab
c01ab0f4 ? __kstrtab_iunique
c01ab0fc ? __kstrtab_iget4
c01ab104 ? __kstrtab_iput
c01ab10c ? __kstrtab_force_delete
c01ab11c ? __kstrtab_follow_up
c01ab128 ? __kstrtab_follow_down
c01ab134 ? __kstrtab_lookup_mnt
c01ab140 ? __kstrtab_path_init
c01ab14c ? __kstrtab_path_walk
c01ab158 ? __kstrtab_path_release
c01ab168 ? __kstrtab___user_walk
c01ab174 ? __kstrtab_lookup_one_len
c01ab184 ? __kstrtab_lookup_hash
c01ab190 ? __kstrtab_sys_close
c01ab19c ? __kstrtab_dcache_lock
c01ab1a8 ? __kstrtab_d_alloc_root
c01ab1b8 ? __kstrtab_d_delete
c01ab1c4 ? __kstrtab_dget_locked
c01ab1d0 ? __kstrtab_d_validate
c01ab1dc ? __kstrtab_d_rehash
c01ab1e8 ? __kstrtab_d_invalidate
c01ab1f8 ? __kstrtab_d_move
c01ab200 ? __kstrtab_d_instantiate
c01ab210 ? __kstrtab_d_alloc
c01ab218 ? __kstrtab_d_lookup
c01ab224 ? __kstrtab___d_path
c01ab230 ? __kstrtab_mark_buffer_dirty
c01ab244 ? __kstrtab_set_buffer_async_io
c01ab258 ? __kstrtab___mark_buffer_dirty
c01ab26c ? __kstrtab___mark_inode_dirty
c01ab280 ? __kstrtab_get_empty_filp
c01ab290 ? __kstrtab_init_private_file
c01ab2a4 ? __kstrtab_filp_open
c01ab2b0 ? __kstrtab_filp_close
c01ab2bc ? __kstrtab_put_filp
c01ab2c8 ? __kstrtab_files_lock
c01ab2d4 ? __kstrtab_check_disk_change
c01ab2e8 ? __kstrtab___invalidate_buffers
c01ab300 ? __kstrtab_invalidate_bdev
c01ab310 ? __kstrtab_invalidate_inodes
c01ab324 ? __kstrtab_invalidate_device
c01ab338 ? __kstrtab_invalidate_inode_pages
c01ab350 ? __kstrtab_truncate_inode_pages
c01ab368 ? __kstrtab_fsync_dev
c01ab374 ? __kstrtab_fsync_no_super
c01ab384 ? __kstrtab_permission
c01ab390 ? __kstrtab_vfs_permission
c01ab3a0 ? __kstrtab_inode_setattr
c01ab3b0 ? __kstrtab_inode_change_ok
c01ab3c0 ? __kstrtab_write_inode_now
c01ab3d0 ? __kstrtab_notify_change
c01ab3e0 ? __kstrtab_set_blocksize
c01ab3f0 ? __kstrtab_getblk
c01ab3f8 ? __kstrtab_cdget
c01ab400 ? __kstrtab_cdput
c01ab408 ? __kstrtab_bdget
c01ab410 ? __kstrtab_bdput
c01ab418 ? __kstrtab_bread
c01ab420 ? __kstrtab___brelse
c01ab42c ? __kstrtab___bforget
c01ab438 ? __kstrtab_ll_rw_block
c01ab444 ? __kstrtab_submit_bh
c01ab450 ? __kstrtab_unlock_buffer
c01ab460 ? __kstrtab___wait_on_buffer
c01ab474 ? __kstrtab____wait_on_page
c01ab484 ? __kstrtab_generic_direct_IO
c01ab498 ? __kstrtab_discard_bh_page
c01ab4a8 ? __kstrtab_block_write_full_page
c01ab4c0 ? __kstrtab_block_read_full_page
c01ab4d8 ? __kstrtab_block_prepare_write
c01ab4ec ? __kstrtab_block_sync_page
c01ab4fc ? __kstrtab_generic_cont_expand
c01ab510 ? __kstrtab_cont_prepare_write
c01ab524 ? __kstrtab_generic_commit_write
c01ab53c ? __kstrtab_block_truncate_page
c01ab550 ? __kstrtab_generic_block_bmap
c01ab564 ? __kstrtab_generic_file_read
c01ab578 ? __kstrtab_do_generic_file_read
c01ab590 ? __kstrtab_generic_file_write
c01ab5a4 ? __kstrtab_generic_file_mmap
c01ab5b8 ? __kstrtab_generic_ro_fops
c01ab5c8 ? __kstrtab_generic_buffer_fdatasync
c01ab5e4 ? __kstrtab_page_hash_bits
c01ab5f4 ? __kstrtab_page_hash_table
c01ab604 ? __kstrtab_file_lock_list
c01ab614 ? __kstrtab_locks_init_lock
c01ab624 ? __kstrtab_locks_copy_lock
c01ab634 ? __kstrtab_posix_lock_file
c01ab644 ? __kstrtab_posix_test_lock
c01ab654 ? __kstrtab_posix_block_lock
c01ab668 ? __kstrtab_posix_unblock_lock
c01ab67c ? __kstrtab_posix_locks_deadlock
c01ab694 ? __kstrtab_locks_mandatory_area
c01ab6ac ? __kstrtab_dput
c01ab6b4 ? __kstrtab_have_submounts
c01ab6c4 ? __kstrtab_d_find_alias
c01ab6d4 ? __kstrtab_d_prune_aliases
c01ab6e4 ? __kstrtab_prune_dcache
c01ab6f4 ? __kstrtab_shrink_dcache_sb
c01ab708 ? __kstrtab_shrink_dcache_parent
c01ab720 ? __kstrtab_find_inode_number
c01ab734 ? __kstrtab_is_subdir
c01ab740 ? __kstrtab_get_unused_fd
c01ab750 ? __kstrtab_vfs_create
c01ab75c ? __kstrtab_vfs_mkdir
c01ab768 ? __kstrtab_vfs_mknod
c01ab774 ? __kstrtab_vfs_symlink
c01ab780 ? __kstrtab_vfs_link
c01ab78c ? __kstrtab_vfs_rmdir
c01ab798 ? __kstrtab_vfs_unlink
c01ab7a4 ? __kstrtab_vfs_rename
c01ab7b0 ? __kstrtab_vfs_statfs
c01ab7bc ? __kstrtab_generic_read_dir
c01ab7d0 ? __kstrtab_generic_file_llseek
c01ab7e4 ? __kstrtab_no_llseek
c01ab7f0 ? __kstrtab___pollwait
c01ab7fc ? __kstrtab_poll_freewait
c01ab80c ? __kstrtab_ROOT_DEV
c01ab818 ? __kstrtab___find_get_page
c01ab828 ? __kstrtab___find_lock_page
c01ab83c ? __kstrtab_grab_cache_page
c01ab84c ? __kstrtab_grab_cache_page_nowait
c01ab864 ? __kstrtab_read_cache_page
c01ab874 ? __kstrtab_set_page_dirty
c01ab884 ? __kstrtab_vfs_readlink
c01ab894 ? __kstrtab_vfs_follow_link
c01ab8a4 ? __kstrtab_page_readlink
c01ab8b4 ? __kstrtab_page_follow_link
c01ab8c8 ? __kstrtab_page_symlink_inode_operations
c01ab8e8 ? __kstrtab_block_symlink
c01ab8f8 ? __kstrtab_vfs_readdir
c01ab904 ? __kstrtab___get_lease
c01ab910 ? __kstrtab_lease_get_mtime
c01ab920 ? __kstrtab_lock_may_read
c01ab930 ? __kstrtab_lock_may_write
c01ab940 ? __kstrtab_dcache_readdir
c01ab950 ? __kstrtab_default_llseek
c01ab960 ? __kstrtab_dentry_open
c01ab96c ? __kstrtab_filemap_nopage
c01ab97c ? __kstrtab_filemap_sync
c01ab98c ? __kstrtab_filemap_fdatasync
c01ab9a0 ? __kstrtab_filemap_fdatawait
c01ab9b4 ? __kstrtab_lock_page
c01ab9c0 ? __kstrtab_unlock_page
c01ab9cc ? __kstrtab_register_chrdev
c01ab9dc ? __kstrtab_unregister_chrdev
c01ab9f0 ? __kstrtab_register_blkdev
c01aba00 ? __kstrtab_unregister_blkdev
c01aba14 ? __kstrtab_tty_register_driver
c01aba28 ? __kstrtab_tty_unregister_driver
c01aba40 ? __kstrtab_tty_std_termios
c01aba50 ? __kstrtab_blksize_size
c01aba60 ? __kstrtab_hardsect_size
c01aba70 ? __kstrtab_blk_size
c01aba7c ? __kstrtab_blk_dev
c01aba84 ? __kstrtab_is_read_only
c01aba94 ? __kstrtab_set_device_ro
c01abaa4 ? __kstrtab_bmap
c01abaac ? __kstrtab_sync_dev
c01abab8 ? __kstrtab_devfs_register_partitions
c01abad4 ? __kstrtab_blkdev_open
c01abae0 ? __kstrtab_blkdev_get
c01abaec ? __kstrtab_blkdev_put
c01abaf8 ? __kstrtab_ioctl_by_bdev
c01abb08 ? __kstrtab_grok_partitions
c01abb18 ? __kstrtab_register_disk
c01abb28 ? __kstrtab_tq_disk
c01abb30 ? __kstrtab_init_buffer
c01abb3c ? __kstrtab_refile_buffer
c01abb4c ? __kstrtab_max_sectors
c01abb58 ? __kstrtab_max_readahead
c01abb68 ? __kstrtab_tty_hangup
c01abb74 ? __kstrtab_tty_wait_until_sent
c01abb88 ? __kstrtab_tty_check_change
c01abb9c ? __kstrtab_tty_hung_up_p
c01abbac ? __kstrtab_tty_flip_buffer_push
c01abbc4 ? __kstrtab_tty_get_baud_rate
c01abbd8 ? __kstrtab_do_SAK
c01abbe0 ? __kstrtab_register_filesystem
c01abbf4 ? __kstrtab_unregister_filesystem
c01abc0c ? __kstrtab_kern_mount
c01abc18 ? __kstrtab___mntput
c01abc24 ? __kstrtab_may_umount
c01abc30 ? __kstrtab_register_binfmt
c01abc40 ? __kstrtab_unregister_binfmt
c01abc54 ? __kstrtab_search_binary_handler
c01abc6c ? __kstrtab_prepare_binprm
c01abc7c ? __kstrtab_compute_creds
c01abc8c ? __kstrtab_remove_arg_zero
c01abc9c ? __kstrtab_set_binfmt
c01abca8 ? __kstrtab_register_sysctl_table
c01abcc0 ? __kstrtab_unregister_sysctl_table
c01abcd8 ? __kstrtab_sysctl_string
c01abce8 ? __kstrtab_sysctl_intvec
c01abcf8 ? __kstrtab_sysctl_jiffies
c01abd08 ? __kstrtab_proc_dostring
c01abd18 ? __kstrtab_proc_dointvec
c01abd28 ? __kstrtab_proc_dointvec_jiffies
c01abd40 ? __kstrtab_proc_dointvec_minmax
c01abd58 ? __kstrtab_proc_doulongvec_ms_jiffies_minmax
c01abd7c ? __kstrtab_proc_doulongvec_minmax
c01abd94 ? __kstrtab_add_timer
c01abda0 ? __kstrtab_del_timer
c01abdac ? __kstrtab_request_irq
c01abdb8 ? __kstrtab_free_irq
c01abdc4 ? __kstrtab_irq_stat
c01abdd0 ? __kstrtab_add_wait_queue
c01abde0 ? __kstrtab_add_wait_queue_exclusive
c01abdfc ? __kstrtab_remove_wait_queue
c01abe10 ? __kstrtab_wait_for_completion
c01abe24 ? __kstrtab_complete
c01abe30 ? __kstrtab_probe_irq_on
c01abe40 ? __kstrtab_probe_irq_off
c01abe50 ? __kstrtab_mod_timer
c01abe5c ? __kstrtab_tq_timer
c01abe68 ? __kstrtab_tq_immediate
c01abe78 ? __kstrtab_alloc_kiovec
c01abe88 ? __kstrtab_free_kiovec
c01abe94 ? __kstrtab_expand_kiobuf
c01abea4 ? __kstrtab_map_user_kiobuf
c01abeb4 ? __kstrtab_unmap_kiobuf
c01abec4 ? __kstrtab_lock_kiovec
c01abed0 ? __kstrtab_unlock_kiovec
c01abee0 ? __kstrtab_brw_kiovec
c01abeec ? __kstrtab_kiobuf_wait_for_io
c01abf00 ? __kstrtab_request_resource
c01abf14 ? __kstrtab_release_resource
c01abf28 ? __kstrtab_allocate_resource
c01abf3c ? __kstrtab_check_resource
c01abf4c ? __kstrtab___request_region
c01abf60 ? __kstrtab___check_region
c01abf70 ? __kstrtab___release_region
c01abf84 ? __kstrtab_ioport_resource
c01abf94 ? __kstrtab_iomem_resource
c01abfa4 ? __kstrtab_complete_and_exit
c01abfb8 ? __kstrtab___wake_up
c01abfc4 ? __kstrtab___wake_up_sync
c01abfd4 ? __kstrtab_wake_up_process
c01abfe4 ? __kstrtab_sleep_on
c01abff0 ? __kstrtab_sleep_on_timeout
c01ac004 ? __kstrtab_interruptible_sleep_on
c01ac01c ? __kstrtab_interruptible_sleep_on_timeout
c01ac03c ? __kstrtab_schedule
c01ac048 ? __kstrtab_schedule_timeout
c01ac05c ? __kstrtab_jiffies
c01ac064 ? __kstrtab_xtime
c01ac06c ? __kstrtab_do_gettimeofday
c01ac07c ? __kstrtab_do_settimeofday
c01ac08c ? __kstrtab_loops_per_jiffy
c01ac09c ? __kstrtab_kstat
c01ac0a4 ? __kstrtab_nr_running
c01ac0b0 ? __kstrtab_panic
c01ac0b8 ? __kstrtab_sprintf
c01ac0c0 ? __kstrtab_snprintf
c01ac0cc ? __kstrtab_sscanf
c01ac0d4 ? __kstrtab_vsprintf
c01ac0e0 ? __kstrtab_vsnprintf
c01ac0ec ? __kstrtab_vsscanf
c01ac0f4 ? __kstrtab_kdevname
c01ac100 ? __kstrtab_bdevname
c01ac10c ? __kstrtab_cdevname
c01ac118 ? __kstrtab_simple_strtol
c01ac128 ? __kstrtab_simple_strtoul
c01ac138 ? __kstrtab_simple_strtoull
c01ac148 ? __kstrtab_system_utsname
c01ac158 ? __kstrtab_uts_sem
c01ac160 ? __kstrtab_sys_call_table
c01ac170 ? __kstrtab_machine_restart
c01ac180 ? __kstrtab_machine_halt
c01ac190 ? __kstrtab_machine_power_off
c01ac1a4 ? __kstrtab__ctype
c01ac1ac ? __kstrtab_secure_tcp_sequence_number
c01ac1c8 ? __kstrtab_get_random_bytes
c01ac1dc ? __kstrtab_securebits
c01ac1e8 ? __kstrtab_cap_bset
c01ac1f4 ? __kstrtab_reparent_to_init
c01ac208 ? __kstrtab_daemonize
c01ac214 ? __kstrtab_csum_partial
c01ac224 ? __kstrtab_seq_escape
c01ac230 ? __kstrtab_seq_printf
c01ac23c ? __kstrtab_seq_open
c01ac248 ? __kstrtab_seq_release
c01ac254 ? __kstrtab_seq_read
c01ac260 ? __kstrtab_seq_lseek
c01ac26c ? __kstrtab_setup_arg_pages
c01ac27c ? __kstrtab_copy_strings_kernel
c01ac290 ? __kstrtab_do_execve
c01ac29c ? __kstrtab_flush_old_exec
c01ac2ac ? __kstrtab_kernel_read
c01ac2b8 ? __kstrtab_open_exec
c01ac2c4 ? __kstrtab_si_meminfo
c01ac2d0 ? __kstrtab_sys_tz
c01ac2d8 ? __kstrtab_file_fsync
c01ac2e4 ? __kstrtab_fsync_inode_buffers
c01ac2f8 ? __kstrtab_fsync_inode_data_buffers
c01ac314 ? __kstrtab_clear_inode
c01ac320 ? __kstrtab____strtok
c01ac32c ? __kstrtab_init_special_inode
c01ac340 ? __kstrtab_read_ahead
c01ac34c ? __kstrtab_get_hash_table
c01ac35c ? __kstrtab_get_empty_inode
c01ac36c ? __kstrtab_insert_inode_hash
c01ac380 ? __kstrtab_remove_inode_hash
c01ac394 ? __kstrtab_buffer_insert_inode_queue
c01ac3b0 ? __kstrtab_make_bad_inode
c01ac3c0 ? __kstrtab_is_bad_inode
c01ac3d0 ? __kstrtab_event
c01ac3d8 ? __kstrtab_brw_page
c01ac3e4 ? __kstrtab_overflowuid
c01ac3f0 ? __kstrtab_overflowgid
c01ac3fc ? __kstrtab_fs_overflowuid
c01ac40c ? __kstrtab_fs_overflowgid
c01ac41c ? __kstrtab_fasync_helper
c01ac42c ? __kstrtab_kill_fasync
c01ac438 ? __kstrtab_disk_name
c01ac444 ? __kstrtab_get_write_access
c01ac458 ? __kstrtab_strnicmp
c01ac464 ? __kstrtab_strspn
c01ac46c ? __kstrtab_strsep
c01ac474 ? __kstrtab_tasklet_hi_vec
c01ac484 ? __kstrtab_tasklet_vec
c01ac490 ? __kstrtab_bh_task_vec
c01ac49c ? __kstrtab_init_bh
c01ac4a4 ? __kstrtab_remove_bh
c01ac4b0 ? __kstrtab_tasklet_init
c01ac4c0 ? __kstrtab_tasklet_kill
c01ac4d0 ? __kstrtab___run_task_queue
c01ac4e4 ? __kstrtab_do_softirq
c01ac4f0 ? __kstrtab_raise_softirq
c01ac500 ? __kstrtab_cpu_raise_softirq
c01ac514 ? __kstrtab___tasklet_schedule
c01ac528 ? __kstrtab___tasklet_hi_schedule
c01ac540 ? __kstrtab_init_task_union
c01ac550 ? __kstrtab_tasklist_lock
c01ac560 ? __kstrtab_pidhash
c01ac568 ? __kstrtab_pm_register
c01ac574 ? __kstrtab_pm_unregister
c01ac584 ? __kstrtab_pm_unregister_all
c01ac598 ? __kstrtab_pm_send
c01ac5a0 ? __kstrtab_pm_send_all
c01ac5ac ? __kstrtab_pm_find
c01ac5b4 ? __kstrtab_pm_active
c01ac5c0 ? __kstrtab_vm_max_readahead
c01ac5d4 ? __kstrtab_vm_min_readahead
c01ac5e8 ? __kstrtab_fail_writepage
c01ac5f8 ? __kstrtab_shmem_file_setup
c01ac60c ? __kstrtab_generic_file_open
c01ac620 ? __kstrtab_set_buffer_flushtime
c01ac638 ? __kstrtab_put_unused_buffer_head
c01ac650 ? __kstrtab_get_unused_buffer_head
c01ac668 ? __kstrtab_set_bh_page
c01ac674 ? __kstrtab_create_empty_buffers
c01ac68c ? __kstrtab_writeout_one_page
c01ac6a0 ? __kstrtab_waitfor_one_page
c01ac6b4 ? __kstrtab_try_to_free_buffers
c01ac6c8 ? __kstrtab_bh_cachep
c01ac6d4 ? __kstrtab_proc_sys_root
c01ac6e4 ? __kstrtab_proc_symlink
c01ac6f4 ? __kstrtab_proc_mknod
c01ac700 ? __kstrtab_proc_mkdir
c01ac70c ? __kstrtab_create_proc_entry
c01ac720 ? __kstrtab_remove_proc_entry
c01ac734 ? __kstrtab_proc_root
c01ac740 ? __kstrtab_proc_root_fs
c01ac750 ? __kstrtab_proc_net
c01ac75c ? __kstrtab_proc_bus
c01ac768 ? __kstrtab_proc_root_driver
c01ac77c ? __kstrtab_zlib_fs_inflate_workspacesize
c01ac79c ? __kstrtab_zlib_fs_inflate
c01ac7ac ? __kstrtab_zlib_fs_inflateInit_
c01ac7c4 ? __kstrtab_zlib_fs_inflateInit2_
c01ac7dc ? __kstrtab_zlib_fs_inflateEnd
c01ac7f0 ? __kstrtab_zlib_fs_inflateSync
c01ac804 ? __kstrtab_zlib_fs_inflateReset
c01ac81c ? __kstrtab_zlib_fs_adler32
c01ac82c ? __kstrtab_zlib_fs_inflateSyncPoint
c01ac848 ? __kstrtab_fat_new_dir
c01ac854 ? __kstrtab_fat_get_block
c01ac864 ? __kstrtab_fat_clear_inode
c01ac874 ? __kstrtab_fat_date_unix2dos
c01ac888 ? __kstrtab_fat_delete_inode
c01ac89c ? __kstrtab_fat__get_entry
c01ac8ac ? __kstrtab_fat_mark_buffer_dirty
c01ac8c4 ? __kstrtab_fat_notify_change
c01ac8d8 ? __kstrtab_fat_put_super
c01ac8e8 ? __kstrtab_fat_attach
c01ac8f4 ? __kstrtab_fat_detach
c01ac900 ? __kstrtab_fat_build_inode
c01ac910 ? __kstrtab_fat_read_super
c01ac920 ? __kstrtab_fat_search_long
c01ac930 ? __kstrtab_fat_readdir
c01ac93c ? __kstrtab_fat_scan
c01ac948 ? __kstrtab_fat_statfs
c01ac954 ? __kstrtab_fat_write_inode
c01ac964 ? __kstrtab_register_cvf_format
c01ac978 ? __kstrtab_unregister_cvf_format
c01ac990 ? __kstrtab_fat_get_cluster
c01ac9a0 ? __kstrtab_fat_dir_ioctl
c01ac9b0 ? __kstrtab_fat_add_entries
c01ac9c0 ? __kstrtab_fat_dir_empty
c01ac9d0 ? __kstrtab_fat_truncate
c01ac9e0 ? __kstrtab_fat_brelse
c01ac9ec ? __kstrtab_vfat_create
c01ac9f8 ? __kstrtab_vfat_unlink
c01aca04 ? __kstrtab_vfat_mkdir
c01aca10 ? __kstrtab_vfat_rmdir
c01aca1c ? __kstrtab_vfat_rename
c01aca28 ? __kstrtab_vfat_read_super
c01aca38 ? __kstrtab_vfat_lookup
c01aca44 ? __kstrtab_lockd_up
c01aca50 ? __kstrtab_lockd_down
c01aca5c ? __kstrtab_nlmclnt_proc
c01aca6c ? __kstrtab_nlmsvc_invalidate_client
c01aca88 ? __kstrtab_nlmsvc_ops
c01aca94 ? __kstrtab_register_nls
c01acaa4 ? __kstrtab_unregister_nls
c01acab4 ? __kstrtab_unload_nls
c01acac0 ? __kstrtab_load_nls
c01acacc ? __kstrtab_load_nls_default
c01acae0 ? __kstrtab_utf8_mbtowc
c01acaec ? __kstrtab_utf8_mbstowcs
c01acafc ? __kstrtab_utf8_wctomb
c01acb08 ? __kstrtab_utf8_wcstombs
c01acb18 ? __kstrtab_tty_register_ldisc
c01acb2c ? __kstrtab_tty_register_devfs
c01acb40 ? __kstrtab_tty_unregister_devfs
c01acb58 ? __kstrtab_n_tty_ioctl
c01acb64 ? __kstrtab_misc_register
c01acb74 ? __kstrtab_misc_deregister
c01acb84 ? __kstrtab_add_keyboard_randomness
c01acb9c ? __kstrtab_add_mouse_randomness
c01acbb4 ? __kstrtab_add_interrupt_randomness
c01acbd0 ? __kstrtab_add_blkdev_randomness
c01acbe8 ? __kstrtab_batch_entropy_store
c01acbfc ? __kstrtab_generate_random_uuid
c01acc14 ? __kstrtab_color_table
c01acc20 ? __kstrtab_default_red
c01acc2c ? __kstrtab_default_grn
c01acc38 ? __kstrtab_default_blu
c01acc44 ? __kstrtab_video_font_height
c01acc58 ? __kstrtab_video_scan_lines
c01acc6c ? __kstrtab_vc_resize
c01acc78 ? __kstrtab_fg_console
c01acc84 ? __kstrtab_console_blank_hook
c01acc98 ? __kstrtab_vt_cons
c01acca0 ? __kstrtab_take_over_console
c01accb4 ? __kstrtab_give_up_console
c01accc4 ? __kstrtab_set_selection
c01accd4 ? __kstrtab_paste_selection
c01acce4 ? __kstrtab_ucb1200_suspend
c01accf4 ? __kstrtab_ucb1200_resume
c01acd04 ? __kstrtab_ucb1200_disable_irq
c01acd18 ? __kstrtab_ucb1200_enable_irq
c01acd2c ? __kstrtab_ucb1200_request_irq
c01acd40 ? __kstrtab_ucb1200_free_irq
c01acd54 ? __kstrtab_ucb1200_set_io_direction
c01acd70 ? __kstrtab_ucb1200_test_io
c01acd80 ? __kstrtab_ucb1200_set_io
c01acd90 ? __kstrtab_ucb1200_read_reg
c01acda4 ? __kstrtab_ucb1200_write_reg
c01acdb8 ? __kstrtab_ucb1200_start_adc
c01acdcc ? __kstrtab_ucb1200_read_adc
c01acde0 ? __kstrtab_ucb1200_stop_adc
c01acdf4 ? __kstrtab_ucb1200_start_audio
c01ace08 ? __kstrtab_ucb1200_stop_audio
c01ace1c ? __kstrtab_proc_ucb1200
c01ace2c ? __kstrtab_ucb1200_sa1100_set_mccr0
c01ace48 ? __kstrtab_ucb1200_sa1100_get_mccr0
c01ace64 ? __kstrtab_ucb1200_sa1100_get_mcsr
c01ace7c ? __kstrtab_ucb1200_sa1100_set_mcsr
c01ace94 ? __kstrtab_ucb1200_sa1100_get_mcdr0
c01aceb0 ? __kstrtab_ucb1200_sa1100_set_mcdr0
c01acecc ? __kstrtab_arch_ucb1200_ops
c01acee0 ? __kstrtab_handle_scancode
c01acef0 ? __kstrtab_kbd_ledfunc
c01acefc ? __kstrtab_keyboard_tasklet
c01acf10 ? __kstrtab_sharpkbdctl_stat_changed
c01acf2c ? __kstrtab_io_request_lock
c01acf3c ? __kstrtab_end_that_request_first
c01acf54 ? __kstrtab_end_that_request_last
c01acf6c ? __kstrtab_blk_init_queue
c01acf7c ? __kstrtab_blk_get_queue
c01acf8c ? __kstrtab_blk_cleanup_queue
c01acfa0 ? __kstrtab_blk_queue_headactive
c01acfb8 ? __kstrtab_blk_queue_make_request
c01acfd0 ? __kstrtab_generic_make_request
c01acfe8 ? __kstrtab_blkdev_release_request
c01ad000 ? __kstrtab_generic_unplug_device
c01ad018 ? __kstrtab_blk_ioctl
c01ad024 ? __kstrtab_gendisk_head
c01ad034 ? __kstrtab_add_gendisk
c01ad040 ? __kstrtab_del_gendisk
c01ad04c ? __kstrtab_get_gendisk
c01ad058 ? __kstrtab_loop_register_transfer
c01ad070 ? __kstrtab_loop_unregister_transfer
c01ad08c ? __kstrtab_init_etherdev
c01ad09c ? __kstrtab_alloc_etherdev
c01ad0ac ? __kstrtab_ether_setup
c01ad0b8 ? __kstrtab_register_netdev
c01ad0c8 ? __kstrtab_unregister_netdev
c01ad0dc ? __kstrtab_ei_open
c01ad0e4 ? __kstrtab_ei_close
c01ad0f0 ? __kstrtab_ei_interrupt
c01ad100 ? __kstrtab_ei_tx_timeout
c01ad110 ? __kstrtab_ethdev_init
c01ad11c ? __kstrtab_NS8390_init
c01ad128 ? __kstrtab_ppp_register_channel
c01ad140 ? __kstrtab_ppp_unregister_channel
c01ad158 ? __kstrtab_ppp_channel_index
c01ad16c ? __kstrtab_ppp_unit_number
c01ad17c ? __kstrtab_ppp_input
c01ad188 ? __kstrtab_ppp_input_error
c01ad198 ? __kstrtab_ppp_output_wakeup
c01ad1ac ? __kstrtab_ppp_register_compressor
c01ad1c4 ? __kstrtab_ppp_unregister_compressor
c01ad1e0 ? __kstrtab_all_ppp_units
c01ad1f0 ? __kstrtab_all_channels
c01ad200 ? __kstrtab_slhc_init
c01ad20c ? __kstrtab_slhc_free
c01ad218 ? __kstrtab_slhc_remember
c01ad228 ? __kstrtab_slhc_compress
c01ad238 ? __kstrtab_slhc_uncompress
c01ad248 ? __kstrtab_slhc_toss
c01ad254 ? __kstrtab_ppp_crc16_table
c01ad264 ? __kstrtab_autoirq_setup
c01ad274 ? __kstrtab_autoirq_report
c01ad284 ? __kstrtab_ide_hwifs
c01ad290 ? __kstrtab_ide_register_module
c01ad2a4 ? __kstrtab_ide_unregister_module
c01ad2bc ? __kstrtab_ide_spin_wait_hwgroup
c01ad2d4 ? __kstrtab_ide_probe
c01ad2e0 ? __kstrtab_drive_is_flashcard
c01ad2f4 ? __kstrtab_ide_timer_expiry
c01ad308 ? __kstrtab_ide_intr
c01ad314 ? __kstrtab_ide_fops
c01ad320 ? __kstrtab_ide_get_queue
c01ad330 ? __kstrtab_ide_add_generic_settings
c01ad34c ? __kstrtab_ide_devfs_handle
c01ad360 ? __kstrtab_do_ide_request
c01ad370 ? __kstrtab_ide_scan_devices
c01ad384 ? __kstrtab_ide_register_subdriver
c01ad39c ? __kstrtab_ide_unregister_subdriver
c01ad3b8 ? __kstrtab_ide_replace_subdriver
c01ad3d0 ? __kstrtab_ide_input_data
c01ad3e0 ? __kstrtab_ide_output_data
c01ad3f0 ? __kstrtab_atapi_input_bytes
c01ad404 ? __kstrtab_atapi_output_bytes
c01ad418 ? __kstrtab_ide_set_handler
c01ad428 ? __kstrtab_ide_dump_status
c01ad438 ? __kstrtab_ide_error
c01ad444 ? __kstrtab_ide_fixstring
c01ad454 ? __kstrtab_ide_wait_stat
c01ad464 ? __kstrtab_ide_do_reset
c01ad474 ? __kstrtab_restart_request
c01ad484 ? __kstrtab_ide_init_drive_cmd
c01ad498 ? __kstrtab_ide_do_drive_cmd
c01ad4ac ? __kstrtab_ide_end_drive_cmd
c01ad4c0 ? __kstrtab_ide_end_request
c01ad4d0 ? __kstrtab_ide_revalidate_disk
c01ad4e4 ? __kstrtab_ide_cmd
c01ad4ec ? __kstrtab_ide_wait_cmd
c01ad4fc ? __kstrtab_ide_wait_cmd_task
c01ad510 ? __kstrtab_ide_delay_50ms
c01ad520 ? __kstrtab_ide_stall_queue
c01ad530 ? __kstrtab_ide_add_proc_entries
c01ad548 ? __kstrtab_ide_remove_proc_entries
c01ad560 ? __kstrtab_proc_ide_read_geometry
c01ad578 ? __kstrtab_create_proc_ide_interfaces
c01ad594 ? __kstrtab_ide_add_setting
c01ad5a4 ? __kstrtab_ide_remove_setting
c01ad5b8 ? __kstrtab_ide_register_hw
c01ad5c8 ? __kstrtab_ide_register
c01ad5d8 ? __kstrtab_ide_unregister
c01ad5e8 ? __kstrtab_ide_setup_ports
c01ad5f8 ? __kstrtab_hwif_unregister
c01ad608 ? __kstrtab_get_info_ptr
c01ad618 ? __kstrtab_current_capacity
c01ad62c ? __kstrtab_system_bus_clock
c01ad640 ? __kstrtab_ide_auto_reduce_xfer
c01ad658 ? __kstrtab_ide_driveid_update
c01ad66c ? __kstrtab_ide_ata66_check
c01ad67c ? __kstrtab_set_transfer
c01ad68c ? __kstrtab_eighty_ninty_three
c01ad6a0 ? __kstrtab_ide_config_drive_speed
c01ad6b8 ? __kstrtab_register_sound_special
c01ad6d0 ? __kstrtab_register_sound_mixer
c01ad6e8 ? __kstrtab_register_sound_midi
c01ad6fc ? __kstrtab_register_sound_dsp
c01ad710 ? __kstrtab_register_sound_synth
c01ad728 ? __kstrtab_unregister_sound_special
c01ad744 ? __kstrtab_unregister_sound_mixer
c01ad75c ? __kstrtab_unregister_sound_midi
c01ad774 ? __kstrtab_unregister_sound_dsp
c01ad78c ? __kstrtab_unregister_sound_synth
c01ad7a4 ? __kstrtab_mod_firmware_load
c01ad7b8 ? __kstrtab_register_mtd_chip_driver
c01ad7d4 ? __kstrtab_unregister_mtd_chip_driver
c01ad7f0 ? __kstrtab_do_map_probe
c01ad800 ? __kstrtab_add_mtd_device
c01ad810 ? __kstrtab_del_mtd_device
c01ad820 ? __kstrtab___get_mtd_device
c01ad834 ? __kstrtab_register_mtd_user
c01ad848 ? __kstrtab_unregister_mtd_user
c01ad85c ? __kstrtab_register_pccard_driver
c01ad874 ? __kstrtab_unregister_pccard_driver
c01ad890 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_access_configuration_register
c01ad8b8 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_adjust_resource_info
c01ad8d4 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_bind_device
c01ad8e8 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_bind_mtd
c01ad8f8 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_check_erase_queue
c01ad914 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_close_memory
c01ad928 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_copy_memory
c01ad93c ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_deregister_client
c01ad958 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_deregister_erase_queue
c01ad978 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_eject_card
c01ad98c ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_get_first_client
c01ad9a4 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_get_card_services_info
c01ad9c4 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_get_configuration_info
c01ad9e4 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_get_mem_page
c01ad9f8 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_get_next_client
c01ada10 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_get_first_region
c01ada28 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_get_first_tuple
c01ada40 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_get_first_window
c01ada58 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_get_next_region
c01ada70 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_get_next_tuple
c01ada88 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_get_next_window
c01adaa0 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_get_status
c01adab4 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_get_tuple_data
c01adacc ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_insert_card
c01adae0 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_map_mem_page
c01adaf4 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_modify_configuration
c01adb10 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_modify_window
c01adb28 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_open_memory
c01adb3c ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_parse_tuple
c01adb50 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_read_memory
c01adb64 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_register_client
c01adb7c ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_register_erase_queue
c01adb98 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_register_mtd
c01adbac ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_release_configuration
c01adbcc ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_release_io
c01adbe0 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_release_irq
c01adbf4 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_release_window
c01adc0c ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_replace_cis
c01adc20 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_report_error
c01adc34 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_request_configuration
c01adc54 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_request_io
c01adc68 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_request_irq
c01adc7c ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_request_window
c01adc94 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_reset_card
c01adca8 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_resume_card
c01adcbc ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_set_event_mask
c01adcd4 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_suspend_card
c01adce8 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_validate_cis
c01adcfc ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_write_memory
c01add10 ? __kstrtab_dead_socket
c01add1c ? __kstrtab_register_ss_entry
c01add30 ? __kstrtab_unregister_ss_entry
c01add44 ? __kstrtab_CardServices
c01add54 ? __kstrtab_MTDHelperEntry
c01add64 ? __kstrtab_proc_pccard
c01add70 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_register_socket
c01add88 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_unregister_socket
c01adda4 ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_suspend_socket
c01addbc ? __kstrtab_pcmcia_resume_socket
c01addd4 ? __kstrtab_register_framebuffer
c01addec ? __kstrtab_unregister_framebuffer
c01ade04 ? __kstrtab_registered_fb
c01ade14 ? __kstrtab_num_registered_fb
c01ade28 ? __kstrtab_GET_FB_IDX
c01ade34 ? __kstrtab_fb_alloc_cmap
c01ade44 ? __kstrtab_fb_copy_cmap
c01ade54 ? __kstrtab_fb_get_cmap
c01ade60 ? __kstrtab_fb_set_cmap
c01ade6c ? __kstrtab_fb_default_cmap
c01ade7c ? __kstrtab_fb_invert_cmaps
c01ade8c ? __kstrtab___fb_try_mode
c01ade9c ? __kstrtab_fb_display
c01adea8 ? __kstrtab_fbcon_redraw_bmove
c01adebc ? __kstrtab_fbcon_redraw_clear
c01aded0 ? __kstrtab_fbcon_dummy
c01adedc ? __kstrtab_fb_con
c01adee4 ? __kstrtab_fbcon_cfb16
c01adef0 ? __kstrtab_fbcon_cfb16_setup
c01adf04 ? __kstrtab_fbcon_cfb16_bmove
c01adf18 ? __kstrtab_fbcon_cfb16_clear
c01adf2c ? __kstrtab_fbcon_cfb16_putc
c01adf40 ? __kstrtab_fbcon_cfb16_putcs
c01adf54 ? __kstrtab_fbcon_cfb16_revc
c01adf68 ? __kstrtab_fbcon_cfb16_clear_margins
c01adf84 ? __kstrtab_irport_open
c01adf90 ? __kstrtab_irport_close
c01adfa0 ? __kstrtab_irport_start
c01adfb0 ? __kstrtab_irport_stop
c01adfbc ? __kstrtab_irport_interrupt
c01adfd0 ? __kstrtab_irport_hard_xmit
c01adfe4 ? __kstrtab_irport_timeout
c01adff4 ? __kstrtab_irport_change_speed
c01ae008 ? __kstrtab_irport_net_open
c01ae018 ? __kstrtab_irport_net_close
c01ae02c ? __kstrtab_irttp_open_tsap
c01ae03c ? __kstrtab_irttp_close_tsap
c01ae050 ? __kstrtab_irttp_connect_response
c01ae068 ? __kstrtab_irttp_data_request
c01ae07c ? __kstrtab_irttp_disconnect_request
c01ae098 ? __kstrtab_irttp_flow_request
c01ae0ac ? __kstrtab_irttp_connect_request
c01ae0c4 ? __kstrtab_irttp_udata_request
c01ae0d8 ? __kstrtab_irttp_dup
c01ae0e4 ? __kstrtab_irda_notify_init
c01ae0f8 ? __kstrtab_proc_irda
c01ae104 ? __kstrtab_irda_param_insert
c01ae118 ? __kstrtab_irda_param_extract
c01ae12c ? __kstrtab_irda_param_extract_all
c01ae144 ? __kstrtab_irda_param_pack
c01ae154 ? __kstrtab_irda_param_unpack
c01ae168 ? __kstrtab_iriap_open
c01ae174 ? __kstrtab_iriap_close
c01ae180 ? __kstrtab_iriap_getvaluebyclass_request
c01ae1a0 ? __kstrtab_irias_object_change_attribute
c01ae1c0 ? __kstrtab_irias_add_integer_attrib
c01ae1dc ? __kstrtab_irias_add_octseq_attrib
c01ae1f4 ? __kstrtab_irias_add_string_attrib
c01ae20c ? __kstrtab_irias_insert_object
c01ae220 ? __kstrtab_irias_new_object
c01ae234 ? __kstrtab_irias_delete_object
c01ae248 ? __kstrtab_irias_delete_value
c01ae25c ? __kstrtab_irias_find_object
c01ae270 ? __kstrtab_irias_find_attrib
c01ae284 ? __kstrtab_irias_new_integer_value
c01ae29c ? __kstrtab_irias_new_string_value
c01ae2b4 ? __kstrtab_irias_new_octseq_value
c01ae2cc ? __kstrtab_irlmp_discovery_request
c01ae2e4 ? __kstrtab_irlmp_get_discoveries
c01ae2fc ? __kstrtab_sysctl_discovery_timeout
c01ae318 ? __kstrtab_irlmp_register_client
c01ae330 ? __kstrtab_irlmp_unregister_client
c01ae348 ? __kstrtab_irlmp_update_client
c01ae35c ? __kstrtab_irlmp_register_service
c01ae374 ? __kstrtab_irlmp_unregister_service
c01ae390 ? __kstrtab_irlmp_service_to_hint
c01ae3a8 ? __kstrtab_irlmp_data_request
c01ae3bc ? __kstrtab_irlmp_open_lsap
c01ae3cc ? __kstrtab_irlmp_close_lsap
c01ae3e0 ? __kstrtab_irlmp_connect_request
c01ae3f8 ? __kstrtab_irlmp_connect_response
c01ae410 ? __kstrtab_irlmp_disconnect_request
c01ae42c ? __kstrtab_irlmp_get_daddr
c01ae43c ? __kstrtab_irlmp_get_saddr
c01ae44c ? __kstrtab_irlmp_dup
c01ae458 ? __kstrtab_lmp_reasons
c01ae464 ? __kstrtab_hashbin_find
c01ae474 ? __kstrtab_hashbin_new
c01ae480 ? __kstrtab_hashbin_insert
c01ae490 ? __kstrtab_hashbin_delete
c01ae4a0 ? __kstrtab_hashbin_remove
c01ae4b0 ? __kstrtab_hashbin_remove_this
c01ae4c4 ? __kstrtab_hashbin_get_next
c01ae4d8 ? __kstrtab_hashbin_get_first
c01ae4ec ? __kstrtab_irlap_open
c01ae4f8 ? __kstrtab_irlap_close
c01ae504 ? __kstrtab_irda_init_max_qos_capabilies
c01ae524 ? __kstrtab_irda_qos_bits_to_value
c01ae53c ? __kstrtab_irda_device_setup
c01ae550 ? __kstrtab_irda_device_set_media_busy
c01ae56c ? __kstrtab_irda_device_txqueue_empty
c01ae588 ? __kstrtab_irda_device_dongle_init
c01ae5a0 ? __kstrtab_irda_device_dongle_cleanup
c01ae5bc ? __kstrtab_irda_device_register_dongle
c01ae5d8 ? __kstrtab_irda_device_unregister_dongle
c01ae5f8 ? __kstrtab_irda_task_execute
c01ae60c ? __kstrtab_irda_task_kick
c01ae61c ? __kstrtab_irda_task_next_state
c01ae634 ? __kstrtab_irda_task_delete
c01ae648 ? __kstrtab_async_wrap_skb
c01ae658 ? __kstrtab_async_unwrap_char
c01ae66c ? __kstrtab_irda_start_timer
c01ae680 ? __kstrtab_setup_dma
c01ae68c ? __kstrtab_infrared_mode
c01ae69c ? __kstrtab_rpc_allocate
c01ae6ac ? __kstrtab_rpc_free
c01ae6b8 ? __kstrtab_rpc_execute
c01ae6c4 ? __kstrtab_rpc_init_task
c01ae6d4 ? __kstrtab_rpc_sleep_on
c01ae6e4 ? __kstrtab_rpc_wake_up_next
c01ae6f8 ? __kstrtab_rpc_wake_up_task
c01ae70c ? __kstrtab_rpc_new_child
c01ae71c ? __kstrtab_rpc_run_child
c01ae72c ? __kstrtab_rpciod_down
c01ae738 ? __kstrtab_rpciod_up
c01ae744 ? __kstrtab_rpc_new_task
c01ae754 ? __kstrtab_rpc_wake_up_status
c01ae768 ? __kstrtab_rpc_release_task
c01ae77c ? __kstrtab_rpc_create_client
c01ae790 ? __kstrtab_rpc_destroy_client
c01ae7a4 ? __kstrtab_rpc_shutdown_client
c01ae7b8 ? __kstrtab_rpc_killall_tasks
c01ae7cc ? __kstrtab_rpc_call_sync
c01ae7dc ? __kstrtab_rpc_call_async
c01ae7ec ? __kstrtab_rpc_call_setup
c01ae7fc ? __kstrtab_rpc_clnt_sigmask
c01ae810 ? __kstrtab_rpc_clnt_sigunmask
c01ae824 ? __kstrtab_rpc_delay
c01ae830 ? __kstrtab_rpc_restart_call
c01ae844 ? __kstrtab_xprt_create_proto
c01ae858 ? __kstrtab_xprt_destroy
c01ae868 ? __kstrtab_xprt_set_timeout
c01ae87c ? __kstrtab_rpcauth_register
c01ae890 ? __kstrtab_rpcauth_unregister
c01ae8a4 ? __kstrtab_rpcauth_init_credcache
c01ae8bc ? __kstrtab_rpcauth_free_credcache
c01ae8d4 ? __kstrtab_rpcauth_insert_credcache
c01ae8f0 ? __kstrtab_rpcauth_lookupcred
c01ae904 ? __kstrtab_rpcauth_bindcred
c01ae918 ? __kstrtab_rpcauth_matchcred
c01ae92c ? __kstrtab_put_rpccred
c01ae938 ? __kstrtab_svc_create
c01ae944 ? __kstrtab_svc_create_thread
c01ae958 ? __kstrtab_svc_exit_thread
c01ae968 ? __kstrtab_svc_destroy
c01ae974 ? __kstrtab_svc_drop
c01ae980 ? __kstrtab_svc_process
c01ae98c ? __kstrtab_svc_recv
c01ae998 ? __kstrtab_svc_wake_up
c01ae9a4 ? __kstrtab_svc_makesock
c01ae9b4 ? __kstrtab_rpc_proc_register
c01ae9c8 ? __kstrtab_rpc_proc_unregister
c01ae9dc ? __kstrtab_rpc_proc_read
c01ae9ec ? __kstrtab_svc_proc_register
c01aea00 ? __kstrtab_svc_proc_unregister
c01aea14 ? __kstrtab_svc_proc_read
c01aea24 ? __kstrtab_xdr_encode_array
c01aea38 ? __kstrtab_xdr_encode_string
c01aea4c ? __kstrtab_xdr_decode_string
c01aea60 ? __kstrtab_xdr_decode_string_inplace
c01aea7c ? __kstrtab_xdr_decode_netobj
c01aea90 ? __kstrtab_xdr_encode_netobj
c01aeaa4 ? __kstrtab_xdr_shift_iovec
c01aeab4 ? __kstrtab_xdr_zero_iovec
c01aeac4 ? __kstrtab_rpc_debug
c01aead0 ? __kstrtab_nfs_debug
c01aeadc ? __kstrtab_nfsd_debug
c01aeae8 ? __kstrtab_nlm_debug
c01aeaf4 ? __kstrtab_skb_over_panic
c01aeb04 ? __kstrtab_skb_under_panic
c01aeb14 ? __kstrtab_sock_register
c01aeb24 ? __kstrtab_sock_unregister
c01aeb34 ? __kstrtab___lock_sock
c01aeb40 ? __kstrtab___release_sock
c01aeb50 ? __kstrtab_memcpy_fromiovec
c01aeb64 ? __kstrtab_memcpy_tokerneliovec
c01aeb7c ? __kstrtab_sock_create
c01aeb88 ? __kstrtab_sock_alloc
c01aeb94 ? __kstrtab_sock_release
c01aeba4 ? __kstrtab_sock_setsockopt
c01aebb4 ? __kstrtab_sock_getsockopt
c01aebc4 ? __kstrtab_sock_sendmsg
c01aebd4 ? __kstrtab_sock_recvmsg
c01aebe4 ? __kstrtab_sk_alloc
c01aebf0 ? __kstrtab_sk_free
c01aebf8 ? __kstrtab_sock_wake_async
c01aec08 ? __kstrtab_sock_alloc_send_skb
c01aec1c ? __kstrtab_sock_alloc_send_pskb
c01aec34 ? __kstrtab_sock_init_data
c01aec44 ? __kstrtab_sock_no_release
c01aec54 ? __kstrtab_sock_no_bind
c01aec64 ? __kstrtab_sock_no_connect
c01aec74 ? __kstrtab_sock_no_socketpair
c01aec88 ? __kstrtab_sock_no_accept
c01aec98 ? __kstrtab_sock_no_getname
c01aeca8 ? __kstrtab_sock_no_poll
c01aecb8 ? __kstrtab_sock_no_ioctl
c01aecc8 ? __kstrtab_sock_no_listen
c01aecd8 ? __kstrtab_sock_no_shutdown
c01aecec ? __kstrtab_sock_no_getsockopt
c01aed00 ? __kstrtab_sock_no_setsockopt
c01aed14 ? __kstrtab_sock_no_sendmsg
c01aed24 ? __kstrtab_sock_no_recvmsg
c01aed34 ? __kstrtab_sock_no_mmap
c01aed44 ? __kstrtab_sock_no_sendpage
c01aed58 ? __kstrtab_sock_rfree
c01aed64 ? __kstrtab_sock_wfree
c01aed70 ? __kstrtab_sock_wmalloc
c01aed80 ? __kstrtab_sock_rmalloc
c01aed90 ? __kstrtab_skb_linearize
c01aeda0 ? __kstrtab_skb_checksum
c01aedb0 ? __kstrtab_skb_checksum_help
c01aedc4 ? __kstrtab_skb_recv_datagram
c01aedd8 ? __kstrtab_skb_free_datagram
c01aedec ? __kstrtab_skb_copy_datagram
c01aee00 ? __kstrtab_skb_copy_datagram_iovec
c01aee18 ? __kstrtab_skb_copy_and_csum_datagram_iovec
c01aee3c ? __kstrtab_skb_copy_bits
c01aee4c ? __kstrtab_skb_copy_and_csum_bits
c01aee64 ? __kstrtab_skb_copy_and_csum_dev
c01aee7c ? __kstrtab_skb_copy_expand
c01aee8c ? __kstrtab____pskb_trim
c01aee9c ? __kstrtab___pskb_pull_tail
c01aeeb0 ? __kstrtab_pskb_expand_head
c01aeec4 ? __kstrtab_pskb_copy
c01aeed0 ? __kstrtab_skb_realloc_headroom
c01aeee8 ? __kstrtab_datagram_poll
c01aeef8 ? __kstrtab_put_cmsg
c01aef04 ? __kstrtab_sock_kmalloc
c01aef14 ? __kstrtab_sock_kfree_s
c01aef24 ? __kstrtab_neigh_table_init
c01aef38 ? __kstrtab_neigh_table_clear
c01aef4c ? __kstrtab_neigh_resolve_output
c01aef64 ? __kstrtab_neigh_connected_output
c01aef7c ? __kstrtab_neigh_update
c01aef8c ? __kstrtab_neigh_create
c01aef9c ? __kstrtab_neigh_lookup
c01aefac ? __kstrtab___neigh_event_send
c01aefc0 ? __kstrtab_neigh_event_ns
c01aefd0 ? __kstrtab_neigh_ifdown
c01aefe0 ? __kstrtab_neigh_sysctl_register
c01aeff8 ? __kstrtab_pneigh_lookup
c01af008 ? __kstrtab_pneigh_enqueue
c01af018 ? __kstrtab_neigh_destroy
c01af028 ? __kstrtab_neigh_parms_alloc
c01af03c ? __kstrtab_neigh_parms_release
c01af050 ? __kstrtab_neigh_rand_reach_time
c01af068 ? __kstrtab_neigh_compat_output
c01af07c ? __kstrtab_dst_alloc
c01af088 ? __kstrtab___dst_free
c01af094 ? __kstrtab_dst_destroy
c01af0a0 ? __kstrtab_net_ratelimit
c01af0b0 ? __kstrtab_net_random
c01af0bc ? __kstrtab_net_srandom
c01af0c8 ? __kstrtab___scm_destroy
c01af0d8 ? __kstrtab___scm_send
c01af0e4 ? __kstrtab_scm_fp_dup
c01af0f0 ? __kstrtab_files_stat
c01af0fc ? __kstrtab_memcpy_toiovec
c01af10c ? __kstrtab_sklist_destroy_socket
c01af124 ? __kstrtab_sklist_insert_socket
c01af13c ? __kstrtab_scm_detach_fds
c01af14c ? __kstrtab_inetdev_lock
c01af15c ? __kstrtab_inet_add_protocol
c01af170 ? __kstrtab_inet_del_protocol
c01af184 ? __kstrtab_inet_register_protosw
c01af19c ? __kstrtab_inet_unregister_protosw
c01af1b4 ? __kstrtab_ip_route_output_key
c01af1c8 ? __kstrtab_ip_route_input
c01af1d8 ? __kstrtab_icmp_send
c01af1e4 ? __kstrtab_ip_options_compile
c01af1f8 ? __kstrtab_ip_options_undo
c01af208 ? __kstrtab_arp_send
c01af214 ? __kstrtab_arp_broken_ops
c01af224 ? __kstrtab___ip_select_ident
c01af238 ? __kstrtab_ip_send_check
c01af248 ? __kstrtab_ip_fragment
c01af254 ? __kstrtab_inet_family_ops
c01af264 ? __kstrtab_in_aton
c01af26c ? __kstrtab_ip_mc_inc_group
c01af27c ? __kstrtab_ip_mc_dec_group
c01af28c ? __kstrtab_ip_finish_output
c01af2a0 ? __kstrtab_inet_stream_ops
c01af2b0 ? __kstrtab_inet_dgram_ops
c01af2c0 ? __kstrtab_ip_cmsg_recv
c01af2d0 ? __kstrtab_inet_addr_type
c01af2e0 ? __kstrtab_inet_select_addr
c01af2f4 ? __kstrtab_ip_dev_find
c01af300 ? __kstrtab_inetdev_by_index
c01af314 ? __kstrtab_in_dev_finish_destroy
c01af32c ? __kstrtab_ip_defrag
c01af338 ? __kstrtab_ip_rt_ioctl
c01af344 ? __kstrtab_devinet_ioctl
c01af354 ? __kstrtab_register_inetaddr_notifier
c01af370 ? __kstrtab_unregister_inetaddr_notifier
c01af390 ? __kstrtab_ip_statistics
c01af3a0 ? __kstrtab_netlink_set_err
c01af3b0 ? __kstrtab_netlink_broadcast
c01af3c4 ? __kstrtab_netlink_unicast
c01af3d4 ? __kstrtab_netlink_kernel_create
c01af3ec ? __kstrtab_netlink_dump_start
c01af400 ? __kstrtab_netlink_ack
c01af40c ? __kstrtab_rtattr_parse
c01af41c ? __kstrtab_rtnetlink_links
c01af42c ? __kstrtab___rta_fill
c01af438 ? __kstrtab_rtnetlink_dump_ifinfo
c01af450 ? __kstrtab_rtnetlink_put_metrics
c01af468 ? __kstrtab_rtnl
c01af470 ? __kstrtab_neigh_delete
c01af480 ? __kstrtab_neigh_add
c01af48c ? __kstrtab_neigh_dump_info
c01af49c ? __kstrtab_dev_set_allmulti
c01af4b0 ? __kstrtab_dev_set_promiscuity
c01af4c4 ? __kstrtab_sklist_remove_socket
c01af4dc ? __kstrtab_rtnl_sem
c01af4e8 ? __kstrtab_rtnl_lock
c01af4f4 ? __kstrtab_rtnl_unlock
c01af500 ? __kstrtab_move_addr_to_kernel
c01af514 ? __kstrtab_move_addr_to_user
c01af528 ? __kstrtab_ipv4_config
c01af534 ? __kstrtab_dev_open
c01af540 ? __kstrtab_in_ntoa
c01af548 ? __kstrtab_xrlim_allow
c01af554 ? __kstrtab_ip_rcv
c01af55c ? __kstrtab_arp_rcv
c01af564 ? __kstrtab_arp_tbl
c01af56c ? __kstrtab_arp_find
c01af578 ? __kstrtab_register_netdevice_notifier
c01af594 ? __kstrtab_unregister_netdevice_notifier
c01af5b4 ? __kstrtab_loopback_dev
c01af5c4 ? __kstrtab_register_netdevice
c01af5d8 ? __kstrtab_unregister_netdevice
c01af5f0 ? __kstrtab_netdev_state_change
c01af604 ? __kstrtab_dev_new_index
c01af614 ? __kstrtab_dev_get_by_index
c01af628 ? __kstrtab___dev_get_by_index
c01af63c ? __kstrtab_dev_get_by_name
c01af64c ? __kstrtab___dev_get_by_name
c01af660 ? __kstrtab_netdev_finish_unregister
c01af67c ? __kstrtab_netdev_set_master
c01af690 ? __kstrtab_eth_type_trans
c01af6a0 ? __kstrtab_alloc_skb
c01af6ac ? __kstrtab___kfree_skb
c01af6b8 ? __kstrtab_skb_clone
c01af6c4 ? __kstrtab_skb_copy
c01af6d0 ? __kstrtab_netif_rx
c01af6dc ? __kstrtab_dev_add_pack
c01af6ec ? __kstrtab_dev_remove_pack
c01af6fc ? __kstrtab_dev_get
c01af704 ? __kstrtab_dev_alloc
c01af710 ? __kstrtab_dev_alloc_name
c01af720 ? __kstrtab___netdev_watchdog_up
c01af738 ? __kstrtab_dev_ioctl
c01af744 ? __kstrtab_dev_queue_xmit
c01af754 ? __kstrtab_dev_base
c01af760 ? __kstrtab_dev_base_lock
c01af770 ? __kstrtab_dev_close
c01af77c ? __kstrtab_dev_mc_add
c01af788 ? __kstrtab_dev_mc_delete
c01af798 ? __kstrtab_dev_mc_upload
c01af7a8 ? __kstrtab___kill_fasync
c01af7b8 ? __kstrtab_if_port_text
c01af7c8 ? __kstrtab_sysctl_wmem_max
c01af7d8 ? __kstrtab_sysctl_rmem_max
c01af7e8 ? __kstrtab_sysctl_ip_default_ttl
c01af800 ? __kstrtab_qdisc_destroy
c01af810 ? __kstrtab_qdisc_reset
c01af81c ? __kstrtab_qdisc_restart
c01af82c ? __kstrtab_qdisc_create_dflt
c01af840 ? __kstrtab_noop_qdisc
c01af84c ? __kstrtab_qdisc_tree_lock
c01af85c ? __kstrtab_register_gifconf
c01af870 ? __kstrtab_net_call_rx_atomic
c01af884 ? __kstrtab_softnet_data
c01af894 ? __kstrtab_memparse
c01af8a0 ? __kstrtab_get_option
c01af8ac ? __kstrtab_get_options
c01af8b8 ? __kstrtab_init_rwsem
c01af8c4 ? __kstrtab___down_read
c01af8d0 ? __kstrtab___down_write
c01af8e0 ? __kstrtab___up_read
c01af8ec ? __kstrtab___up_write
c01af900 ? __start___ex_table
c01b0270 ? __ksymtab_request_dma
c01b0270 ? __start___ksymtab
c01b0270 ? __stop___ex_table
c01b0278 ? __ksymtab_free_dma
c01b0280 ? __ksymtab_enable_dma
c01b0288 ? __ksymtab_disable_dma
c01b0290 ? __ksymtab_set_dma_addr
c01b0298 ? __ksymtab_set_dma_count
c01b02a0 ? __ksymtab_set_dma_mode
c01b02a8 ? __ksymtab_set_dma_page
c01b02b0 ? __ksymtab_get_dma_residue
c01b02b8 ? __ksymtab_set_dma_sg
c01b02c0 ? __ksymtab_set_dma_speed
c01b02c8 ? __ksymtab_kern_fp_enter
c01b02d0 ? __ksymtab_fp_printk
c01b02d8 ? __ksymtab_fp_send_sig
c01b02e0 ? __ksymtab_kd_mksound
c01b02e8 ? __ksymtab___do_softirq
c01b02f0 ? __ksymtab_dump_thread
c01b02f8 ? __ksymtab_dump_fpu
c01b0300 ? __ksymtab_udelay
c01b0308 ? __ksymtab___ioremap
c01b0310 ? __ksymtab___iounmap
c01b0318 ? __ksymtab_kernel_thread
c01b0320 ? __ksymtab_system_rev
c01b0328 ? __ksymtab_system_serial_low
c01b0330 ? __ksymtab_system_serial_high
c01b0338 ? __ksymtab___bad_xchg
c01b0340 ? __ksymtab___readwrite_bug
c01b0348 ? __ksymtab_enable_irq
c01b0350 ? __ksymtab_disable_irq
c01b0358 ? __ksymtab_pm_idle
c01b0360 ? __ksymtab_pm_power_off
c01b0368 ? __ksymtab___machine_arch_type
c01b0370 ? __ksymtab_csum_partial_copy_nocheck
c01b0378 ? __ksymtab___csum_ipv6_magic
c01b0380 ? __ksymtab___raw_readsb
c01b0388 ? __ksymtab___raw_readsw
c01b0390 ? __ksymtab___raw_readsl
c01b0398 ? __ksymtab___raw_writesb
c01b03a0 ? __ksymtab___raw_writesw
c01b03a8 ? __ksymtab___raw_writesl
c01b03b0 ? __ksymtab_quicklists
c01b03b8 ? __ksymtab_strcpy
c01b03c0 ? __ksymtab_strncpy
c01b03c8 ? __ksymtab_strcat
c01b03d0 ? __ksymtab_strncat
c01b03d8 ? __ksymtab_strcmp
c01b03e0 ? __ksymtab_strncmp
c01b03e8 ? __ksymtab_strchr
c01b03f0 ? __ksymtab_strlen
c01b03f8 ? __ksymtab_strnlen
c01b0400 ? __ksymtab_strpbrk
c01b0408 ? __ksymtab_strtok
c01b0410 ? __ksymtab_strrchr
c01b0418 ? __ksymtab_strstr
c01b0420 ? __ksymtab_memset
c01b0428 ? __ksymtab_memcpy
c01b0430 ? __ksymtab_memmove
c01b0438 ? __ksymtab_memcmp
c01b0440 ? __ksymtab_memscan
c01b0448 ? __ksymtab_memchr
c01b0450 ? __ksymtab___memzero
c01b0458 ? __ksymtab___arch_copy_from_user
c01b0460 ? __ksymtab___arch_copy_to_user
c01b0468 ? __ksymtab___arch_clear_user
c01b0470 ? __ksymtab___arch_strnlen_user
c01b0478 ? __ksymtab_pci_alloc_consistent
c01b0480 ? __ksymtab_consistent_alloc
c01b0488 ? __ksymtab_consistent_free
c01b0490 ? __ksymtab_consistent_sync
c01b0498 ? __ksymtab___get_user_1
c01b04a0 ? __ksymtab___get_user_2
c01b04a8 ? __ksymtab___get_user_4
c01b04b0 ? __ksymtab___get_user_8
c01b04b8 ? __ksymtab___put_user_1
c01b04c0 ? __ksymtab___put_user_2
c01b04c8 ? __ksymtab___put_user_4
c01b04d0 ? __ksymtab___put_user_8
c01b04d8 ? __ksymtab___ashldi3
c01b04e0 ? __ksymtab___ashrdi3
c01b04e8 ? __ksymtab___divsi3
c01b04f0 ? __ksymtab___lshrdi3
c01b04f8 ? __ksymtab___modsi3
c01b0500 ? __ksymtab___muldi3
c01b0508 ? __ksymtab___ucmpdi2
c01b0510 ? __ksymtab___udivdi3
c01b0518 ? __ksymtab___umoddi3
c01b0520 ? __ksymtab___udivmoddi4
c01b0528 ? __ksymtab___udivsi3
c01b0530 ? __ksymtab___umodsi3
c01b0538 ? __ksymtab_abort
c01b0540 ? __ksymtab_set_bit
c01b0548 ? __ksymtab_test_and_set_bit
c01b0550 ? __ksymtab_clear_bit
c01b0558 ? __ksymtab_test_and_clear_bit
c01b0560 ? __ksymtab_change_bit
c01b0568 ? __ksymtab_test_and_change_bit
c01b0570 ? __ksymtab_find_first_zero_bit
c01b0578 ? __ksymtab_find_next_zero_bit
c01b0580 ? __ksymtab_elf_platform
c01b0588 ? __ksymtab_elf_hwcap
c01b0590 ? __ksymtab_sys_write
c01b0598 ? __ksymtab_sys_read
c01b05a0 ? __ksymtab_sys_lseek
c01b05a8 ? __ksymtab_sys_open
c01b05b0 ? __ksymtab_sys_exit
c01b05b8 ? __ksymtab_sys_wait4
c01b05c0 ? __ksymtab___down_failed
c01b05c8 ? __ksymtab___down_interruptible_failed
c01b05d0 ? __ksymtab___down_trylock_failed
c01b05d8 ? __ksymtab___up_wakeup
c01b05e0 ? __ksymtab_get_wchan
c01b05e8 ? __ksymtab__memcpy_fromio
c01b05f0 ? __ksymtab__memcpy_toio
c01b05f8 ? __ksymtab__memset_io
c01b0600 ? __ksymtab_cpu_sa1100_cache_clean_invalidate_all
c01b0608 ? __ksymtab_cpu_sa1100_cache_clean_invalidate_range
c01b0610 ? __ksymtab_cpu_sa1100_flush_ram_page
c01b0618 ? __ksymtab_cpu_sa1100_dcache_clean_page
c01b0620 ? __ksymtab_cpu_sa1100_dcache_clean_entry
c01b0628 ? __ksymtab_cpu_sa1100_dcache_clean_range
c01b0630 ? __ksymtab_cpu_sa1100_dcache_invalidate_range
c01b0638 ? __ksymtab_cpu_sa1100_icache_invalidate_range
c01b0640 ? __ksymtab_cpu_sa1100_icache_invalidate_page
c01b0648 ? __ksymtab_cpu_sa1100_tlb_invalidate_all
c01b0650 ? __ksymtab_cpu_sa1100_tlb_invalidate_range
c01b0658 ? __ksymtab_cpu_sa1100_tlb_invalidate_page
c01b0660 ? __ksymtab_cpu_sa1100_set_pgd
c01b0668 ? __ksymtab_cpu_sa1100_set_pmd
c01b0670 ? __ksymtab_cpu_sa1100_set_pte
c01b0678 ? __ksymtab_discontig_node_data
c01b0680 ? __ksymtab_cpufreq_get
c01b0688 ? __ksymtab_set_GPIO_IRQ_edge
c01b0690 ? __ksymtab_sa1100_request_dma
c01b0698 ? __ksymtab_sa1100_dma_set_callback
c01b06a0 ? __ksymtab_sa1100_dma_set_spin
c01b06a8 ? __ksymtab_sa1100_dma_queue_buffer
c01b06b0 ? __ksymtab_sa1100_dma_get_current
c01b06b8 ? __ksymtab_sa1100_dma_stop
c01b06c0 ? __ksymtab_sa1100_dma_resume
c01b06c8 ? __ksymtab_sa1100_dma_flush_all
c01b06d0 ? __ksymtab_sa1100_free_dma
c01b06d8 ? __ksymtab_sa1100_dma_sleep
c01b06e0 ? __ksymtab_sa1100_dma_wakeup
c01b06e8 ? __ksymtab_change_power_mode
c01b06f0 ? __ksymtab_lock_FCS
c01b06f8 ? __ksymtab_autoPowerCancel
c01b0700 ? __ksymtab_apm_wakeup_src_mask
c01b0708 ? __ksymtab_apm_wakeup_factor
c01b0710 ? __ksymtab_collie_battery_charge_hook
c01b0718 ? __ksymtab_collie_wakeup_key_scan_hook
c01b0720 ? __ksymtab_collie_wakeup_remote_control_hook
c01b0728 ? __ksymtab_sa1110_suspend
c01b0730 ? __ksymtab_pm_do_suspend
c01b0738 ? __ksymtab_register_exec_domain
c01b0740 ? __ksymtab_unregister_exec_domain
c01b0748 ? __ksymtab___set_personality
c01b0750 ? __ksymtab_abi_defhandler_coff
c01b0758 ? __ksymtab_abi_defhandler_elf
c01b0760 ? __ksymtab_abi_defhandler_lcall7
c01b0768 ? __ksymtab_abi_defhandler_libcso
c01b0770 ? __ksymtab_abi_traceflg
c01b0778 ? __ksymtab_abi_fake_utsname
c01b0780 ? __ksymtab_printk
c01b0788 ? __ksymtab_acquire_console_sem
c01b0790 ? __ksymtab_console_print
c01b0798 ? __ksymtab_console_unblank
c01b07a0 ? __ksymtab_register_console
c01b07a8 ? __ksymtab_unregister_console
c01b07b0 ? __ksymtab_dequeue_signal
c01b07b8 ? __ksymtab_flush_signals
c01b07c0 ? __ksymtab_force_sig
c01b07c8 ? __ksymtab_force_sig_info
c01b07d0 ? __ksymtab_kill_pg
c01b07d8 ? __ksymtab_kill_pg_info
c01b07e0 ? __ksymtab_kill_proc
c01b07e8 ? __ksymtab_kill_proc_info
c01b07f0 ? __ksymtab_kill_sl
c01b07f8 ? __ksymtab_kill_sl_info
c01b0800 ? __ksymtab_notify_parent
c01b0808 ? __ksymtab_recalc_sigpending
c01b0810 ? __ksymtab_send_sig
c01b0818 ? __ksymtab_send_sig_info
c01b0820 ? __ksymtab_block_all_signals
c01b0828 ? __ksymtab_unblock_all_signals
c01b0830 ? __ksymtab_notifier_chain_register
c01b0838 ? __ksymtab_notifier_chain_unregister
c01b0840 ? __ksymtab_notifier_call_chain
c01b0848 ? __ksymtab_register_reboot_notifier
c01b0850 ? __ksymtab_unregister_reboot_notifier
c01b0858 ? __ksymtab_in_group_p
c01b0860 ? __ksymtab_in_egroup_p
c01b0868 ? __ksymtab_hotplug_path
c01b0870 ? __ksymtab_exec_usermodehelper
c01b0878 ? __ksymtab_call_usermodehelper
c01b0880 ? __ksymtab_schedule_task
c01b0888 ? __ksymtab_flush_scheduled_tasks
c01b0890 ? __ksymtab_inter_module_register
c01b0898 ? __ksymtab_inter_module_unregister
c01b08a0 ? __ksymtab_inter_module_get
c01b08a8 ? __ksymtab_inter_module_get_request
c01b08b0 ? __ksymtab_inter_module_put
c01b08b8 ? __ksymtab_try_inc_mod_count
c01b08c0 ? __ksymtab_do_mmap_pgoff
c01b08c8 ? __ksymtab_do_munmap
c01b08d0 ? __ksymtab_do_brk
c01b08d8 ? __ksymtab_exit_mm
c01b08e0 ? __ksymtab_exit_files
c01b08e8 ? __ksymtab_exit_fs
c01b08f0 ? __ksymtab_exit_sighand
c01b08f8 ? __ksymtab__alloc_pages
c01b0900 ? __ksymtab___alloc_pages
c01b0908 ? __ksymtab_alloc_pages_node
c01b0910 ? __ksymtab___get_free_pages
c01b0918 ? __ksymtab_get_zeroed_page
c01b0920 ? __ksymtab___free_pages
c01b0928 ? __ksymtab_free_pages
c01b0930 ? __ksymtab_num_physpages
c01b0938 ? __ksymtab_kmem_find_general_cachep
c01b0940 ? __ksymtab_kmem_cache_create
c01b0948 ? __ksymtab_kmem_cache_destroy
c01b0950 ? __ksymtab_kmem_cache_shrink
c01b0958 ? __ksymtab_kmem_cache_alloc
c01b0960 ? __ksymtab_kmem_cache_free
c01b0968 ? __ksymtab_kmalloc
c01b0970 ? __ksymtab_kfree
c01b0978 ? __ksymtab_vfree
c01b0980 ? __ksymtab___vmalloc
c01b0988 ? __ksymtab_mem_map
c01b0990 ? __ksymtab_remap_page_range
c01b0998 ? __ksymtab_max_mapnr
c01b09a0 ? __ksymtab_high_memory
c01b09a8 ? __ksymtab_vmtruncate
c01b09b0 ? __ksymtab_find_vma
c01b09b8 ? __ksymtab_get_unmapped_area
c01b09c0 ? __ksymtab_init_mm
c01b09c8 ? __ksymtab_def_blk_fops
c01b09d0 ? __ksymtab_update_atime
c01b09d8 ? __ksymtab_get_fs_type
c01b09e0 ? __ksymtab_get_super
c01b09e8 ? __ksymtab_drop_super
c01b09f0 ? __ksymtab_getname
c01b09f8 ? __ksymtab_names_cachep
c01b0a00 ? __ksymtab_fput
c01b0a08 ? __ksymtab_fget
c01b0a10 ? __ksymtab_igrab
c01b0a18 ? __ksymtab_iunique
c01b0a20 ? __ksymtab_iget4
c01b0a28 ? __ksymtab_iput
c01b0a30 ? __ksymtab_force_delete
c01b0a38 ? __ksymtab_follow_up
c01b0a40 ? __ksymtab_follow_down
c01b0a48 ? __ksymtab_lookup_mnt
c01b0a50 ? __ksymtab_path_init
c01b0a58 ? __ksymtab_path_walk
c01b0a60 ? __ksymtab_path_release
c01b0a68 ? __ksymtab___user_walk
c01b0a70 ? __ksymtab_lookup_one_len
c01b0a78 ? __ksymtab_lookup_hash
c01b0a80 ? __ksymtab_sys_close
c01b0a88 ? __ksymtab_dcache_lock
c01b0a90 ? __ksymtab_d_alloc_root
c01b0a98 ? __ksymtab_d_delete
c01b0aa0 ? __ksymtab_dget_locked
c01b0aa8 ? __ksymtab_d_validate
c01b0ab0 ? __ksymtab_d_rehash
c01b0ab8 ? __ksymtab_d_invalidate
c01b0ac0 ? __ksymtab_d_move
c01b0ac8 ? __ksymtab_d_instantiate
c01b0ad0 ? __ksymtab_d_alloc
c01b0ad8 ? __ksymtab_d_lookup
c01b0ae0 ? __ksymtab___d_path
c01b0ae8 ? __ksymtab_mark_buffer_dirty
c01b0af0 ? __ksymtab_set_buffer_async_io
c01b0af8 ? __ksymtab___mark_buffer_dirty
c01b0b00 ? __ksymtab___mark_inode_dirty
c01b0b08 ? __ksymtab_get_empty_filp
c01b0b10 ? __ksymtab_init_private_file
c01b0b18 ? __ksymtab_filp_open
c01b0b20 ? __ksymtab_filp_close
c01b0b28 ? __ksymtab_put_filp
c01b0b30 ? __ksymtab_files_lock
c01b0b38 ? __ksymtab_check_disk_change
c01b0b40 ? __ksymtab___invalidate_buffers
c01b0b48 ? __ksymtab_invalidate_bdev
c01b0b50 ? __ksymtab_invalidate_inodes
c01b0b58 ? __ksymtab_invalidate_device
c01b0b60 ? __ksymtab_invalidate_inode_pages
c01b0b68 ? __ksymtab_truncate_inode_pages
c01b0b70 ? __ksymtab_fsync_dev
c01b0b78 ? __ksymtab_fsync_no_super
c01b0b80 ? __ksymtab_permission
c01b0b88 ? __ksymtab_vfs_permission
c01b0b90 ? __ksymtab_inode_setattr
c01b0b98 ? __ksymtab_inode_change_ok
c01b0ba0 ? __ksymtab_write_inode_now
c01b0ba8 ? __ksymtab_notify_change
c01b0bb0 ? __ksymtab_set_blocksize
c01b0bb8 ? __ksymtab_getblk
c01b0bc0 ? __ksymtab_cdget
c01b0bc8 ? __ksymtab_cdput
c01b0bd0 ? __ksymtab_bdget
c01b0bd8 ? __ksymtab_bdput
c01b0be0 ? __ksymtab_bread
c01b0be8 ? __ksymtab___brelse
c01b0bf0 ? __ksymtab___bforget
c01b0bf8 ? __ksymtab_ll_rw_block
c01b0c00 ? __ksymtab_submit_bh
c01b0c08 ? __ksymtab_unlock_buffer
c01b0c10 ? __ksymtab___wait_on_buffer
c01b0c18 ? __ksymtab____wait_on_page
c01b0c20 ? __ksymtab_generic_direct_IO
c01b0c28 ? __ksymtab_discard_bh_page
c01b0c30 ? __ksymtab_block_write_full_page
c01b0c38 ? __ksymtab_block_read_full_page
c01b0c40 ? __ksymtab_block_prepare_write
c01b0c48 ? __ksymtab_block_sync_page
c01b0c50 ? __ksymtab_generic_cont_expand
c01b0c58 ? __ksymtab_cont_prepare_write
c01b0c60 ? __ksymtab_generic_commit_write
c01b0c68 ? __ksymtab_block_truncate_page
c01b0c70 ? __ksymtab_generic_block_bmap
c01b0c78 ? __ksymtab_generic_file_read
c01b0c80 ? __ksymtab_do_generic_file_read
c01b0c88 ? __ksymtab_generic_file_write
c01b0c90 ? __ksymtab_generic_file_mmap
c01b0c98 ? __ksymtab_generic_ro_fops
c01b0ca0 ? __ksymtab_generic_buffer_fdatasync
c01b0ca8 ? __ksymtab_page_hash_bits
c01b0cb0 ? __ksymtab_page_hash_table
c01b0cb8 ? __ksymtab_file_lock_list
c01b0cc0 ? __ksymtab_locks_init_lock
c01b0cc8 ? __ksymtab_locks_copy_lock
c01b0cd0 ? __ksymtab_posix_lock_file
c01b0cd8 ? __ksymtab_posix_test_lock
c01b0ce0 ? __ksymtab_posix_block_lock
c01b0ce8 ? __ksymtab_posix_unblock_lock
c01b0cf0 ? __ksymtab_posix_locks_deadlock
c01b0cf8 ? __ksymtab_locks_mandatory_area
c01b0d00 ? __ksymtab_dput
c01b0d08 ? __ksymtab_have_submounts
c01b0d10 ? __ksymtab_d_find_alias
c01b0d18 ? __ksymtab_d_prune_aliases
c01b0d20 ? __ksymtab_prune_dcache
c01b0d28 ? __ksymtab_shrink_dcache_sb
c01b0d30 ? __ksymtab_shrink_dcache_parent
c01b0d38 ? __ksymtab_find_inode_number
c01b0d40 ? __ksymtab_is_subdir
c01b0d48 ? __ksymtab_get_unused_fd
c01b0d50 ? __ksymtab_vfs_create
c01b0d58 ? __ksymtab_vfs_mkdir
c01b0d60 ? __ksymtab_vfs_mknod
c01b0d68 ? __ksymtab_vfs_symlink
c01b0d70 ? __ksymtab_vfs_link
c01b0d78 ? __ksymtab_vfs_rmdir
c01b0d80 ? __ksymtab_vfs_unlink
c01b0d88 ? __ksymtab_vfs_rename
c01b0d90 ? __ksymtab_vfs_statfs
c01b0d98 ? __ksymtab_generic_read_dir
c01b0da0 ? __ksymtab_generic_file_llseek
c01b0da8 ? __ksymtab_no_llseek
c01b0db0 ? __ksymtab___pollwait
c01b0db8 ? __ksymtab_poll_freewait
c01b0dc0 ? __ksymtab_ROOT_DEV
c01b0dc8 ? __ksymtab___find_get_page
c01b0dd0 ? __ksymtab___find_lock_page
c01b0dd8 ? __ksymtab_grab_cache_page
c01b0de0 ? __ksymtab_grab_cache_page_nowait
c01b0de8 ? __ksymtab_read_cache_page
c01b0df0 ? __ksymtab_set_page_dirty
c01b0df8 ? __ksymtab_vfs_readlink
c01b0e00 ? __ksymtab_vfs_follow_link
c01b0e08 ? __ksymtab_page_readlink
c01b0e10 ? __ksymtab_page_follow_link
c01b0e18 ? __ksymtab_page_symlink_inode_operations
c01b0e20 ? __ksymtab_block_symlink
c01b0e28 ? __ksymtab_vfs_readdir
c01b0e30 ? __ksymtab___get_lease
c01b0e38 ? __ksymtab_lease_get_mtime
c01b0e40 ? __ksymtab_lock_may_read
c01b0e48 ? __ksymtab_lock_may_write
c01b0e50 ? __ksymtab_dcache_readdir
c01b0e58 ? __ksymtab_default_llseek
c01b0e60 ? __ksymtab_dentry_open
c01b0e68 ? __ksymtab_filemap_nopage
c01b0e70 ? __ksymtab_filemap_sync
c01b0e78 ? __ksymtab_filemap_fdatasync
c01b0e80 ? __ksymtab_filemap_fdatawait
c01b0e88 ? __ksymtab_lock_page
c01b0e90 ? __ksymtab_unlock_page
c01b0e98 ? __ksymtab_register_chrdev
c01b0ea0 ? __ksymtab_unregister_chrdev
c01b0ea8 ? __ksymtab_register_blkdev
c01b0eb0 ? __ksymtab_unregister_blkdev
c01b0eb8 ? __ksymtab_tty_register_driver
c01b0ec0 ? __ksymtab_tty_unregister_driver
c01b0ec8 ? __ksymtab_tty_std_termios
c01b0ed0 ? __ksymtab_blksize_size
c01b0ed8 ? __ksymtab_hardsect_size
c01b0ee0 ? __ksymtab_blk_size
c01b0ee8 ? __ksymtab_blk_dev
c01b0ef0 ? __ksymtab_is_read_only
c01b0ef8 ? __ksymtab_set_device_ro
c01b0f00 ? __ksymtab_bmap
c01b0f08 ? __ksymtab_sync_dev
c01b0f10 ? __ksymtab_devfs_register_partitions
c01b0f18 ? __ksymtab_blkdev_open
c01b0f20 ? __ksymtab_blkdev_get
c01b0f28 ? __ksymtab_blkdev_put
c01b0f30 ? __ksymtab_ioctl_by_bdev
c01b0f38 ? __ksymtab_grok_partitions
c01b0f40 ? __ksymtab_register_disk
c01b0f48 ? __ksymtab_tq_disk
c01b0f50 ? __ksymtab_init_buffer
c01b0f58 ? __ksymtab_refile_buffer
c01b0f60 ? __ksymtab_max_sectors
c01b0f68 ? __ksymtab_max_readahead
c01b0f70 ? __ksymtab_tty_hangup
c01b0f78 ? __ksymtab_tty_wait_until_sent
c01b0f80 ? __ksymtab_tty_check_change
c01b0f88 ? __ksymtab_tty_hung_up_p
c01b0f90 ? __ksymtab_tty_flip_buffer_push
c01b0f98 ? __ksymtab_tty_get_baud_rate
c01b0fa0 ? __ksymtab_do_SAK
c01b0fa8 ? __ksymtab_register_filesystem
c01b0fb0 ? __ksymtab_unregister_filesystem
c01b0fb8 ? __ksymtab_kern_mount
c01b0fc0 ? __ksymtab___mntput
c01b0fc8 ? __ksymtab_may_umount
c01b0fd0 ? __ksymtab_register_binfmt
c01b0fd8 ? __ksymtab_unregister_binfmt
c01b0fe0 ? __ksymtab_search_binary_handler
c01b0fe8 ? __ksymtab_prepare_binprm
c01b0ff0 ? __ksymtab_compute_creds
c01b0ff8 ? __ksymtab_remove_arg_zero
c01b1000 ? __ksymtab_set_binfmt
c01b1008 ? __ksymtab_register_sysctl_table
c01b1010 ? __ksymtab_unregister_sysctl_table
c01b1018 ? __ksymtab_sysctl_string
c01b1020 ? __ksymtab_sysctl_intvec
c01b1028 ? __ksymtab_sysctl_jiffies
c01b1030 ? __ksymtab_proc_dostring
c01b1038 ? __ksymtab_proc_dointvec
c01b1040 ? __ksymtab_proc_dointvec_jiffies
c01b1048 ? __ksymtab_proc_dointvec_minmax
c01b1050 ? __ksymtab_proc_doulongvec_ms_jiffies_minmax
c01b1058 ? __ksymtab_proc_doulongvec_minmax
c01b1060 ? __ksymtab_add_timer
c01b1068 ? __ksymtab_del_timer
c01b1070 ? __ksymtab_request_irq
c01b1078 ? __ksymtab_free_irq
c01b1080 ? __ksymtab_irq_stat
c01b1088 ? __ksymtab_add_wait_queue
c01b1090 ? __ksymtab_add_wait_queue_exclusive
c01b1098 ? __ksymtab_remove_wait_queue
c01b10a0 ? __ksymtab_wait_for_completion
c01b10a8 ? __ksymtab_complete
c01b10b0 ? __ksymtab_probe_irq_on
c01b10b8 ? __ksymtab_probe_irq_off
c01b10c0 ? __ksymtab_mod_timer
c01b10c8 ? __ksymtab_tq_timer
c01b10d0 ? __ksymtab_tq_immediate
c01b10d8 ? __ksymtab_alloc_kiovec
c01b10e0 ? __ksymtab_free_kiovec
c01b10e8 ? __ksymtab_expand_kiobuf
c01b10f0 ? __ksymtab_map_user_kiobuf
c01b10f8 ? __ksymtab_unmap_kiobuf
c01b1100 ? __ksymtab_lock_kiovec
c01b1108 ? __ksymtab_unlock_kiovec
c01b1110 ? __ksymtab_brw_kiovec
c01b1118 ? __ksymtab_kiobuf_wait_for_io
c01b1120 ? __ksymtab_request_resource
c01b1128 ? __ksymtab_release_resource
c01b1130 ? __ksymtab_allocate_resource
c01b1138 ? __ksymtab_check_resource
c01b1140 ? __ksymtab___request_region
c01b1148 ? __ksymtab___check_region
c01b1150 ? __ksymtab___release_region
c01b1158 ? __ksymtab_ioport_resource
c01b1160 ? __ksymtab_iomem_resource
c01b1168 ? __ksymtab_complete_and_exit
c01b1170 ? __ksymtab___wake_up
c01b1178 ? __ksymtab___wake_up_sync
c01b1180 ? __ksymtab_wake_up_process
c01b1188 ? __ksymtab_sleep_on
c01b1190 ? __ksymtab_sleep_on_timeout
c01b1198 ? __ksymtab_interruptible_sleep_on
c01b11a0 ? __ksymtab_interruptible_sleep_on_timeout
c01b11a8 ? __ksymtab_schedule
c01b11b0 ? __ksymtab_schedule_timeout
c01b11b8 ? __ksymtab_jiffies
c01b11c0 ? __ksymtab_xtime
c01b11c8 ? __ksymtab_do_gettimeofday
c01b11d0 ? __ksymtab_do_settimeofday
c01b11d8 ? __ksymtab_loops_per_jiffy
c01b11e0 ? __ksymtab_kstat
c01b11e8 ? __ksymtab_nr_running
c01b11f0 ? __ksymtab_panic
c01b11f8 ? __ksymtab_sprintf
c01b1200 ? __ksymtab_snprintf
c01b1208 ? __ksymtab_sscanf
c01b1210 ? __ksymtab_vsprintf
c01b1218 ? __ksymtab_vsnprintf
c01b1220 ? __ksymtab_vsscanf
c01b1228 ? __ksymtab_kdevname
c01b1230 ? __ksymtab_bdevname
c01b1238 ? __ksymtab_cdevname
c01b1240 ? __ksymtab_simple_strtol
c01b1248 ? __ksymtab_simple_strtoul
c01b1250 ? __ksymtab_simple_strtoull
c01b1258 ? __ksymtab_system_utsname
c01b1260 ? __ksymtab_uts_sem
c01b1268 ? __ksymtab_sys_call_table
c01b1270 ? __ksymtab_machine_restart
c01b1278 ? __ksymtab_machine_halt
c01b1280 ? __ksymtab_machine_power_off
c01b1288 ? __ksymtab__ctype
c01b1290 ? __ksymtab_secure_tcp_sequence_number
c01b1298 ? __ksymtab_get_random_bytes
c01b12a0 ? __ksymtab_securebits
c01b12a8 ? __ksymtab_cap_bset
c01b12b0 ? __ksymtab_reparent_to_init
c01b12b8 ? __ksymtab_daemonize
c01b12c0 ? __ksymtab_csum_partial
c01b12c8 ? __ksymtab_seq_escape
c01b12d0 ? __ksymtab_seq_printf
c01b12d8 ? __ksymtab_seq_open
c01b12e0 ? __ksymtab_seq_release
c01b12e8 ? __ksymtab_seq_read
c01b12f0 ? __ksymtab_seq_lseek
c01b12f8 ? __ksymtab_setup_arg_pages
c01b1300 ? __ksymtab_copy_strings_kernel
c01b1308 ? __ksymtab_do_execve
c01b1310 ? __ksymtab_flush_old_exec
c01b1318 ? __ksymtab_kernel_read
c01b1320 ? __ksymtab_open_exec
c01b1328 ? __ksymtab_si_meminfo
c01b1330 ? __ksymtab_sys_tz
c01b1338 ? __ksymtab_file_fsync
c01b1340 ? __ksymtab_fsync_inode_buffers
c01b1348 ? __ksymtab_fsync_inode_data_buffers
c01b1350 ? __ksymtab_clear_inode
c01b1358 ? __ksymtab____strtok
c01b1360 ? __ksymtab_init_special_inode
c01b1368 ? __ksymtab_read_ahead
c01b1370 ? __ksymtab_get_hash_table
c01b1378 ? __ksymtab_get_empty_inode
c01b1380 ? __ksymtab_insert_inode_hash
c01b1388 ? __ksymtab_remove_inode_hash
c01b1390 ? __ksymtab_buffer_insert_inode_queue
c01b1398 ? __ksymtab_make_bad_inode
c01b13a0 ? __ksymtab_is_bad_inode
c01b13a8 ? __ksymtab_event
c01b13b0 ? __ksymtab_brw_page
c01b13b8 ? __ksymtab_overflowuid
c01b13c0 ? __ksymtab_overflowgid
c01b13c8 ? __ksymtab_fs_overflowuid
c01b13d0 ? __ksymtab_fs_overflowgid
c01b13d8 ? __ksymtab_fasync_helper
c01b13e0 ? __ksymtab_kill_fasync
c01b13e8 ? __ksymtab_disk_name
c01b13f0 ? __ksymtab_get_write_access
c01b13f8 ? __ksymtab_strnicmp
c01b1400 ? __ksymtab_strspn
c01b1408 ? __ksymtab_strsep
c01b1410 ? __ksymtab_tasklet_hi_vec
c01b1418 ? __ksymtab_tasklet_vec
c01b1420 ? __ksymtab_bh_task_vec
c01b1428 ? __ksymtab_init_bh
c01b1430 ? __ksymtab_remove_bh
c01b1438 ? __ksymtab_tasklet_init
c01b1440 ? __ksymtab_tasklet_kill
c01b1448 ? __ksymtab___run_task_queue
c01b1450 ? __ksymtab_do_softirq
c01b1458 ? __ksymtab_raise_softirq
c01b1460 ? __ksymtab_cpu_raise_softirq
c01b1468 ? __ksymtab___tasklet_schedule
c01b1470 ? __ksymtab___tasklet_hi_schedule
c01b1478 ? __ksymtab_init_task_union
c01b1480 ? __ksymtab_tasklist_lock
c01b1488 ? __ksymtab_pidhash
c01b1490 ? __ksymtab_pm_register
c01b1498 ? __ksymtab_pm_unregister
c01b14a0 ? __ksymtab_pm_unregister_all
c01b14a8 ? __ksymtab_pm_send
c01b14b0 ? __ksymtab_pm_send_all
c01b14b8 ? __ksymtab_pm_find
c01b14c0 ? __ksymtab_pm_active
c01b14c8 ? __ksymtab_vm_max_readahead
c01b14d0 ? __ksymtab_vm_min_readahead
c01b14d8 ? __ksymtab_fail_writepage
c01b14e0 ? __ksymtab_shmem_file_setup
c01b14e8 ? __ksymtab_generic_file_open
c01b14f0 ? __ksymtab_set_buffer_flushtime
c01b14f8 ? __ksymtab_put_unused_buffer_head
c01b1500 ? __ksymtab_get_unused_buffer_head
c01b1508 ? __ksymtab_set_bh_page
c01b1510 ? __ksymtab_create_empty_buffers
c01b1518 ? __ksymtab_writeout_one_page
c01b1520 ? __ksymtab_waitfor_one_page
c01b1528 ? __ksymtab_try_to_free_buffers
c01b1530 ? __ksymtab_bh_cachep
c01b1538 ? __ksymtab_proc_sys_root
c01b1540 ? __ksymtab_proc_symlink
c01b1548 ? __ksymtab_proc_mknod
c01b1550 ? __ksymtab_proc_mkdir
c01b1558 ? __ksymtab_create_proc_entry
c01b1560 ? __ksymtab_remove_proc_entry
c01b1568 ? __ksymtab_proc_root
c01b1570 ? __ksymtab_proc_root_fs
c01b1578 ? __ksymtab_proc_net
c01b1580 ? __ksymtab_proc_bus
c01b1588 ? __ksymtab_proc_root_driver
c01b1590 ? __ksymtab_zlib_fs_inflate_workspacesize
c01b1598 ? __ksymtab_zlib_fs_inflate
c01b15a0 ? __ksymtab_zlib_fs_inflateInit_
c01b15a8 ? __ksymtab_zlib_fs_inflateInit2_
c01b15b0 ? __ksymtab_zlib_fs_inflateEnd
c01b15b8 ? __ksymtab_zlib_fs_inflateSync
c01b15c0 ? __ksymtab_zlib_fs_inflateReset
c01b15c8 ? __ksymtab_zlib_fs_adler32
c01b15d0 ? __ksymtab_zlib_fs_inflateSyncPoint
c01b15d8 ? __ksymtab_fat_new_dir
c01b15e0 ? __ksymtab_fat_get_block
c01b15e8 ? __ksymtab_fat_clear_inode
c01b15f0 ? __ksymtab_fat_date_unix2dos
c01b15f8 ? __ksymtab_fat_delete_inode
c01b1600 ? __ksymtab_fat__get_entry
c01b1608 ? __ksymtab_fat_mark_buffer_dirty
c01b1610 ? __ksymtab_fat_notify_change
c01b1618 ? __ksymtab_fat_put_super
c01b1620 ? __ksymtab_fat_attach
c01b1628 ? __ksymtab_fat_detach
c01b1630 ? __ksymtab_fat_build_inode
c01b1638 ? __ksymtab_fat_read_super
c01b1640 ? __ksymtab_fat_search_long
c01b1648 ? __ksymtab_fat_readdir
c01b1650 ? __ksymtab_fat_scan
c01b1658 ? __ksymtab_fat_statfs
c01b1660 ? __ksymtab_fat_write_inode
c01b1668 ? __ksymtab_register_cvf_format
c01b1670 ? __ksymtab_unregister_cvf_format
c01b1678 ? __ksymtab_fat_get_cluster
c01b1680 ? __ksymtab_fat_dir_ioctl
c01b1688 ? __ksymtab_fat_add_entries
c01b1690 ? __ksymtab_fat_dir_empty
c01b1698 ? __ksymtab_fat_truncate
c01b16a0 ? __ksymtab_fat_brelse
c01b16a8 ? __ksymtab_vfat_create
c01b16b0 ? __ksymtab_vfat_unlink
c01b16b8 ? __ksymtab_vfat_mkdir
c01b16c0 ? __ksymtab_vfat_rmdir
c01b16c8 ? __ksymtab_vfat_rename
c01b16d0 ? __ksymtab_vfat_read_super
c01b16d8 ? __ksymtab_vfat_lookup
c01b16e0 ? __ksymtab_lockd_up
c01b16e8 ? __ksymtab_lockd_down
c01b16f0 ? __ksymtab_nlmclnt_proc
c01b16f8 ? __ksymtab_nlmsvc_invalidate_client
c01b1700 ? __ksymtab_nlmsvc_ops
c01b1708 ? __ksymtab_register_nls
c01b1710 ? __ksymtab_unregister_nls
c01b1718 ? __ksymtab_unload_nls
c01b1720 ? __ksymtab_load_nls
c01b1728 ? __ksymtab_load_nls_default
c01b1730 ? __ksymtab_utf8_mbtowc
c01b1738 ? __ksymtab_utf8_mbstowcs
c01b1740 ? __ksymtab_utf8_wctomb
c01b1748 ? __ksymtab_utf8_wcstombs
c01b1750 ? __ksymtab_tty_register_ldisc
c01b1758 ? __ksymtab_tty_register_devfs
c01b1760 ? __ksymtab_tty_unregister_devfs
c01b1768 ? __ksymtab_n_tty_ioctl
c01b1770 ? __ksymtab_misc_register
c01b1778 ? __ksymtab_misc_deregister
c01b1780 ? __ksymtab_add_keyboard_randomness
c01b1788 ? __ksymtab_add_mouse_randomness
c01b1790 ? __ksymtab_add_interrupt_randomness
c01b1798 ? __ksymtab_add_blkdev_randomness
c01b17a0 ? __ksymtab_batch_entropy_store
c01b17a8 ? __ksymtab_generate_random_uuid
c01b17b0 ? __ksymtab_color_table
c01b17b8 ? __ksymtab_default_red
c01b17c0 ? __ksymtab_default_grn
c01b17c8 ? __ksymtab_default_blu
c01b17d0 ? __ksymtab_video_font_height
c01b17d8 ? __ksymtab_video_scan_lines
c01b17e0 ? __ksymtab_vc_resize
c01b17e8 ? __ksymtab_fg_console
c01b17f0 ? __ksymtab_console_blank_hook
c01b17f8 ? __ksymtab_vt_cons
c01b1800 ? __ksymtab_take_over_console
c01b1808 ? __ksymtab_give_up_console
c01b1810 ? __ksymtab_set_selection
c01b1818 ? __ksymtab_paste_selection
c01b1820 ? __ksymtab_ucb1200_suspend
c01b1828 ? __ksymtab_ucb1200_resume
c01b1830 ? __ksymtab_ucb1200_disable_irq
c01b1838 ? __ksymtab_ucb1200_enable_irq
c01b1840 ? __ksymtab_ucb1200_request_irq
c01b1848 ? __ksymtab_ucb1200_free_irq
c01b1850 ? __ksymtab_ucb1200_set_io_direction
c01b1858 ? __ksymtab_ucb1200_test_io
c01b1860 ? __ksymtab_ucb1200_set_io
c01b1868 ? __ksymtab_ucb1200_read_reg
c01b1870 ? __ksymtab_ucb1200_write_reg
c01b1878 ? __ksymtab_ucb1200_start_adc
c01b1880 ? __ksymtab_ucb1200_read_adc
c01b1888 ? __ksymtab_ucb1200_stop_adc
c01b1890 ? __ksymtab_ucb1200_start_audio
c01b1898 ? __ksymtab_ucb1200_stop_audio
c01b18a0 ? __ksymtab_proc_ucb1200
c01b18a8 ? __ksymtab_ucb1200_sa1100_set_mccr0
c01b18b0 ? __ksymtab_ucb1200_sa1100_get_mccr0
c01b18b8 ? __ksymtab_ucb1200_sa1100_get_mcsr
c01b18c0 ? __ksymtab_ucb1200_sa1100_set_mcsr
c01b18c8 ? __ksymtab_ucb1200_sa1100_get_mcdr0
c01b18d0 ? __ksymtab_ucb1200_sa1100_set_mcdr0
c01b18d8 ? __ksymtab_arch_ucb1200_ops
c01b18e0 ? __ksymtab_handle_scancode
c01b18e8 ? __ksymtab_kbd_ledfunc
c01b18f0 ? __ksymtab_keyboard_tasklet
c01b18f8 ? __ksymtab_sharpkbdctl_stat_changed
c01b1900 ? __ksymtab_io_request_lock
c01b1908 ? __ksymtab_end_that_request_first
c01b1910 ? __ksymtab_end_that_request_last
c01b1918 ? __ksymtab_blk_init_queue
c01b1920 ? __ksymtab_blk_get_queue
c01b1928 ? __ksymtab_blk_cleanup_queue
c01b1930 ? __ksymtab_blk_queue_headactive
c01b1938 ? __ksymtab_blk_queue_make_request
c01b1940 ? __ksymtab_generic_make_request
c01b1948 ? __ksymtab_blkdev_release_request
c01b1950 ? __ksymtab_generic_unplug_device
c01b1958 ? __ksymtab_blk_ioctl
c01b1960 ? __ksymtab_gendisk_head
c01b1968 ? __ksymtab_add_gendisk
c01b1970 ? __ksymtab_del_gendisk
c01b1978 ? __ksymtab_get_gendisk
c01b1980 ? __ksymtab_loop_register_transfer
c01b1988 ? __ksymtab_loop_unregister_transfer
c01b1990 ? __ksymtab_init_etherdev
c01b1998 ? __ksymtab_alloc_etherdev
c01b19a0 ? __ksymtab_ether_setup
c01b19a8 ? __ksymtab_register_netdev
c01b19b0 ? __ksymtab_unregister_netdev
c01b19b8 ? __ksymtab_ei_open
c01b19c0 ? __ksymtab_ei_close
c01b19c8 ? __ksymtab_ei_interrupt
c01b19d0 ? __ksymtab_ei_tx_timeout
c01b19d8 ? __ksymtab_ethdev_init
c01b19e0 ? __ksymtab_NS8390_init
c01b19e8 ? __ksymtab_ppp_register_channel
c01b19f0 ? __ksymtab_ppp_unregister_channel
c01b19f8 ? __ksymtab_ppp_channel_index
c01b1a00 ? __ksymtab_ppp_unit_number
c01b1a08 ? __ksymtab_ppp_input
c01b1a10 ? __ksymtab_ppp_input_error
c01b1a18 ? __ksymtab_ppp_output_wakeup
c01b1a20 ? __ksymtab_ppp_register_compressor
c01b1a28 ? __ksymtab_ppp_unregister_compressor
c01b1a30 ? __ksymtab_all_ppp_units
c01b1a38 ? __ksymtab_all_channels
c01b1a40 ? __ksymtab_slhc_init
c01b1a48 ? __ksymtab_slhc_free
c01b1a50 ? __ksymtab_slhc_remember
c01b1a58 ? __ksymtab_slhc_compress
c01b1a60 ? __ksymtab_slhc_uncompress
c01b1a68 ? __ksymtab_slhc_toss
c01b1a70 ? __ksymtab_ppp_crc16_table
c01b1a78 ? __ksymtab_autoirq_setup
c01b1a80 ? __ksymtab_autoirq_report
c01b1a88 ? __ksymtab_ide_hwifs
c01b1a90 ? __ksymtab_ide_register_module
c01b1a98 ? __ksymtab_ide_unregister_module
c01b1aa0 ? __ksymtab_ide_spin_wait_hwgroup
c01b1aa8 ? __ksymtab_ide_probe
c01b1ab0 ? __ksymtab_drive_is_flashcard
c01b1ab8 ? __ksymtab_ide_timer_expiry
c01b1ac0 ? __ksymtab_ide_intr
c01b1ac8 ? __ksymtab_ide_fops
c01b1ad0 ? __ksymtab_ide_get_queue
c01b1ad8 ? __ksymtab_ide_add_generic_settings
c01b1ae0 ? __ksymtab_ide_devfs_handle
c01b1ae8 ? __ksymtab_do_ide_request
c01b1af0 ? __ksymtab_ide_scan_devices
c01b1af8 ? __ksymtab_ide_register_subdriver
c01b1b00 ? __ksymtab_ide_unregister_subdriver
c01b1b08 ? __ksymtab_ide_replace_subdriver
c01b1b10 ? __ksymtab_ide_input_data
c01b1b18 ? __ksymtab_ide_output_data
c01b1b20 ? __ksymtab_atapi_input_bytes
c01b1b28 ? __ksymtab_atapi_output_bytes
c01b1b30 ? __ksymtab_ide_set_handler
c01b1b38 ? __ksymtab_ide_dump_status
c01b1b40 ? __ksymtab_ide_error
c01b1b48 ? __ksymtab_ide_fixstring
c01b1b50 ? __ksymtab_ide_wait_stat
c01b1b58 ? __ksymtab_ide_do_reset
c01b1b60 ? __ksymtab_restart_request
c01b1b68 ? __ksymtab_ide_init_drive_cmd
c01b1b70 ? __ksymtab_ide_do_drive_cmd
c01b1b78 ? __ksymtab_ide_end_drive_cmd
c01b1b80 ? __ksymtab_ide_end_request
c01b1b88 ? __ksymtab_ide_revalidate_disk
c01b1b90 ? __ksymtab_ide_cmd
c01b1b98 ? __ksymtab_ide_wait_cmd
c01b1ba0 ? __ksymtab_ide_wait_cmd_task
c01b1ba8 ? __ksymtab_ide_delay_50ms
c01b1bb0 ? __ksymtab_ide_stall_queue
c01b1bb8 ? __ksymtab_ide_add_proc_entries
c01b1bc0 ? __ksymtab_ide_remove_proc_entries
c01b1bc8 ? __ksymtab_proc_ide_read_geometry
c01b1bd0 ? __ksymtab_create_proc_ide_interfaces
c01b1bd8 ? __ksymtab_ide_add_setting
c01b1be0 ? __ksymtab_ide_remove_setting
c01b1be8 ? __ksymtab_ide_register_hw
c01b1bf0 ? __ksymtab_ide_register
c01b1bf8 ? __ksymtab_ide_unregister
c01b1c00 ? __ksymtab_ide_setup_ports
c01b1c08 ? __ksymtab_hwif_unregister
c01b1c10 ? __ksymtab_get_info_ptr
c01b1c18 ? __ksymtab_current_capacity
c01b1c20 ? __ksymtab_system_bus_clock
c01b1c28 ? __ksymtab_ide_auto_reduce_xfer
c01b1c30 ? __ksymtab_ide_driveid_update
c01b1c38 ? __ksymtab_ide_ata66_check
c01b1c40 ? __ksymtab_set_transfer
c01b1c48 ? __ksymtab_eighty_ninty_three
c01b1c50 ? __ksymtab_ide_config_drive_speed
c01b1c58 ? __ksymtab_register_sound_special
c01b1c60 ? __ksymtab_register_sound_mixer
c01b1c68 ? __ksymtab_register_sound_midi
c01b1c70 ? __ksymtab_register_sound_dsp
c01b1c78 ? __ksymtab_register_sound_synth
c01b1c80 ? __ksymtab_unregister_sound_special
c01b1c88 ? __ksymtab_unregister_sound_mixer
c01b1c90 ? __ksymtab_unregister_sound_midi
c01b1c98 ? __ksymtab_unregister_sound_dsp
c01b1ca0 ? __ksymtab_unregister_sound_synth
c01b1ca8 ? __ksymtab_mod_firmware_load
c01b1cb0 ? __ksymtab_register_mtd_chip_driver
c01b1cb8 ? __ksymtab_unregister_mtd_chip_driver
c01b1cc0 ? __ksymtab_do_map_probe
c01b1cc8 ? __ksymtab_add_mtd_device
c01b1cd0 ? __ksymtab_del_mtd_device
c01b1cd8 ? __ksymtab___get_mtd_device
c01b1ce0 ? __ksymtab_register_mtd_user
c01b1ce8 ? __ksymtab_unregister_mtd_user
c01b1cf0 ? __ksymtab_register_pccard_driver
c01b1cf8 ? __ksymtab_unregister_pccard_driver
c01b1d00 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_access_configuration_register
c01b1d08 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_adjust_resource_info
c01b1d10 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_bind_device
c01b1d18 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_bind_mtd
c01b1d20 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_check_erase_queue
c01b1d28 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_close_memory
c01b1d30 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_copy_memory
c01b1d38 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_deregister_client
c01b1d40 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_deregister_erase_queue
c01b1d48 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_eject_card
c01b1d50 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_get_first_client
c01b1d58 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_get_card_services_info
c01b1d60 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_get_configuration_info
c01b1d68 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_get_mem_page
c01b1d70 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_get_next_client
c01b1d78 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_get_first_region
c01b1d80 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_get_first_tuple
c01b1d88 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_get_first_window
c01b1d90 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_get_next_region
c01b1d98 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_get_next_tuple
c01b1da0 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_get_next_window
c01b1da8 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_get_status
c01b1db0 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_get_tuple_data
c01b1db8 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_insert_card
c01b1dc0 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_map_mem_page
c01b1dc8 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_modify_configuration
c01b1dd0 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_modify_window
c01b1dd8 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_open_memory
c01b1de0 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_parse_tuple
c01b1de8 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_read_memory
c01b1df0 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_register_client
c01b1df8 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_register_erase_queue
c01b1e00 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_register_mtd
c01b1e08 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_release_configuration
c01b1e10 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_release_io
c01b1e18 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_release_irq
c01b1e20 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_release_window
c01b1e28 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_replace_cis
c01b1e30 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_report_error
c01b1e38 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_request_configuration
c01b1e40 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_request_io
c01b1e48 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_request_irq
c01b1e50 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_request_window
c01b1e58 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_reset_card
c01b1e60 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_resume_card
c01b1e68 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_set_event_mask
c01b1e70 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_suspend_card
c01b1e78 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_validate_cis
c01b1e80 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_write_memory
c01b1e88 ? __ksymtab_dead_socket
c01b1e90 ? __ksymtab_register_ss_entry
c01b1e98 ? __ksymtab_unregister_ss_entry
c01b1ea0 ? __ksymtab_CardServices
c01b1ea8 ? __ksymtab_MTDHelperEntry
c01b1eb0 ? __ksymtab_proc_pccard
c01b1eb8 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_register_socket
c01b1ec0 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_unregister_socket
c01b1ec8 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_suspend_socket
c01b1ed0 ? __ksymtab_pcmcia_resume_socket
c01b1ed8 ? __ksymtab_register_framebuffer
c01b1ee0 ? __ksymtab_unregister_framebuffer
c01b1ee8 ? __ksymtab_registered_fb
c01b1ef0 ? __ksymtab_num_registered_fb
c01b1ef8 ? __ksymtab_GET_FB_IDX
c01b1f00 ? __ksymtab_fb_alloc_cmap
c01b1f08 ? __ksymtab_fb_copy_cmap
c01b1f10 ? __ksymtab_fb_get_cmap
c01b1f18 ? __ksymtab_fb_set_cmap
c01b1f20 ? __ksymtab_fb_default_cmap
c01b1f28 ? __ksymtab_fb_invert_cmaps
c01b1f30 ? __ksymtab___fb_try_mode
c01b1f38 ? __ksymtab_fb_display
c01b1f40 ? __ksymtab_fbcon_redraw_bmove
c01b1f48 ? __ksymtab_fbcon_redraw_clear
c01b1f50 ? __ksymtab_fbcon_dummy
c01b1f58 ? __ksymtab_fb_con
c01b1f60 ? __ksymtab_fbcon_cfb16
c01b1f68 ? __ksymtab_fbcon_cfb16_setup
c01b1f70 ? __ksymtab_fbcon_cfb16_bmove
c01b1f78 ? __ksymtab_fbcon_cfb16_clear
c01b1f80 ? __ksymtab_fbcon_cfb16_putc
c01b1f88 ? __ksymtab_fbcon_cfb16_putcs
c01b1f90 ? __ksymtab_fbcon_cfb16_revc
c01b1f98 ? __ksymtab_fbcon_cfb16_clear_margins
c01b1fa0 ? __ksymtab_irport_open
c01b1fa8 ? __ksymtab_irport_close
c01b1fb0 ? __ksymtab_irport_start
c01b1fb8 ? __ksymtab_irport_stop
c01b1fc0 ? __ksymtab_irport_interrupt
c01b1fc8 ? __ksymtab_irport_hard_xmit
c01b1fd0 ? __ksymtab_irport_timeout
c01b1fd8 ? __ksymtab_irport_change_speed
c01b1fe0 ? __ksymtab_irport_net_open
c01b1fe8 ? __ksymtab_irport_net_close
c01b1ff0 ? __ksymtab_irttp_open_tsap
c01b1ff8 ? __ksymtab_irttp_close_tsap
c01b2000 ? __ksymtab_irttp_connect_response
c01b2008 ? __ksymtab_irttp_data_request
c01b2010 ? __ksymtab_irttp_disconnect_request
c01b2018 ? __ksymtab_irttp_flow_request
c01b2020 ? __ksymtab_irttp_connect_request
c01b2028 ? __ksymtab_irttp_udata_request
c01b2030 ? __ksymtab_irttp_dup
c01b2038 ? __ksymtab_irda_notify_init
c01b2040 ? __ksymtab_proc_irda
c01b2048 ? __ksymtab_irda_param_insert
c01b2050 ? __ksymtab_irda_param_extract
c01b2058 ? __ksymtab_irda_param_extract_all
c01b2060 ? __ksymtab_irda_param_pack
c01b2068 ? __ksymtab_irda_param_unpack
c01b2070 ? __ksymtab_iriap_open
c01b2078 ? __ksymtab_iriap_close
c01b2080 ? __ksymtab_iriap_getvaluebyclass_request
c01b2088 ? __ksymtab_irias_object_change_attribute
c01b2090 ? __ksymtab_irias_add_integer_attrib
c01b2098 ? __ksymtab_irias_add_octseq_attrib
c01b20a0 ? __ksymtab_irias_add_string_attrib
c01b20a8 ? __ksymtab_irias_insert_object
c01b20b0 ? __ksymtab_irias_new_object
c01b20b8 ? __ksymtab_irias_delete_object
c01b20c0 ? __ksymtab_irias_delete_value
c01b20c8 ? __ksymtab_irias_find_object
c01b20d0 ? __ksymtab_irias_find_attrib
c01b20d8 ? __ksymtab_irias_new_integer_value
c01b20e0 ? __ksymtab_irias_new_string_value
c01b20e8 ? __ksymtab_irias_new_octseq_value
c01b20f0 ? __ksymtab_irlmp_discovery_request
c01b20f8 ? __ksymtab_irlmp_get_discoveries
c01b2100 ? __ksymtab_sysctl_discovery_timeout
c01b2108 ? __ksymtab_irlmp_register_client
c01b2110 ? __ksymtab_irlmp_unregister_client
c01b2118 ? __ksymtab_irlmp_update_client
c01b2120 ? __ksymtab_irlmp_register_service
c01b2128 ? __ksymtab_irlmp_unregister_service
c01b2130 ? __ksymtab_irlmp_service_to_hint
c01b2138 ? __ksymtab_irlmp_data_request
c01b2140 ? __ksymtab_irlmp_open_lsap
c01b2148 ? __ksymtab_irlmp_close_lsap
c01b2150 ? __ksymtab_irlmp_connect_request
c01b2158 ? __ksymtab_irlmp_connect_response
c01b2160 ? __ksymtab_irlmp_disconnect_request
c01b2168 ? __ksymtab_irlmp_get_daddr
c01b2170 ? __ksymtab_irlmp_get_saddr
c01b2178 ? __ksymtab_irlmp_dup
c01b2180 ? __ksymtab_lmp_reasons
c01b2188 ? __ksymtab_hashbin_find
c01b2190 ? __ksymtab_hashbin_new
c01b2198 ? __ksymtab_hashbin_insert
c01b21a0 ? __ksymtab_hashbin_delete
c01b21a8 ? __ksymtab_hashbin_remove
c01b21b0 ? __ksymtab_hashbin_remove_this
c01b21b8 ? __ksymtab_hashbin_get_next
c01b21c0 ? __ksymtab_hashbin_get_first
c01b21c8 ? __ksymtab_irlap_open
c01b21d0 ? __ksymtab_irlap_close
c01b21d8 ? __ksymtab_irda_init_max_qos_capabilies
c01b21e0 ? __ksymtab_irda_qos_bits_to_value
c01b21e8 ? __ksymtab_irda_device_setup
c01b21f0 ? __ksymtab_irda_device_set_media_busy
c01b21f8 ? __ksymtab_irda_device_txqueue_empty
c01b2200 ? __ksymtab_irda_device_dongle_init
c01b2208 ? __ksymtab_irda_device_dongle_cleanup
c01b2210 ? __ksymtab_irda_device_register_dongle
c01b2218 ? __ksymtab_irda_device_unregister_dongle
c01b2220 ? __ksymtab_irda_task_execute
c01b2228 ? __ksymtab_irda_task_kick
c01b2230 ? __ksymtab_irda_task_next_state
c01b2238 ? __ksymtab_irda_task_delete
c01b2240 ? __ksymtab_async_wrap_skb
c01b2248 ? __ksymtab_async_unwrap_char
c01b2250 ? __ksymtab_irda_start_timer
c01b2258 ? __ksymtab_setup_dma
c01b2260 ? __ksymtab_infrared_mode
c01b2268 ? __ksymtab_rpc_allocate
c01b2270 ? __ksymtab_rpc_free
c01b2278 ? __ksymtab_rpc_execute
c01b2280 ? __ksymtab_rpc_init_task
c01b2288 ? __ksymtab_rpc_sleep_on
c01b2290 ? __ksymtab_rpc_wake_up_next
c01b2298 ? __ksymtab_rpc_wake_up_task
c01b22a0 ? __ksymtab_rpc_new_child
c01b22a8 ? __ksymtab_rpc_run_child
c01b22b0 ? __ksymtab_rpciod_down
c01b22b8 ? __ksymtab_rpciod_up
c01b22c0 ? __ksymtab_rpc_new_task
c01b22c8 ? __ksymtab_rpc_wake_up_status
c01b22d0 ? __ksymtab_rpc_release_task
c01b22d8 ? __ksymtab_rpc_create_client
c01b22e0 ? __ksymtab_rpc_destroy_client
c01b22e8 ? __ksymtab_rpc_shutdown_client
c01b22f0 ? __ksymtab_rpc_killall_tasks
c01b22f8 ? __ksymtab_rpc_call_sync
c01b2300 ? __ksymtab_rpc_call_async
c01b2308 ? __ksymtab_rpc_call_setup
c01b2310 ? __ksymtab_rpc_clnt_sigmask
c01b2318 ? __ksymtab_rpc_clnt_sigunmask
c01b2320 ? __ksymtab_rpc_delay
c01b2328 ? __ksymtab_rpc_restart_call
c01b2330 ? __ksymtab_xprt_create_proto
c01b2338 ? __ksymtab_xprt_destroy
c01b2340 ? __ksymtab_xprt_set_timeout
c01b2348 ? __ksymtab_rpcauth_register
c01b2350 ? __ksymtab_rpcauth_unregister
c01b2358 ? __ksymtab_rpcauth_init_credcache
c01b2360 ? __ksymtab_rpcauth_free_credcache
c01b2368 ? __ksymtab_rpcauth_insert_credcache
c01b2370 ? __ksymtab_rpcauth_lookupcred
c01b2378 ? __ksymtab_rpcauth_bindcred
c01b2380 ? __ksymtab_rpcauth_matchcred
c01b2388 ? __ksymtab_put_rpccred
c01b2390 ? __ksymtab_svc_create
c01b2398 ? __ksymtab_svc_create_thread
c01b23a0 ? __ksymtab_svc_exit_thread
c01b23a8 ? __ksymtab_svc_destroy
c01b23b0 ? __ksymtab_svc_drop
c01b23b8 ? __ksymtab_svc_process
c01b23c0 ? __ksymtab_svc_recv
c01b23c8 ? __ksymtab_svc_wake_up
c01b23d0 ? __ksymtab_svc_makesock
c01b23d8 ? __ksymtab_rpc_proc_register
c01b23e0 ? __ksymtab_rpc_proc_unregister
c01b23e8 ? __ksymtab_rpc_proc_read
c01b23f0 ? __ksymtab_svc_proc_register
c01b23f8 ? __ksymtab_svc_proc_unregister
c01b2400 ? __ksymtab_svc_proc_read
c01b2408 ? __ksymtab_xdr_encode_array
c01b2410 ? __ksymtab_xdr_encode_string
c01b2418 ? __ksymtab_xdr_decode_string
c01b2420 ? __ksymtab_xdr_decode_string_inplace
c01b2428 ? __ksymtab_xdr_decode_netobj
c01b2430 ? __ksymtab_xdr_encode_netobj
c01b2438 ? __ksymtab_xdr_shift_iovec
c01b2440 ? __ksymtab_xdr_zero_iovec
c01b2448 ? __ksymtab_rpc_debug
c01b2450 ? __ksymtab_nfs_debug
c01b2458 ? __ksymtab_nfsd_debug
c01b2460 ? __ksymtab_nlm_debug
c01b2468 ? __ksymtab_skb_over_panic
c01b2470 ? __ksymtab_skb_under_panic
c01b2478 ? __ksymtab_sock_register
c01b2480 ? __ksymtab_sock_unregister
c01b2488 ? __ksymtab___lock_sock
c01b2490 ? __ksymtab___release_sock
c01b2498 ? __ksymtab_memcpy_fromiovec
c01b24a0 ? __ksymtab_memcpy_tokerneliovec
c01b24a8 ? __ksymtab_sock_create
c01b24b0 ? __ksymtab_sock_alloc
c01b24b8 ? __ksymtab_sock_release
c01b24c0 ? __ksymtab_sock_setsockopt
c01b24c8 ? __ksymtab_sock_getsockopt
c01b24d0 ? __ksymtab_sock_sendmsg
c01b24d8 ? __ksymtab_sock_recvmsg
c01b24e0 ? __ksymtab_sk_alloc
c01b24e8 ? __ksymtab_sk_free
c01b24f0 ? __ksymtab_sock_wake_async
c01b24f8 ? __ksymtab_sock_alloc_send_skb
c01b2500 ? __ksymtab_sock_alloc_send_pskb
c01b2508 ? __ksymtab_sock_init_data
c01b2510 ? __ksymtab_sock_no_release
c01b2518 ? __ksymtab_sock_no_bind
c01b2520 ? __ksymtab_sock_no_connect
c01b2528 ? __ksymtab_sock_no_socketpair
c01b2530 ? __ksymtab_sock_no_accept
c01b2538 ? __ksymtab_sock_no_getname
c01b2540 ? __ksymtab_sock_no_poll
c01b2548 ? __ksymtab_sock_no_ioctl
c01b2550 ? __ksymtab_sock_no_listen
c01b2558 ? __ksymtab_sock_no_shutdown
c01b2560 ? __ksymtab_sock_no_getsockopt
c01b2568 ? __ksymtab_sock_no_setsockopt
c01b2570 ? __ksymtab_sock_no_sendmsg
c01b2578 ? __ksymtab_sock_no_recvmsg
c01b2580 ? __ksymtab_sock_no_mmap
c01b2588 ? __ksymtab_sock_no_sendpage
c01b2590 ? __ksymtab_sock_rfree
c01b2598 ? __ksymtab_sock_wfree
c01b25a0 ? __ksymtab_sock_wmalloc
c01b25a8 ? __ksymtab_sock_rmalloc
c01b25b0 ? __ksymtab_skb_linearize
c01b25b8 ? __ksymtab_skb_checksum
c01b25c0 ? __ksymtab_skb_checksum_help
c01b25c8 ? __ksymtab_skb_recv_datagram
c01b25d0 ? __ksymtab_skb_free_datagram
c01b25d8 ? __ksymtab_skb_copy_datagram
c01b25e0 ? __ksymtab_skb_copy_datagram_iovec
c01b25e8 ? __ksymtab_skb_copy_and_csum_datagram_iovec
c01b25f0 ? __ksymtab_skb_copy_bits
c01b25f8 ? __ksymtab_skb_copy_and_csum_bits
c01b2600 ? __ksymtab_skb_copy_and_csum_dev
c01b2608 ? __ksymtab_skb_copy_expand
c01b2610 ? __ksymtab____pskb_trim
c01b2618 ? __ksymtab___pskb_pull_tail
c01b2620 ? __ksymtab_pskb_expand_head
c01b2628 ? __ksymtab_pskb_copy
c01b2630 ? __ksymtab_skb_realloc_headroom
c01b2638 ? __ksymtab_datagram_poll
c01b2640 ? __ksymtab_put_cmsg
c01b2648 ? __ksymtab_sock_kmalloc
c01b2650 ? __ksymtab_sock_kfree_s
c01b2658 ? __ksymtab_neigh_table_init
c01b2660 ? __ksymtab_neigh_table_clear
c01b2668 ? __ksymtab_neigh_resolve_output
c01b2670 ? __ksymtab_neigh_connected_output
c01b2678 ? __ksymtab_neigh_update
c01b2680 ? __ksymtab_neigh_create
c01b2688 ? __ksymtab_neigh_lookup
c01b2690 ? __ksymtab___neigh_event_send
c01b2698 ? __ksymtab_neigh_event_ns
c01b26a0 ? __ksymtab_neigh_ifdown
c01b26a8 ? __ksymtab_neigh_sysctl_register
c01b26b0 ? __ksymtab_pneigh_lookup
c01b26b8 ? __ksymtab_pneigh_enqueue
c01b26c0 ? __ksymtab_neigh_destroy
c01b26c8 ? __ksymtab_neigh_parms_alloc
c01b26d0 ? __ksymtab_neigh_parms_release
c01b26d8 ? __ksymtab_neigh_rand_reach_time
c01b26e0 ? __ksymtab_neigh_compat_output
c01b26e8 ? __ksymtab_dst_alloc
c01b26f0 ? __ksymtab___dst_free
c01b26f8 ? __ksymtab_dst_destroy
c01b2700 ? __ksymtab_net_ratelimit
c01b2708 ? __ksymtab_net_random
c01b2710 ? __ksymtab_net_srandom
c01b2718 ? __ksymtab___scm_destroy
c01b2720 ? __ksymtab___scm_send
c01b2728 ? __ksymtab_scm_fp_dup
c01b2730 ? __ksymtab_files_stat
c01b2738 ? __ksymtab_memcpy_toiovec
c01b2740 ? __ksymtab_sklist_destroy_socket
c01b2748 ? __ksymtab_sklist_insert_socket
c01b2750 ? __ksymtab_scm_detach_fds
c01b2758 ? __ksymtab_inetdev_lock
c01b2760 ? __ksymtab_inet_add_protocol
c01b2768 ? __ksymtab_inet_del_protocol
c01b2770 ? __ksymtab_inet_register_protosw
c01b2778 ? __ksymtab_inet_unregister_protosw
c01b2780 ? __ksymtab_ip_route_output_key
c01b2788 ? __ksymtab_ip_route_input
c01b2790 ? __ksymtab_icmp_send
c01b2798 ? __ksymtab_ip_options_compile
c01b27a0 ? __ksymtab_ip_options_undo
c01b27a8 ? __ksymtab_arp_send
c01b27b0 ? __ksymtab_arp_broken_ops
c01b27b8 ? __ksymtab___ip_select_ident
c01b27c0 ? __ksymtab_ip_send_check
c01b27c8 ? __ksymtab_ip_fragment
c01b27d0 ? __ksymtab_inet_family_ops
c01b27d8 ? __ksymtab_in_aton
c01b27e0 ? __ksymtab_ip_mc_inc_group
c01b27e8 ? __ksymtab_ip_mc_dec_group
c01b27f0 ? __ksymtab_ip_finish_output
c01b27f8 ? __ksymtab_inet_stream_ops
c01b2800 ? __ksymtab_inet_dgram_ops
c01b2808 ? __ksymtab_ip_cmsg_recv
c01b2810 ? __ksymtab_inet_addr_type
c01b2818 ? __ksymtab_inet_select_addr
c01b2820 ? __ksymtab_ip_dev_find
c01b2828 ? __ksymtab_inetdev_by_index
c01b2830 ? __ksymtab_in_dev_finish_destroy
c01b2838 ? __ksymtab_ip_defrag
c01b2840 ? __ksymtab_ip_rt_ioctl
c01b2848 ? __ksymtab_devinet_ioctl
c01b2850 ? __ksymtab_register_inetaddr_notifier
c01b2858 ? __ksymtab_unregister_inetaddr_notifier
c01b2860 ? __ksymtab_ip_statistics
c01b2868 ? __ksymtab_netlink_set_err
c01b2870 ? __ksymtab_netlink_broadcast
c01b2878 ? __ksymtab_netlink_unicast
c01b2880 ? __ksymtab_netlink_kernel_create
c01b2888 ? __ksymtab_netlink_dump_start
c01b2890 ? __ksymtab_netlink_ack
c01b2898 ? __ksymtab_rtattr_parse
c01b28a0 ? __ksymtab_rtnetlink_links
c01b28a8 ? __ksymtab___rta_fill
c01b28b0 ? __ksymtab_rtnetlink_dump_ifinfo
c01b28b8 ? __ksymtab_rtnetlink_put_metrics
c01b28c0 ? __ksymtab_rtnl
c01b28c8 ? __ksymtab_neigh_delete
c01b28d0 ? __ksymtab_neigh_add
c01b28d8 ? __ksymtab_neigh_dump_info
c01b28e0 ? __ksymtab_dev_set_allmulti
c01b28e8 ? __ksymtab_dev_set_promiscuity
c01b28f0 ? __ksymtab_sklist_remove_socket
c01b28f8 ? __ksymtab_rtnl_sem
c01b2900 ? __ksymtab_rtnl_lock
c01b2908 ? __ksymtab_rtnl_unlock
c01b2910 ? __ksymtab_move_addr_to_kernel
c01b2918 ? __ksymtab_move_addr_to_user
c01b2920 ? __ksymtab_ipv4_config
c01b2928 ? __ksymtab_dev_open
c01b2930 ? __ksymtab_in_ntoa
c01b2938 ? __ksymtab_xrlim_allow
c01b2940 ? __ksymtab_ip_rcv
c01b2948 ? __ksymtab_arp_rcv
c01b2950 ? __ksymtab_arp_tbl
c01b2958 ? __ksymtab_arp_find
c01b2960 ? __ksymtab_register_netdevice_notifier
c01b2968 ? __ksymtab_unregister_netdevice_notifier
c01b2970 ? __ksymtab_loopback_dev
c01b2978 ? __ksymtab_register_netdevice
c01b2980 ? __ksymtab_unregister_netdevice
c01b2988 ? __ksymtab_netdev_state_change
c01b2990 ? __ksymtab_dev_new_index
c01b2998 ? __ksymtab_dev_get_by_index
c01b29a0 ? __ksymtab___dev_get_by_index
c01b29a8 ? __ksymtab_dev_get_by_name
c01b29b0 ? __ksymtab___dev_get_by_name
c01b29b8 ? __ksymtab_netdev_finish_unregister
c01b29c0 ? __ksymtab_netdev_set_master
c01b29c8 ? __ksymtab_eth_type_trans
c01b29d0 ? __ksymtab_alloc_skb
c01b29d8 ? __ksymtab___kfree_skb
c01b29e0 ? __ksymtab_skb_clone
c01b29e8 ? __ksymtab_skb_copy
c01b29f0 ? __ksymtab_netif_rx
c01b29f8 ? __ksymtab_dev_add_pack
c01b2a00 ? __ksymtab_dev_remove_pack
c01b2a08 ? __ksymtab_dev_get
c01b2a10 ? __ksymtab_dev_alloc
c01b2a18 ? __ksymtab_dev_alloc_name
c01b2a20 ? __ksymtab___netdev_watchdog_up
c01b2a28 ? __ksymtab_dev_ioctl
c01b2a30 ? __ksymtab_dev_queue_xmit
c01b2a38 ? __ksymtab_dev_base
c01b2a40 ? __ksymtab_dev_base_lock
c01b2a48 ? __ksymtab_dev_close
c01b2a50 ? __ksymtab_dev_mc_add
c01b2a58 ? __ksymtab_dev_mc_delete
c01b2a60 ? __ksymtab_dev_mc_upload
c01b2a68 ? __ksymtab___kill_fasync
c01b2a70 ? __ksymtab_if_port_text
c01b2a78 ? __ksymtab_sysctl_wmem_max
c01b2a80 ? __ksymtab_sysctl_rmem_max
c01b2a88 ? __ksymtab_sysctl_ip_default_ttl
c01b2a90 ? __ksymtab_qdisc_destroy
c01b2a98 ? __ksymtab_qdisc_reset
c01b2aa0 ? __ksymtab_qdisc_restart
c01b2aa8 ? __ksymtab_qdisc_create_dflt
c01b2ab0 ? __ksymtab_noop_qdisc
c01b2ab8 ? __ksymtab_qdisc_tree_lock
c01b2ac0 ? __ksymtab_register_gifconf
c01b2ac8 ? __ksymtab_net_call_rx_atomic
c01b2ad0 ? __ksymtab_softnet_data
c01b2ad8 ? __ksymtab_memparse
c01b2ae0 ? __ksymtab_get_option
c01b2ae8 ? __ksymtab_get_options
c01b2af0 ? __ksymtab_init_rwsem
c01b2af8 ? __ksymtab___down_read
c01b2b00 ? __ksymtab___down_write
c01b2b08 ? __ksymtab___up_read
c01b2b10 ? __ksymtab___up_write
c01b2b18 ? __stop___ksymtab
c01b4000 D init_task_union
c01b6000 D runqueue_lock
c01b6020 D tasklist_lock
c01b6040 d aligned_data
c01b6060 D mmlist_lock
c01b6080 D tasklet_vec
c01b60a0 D tasklet_hi_vec
c01b60c0 d softirq_vec
c01b61c0 d sockets_in_use
c01b61e0 D softnet_data
c01b6220 D tcp_hashinfo
c01b62e0 d init_fs
c01b6304 d init_files
c01b64a4 d init_signals
c01b69ac D init_mm
c01b6a2c D root_mountflags
c01b6a30 d argv_init
c01b6a58 d envp_init
c01b6a80 D loops_per_jiffy
c01b6a84 D child_reaper
c01b6a88 D system_utsname
c01b6c10 D linux_banner
c01b6c14 D dma_spin_lock
c01b6c18 D fp_enter
c01b6c1c d __temp_irq
c01b6c28 d __temp_und
c01b6c34 d __temp_abt
c01b6c40 D cr_alignment
c01b6c44 D cr_no_alignment
c01b6c48 d reboot_mode
c01b6c4c d semaphore_lock
c01b6c50 d mem_res
c01b6ca4 d io_res
c01b6cf8 d cache_types
c01b6d38 d cache_clean
c01b6d78 d cache_lockdown
c01b6db8 D screen_info
c01b6dec d hwcap_str
c01b6e10 d proc_arch
c01b6e50 D cpuinfo_op
c01b6e60 D set_rtc
c01b6e64 D gettimeoffset
c01b6e68 d timer_irq
c01b6e80 D processor_modes
c01b6f00 d handler
c01b6f10 D die_lock
c01b6f14 d usermode_action
c01b6f2c D discontig_node_data
c01b7b9c d Lclean_switch
c01b7ba0 d GPIO_IRQ_mask
c01b7ba4 d GPIO11_27_irq
c01b7bbc d irq_resource
c01b7bd8 d lcm_irq
c01b7bf0 d lcm_key_irq
c01b7c08 d lcm_gpio_irq
c01b7c20 d lcm_lt_irq
c01b7c38 d lcm_spi_irq
c01b7c50 D charge_status
c01b7c54 D collie_main_battery_thresh_fl
c01b7c60 D collie_main_battery_thresh_nofl
c01b7c6c D collie_main_battery_thresh_charge
c01b7c7c d collie_battery_fops
c01b7cc4 d battery_device
c01b7cdc D APOCnt
c01b7ce0 D APOCntWk
c01b7ce4 D LPOCnt
c01b7ce8 D LPOCntWk
c01b7cec d queue
c01b7cf8 D collie_backup_battery
c01b7cfc D collie_main_battery
c01b7d00 D collie_main_charge_battery
c01b7d04 D collie_ac_status
c01b7d08 D ad_revise
c01b7d0c d MainCntWk
c01b7d10 d MainCnt
c01b7d14 d FattCnt
c01b7d18 d back_ac_status
c01b7d1c d battery_off_flag
c01b7d20 d collie_charge_temp
c01b7d24 d collie_charge_volt
c01b7d28 d charge_off_mode
c01b7d2c d wq_on
c01b7d38 d wq_off
c01b7d44 d battery_waitqueue
c01b7d50 d collie_change_battery_status
c01b7d54 d collie_battery_status
c01b7d58 d collie_backup_battery_flag
c01b7d5c d collie_fatal_off
c01b7d60 d collie_battery_params
c01b7d88 d proc_params_operations
c01b7dd0 d collie_led_turn_table
c01b7df0 d collie_led1_player
c01b7e14 D curpat
c01b7e18 D collie_tc35143f_irq
c01b7e1c d buzzer_resume
c01b7e20 d TC35143F_BIAS_mode
c01b7e24 D collie_buzzer_set_buffer
c01b7e28 d sync_queue
c01b7e34 D buz_count
c01b7e38 D buz_init
c01b7e3c D tap_data
c01b7fa2 D click_data
c01b8286 D alarm_data
c01ba088 d apm_event_mask
c01ba08c D autoPowerCancel
c01ba090 D autoLightCancel
c01ba094 D daemon_mode
c01ba098 D idleCancel
c01ba09c D apm_bios_info
c01ba0b0 d resume_notice
c01ba0b4 d is_goto_suspend
c01ba0b8 d blank_request
c01ba0bc d bounce_interval
c01ba0c0 d power_off
c01ba0c4 d apm_waitqueue
c01ba0d0 d apm_suspend_waitqueue
c01ba0dc d driver_version
c01ba0e4 d apm_event_name
c01ba114 d locklockFCS
c01ba118 d lockFCS
c01ba11c d change_lockFCS
c01ba120 d lock_power_mode
c01ba124 d power_mode
c01ba128 d unavailable_module
c01ba12c d lock_fcs_waitqueue
c01ba138 d proc_power_mode_params_operations
c01ba180 d proc_lock_fcs_params_operations
c01ba1c8 d is_first.905
c01ba1cc d lock.916
c01ba1d0 d resume_handling
c01ba1d4 d pending_count.987
c01ba1d8 d apm_bios_fops
c01ba220 d apm_device
c01ba238 D apm_wakeup_src_mask
c01ba23c D apm_wakeup_factor
c01ba240 D collie_emergency_off
c01ba244 D collie_wakeup_key_scan_hook
c01ba248 D collie_wakeup_remote_control_hook
c01ba24c d pm_table
c01ba2a4 d pm_dir_table
c01ba2fc D securebits
c01ba300 D init_tasks
c01ba304 d runqueue_head
c01ba30c d stat_nam.780
c01ba324 D lastpid_lock
c01ba328 d next_safe.699
c01ba32c d exec_domains
c01ba330 d exec_domains_lock
c01ba334 d ident_map
c01ba3b4 D default_exec_domain
c01ba3e0 D abi_defhandler_coff
c01ba3e4 D abi_defhandler_elf
c01ba3e8 D abi_defhandler_lcall7
c01ba3ec D abi_defhandler_libcso
c01ba3f0 d abi_table
c01ba524 d abi_root_table
c01ba57c D tainted
c01ba580 D log_wait
c01ba58c D console_printk
c01ba59c d console_sem
c01ba5b0 d logbuf_lock
c01ba5b4 d preferred_console
c01ba5b8 d msg_level.681
c01ba5bc d log_level_unknown.689
c01ba5c0 D kernel_module
c01ba620 D module_list
c01ba624 d ime_list
c01ba62c d ime_lock
c01ba630 D modlist_lock
c01ba634 d unload_lock
c01ba638 D ksyms_op
c01ba648 d firsttime.657
c01ba64c D pps_jitter
c01ba650 D pps_stabil
c01ba654 D pps_valid
c01ba658 D pps_shift
c01ba65c D global_bh_lock
c01ba660 D ioport_resource
c01ba67c D iomem_resource
c01ba698 d resource_lock
c01ba69c d reserved.654
c01ba6a0 d maxolduid
c01ba6a4 d root_table_header
c01ba6b0 D proc_sys_file_operations
c01ba6f8 d proc_sys_inode_operations
c01ba738 d root_table
c01ba898 d kern_table
c01bad3c d vm_table
c01baef4 d proc_table
c01baf20 d fs_table
c01bb130 d debug_table
c01bb15c d dev_table
c01bb188 D cap_bset
c01bb18c D task_capability_lock
c01bb190 D tick
c01bb194 D tickadj
c01bb198 D tq_timer
c01bb1a0 D tq_immediate
c01bb1a8 D time_state
c01bb1ac D time_status
c01bb1b0 D time_constant
c01bb1b4 D time_tolerance
c01bb1b8 D time_precision
c01bb1bc D time_maxerror
c01bb1c0 D time_esterror
c01bb1c4 D time_freq
c01bb1c8 D timerlist_lock
c01bb1cc D tqueue_lock
c01bb1d0 d count.729
c01bb1d4 D xtime_lock
c01bb1d8 d uidhash_lock
c01bb1dc D root_user
c01bb1f4 D max_queued_signals
c01bb1f8 D overflowuid
c01bb1fc D overflowgid
c01bb200 D fs_overflowuid
c01bb204 D fs_overflowgid
c01bb208 D C_A_D
c01bb20c D cad_pid
c01bb210 D notifier_lock
c01bb214 d cad_tq.684
c01bb228 D uts_sem
c01bb238 D hotplug_path
c01bb338 d dev_probe_sem
c01bb34c d tq_context
c01bb354 d context_task_wq
c01bb360 d context_task_done
c01bb36c d pm_devs_lock
c01bb380 d pm_devs
c01bb388 D pgt_cache_water
c01bb390 D protection_map
c01bb3d0 D page_cache_size
c01bb3d4 D vm_max_readahead
c01bb3d8 D vm_min_readahead
c01bb3dc D pagecache_lock
c01bb3e0 D pagemap_lru_lock
c01bb3e4 d generic_file_vm_ops
c01bb3f0 D vmlist_lock
c01bb3f4 d slab_break_gfp_order
c01bb3f8 d cache_sizes
c01bb4a0 d cache_cache
c01bb510 d clock_searchp
c01bb514 D pager_daemon
c01bb520 D vm_without_swap
c01bb524 D swap_mm
c01bb528 D kswapd_wait
c01bb534 d zone_names
c01bb540 d swap_aops
c01bb564 D swapper_space
c01bb598 D swaplock
c01bb59c D swap_list
c01bb5a4 d least_priority.876
c01bb5a8 D numnodes
c01bb5ac D contig_page_data
c01bb8c8 d node_lock
c01bb8cc d next.630
c01bb8d0 D shmem_inodes
c01bb8d8 d shmem_ilock
c01bb8dc D shmem_nrpages
c01bb8e0 d shmem_aops
c01bb904 d shmem_file_operations
c01bb94c d shmem_inode_operations
c01bb98c d shmem_dir_operations
c01bb9d4 d shmem_dir_inode_operations
c01bba14 d shmem_ops
c01bba58 d shmem_vm_ops
c01bba64 d tmpfs_fs_type
c01bba80 D freepg_signal_proc
c01bba90 d freepg_signal
c01bba98 d page_info_op
c01bbaa4 d kill_list.759
c01bbaac D generic_ro_fops
c01bbaf4 d chrdevs_lock
c01bbaf8 d def_chr_fops
c01bbb40 d bad_sock_fops
c01bbb88 D files_stat
c01bbb94 d anon_list
c01bbb9c d free_list
c01bbba4 D files_lock
c01bbba8 d old_max.633
c01bbbac d hash_table_lock
c01bbbb0 d lru_list_lock
c01bbbb4 d unused_list_lock
c01bbbb8 d buffer_wait
c01bbbc4 D buffermem_pages
c01bbbc8 D bdf_prm
c01bbbec D bdflush_min
c01bbc10 D bdflush_max
c01bbc34 d page_uptodate_lock.1005
c01bbc38 D bdflush_wait
c01bbc44 D super_blocks
c01bbc4c D sb_lock
c01bbc50 d file_systems_lock
c01bbc54 d sops.879
c01bbc98 d bd_type
c01bbcb4 d bdev_lock
c01bbcb8 D def_blk_aops
c01bbcdc D def_blk_fops
c01bbd24 d cdev_lock
c01bbd28 d binfmt_lock
c01bbd2c D read_fifo_fops
c01bbd74 D write_fifo_fops
c01bbdbc D rdwr_fifo_fops
c01bbe04 D read_pipe_fops
c01bbe4c D write_pipe_fops
c01bbe94 D rdwr_pipe_fops
c01bbedc d pipefs_dentry_operations
c01bbef4 d pipefs_ops
c01bbf38 d pipe_fs_type
c01bbf54 d arbitration_lock
c01bbf58 D page_symlink_inode_operations
c01bbf98 d band_table
c01bbfb0 d fasync_lock
c01bbfb4 D def_fifo_fops
c01bbffc D leases_enable
c01bc000 D lease_break_time
c01bc004 D file_lock_list
c01bc00c d blocked_list
c01bc014 D dcache_lock
c01bc018 d dentry_unused
c01bc020 D dentry_stat
c01bc038 d inode_in_use
c01bc040 d inode_unused
c01bc048 d anon_hash_chain
c01bc050 d inode_lock
c01bc054 d counter.793
c01bc058 d bad_file_ops
c01bc0a0 D bad_inode_ops
c01bc0e0 D dir_notify_enable
c01bc0e4 d dn_lock
c01bc0e8 d vfsmntlist
c01bc0f0 d mount_sem
c01bc104 d fs_info.891
c01bc12c d mnt_info.892
c01bc14c D mounts_op
c01bc15c d rootfs_dir_operations
c01bc1a4 d rootfs_dir_inode_operations
c01bc1e4 d s_ops.950
c01bc228 d root_fs_type
c01bc244 D script_format
c01bc25c d elf_format
c01bc274 d proc_sops
c01bc2b8 d proc_fs_type
c01bc2d4 d proc_root_operations
c01bc31c d proc_root_inode_operations
c01bc35c D proc_root
c01bc3a8 d proc_maps_operations
c01bc3f0 d proc_info_file_operations
c01bc438 d proc_mem_operations
c01bc480 d proc_mem_inode_operations
c01bc4c0 d proc_pid_link_inode_operations
c01bc500 d base_stuff
c01bc5d0 d pid_fd_dentry_operations
c01bc5e8 d pid_dentry_operations
c01bc600 d pid_base_dentry_operations
c01bc618 d proc_fd_operations
c01bc660 d proc_fd_inode_operations
c01bc6a0 d proc_base_operations
c01bc6e8 d proc_base_inode_operations
c01bc728 d proc_self_inode_operations
c01bc768 d proc_file_operations
c01bc7b0 D proc_alloc_map_lock
c01bc7b4 d proc_link_inode_operations
c01bc7f4 d proc_dentry_operations
c01bc80c d proc_dir_operations
c01bc854 d proc_dir_inode_operations
c01bc894 d task_state_array
c01bc8ac D proc_kmsg_operations
c01bc8f4 d proc_cpuinfo_operations
c01bc93c d proc_ksyms_operations
c01bc984 d proc_profile_operations
c01bc9cc d proc_mounts_operations
c01bca14 d simple_ones.796
c01bca9c D proc_kcore_operations
c01bcae4 D warn_no_part
c01bcae8 d check_part
c01bcaf0 d first_time.1440
c01bcaf4 d subtypes
c01bcb2c d nibblemap
c01bcb6c d ext2_filetype_table
c01bcb74 d ext2_type_by_mode
c01bcb84 D ext2_dir_operations
c01bcbcc D ext2_file_operations
c01bcc14 D ext2_file_inode_operations
c01bcc54 D ext2_aops
c01bcc78 D ext2_dir_inode_operations
c01bccb8 d ext2_sops
c01bccfc d ext2_fs_type
c01bcd18 D ext2_fast_symlink_inode_operations
c01bcd58 d fixed_bl
c01bcd5c d fixed_bd
c01bcd60 d fixed_tl
c01bdd60 d fixed_td
c01bde60 D zlib_fs_inflate_mask
c01bdea4 d read_mutex
c01bdeb8 d cramfs_aops
c01bdedc d cramfs_directory_operations
c01bdf24 d cramfs_dir_inode_operations
c01bdf64 d cramfs_ops
c01bdfa8 d cramfs_fs_type
c01bdfc4 d ramfs_aops
c01bdfe8 d ramfs_file_operations
c01be030 d ramfs_dir_operations
c01be078 d ramfs_dir_inode_operations
c01be0b8 d ramfs_ops
c01be0fc d ramfs_fs_type
c01be118 d nibblemap
c01be158 D minix_dentry_operations
c01be170 D minix_dir_inode_operations
c01be1b0 d minix_sops
c01be1f4 d minix_aops
c01be218 d minix_fs_type
c01be234 D minix_file_operations
c01be27c D minix_file_inode_operations
c01be2bc D minix_dir_operations
c01be304 d fat_cache_lock
c01be308 d initialized.399
c01be30c D fat_dir_operations
c01be354 D fat_file_operations
c01be39c D fat_file_inode_operations
c01be3dc D fat_inode_lock
c01be3e0 d fat_sops
c01be424 d fat_aops
c01be448 d ascii_extensions
c01be490 d day_n
c01be4d0 D default_cvf
c01be52c d vfat_dentry_ops
c01be58c d reserved3_names
c01be5a0 d reserved4_names
c01be5ec d bad_chars
c01be600 d replace_chars
c01be60e d skip_chars
c01be614 D vfat_dir_inode_operations
c01be654 D vfat_fs_type
c01be670 D nfs_dir_operations
c01be6b8 D nfs_dir_inode_operations
c01be6f8 D nfs_dentry_operations
c01be710 D nfs_file_operations
c01be758 D nfs_file_inode_operations
c01be798 D nfs_file_aops
c01be7bc d flushd_queue
c01be7c4 d nfs_sops
c01be808 D nfs_rpcstat
c01be830 d nfs_version
c01be840 D nfs_program
c01be854 d nfs_info.852
c01be8c0 d nfs_fs_type
c01be8dc d nfs_errtbl
c01be9cc d nfs_procedures
c01beb34 D nfs_version2
c01beb40 D nfs_wreq_lock
c01beb44 D nfs_v2_clientops
c01beba0 D nfs_symlink_inode_operations
c01bebe0 d nfs_delete_queue
c01bebe8 D nfs_v3_clientops
c01bec44 d nfs_type2fmt
c01bec8c d nfs3_procedures
c01bee44 D nfs_version3
c01bee50 d nlm_cookie
c01bee54 d nlm_host_sema
c01bee68 d nlmsvc_sema
c01bee7c d lockd_start
c01bee90 d lockd_exit
c01bee9c D nlm_timeout
c01beea0 d warned.754
c01beea4 d warned.758
c01beea8 d nlmsvc_version1
c01beeb8 d nlmsvc_version3
c01beec8 d nlmsvc_version4
c01beed8 d nlmsvc_version
c01beeec D nlmsvc_program
c01bef08 D nlmsvc_procedures
c01bf208 d nlm_file_sema
c01bf21c d nsm_procedures
c01bf2a8 d nsm_version1
c01bf2b4 d nsm_version
c01bf2bc D nsm_program
c01bf2d0 d nlm_procedures
c01bf4b0 d nlm_version1
c01bf4bc d nlm_version3
c01bf4c8 d nlm_versions
c01bf4dc D nlm_program
c01bf4f0 d nlm4_procedures
c01bf6d0 D nlm_version4
c01bf6dc D nlmsvc_procedures4
c01bf9dc d nls_lock
c01bf9e0 d utf8_table
c01bfa6c D charset2uni
c01bfc6c d page00
c01bfd6c d page_uni2charset
c01c016c d charset2lower
c01c026c d charset2upper
c01c036c d default_table
c01c0388 d table
c01c03a4 d day_n
c01c03e4 d mask.864
c01c03f0 d star.871
c01c03fc D smb_dir_operations
c01c0444 D smb_dir_inode_operations
c01c0484 d smbfs_dentry_operations
c01c049c d smbfs_dentry_operations_case
c01c04b4 d smb_sops
c01c04f8 d opts
c01c0594 d smb_fs_type
c01c05b0 D smb_file_aops
c01c05d4 D smb_file_operations
c01c061c D smb_file_inode_operations
c01c065c D devpts_root_operations
c01c06a4 D devpts_root_inode_operations
c01c06e4 d devpts_dentry_operations
c01c06fc d devpts_sops
c01c0740 d devpts_fs_type
c01c075c D msg_ctlmax
c01c0760 D msg_ctlmnb
c01c0764 D msg_ctlmni
c01c0768 d msg_bytes
c01c076c d msg_hdrs
c01c0770 D sem_ctls
c01c0780 D shm_ctlmax
c01c0784 D shm_ctlall
c01c0788 D shm_ctlmni
c01c078c d shm_file_operations
c01c07d4 d shm_vm_ops
c01c07e0 d mem_fops
c01c0828 d kmem_fops
c01c0870 d null_fops
c01c08b8 d port_fops
c01c0900 d zero_fops
c01c0948 d full_fops
c01c0990 d memory_fops
c01c09d8 d tty_fops
c01c0a20 d hung_up_tty_fops
c01c0a68 d tty_sem
c01c0a7c d baud_table
c01c0af8 d n_baud_table
c01c0afc D tty_ldisc_N_TTY
c01c0b3c d raw_fops
c01c0b84 d raw_ctl_fops
c01c0bcc d misc_list
c01c0be4 d misc_sem
c01c0bf8 d misc_fops
c01c0c40 d random_read_wakeup_thresh
c01c0c44 d random_write_wakeup_thresh
c01c0c48 d poolinfo_table
c01c0d08 d random_read_wait
c01c0d14 d random_write_wait
c01c0d20 D random_fops
c01c0d68 D urandom_fops
c01c0db0 D random_table
c01c0ee4 D keyboard_type
c01c0ee8 D kd_mksound
c01c0eec D kbd_rate
c01c0ef0 d vt_activate_queue
c01c0efc d vcs_fops
c01c0f44 d translations
c01c1744 D dfont_unicount
c01c1844 D dfont_unitable
c01c1a98 d blankinterval
c01c1a9c d console_callback_tq
c01c1ab0 D want_console
c01c1ab4 D color_table
c01c1ac4 D default_red
c01c1b04 D default_grn
c01c1b44 D default_blu
c01c1b84 D con_buf_sem
c01c1b98 d error.1111
c01c1b9c d sel_start
c01c1ba0 d inwordLut
c01c1bc0 d serial_name
c01c1bc4 d serial_version
c01c1bc8 d tq_serial
c01c1bd0 d tmp_buf_sem
c01c1be4 d ucb1200_arch
c01c1bec d ucb1200_lock
c01c1bf0 d ucb1200_irq_enabled
c01c1bf2 d ucb1200_irq_rising_edge
c01c1bf4 d ucb1200_irq_falling_edge
c01c1bf8 d sib_count
c01c1bfc d ucb1200_initialized.738
c01c1c00 D arch_ucb1200_ops
c01c1c1c d adc_id
c01c1c20 d adc_lock
c01c1c24 d adc_wait
c01c1c30 d request_adc_id
c01c1c34 d complete_adc_lock
c01c1c38 d complete_adc_wait
c01c1c44 d ucb1200_adc_initialized.666
c01c1c48 d threshold
c01c1c4c d noFlDim
c01c1c50 d dev_id
c01c1c54 d queue
c01c1c60 d owner_lock
c01c1c64 d in_timehandle
c01c1c68 d timehandling
c01c1c6c d last_data.723
c01c1c80 d ucb1200_ts_fops
c01c1cc8 d ucb1200_ts_params
c01c1d04 d proc_params_operations
c01c1d4c D keypress_wait
c01c1d58 d npadch
c01c1d5c d kbd_repeatkeycode
c01c1d60 d kbd_repeattimeout
c01c1d64 d kbd_repeatinterval
c01c1d68 d kbd
c01c1d6c d key_handler
c01c1dac d spec_fn_table
c01c1dfc d key_autorepeat_timer
c01c1e10 d buf.720
c01c1e14 d ret_diacr
c01c1e1c d pad_chars.805
c01c1e20 d app_map.806
c01c1e24 d cur_chars.810
c01c1e28 d ledstate
c01c1e2c D keyboard_tasklet
c01c1e40 D pm_kbd_request_override
c01c1e44 D plain_map
c01c1f44 D shift_map
c01c2044 D ctrl_map
c01c2144 D shift_ctrl_map
c01c2244 D key_maps
c01c2644 D keymap_count
c01c2648 D func_buf
c01c26e4 D funcbufptr
c01c26e8 D funcbufsize
c01c26ec D funcbufleft
c01c26f0 D func_table
c01c2af0 D accent_table
c01c2ef0 D accent_table_size
c01c2ef4 d collie_wakeup_button_timer
c01c2f08 d rawkeytable_table_NormalLower
c01c2f8a d rawkeytable_table_NormalUpper
c01c300c d rawkeytable_table_2ndLower
c01c308e d rawkeytable_table_2ndUpper
c01c3110 d rawkeytable_table_NumlockLower
c01c3192 d rawkeytable_table_NumlockUpper
c01c3214 d rawkeytable_table_Num2ndLower
c01c3296 d rawkeytable_table_Num2ndUpper
c01c3318 d state_table_LSHIFT_up
c01c3368 d state_table_RSHIFT_up
c01c33b8 d state_table_2nd_up
c01c3408 d up_tables
c01c3414 d up_modifs_ref
c01c3496 d state_table_LSHIFT_down
c01c34e6 d state_table_RSHIFT_down
c01c3536 d state_table_2nd_down
c01c3586 d state_table_caps_down
c01c35d6 d state_table_num_down
c01c3626 d state_table_ANY_OTHER_down
c01c3678 d down_tables
c01c3690 d down_modifs_ref
c01c3712 d extmodif_map_2nd
c01c3762 d extmodif_map_CAPS
c01c37b2 d extmodif_map_NUM
c01c3804 d extmodif_status_tables
c01c3814 d extmove_map_2nd
c01c3864 d extmove_map_CAPS
c01c38b4 d extmove_map_NUM
c01c3904 d extmodif_move_tables
c01c3914 d shappda_holdkey_Power
c01c3920 d shappda_holdkey_Light
c01c392c d shappda_holdkey_Mail
c01c3938 d holdkey_info
c01c3b40 d state_to_keymap
c01c3c80 d keysdown
c01c3c84 d rep_scancode
c01c3c88 d key_repeat_delay
c01c3c8c d key_repeat_rate
c01c3c90 d sharppda_kbd_rep_timer
c01c3ca4 d key_hold_delay
c01c3ca8 d holdkey_pending
c01c3cac d holdkey_pendinghardkey
c01c3cb0 d holdkey_pendingmappedkey
c01c3cb4 d sharppda_kbd_hold_timer
c01c3cc8 d custom_holdkey_info
c01c3ccc d wakeup_powerkey_lock
c01c3cd0 d device_initialized
c01c3cd4 D sharp_led_fops
c01c3d1c d sharpled_device
c01c3d34 d wq_in
c01c3d40 d initialized.696
c01c3d44 d oldval.697
c01c3d48 d device_used
c01c3d4c D sharp_kbdctl_fops
c01c3d94 d sharpkbdctl_device
c01c3dac d device_initialized
c01c3db0 D sharp_buzzer_fops
c01c3df8 d sharpbuz_device
c01c3e10 d rtc_freq
c01c3e14 d rtc_wait
c01c3e20 d rtc_fops
c01c3e68 d sa1100rtc_miscdev
c01c3e80 D tq_disk
c01c3e88 D io_request_lock
c01c3e8c D rd_size
c01c3e90 D rd_blocksize
c01c3e94 D rd_prompt
c01c3e98 d ramdisk_aops
c01c3ebc d rd_bd_op
c01c3ed4 d max_loop
c01c3ed8 D none_funcs
c01c3ef4 D xor_funcs
c01c3f10 D xfer_funcs
c01c3f60 d lo_fops
c01c3f78 d eth7_dev
c01c40b4 d eth6_dev
c01c41f0 d eth5_dev
c01c432c d eth4_dev
c01c4468 d eth3_dev
c01c45a4 d eth2_dev
c01c46e0 d eth1_dev
c01c481c d eth0_dev
c01c4958 D loopback_dev
c01c4a94 D dev_base
c01c4a98 D dev_base_lock
c01c4a9c d all_ppp_sem
c01c4ab0 d all_ppp_units
c01c4ab8 d all_channels_lock
c01c4abc d all_channels
c01c4ac4 D ppp_connect_count
c01c4ac8 d ppp_device_fops
c01c4b10 d compressor_list
c01c4b18 d compressor_list_lock
c01c4b1c d flag_time
c01c4b20 d async_ops
c01c4b28 d ppp_ldisc
c01c4b68 D ppp_crc16_table
c01c4d68 D deflate_copyright
c01c4da0 d configuration_table
c01c4e18 d my_version.624
c01c4e1c d extra_lbits
c01c4e90 d extra_dbits
c01c4f08 d extra_blbits
c01c4f54 d bl_order
c01c4f68 d static_l_desc
c01c4f7c d static_d_desc
c01c4f90 d static_bl_desc
c01c4fa4 D inflate_copyright
c01c4fd4 d fixed_built
c01c4fd8 D inflate_mask
c01c501c D z_errmsg
c01c5044 D ppp_deflate
c01c507c D ppp_deflate_draft
c01c50b4 d ppp_bsd_compress
c01c50ec D noautodma
c01c50f0 d magic_cookie.1035
c01c50f4 D generic_subdriver_entries
c01c5114 d decimal.1260
c01c5118 d hex.1261
c01c511c D ide_fops
c01c5134 d proc_ide_root
c01c5138 d drive_save
c01c513c d generic_drive_entries
c01c519c d hwif_entries
c01c51ec d ideprobe_module
c01c51fc d pc_debug
c01c5200 d version
c01c5204 d irq_mask
c01c5208 d irq_list
c01c5218 d dev_info
c01c5238 d dev_list
c01c523c d idedisk_proc
c01c528c d idedisk_driver
c01c52cc d idedisk_module
c01c52dc d sound_loader_lock
c01c52e0 d soundcore_fops
c01c5328 D collie_dmasound_irq
c01c532c d collie_amp_init
c01c5330 d collie_dac_init
c01c5334 d collie_op_shdn_on
c01c5338 d collie_resume
c01c533c d collie_hard_mute
c01c5340 d collie_soft_mute
c01c5344 d collie_volume
c01c5348 D collie_buzzer_volume
c01c534c d open_queue
c01c5358 d delay_off
c01c5364 d DelayedFlag
c01c5368 d ct_func
c01c536c D clock_set_data
c01c538c d ulaw2dma16
c01c558c d alaw2dma16
c01c578c d transCollie
c01c57ac d in_timehandle
c01c57b0 d machCollie
c01c57e0 d mixer_fops
c01c5828 d sq_fops
c01c5870 d state_fops
c01c58b8 d collie_hard_mute
c01c58bc d TC35143_dsp_fops
c01c5904 d TC35143_mixer_fops
c01c594c D chip_drvs_lock
c01c5950 d chip_drvs_list
c01c5958 d mtd_table_mutex
c01c596c d mtd_notifiers
c01c5970 d mtd_pm_dev
c01c5974 d mtd_fops
c01c59bc d leaving
c01c59c0 d thread_sem
c01c59d4 d thr_wq
c01c59e0 d mtd_fops
c01c59f8 d cis_width
c01c59fc d vs
c01c5a00 d probe_mem
c01c5a04 d probe_io
c01c5a08 d mem_limit
c01c5a0c d mem_db
c01c5a18 d io_db
c01c5a24 d irq_table
c01c5ed4 d order.804
c01c5ed8 d hi.805
c01c5edc d lo.806
c01c5ee0 d dev_info
c01c5f00 d root_driver
c01c5f04 d sockets
c01c5f08 d major_dev
c01c5f0c d socket_table
c01c5f10 d init_status
c01c5f14 d ds_fops
c01c5f5c d release
c01c5f60 d options
c01c5f64 d setup_delay
c01c5f68 d resume_delay
c01c5f6c d shutdown_delay
c01c5f70 d vcc_settle
c01c5f74 d reset_time
c01c5f78 d unreset_delay
c01c5f7c d unreset_check
c01c5f80 d unreset_limit
c01c5f84 d cis_speed
c01c5f88 d io_speed
c01c5f8c d do_apm
c01c5f90 D dead_socket
c01c5f9c D sockets
c01c5fa0 D proc_pccard
c01c5fa4 D ide_resume_handling
c01c5fa8 D pcmcia_resume_handling
c01c5fac d sa1100_pcmcia_task
c01c5fc0 d sa1100_pcmcia_operations
c01c5ff0 d precsr.547
c01c5ff4 D collie_pcmcia_ops
c01c6008 d if_names
c01c6014 d irq_mask
c01c6018 d irq_list
c01c6028 d if_port
c01c602c d use_big_buf
c01c6030 d mem_speed
c01c6034 d delay_output
c01c6038 d delay_time
c01c603c d use_shmem
c01c6040 d full_duplex
c01c6044 d hw_addr
c01c605c d dev_info
c01c607c d hw_info
c01c6274 d default_info
c01c6280 d dl10019_info
c01c628c d dl10022_info
c01c6298 d fontdata_8x8
c01c6a98 D font_vga_8x8
c01c6ab0 d last_fb_vc
c01c6ab4 d fbcon_is_default
c01c6ab8 d fb_fops
c01c6b00 d first.884
c01c6b04 d red2
c01c6b08 d green2
c01c6b0c d blue2
c01c6b10 d red4
c01c6b18 d green4
c01c6b20 d blue4
c01c6b28 d red8
c01c6b38 d green8
c01c6b48 d blue8
c01c6b58 d red16
c01c6b78 d green16
c01c6b98 d blue16
c01c6bb8 d default_2_colors
c01c6bd0 d default_8_colors
c01c6be8 d default_4_colors
c01c6c00 d default_16_colors
c01c6c18 D global_mode_option
c01c6c1c D fixed_logo
c01c6c20 d logo_shown
c01c6c24 D fbcon_softback_size
c01c6c28 d cursor_timer
c01c6c3c d done.870
c01c6c40 d scrollback_phys_max
c01c6c44 d scrollback_max
c01c6c48 d scrollback_current
c01c6c4c d palette_cmap
c01c6c64 D fbcon_dummy
c01c6c8c d fbcon_fonts
c01c6c90 d collie_fb_blank
c01c6c94 d is_collie_fb_blank
c01c6c98 d colliefb_ops
c01c6cc8 d is_colliefl_pm
c01c6ccc d is_colliefl_blank
c01c6cd0 D counter_step_contrast
c01c6cd4 d counter_step_save
c01c6cd8 d colliefl_duty_vr
c01c6d50 d colliefl_duty_vr_for_touch
c01c6dc8 d fl_lock
c01c6dcc d collie_fl_params
c01c6f5c d proc_params_operations
c01c6fa4 d colliefl_fops
c01c6fec d temporary_contrast_set_flag
c01c6ff0 d tab_cfb16
c01c6ff8 D fbcon_cfb16
c01c7020 d irtty
c01c7024 d qos_mtt_bits
c01c7028 D driver_name
c01c702c d io
c01c703c d irq
c01c704c d qos_mtt_bits
c01c7050 d dev_self
c01c7060 d driver_name
c01c7064 d power_level
c01c7068 d tx_lpm
c01c706c d bcr_state.1065
c01c707c d socket_file_ops
c01c70c4 d sockfs_ops
c01c7108 d sock_fs_type
c01c7124 d sockfs_dentry_operations
c01c713c d nargs
c01c7150 D sysctl_wmem_max
c01c7154 D sysctl_rmem_max
c01c7158 D sysctl_wmem_default
c01c715c D sysctl_rmem_default
c01c7160 D sysctl_optmem_max
c01c7164 D net_big_sklist_lock
c01c7168 D sysctl_hot_list_len
c01c716c d count.1179
c01c7170 D core_table
c01c73d8 D if_port_text
c01c73f4 d ptype_all
c01c73f8 d netdev_chain
c01c73fc D netdev_nit
c01c7400 D netdev_max_backlog
c01c7404 D no_cong_thresh
c01c7408 D no_cong
c01c740c D lo_cong
c01c7410 D mod_cong
c01c7414 d net_bh_lock.1293
c01c7418 d dev_boot_phase
c01c741c d dst_total
c01c7420 d dst_lock
c01c7424 d dst_gc_timer_inc
c01c7428 d dst_gc_timer
c01c743c D dst_dev_notifier
c01c7448 d neigh_tbl_lock
c01c744c D neigh_sysctl_template
c01c789c D rtnl_sem
c01c78b0 d link_rtnetlink_table
c01c79b0 D rtnetlink_dev_notifier
c01c79bc d net_rand_seed
c01c79c0 D net_msg_cost
c01c79c4 D net_msg_burst
c01c79c8 d ratelimit_lock.651
c01c79cc d toks.652
c01c79d0 D priv_type_size
c01c79d8 D ether_table
c01c7a04 D e802_table
c01c7a30 D qdisc_tree_lock
c01c7a34 D noop_qdisc_ops
c01c7a74 D noop_qdisc
c01c7ad4 D noqueue_qdisc_ops
c01c7b14 D noqueue_qdisc
c01c7b74 d pfifo_fast_ops
c01c7bb4 d nl_table_wait
c01c7bc0 d nl_table_lock
c01c7bc4 d nl_table_users
c01c7bc8 D netlink_ops
c01c7c0c D netlink_family_ops
c01c7c1c D ip_rt_min_delay
c01c7c20 D ip_rt_max_delay
c01c7c24 D ip_rt_gc_timeout
c01c7c28 D ip_rt_gc_interval
c01c7c2c D ip_rt_gc_min_interval
c01c7c30 D ip_rt_redirect_number
c01c7c34 D ip_rt_redirect_load
c01c7c38 D ip_rt_redirect_silence
c01c7c3c D ip_rt_error_cost
c01c7c40 D ip_rt_error_burst
c01c7c44 D ip_rt_gc_elasticity
c01c7c48 D ip_rt_mtu_expires
c01c7c4c D ip_rt_min_pmtu
c01c7c50 D ip_rt_min_advmss
c01c7c54 D ipv4_dst_ops
c01c7c80 D ip_tos2prio
c01c7c90 d rt_flush_lock
c01c7c94 d expire.1543
c01c7c98 d rt_peer_lock.1553
c01c7c9c d ip_fb_id_lock.1557
c01c7ca0 d mtu_plateau
c01c7cb4 D ipv4_route_table
c01c7fcc D inet_peer_idlock
c01c7fd0 d peer_fake_node
c01c7ff8 d peer_root
c01c7ffc d peer_pool_lock
c01c8000 D inet_peer_threshold
c01c8004 D inet_peer_minttl
c01c8008 D inet_peer_maxttl
c01c800c D inet_peer_unused_tailp
c01c8010 D inet_peer_unused_lock
c01c8014 d peer_periodic_timer
c01c8028 D inet_peer_gc_mintime
c01c802c D inet_peer_gc_maxtime
c01c8030 d tcp_protocol
c01c8048 d udp_protocol
c01c8060 d icmp_protocol
c01c8078 D inet_protocol_base
c01c807c D sysctl_ipfrag_high_thresh
c01c8080 D sysctl_ipfrag_low_thresh
c01c8084 D sysctl_ipfrag_time
c01c8088 d ipfrag_lock
c01c808c D ip_frag_nqueues
c01c8090 D ip_frag_mem
c01c8094 D sysctl_ip_dynaddr
c01c8098 D sysctl_ip_default_ttl
c01c809c d ip_packet_type
c01c80b0 D ip_ra_lock
c01c80b4 D sysctl_tcp_fin_timeout
c01c80b8 D tcp_orphan_count
c01c80bc D sysctl_tcp_wmem
c01c80c8 D sysctl_tcp_rmem
c01c80d4 d new_state
c01c80e4 D sysctl_tcp_timestamps
c01c80e8 D sysctl_tcp_window_scaling
c01c80ec D sysctl_tcp_sack
c01c80f0 D sysctl_tcp_fack
c01c80f4 D sysctl_tcp_reordering
c01c80f8 D sysctl_tcp_ecn
c01c80fc D sysctl_tcp_dsack
c01c8100 D sysctl_tcp_app_win
c01c8104 D sysctl_tcp_adv_win_scale
c01c8108 D sysctl_tcp_stdurg
c01c810c D sysctl_tcp_rfc1337
c01c8110 D sysctl_tcp_max_orphans
c01c8114 D sysctl_tcp_retrans_collapse
c01c8118 D sysctl_tcp_syn_retries
c01c811c D sysctl_tcp_synack_retries
c01c8120 D sysctl_tcp_keepalive_time
c01c8124 D sysctl_tcp_keepalive_probes
c01c8128 D sysctl_tcp_keepalive_intvl
c01c812c D sysctl_tcp_retries1
c01c8130 D sysctl_tcp_retries2
c01c8134 d tcp_socket
c01c8138 D sysctl_local_port_range
c01c8140 D tcp_port_rover
c01c8144 D sysctl_max_syn_backlog
c01c8148 D or_ipv4
c01c815c D ipv4_specific
c01c818c D tcp_prot
c01c8210 D sysctl_tcp_tw_recycle
c01c8214 D sysctl_tcp_max_tw_buckets
c01c8218 D sysctl_tcp_syncookies
c01c821c D sysctl_tcp_abort_on_overflow
c01c8220 D tcp_tw_count
c01c8224 d tcp_tw_death_row_slot
c01c8228 d tw_death_lock
c01c822c d tcp_tw_timer
c01c8240 d tcp_twcal_hand
c01c8244 d tcp_twcal_timer
c01c8258 D raw_v4_lock
c01c825c D raw_prot
c01c82e0 D udp_hash_lock
c01c82e4 D udp_prot
c01c8368 d arp_generic_ops
c01c8388 d arp_hh_ops
c01c83a8 d arp_direct_ops
c01c83c8 D arp_broken_ops
c01c83e8 D arp_tbl
c01c85a0 d arp_packet_type
c01c85b4 D icmp_err_convert
c01c8634 D sysctl_icmp_ratelimit
c01c8638 D sysctl_icmp_ratemask
c01c863c D icmp_socket
c01c8640 d icmp_xmit_holder
c01c8644 d icmp_pointers
c01c8774 D ipv4_devconf
c01c87ac d ipv4_devconf_dflt
c01c87e4 D inetdev_lock
c01c87e8 D ip_netdev_notifier
c01c87f4 d inet_rtnetlink_table
c01c88f4 d devinet_sysctl
c01c8cc0 D inet_stream_ops
c01c8d04 D inet_dgram_ops
c01c8d48 D inet_family_ops
c01c8d58 d inetsw_array
c01c8db8 D sysctl_igmp_max_memberships
c01c8dbc d tcp_retr1_max
c01c8dc0 d ip_local_port_range_min
c01c8dc8 d ip_local_port_range_max
c01c8dd0 D ipv4_table
c01c9694 D fib_inetaddr_notifier
c01c96a0 D fib_netdev_notifier
c01c96ac d fib_info_lock
c01c96b0 d fib_props
c01c9718 d type2flags.1548
c01c9748 d fib_hash_lock
c01c974c d fn_hash_last_dflt
c01c9750 D sysctl_unix_max_dgram_qlen
c01c9754 D unix_table_lock
c01c9758 d unix_nr_socks
c01c975c d ordernum.1191
c01c9760 D unix_stream_ops
c01c97a4 D unix_dgram_ops
c01c97e8 D unix_family_ops
c01c97f8 d gc_current
c01c97fc D unix_tot_inflight
c01c9800 d unix_gc_sem.1092
c01c9814 D unix_table
c01c986c d unix_net_table
c01c98c4 d unix_root_table
c01c991c d packet_sklist_lock
c01c9920 d packet_mmap_ops
c01c992c D packet_ops_spkt
c01c9970 D packet_ops
c01c99b4 d packet_family_ops
c01c99c4 d packet_netdev_notifier
c01c99d0 d iriap
c01c99d4 d ias_value_types
c01c99e4 d iriap_state
c01c9a24 D irlmp
c01c9a28 D sysctl_discovery
c01c9a2c D sysctl_discovery_timeout
c01c9a30 D sysctl_discovery_slots
c01c9a34 D sysctl_lap_keepalive_time
c01c9a38 D lmp_reasons
c01c9a54 D irlmp_state
c01c9a60 D irlsap_state
c01c9a78 d lap_state
c01c9a84 d lsap_state
c01c9a9c D irlap
c01c9aa0 D sysctl_slot_timeout
c01c9aa4 D sysctl_warn_noreply_time
c01c9aa8 D sysctl_fast_poll_increase
c01c9aac D irlap_state
c01c9ae8 d state
c01c9b24 D sysctl_max_baud_rate
c01c9b28 D sysctl_max_noreply_time
c01c9b2c D sysctl_min_tx_turn_time
c01c9b30 D sysctl_specdev
c01c9b34 D min_turn_times
c01c9b54 D baud_rates
c01c9b7c D data_sizes
c01c9b94 D add_bofs
c01c9bb4 D max_turn_times
c01c9bc4 D link_disc_times
c01c9be4 D max_line_capacities
c01c9c84 d pi_minor_call_table_type_0
c01c9ccc d pi_minor_call_table_type_1
c01c9d04 d pi_major_call_table
c01c9d14 d irlap_param_info
c01c9d24 d irttp
c01c9d28 d pi_minor_call_table
c01c9d38 d pi_major_call_table
c01c9d40 d param_info
c01c9d50 d dongles
c01c9d54 d tasks
c01c9d58 D infrared_mode
c01c9d68 D objects
c01c9d6c D missing
c01c9d7c d state
c01c9d8c d irda_family_ops
c01c9d9c d irda_stream_ops
c01c9de0 d irda_seqpacket_ops
c01c9e24 d irda_dgram_ops
c01c9e68 d irda_packet_type
c01c9e7c d irda_dev_notifier
c01c9e88 d pv_extract_table
c01c9ea4 d pv_insert_table
c01c9ec0 d dir
c01c9ee8 D sysctl_compression
c01c9eec d max_discovery_slots
c01c9ef0 d min_discovery_slots
c01c9ef4 d max_slot_timeout
c01c9ef8 d min_slot_timeout
c01c9efc d max_max_baud_rate
c01c9f00 d min_max_baud_rate
c01c9f04 d max_min_tx_turn_time
c01c9f08 d min_min_tx_turn_time
c01c9f0c d max_max_noreply_time
c01c9f10 d min_max_noreply_time
c01c9f14 d max_warn_noreply_time
c01c9f18 d min_warn_noreply_time
c01c9f1c d max_lap_keepalive_time
c01c9f20 d min_lap_keepalive_time
c01c9f24 d irda_table
c01ca160 d irda_net_table
c01ca1b8 d irda_root_table
c01ca210 D ircomm
c01ca214 D ircomm_state
c01ca224 D ircomm_event
c01ca25c d state
c01ca26c D ircomm_tty
c01ca270 D ircomm_tty_state
c01ca28c D ircomm_tty_event
c01ca2cc d state
c01ca2e4 d pi_minor_call_table_common
c01ca2fc d pi_minor_call_table_non_raw
c01ca32c d pi_minor_call_table_9_wire
c01ca344 d pi_major_call_table
c01ca35c D ircomm_param_info
c01ca36c d destroy_wait
c01ca378 D rpc_xprt_pending
c01ca380 d xid.1402
c01ca384 d schedq
c01ca38c d childq
c01ca394 d delay_queue
c01ca39c d rpciod_idle
c01ca3a8 d rpciod_killer
c01ca3b4 d rpciod_sema
c01ca3c8 D rpc_queue_lock
c01ca3cc d rpc_sched_lock
c01ca3d0 d rpciod_running
c01ca3e4 d auth_flavors
c01ca404 d rpc_credcache_lock
c01ca408 D authnull_ops
c01ca41c d null_credops
c01ca430 D authunix_ops
c01ca444 d unix_credops
c01ca458 d authtab
c01ca478 d pmap_lock
c01ca47c d pmap_procedures
c01ca4cc d pmap_version2
c01ca4d8 d pmap_version
c01ca4e4 D pmap_program
c01ca4f8 d proc_net_rpc
c01ca4fc d debug_table
c01ca5d8 d sunrpc_table
c01ca630 D net_table
c01ca70c D float_rounding_mode
c01ca70d D floatx80_rounding_precision
c01ca70e D float_detect_tininess
c01ca70f D _ctype
c01ca80f D _edata
c01ca820 B __bss_start
c01ca820 B root_device_name
c01ca860 B rows
c01ca864 B cols
c01ca868 B execute_command
c01ca86c B wait_init_idle
c01ca870 B Version_132114
c01ca874 B vram_size
c01ca878 B irq_desc
c01cb1d8 b irq_err_count
c01cb1dc b irq_controller_lock
c01cb1e0 b hlt_counter
c01cb1e4 B pm_idle
c01cb1e8 B pm_power_off
c01cb1ec b task_struct_head
c01cb1f0 b nr_task_struct
c01cb1f4 B system_rev
c01cb1f8 B system_serial_low
c01cb1fc B system_serial_high
c01cb200 B __machine_arch_type
c01cb204 B processor_id
c01cb208 B elf_hwcap
c01cb20c B elf_platform
c01cb214 B fpe_type
c01cb21c B aux_device_present
c01cb220 B saved_command_line
c01cb620 b proc_info
c01cb628 b machine_name
c01cb62c b command_line
c01cba2c b next_rtc_update
c01cba30 B empty_zero_page
c01cba34 B quicklists
c01cba40 b totalram_pages
c01cba44 B external_fault
c01cba48 B pte_cache
c01cba4c b ai_user
c01cba50 b ai_sys
c01cba54 b ai_skipped
c01cba58 b ai_half
c01cba5c b ai_word
c01cba60 b ai_multi
c01cba64 b ai_usermode
c01cba68 b node_bootmem_data
c01cbab8 b GPIO_IRQ_rising_edge
c01cbabc b GPIO_IRQ_falling_edge
c01cbac0 b GPIO_11_27_spurious
c01cbac4 B dma_chan
c01cbbfc b dma_list_lock
c01cbc00 b ga_pm_dev
c01cbc04 b msglevel
c01cbc08 b battery_pm_dev
c01cbc0c B proc_batt
c01cbc10 b collieled_internal_logical
c01cbc50 b play_wait
c01cbc5c b TC35143f_control_reg_a
c01cbc60 b TC35143f_control_reg_b
c01cbc64 b TC35143f_mode
c01cbc68 B collie_under_recording
c01cbc6c B collie_under_playing
c01cbc70 b output_stream
c01cbc84 b click
c01cbc88 b tap
c01cbc8c b alarm
c01cbc90 b sche
c01cbc94 b audio_fragsize
c01cbc98 b audio_nbfrags
c01cbc9c b audio_wr_refcount
c01cbca0 b count.901
c01cbca4 b prev_status.906
c01cbca8 b prev_ac_line_status.907
c01cbcac b prev_ac_line_status.908
c01cbcb0 b prev_chg_status.909
c01cbcb4 b notified.953
c01cbcb8 b notified.978
c01cbcbc b last_resume.982
c01cbcc0 b ignore_bounce.983
c01cbcc4 B apm_info
c01cbcf0 b collie_suspend_request
c01cbcf4 B collie_get_on_mode
c01cbcf8 b blank_state
c01cbcfc b suspends_pending
c01cbd00 b standbys_pending
c01cbd04 b waiting_for_resume
c01cbd08 b ignore_normal_resume
c01cbd0c b debug
c01cbd10 b apm_disabled
c01cbd14 b exit_kapmd
c01cbd18 b kapmd_running
c01cbd1c b user_list
c01cbd20 b sys_ctx
c01cbda0 B kstat
c01cd300 B nr_running
c01cd304 B nr_threads
c01cd308 B last_pid
c01cd30c B mmlist_nr
c01cd310 B pidhash
c01ce310 B vm_area_cachep
c01ce314 B mm_cachep
c01ce318 B files_cachep
c01ce31c B fs_cachep
c01ce320 B sigact_cachep
c01ce324 B max_threads
c01ce328 B total_forks
c01ce32c B abi_fake_utsname
c01ce330 B abi_traceflg
c01ce334 b buf.564
c01ce734 b buf.568
c01ce748 B panic_notifier_list
c01ce74c B panic_timeout
c01ce750 b printk_buf.688
c01ceb50 B oops_in_progress
c01ceb54 B console_drivers
c01ceb58 b log_buf
c01d2b58 b log_start
c01d2b5c b con_start
c01d2b60 b log_end
c01d2b64 b logged_chars
c01d2b68 B console_cmdline
c01d2be8 b console_may_schedule
c01d2bec b kmalloc_failed
c01d2bf0 B pps_offset
c01d2bf4 B pps_freq
c01d2bf8 B pps_jitcnt
c01d2bfc B pps_calcnt
c01d2c00 B pps_errcnt
c01d2c04 B pps_stbcnt
c01d2c08 B sys_tz
c01d2c10 B hardpps_ptr
c01d2c20 B irq_stat
c01d2c40 B bh_task_vec
c01d2ec0 b bh_base
c01d2f40 b reserve.655
c01d2fb0 b minolduid
c01d2fc0 B event
c01d2fc4 B time_offset
c01d2fc8 B time_phase
c01d2fcc B time_adj
c01d2fd0 B time_reftime
c01d2fd4 B time_adjust
c01d2fd8 B avenrun
c01d2fe4 B jiffies
c01d2ff0 B xtime
c01d2ff8 B prof_buffer
c01d2ffc B prof_len
c01d3000 B prof_shift
c01d3004 B time_adjust_step
c01d3008 b tv5
c01d320c b tv4
c01d3410 b tv3
c01d3614 b tv2
c01d3818 b tv1
c01d401c b timer_jiffies
c01d4020 B wall_jiffies
c01d4030 b uid_cachep
c01d4034 b uidhash_table
c01d4434 b sigqueue_cachep
c01d4438 B nr_queued_signals
c01d443c b reboot_notifier_list
c01d4440 b keventd_running
c01d4444 b keventd_task
c01d4448 b dummy_task
c01d445c B pm_active
c01d4460 B max_mapnr
c01d4464 B num_physpages
c01d4468 B high_memory
c01d446c B mem_map
c01d4470 B highmem_start_page
c01d4474 B sysctl_overcommit_memory
c01d4478 B page_hash_bits
c01d447c B page_hash_table
c01d4480 B vmlist
c01d4484 b offslab_limit
c01d4488 b cache_chain_sem
c01d449c B max_low_pfn
c01d44a0 B min_low_pfn
c01d44a4 B page_cluster
c01d44a8 B pgdat_list
c01d44ac B nr_swap_pages
c01d44b0 B nr_active_pages
c01d44b4 B nr_inactive_pages
c01d44b8 B active_list
c01d44c0 B inactive_list
c01d44c8 b swap_cache_info
c01d44e0 B total_swap_pages
c01d44e4 B nr_swapfiles
c01d44e8 B swap_info
c01d4be8 b swap_overflow
c01d4bec b contig_bootmem_data
c01d4c00 b prev_level.633
c01d4c04 b prev_action.634
c01d4c08 b first
c01d4c0c b last
c01d4c10 b count
c01d4c14 b good_count
c01d4c18 b retry_count
c01d4c1c b shm_mnt
c01d4c20 b anon_pages
c01d4c24 b slab_pages
c01d4c28 b resvd_pages
c01d4c2c b unused_pages
c01d4c30 b buffer.549
c01d4c50 b buffer.553
c01d4c70 b chrdevs
c01d5468 b bh_hash_mask
c01d546c b bh_hash_shift
c01d5470 b hash_table
c01d5474 b lru_list
c01d5480 b nr_buffers_type
c01d548c b size_buffers_type
c01d5498 b unused_list
c01d549c b nr_unused_buffer_heads
c01d54a0 B ROOT_DEV
c01d54a4 b file_systems
c01d54a8 b unnamed_dev_in_use
c01d54c8 b buffer.946
c01d54e8 b bd_mnt
c01d54ec b bdev_hashtable
c01d56ec b bdev_cachep
c01d56f0 b blkdevs
c01d5ee8 b cdev_hashtable
c01d60e8 b cdev_cachep
c01d60ec B core_uses_pid
c01d60f0 b formats
c01d60f4 b pipe_mnt
c01d60f8 b fasync_cache
c01d60fc b filelock_cache
c01d6100 B names_cachep
c01d6104 B filp_cachep
c01d6108 B dquot_cachep
c01d610c B bh_cachep
c01d6110 b dentry_cache
c01d6114 b d_hash_mask
c01d6118 b d_hash_shift
c01d611c b dentry_hashtable
c01d6120 b empty_aops.777
c01d6144 b empty_iops.778
c01d6184 b empty_fops.779
c01d61cc b last_ino.783
c01d61d0 B inodes_stat
c01d61ec b i_hash_mask
c01d61f0 b i_hash_shift
c01d61f4 b inode_hashtable
c01d61f8 b inode_cachep
c01d61fc b unused_inodes_flush_task
c01d6210 b dn_cache
c01d6214 b mount_hashtable
c01d6218 b hash_mask
c01d621c b hash_bits
c01d6220 b mnt_cache
c01d6224 B root_vfsmnt
c01d6228 B nr_dquots
c01d622c B nr_free_dquots
c01d6230 B max_dquots
c01d6234 B proc_mnt
c01d6238 B proc_root_fs
c01d623c B proc_net
c01d6240 B proc_bus
c01d6244 B proc_root_driver
c01d6248 B proc_sys_root
c01d624c b proc_alloc_map
c01d644c b proc_tty_ldisc
c01d6450 b proc_tty_driver
c01d6454 b p.795
c01d6458 B proc_root_kcore
c01d645c b error_buf
c01d685c b read_buffers
c01de85c b buffer_blocknr
c01de864 b buffer_dev
c01de86c b next_buffer
c01de870 b stream
c01de8a0 b initialized
c01de8a4 b fat_cache
c01de8a8 b cache
c01de948 b fat_inode_hashtable
c01df148 B cvf_formats
c01df154 B cvf_format_use_count
c01df160 b sillycounter.825
c01df164 b nfs_page_cachep
c01df168 b nfs_rdata_cachep
c01df16c b nfs_deletes
c01df170 b complain.930
c01df174 b complain.931
c01df178 b nfs_wdata_cachep
c01df17c b buf.819
c01df1cc b nlm_blocked
c01df1d0 b buf.774
c01df220 b buf.675
c01df270 b nlm_hosts
c01df2f0 b next_gc
c01df2f4 b nrhosts
c01df2f8 b buf.720
c01df348 B nlmsvc_ops
c01df34c B nlmsvc_grace_period
c01df350 B nlmsvc_timeout
c01df354 b nlmsvc_users
c01df358 b nlmsvc_pid
c01df35c B nlm_grace_period
c01df360 B nlm_udpport
c01df364 B nlm_tcpport
c01df368 b nlmsvc_stats
c01df38c b buf.675
c01df3dc b nlm_blocked
c01df3e0 b buf.675
c01df430 b buf.675
c01df480 b buf.675
c01df4d0 b nlm_files
c01df550 b buf.675
c01df5a0 B nsm_local_state
c01df5a4 b nsm_stats
c01df5cc b buf.675
c01df61c b nlm_stats
c01df644 b buf.675
c01df694 b buf.675
c01df6e4 b buf.675
c01df734 b tables
c01df738 b identity
c01df838 b devpts_mnt
c01df83c b msg_ids
c01df868 b sem_ids
c01df894 b used_sems
c01df898 b shm_ids
c01df8c4 b shm_tot
c01df8c8 b nr_warns.1037
c01df8cc B tty_std_termios
c01df8f0 B redirect
c01df8f4 B ldiscs
c01dfcf4 B tty_drivers
c01dfcf8 b dev_tty_driver
c01dfdb4 b dev_syscons_driver
c01dfe70 b dev_ptmx_driver
c01dff2c b dev_console_driver
c01dffe8 b raw_devices
c01e23e8 b pty_driver
c01e24a4 b pty_slave_driver
c01e2560 b pty_refcount
c01e2564 b pty_table
c01e2964 b pty_termios
c01e2d64 b pty_termios_locked
c01e3164 b ttyp_table
c01e3564 b ttyp_termios
c01e3964 b ttyp_termios_locked
c01e3d64 b pty_state
c01e4d64 B ptm_driver
c01e4e20 B pts_driver
c01e4edc b ptm_table
c01e52dc b ptm_termios
c01e56dc b ptm_termios_locked
c01e5adc b pts_table
c01e5edc b pts_termios
c01e62dc b pts_termios_locked
c01e66dc b ptm_state
c01e76dc b devfs_handle.813
c01e76e0 b misc_minors
c01e76e8 b last_scancode.700
c01e76ec b rekey_time.776
c01e76f0 b count.777
c01e76f4 b secret.778
c01e7724 b rekey_time.782
c01e7728 b secret.783
c01e7758 b random_state
c01e775c b sec_random_state
c01e7760 b batch_entropy_pool
c01e7764 b batch_entropy_credit
c01e7768 b batch_max
c01e776c b batch_head
c01e7770 b batch_tail
c01e7774 b batch_tqueue
c01e7788 b keyboard_timer_state
c01e7798 b mouse_timer_state
c01e77a8 b extract_timer_state
c01e77b8 b irq_timer_state
c01e78e4 b blkdev_timer_state
c01e7ce0 b sysctl_poolsize
c01e7ce4 b min_read_thresh
c01e7ce8 b max_read_thresh
c01e7cec b min_write_thresh
c01e7cf0 b max_write_thresh
c01e7cf4 b sysctl_bootid
c01e7d04 B vt_cons
c01e7e00 B video_font_height
c01e7e04 B default_font_height
c01e7e08 B video_scan_lines
c01e7e0c B vt_dont_switch
c01e7e10 b devfs_handle
c01e7e14 b inv_translate
c01e7f10 b dflt
c01e7f14 b p.936
c01e7f18 b old.937
c01e7f1a b oldx.938
c01e7f1c b oldy.939
c01e7f20 B fg_console
c01e7f24 B last_console
c01e7f28 B kmsg_redirect
c01e7f2c B conswitchp
c01e7f30 B console_blanked
c01e7f34 B vc_cons
c01e8030 B do_poke_blanked_console
c01e8034 b console_table
c01e8130 b console_termios
c01e822c b console_termios_locked
c01e8328 b con_driver_map
c01e8424 b printable
c01e8428 b vesa_blank_mode
c01e842c b vesa_off_interval
c01e8430 b master_display_fg
c01e8434 b scrollback_delta
c01e8438 B console_blank_hook
c01e843c b console_timer
c01e8450 b pm_con
c01e8454 b softcursor_original
c01e8458 B con_buf
c01e9458 B console_driver
c01e9514 b console_refcount
c01e9518 B sel_cons
c01e951c b sel_end
c01e9520 b sel_buffer_lth
c01e9524 b sel_buffer
c01e9528 b serial_driver
c01e95e4 b callout_driver
c01e96a0 b serial_refcount
c01e96a4 b rs_table
c01e98d8 b serial_table
c01e98e4 b serial_termios
c01e98f0 b serial_termios_locked
c01e98fc b sa1100_rs_pm_dev
c01e9900 b ser_save
c01e9930 b irda_open
c01e9934 b huw_irq_table
c01e9964 b tmp_buf
c01e9968 b irq_desc
c01e9b68 b ucb1200_low_level
c01e9b6c b ucb1200_irqs
c01e9bac B proc_ucb1200
c01e9bb0 b adc_busy
c01e9bb4 b adc_value
c01e9bb8 b complete_adc
c01e9bbc b ucb1200_ts_pm_dev
c01e9bc0 b raw_max_x
c01e9bc4 b raw_max_y
c01e9bc8 b res_x
c01e9bcc b res_y
c01e9bd0 b raw_min_x
c01e9bd4 b raw_min_y
c01e9bd8 b xyswap
c01e9bdc b cal_ok
c01e9be0 b x_rev
c01e9be4 b y_rev
c01e9be8 b smooth
c01e9bec b timer
c01e9c00 b ts_state
c01e9c04 b adcx_state
c01e9c08 b adc_owner
c01e9c0c b head
c01e9c10 b tail
c01e9c14 b sample
c01e9c18 b cur_data
c01e9c2c b samples
c01e9c7c b buf
c01ea67c b x_slope
c01ea680 b y_slope
c01ea684 b x_off
c01ea688 b y_off
c01ea68c b fasync
c01ea690 b adcx_channel
c01ea694 b adcx_data
c01ea6a4 B proc_ts
c01ea6a8 B shift_state
c01ea6ac B kbd_table
c01ea7a8 B kbd_ledfunc
c01ea7ac B kbd_pt_regs
c01ea7b0 b k_down
c01ea7bc b key_down
c01ea7dc b dead_key_next
c01ea7e0 b diacr
c01ea7e4 b rep
c01ea7e8 b ttytab
c01ea7ec b tty
c01ea7f0 b pm_kbd
c01ea7f4 B spawnpid
c01ea7f8 B spawnsig
c01ea7fc b ledioctl
c01ea800 b ledptrs
c01ea824 b collie_kbd_pm_dev
c01ea828 B sharp_cur_keycode
c01eaa30 B sharp_cur_status
c01eaa34 B sharppda_kbdstate
c01eac3c b kbdhw_task
c01eac50 B mach_kbdrate
c01eac54 b logical_led_status
c01eac64 b led_pm_dev
c01eac68 b fasyncptr
c01eac6c B buzzer_volumes
c01eaca8 B buzzer_mutings
c01eace4 b duration
c01eace8 b base_hz_c
c01eacec b buz_pm_dev
c01eacf0 b rtc_status
c01eacf4 b rtc_irq_data
c01eacf8 b rtc_async_queue
c01eacfc B read_ahead
c01eb0f8 B blk_dev
c01f3474 B blk_size
c01f3870 B blksize_size
c01f3c6c B hardsect_size
c01f4068 B max_readahead
c01f4464 B max_sectors
c01f4860 b request_cachep
c01f4864 b queue_nr_requests
c01f4868 b batch_requests
c01f486c b ro_bits
c01f684c B gendisk_head
c01f6850 b gendisk_lock
c01f6854 B gendisk_array
c01f6c50 b queue_ID.867
c01f6c54 B rd_doload
c01f6c58 B rd_image_start
c01f6c5c b rd_length
c01f6c9c b rd_hardsec
c01f6cdc b rd_blocksizes
c01f6d1c b rd_kbsize
c01f6d5c b devfs_handle
c01f6d60 b rd_bdev
c01f6da0 b inbuf
c01f6da4 b window
c01f6da8 b insize
c01f6dac b inptr
c01f6db0 b outcnt
c01f6db4 b exit_code
c01f6db8 b bytes_out
c01f6dbc b crd_infp
c01f6dc0 b crd_outfp
c01f6dc4 b bb
c01f6dc8 b bk
c01f6dcc b hufts
c01f6dd0 b crc_32_tab
c01f71d0 b crc
c01f71d4 b loop_dev
c01f71d8 b loop_sizes
c01f71dc b loop_blksizes
c01f71e0 b devfs_handle
c01f71e4 b last_channel_index
c01f71e8 b devfs_handle
c01f71ec b static_init_done.676
c01f71f0 b static_ltree
c01f7af0 b static_dtree
c01f7be0 b dist_code
c01f7de0 b length_code
c01f7ee0 b base_length
c01f7f54 b base_dist
c01f7fcc b fixed_mem
c01f905c b fixed_bl
c01f9060 b fixed_bd
c01f9064 b fixed_tl
c01f9068 b fixed_td
c01f906c b irqs
c01f9070 b last_msgtime.1147
c01f9074 b count.1148
c01f9078 b banner_printed.1325
c01f907c b idebus_parameter
c01f9080 b system_bus_speed
c01f9084 b initializing
c01f9088 B ide_modules
c01f908c B ide_probe
c01f9090 B ide_hwifs
c01f9d80 B ide_devfs_handle
c01f9d84 b ide_info_buf
c01f9f88 b devfs_handle
c01f9f8c b chains
c01f9fcc b errno
c01f9fd0 b collie_sound_pm_dev
c01f9fd4 B df_sem
c01f9fe8 b output_stream
c01f9ffc b audio_fragsize
c01fa000 b audio_nbfrags
c01fa004 b audio_wr_refcount
c01fa008 b sound
c01fa084 B collie_main_volume
c01fa088 b mixer
c01fa08c b state
c01fa298 b timer
c01fa2ac b input_stream
c01fa2c4 b audio_rate
c01fa2c8 b audio_igain
c01fa2cc b audio_iamp
c01fa2d0 b audio_channels
c01fa2d4 b audio_fmt
c01fa2d8 b audio_fragsize
c01fa2dc b audio_nbfrags
c01fa2e0 b audio_rd_refcount
c01fa2e4 b audio_dev_dsp
c01fa2e8 b audio_dev_mixer
c01fa2ec b audio_mix_modcnt
c01fa2f0 b audio_pm_dev
c01fa2f4 b mtd_info
c01fa2f8 b mtd_info
c01fa2fc b mtd_table
c01fa33c b proc_mtd
c01fa340 b mtdblks
c01fa380 b mtdblks_lock
c01fa384 b mtdblock_lock
c01fa388 b mtd_sizes
c01fa3c8 b mtd_blksizes
c01fa408 b devfs_handle
c01fa40c B socket_table
c01fa42c b pcmcia_low_level
c01fa430 b sa1100_pcmcia_socket_count
c01fa434 b sa1100_pcmcia_socket
c01fa544 b poll_timer
c01fa558 b keep_vs
c01fa55c b dev_list
c01fa560 b warned.873
c01fa564 b fb_ever_opened.883
c01fa5e4 B num_registered_fb
c01fa5e8 B registered_fb
c01fa668 b pref_init_funcs
c01fa6e8 b first_fb_vc
c01fa6ec b devfs_handle
c01fa6f0 B fb_display
c01feadc B con2fb_map
c01feb1c b logo_lines
c01feb20 b softback_buf
c01feb24 b softback_curr
c01feb28 b softback_in
c01feb2c b softback_top
c01feb30 b softback_end
c01feb34 b softback_lines
c01feb38 b pm_fbcon
c01feb3c b fbcon_sleeping
c01feb40 b cursor_drawn
c01feb44 b vbl_cursor_cnt
c01feb48 b cursor_on
c01feb4c b cursor_blink_rate
c01feb50 b use_timer_cursor
c01feb54 b palette_red
c01feb74 b palette_green
c01feb94 b palette_blue
c01febb4 b fb_pm_dev
c01febb8 b VideoMemRegion
c01febbc b VideoMemRegion_phys
c01febc0 b BackUpVideoMemRegion
c01febc4 b global_disp
c01fecd8 b fb_info
c01fee70 b current_par
c01feeb8 b lcd_shadow
c01feed0 b fb_pm_dev
c01feed4 B proc_fl
c01feed8 b colliefl_major
c01feedc b irda_ldisc
c01fef1c b netdev
c01fef20 b warned.1209
c01fef24 b net_families
c01fefa4 b sock_mnt
c01fefc0 b sk_cachep
c01fefc4 b skbuff_head_cache
c01fefc8 b skb_head_pool
c01ff000 b ifindex.1348
c01ff020 B netdev_rx_stat
c01ff060 b ptype_base
c01ff0a0 b dev_boot_setup
c01ff1a0 b gifconf_list
c01ff220 b dst_garbage_list
c01ff224 b dst_gc_timer_expires
c01ff228 b neigh_glbl_allocs
c01ff22c b neigh_tables
c01ff230 B rtnl
c01ff234 B rtnetlink_links
c01ff2b4 b last_msg.653
c01ff2b8 b missed.654
c01ff2bc b nl_table
c01ff33c B netlink_sock_nr
c01ff340 b buff.1482
c01ff354 b rover.1533
c01ff358 b last_gc.1544
c01ff35c b rover.1545
c01ff360 b equilibrium.1546
c01ff364 b ip_fallback_id.1558
c01ff368 B ip_rt_max_size
c01ff36c b rt_deadline
c01ff370 b rt_flush_timer
c01ff384 b rt_periodic_timer
c01ff398 b rt_hash_table
c01ff39c b rt_hash_mask
c01ff3a0 b rt_hash_log
c01ff3a4 B rt_cache_stat
c01ff3cc b flush_delay
c01ff3d0 B inet_peer_unused_head
c01ff3d4 b peer_cachep
c01ff3d8 b peer_total
c01ff3dc B inet_protos
c01ff460 B ip_statistics
c01ff520 b ipq_hash
c01ff620 B ip_ra_chain
c01ff640 B tcp_bucket_cachep
c01ff644 B tcp_timewait_cachep
c01ff648 B sysctl_tcp_mem
c01ff654 B tcp_memory_allocated
c01ff658 B tcp_sockets_allocated
c01ff65c B tcp_memory_pressure
c01ff660 B tcp_openreq_cachep
c01ff680 B tcp_statistics
c01ff700 B sysctl_tcp_orphan_retries
c01ff704 b warntime.1611
c01ff708 b tcp_inode
c01ff8ec b tcp_tw_death_row
c01ff90c b tcp_twcal_jiffie
c01ff910 b tcp_twcal_row
c01ff990 b tcpnl
c01ff994 b complained.1200
c01ff998 B raw_v4_htable
c01ffa20 B udp_hash
c01ffc20 B udp_port_rover
c01ffc40 B udp_statistics
c01ffc80 B icmp_statistics
c01ffd80 B sysctl_icmp_echo_ignore_all
c01ffd84 B sysctl_icmp_echo_ignore_broadcasts
c01ffd88 B sysctl_icmp_ignore_bogus_error_responses
c01ffd8c B icmp_inode
c01fff80 b inetaddr_chain
c01fff84 B inet_ifa_count
c01fff88 B inet_dev_count
c01fffa0 B inetsw
c0200000 B net_statistics
c0200240 B sysctl_ip_nonlocal_bind
c0200260 B ipv4_config
c020026c B local_table
c0200270 B main_table
c0200274 b fib_info_list
c0200278 B fib_info_cnt
c020027c b fn_hash_kmem
c0200280 b fib_hash_zombies
c0200284 B unix_socket_table
c0200688 b unix_sysctl_header
c020068c b packet_sklist
c0200690 B packet_socks_nr
c0200694 b service_handle
c0200698 B sysctl_devname
c02006dc b rand.972
c02006e0 B proc_irda
c02006e4 b irda_table_header
c02006e8 b driver
c02007a4 b ircomm_tty_refcount
c02007a8 b ircomm_tty_table
c0200ba8 b ircomm_tty_termios
c0200fa8 b ircomm_tty_termios_locked
c02013a8 b dummy.1347
c02013e8 b rpc_task_id
c02013ec b all_tasks
c02013f0 b rpciod_users
c02013f4 b rpciod_pid
c02013f8 b rpc_inhibit
c02013fc b swap_buffer
c02023fc b swap_buffer_used
c0202400 b pmap_stats
c0202428 B rpc_debug
c020242c B nfs_debug
c0202430 B nfsd_debug
c0202434 B nlm_debug
c0202438 b sunrpc_table_header
c020243c b orig_fp_enter
c0202440 B float_exception_flags
c0202444 B errno
c0202448 B ___strtok
c020244c B _end
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