DWL-650 rev P - no progress with CVS hostap..

Joshua Kwan joshk
Sat Feb 28 18:16:32 PST 2004

On Sat, Feb 28, 2004 at 06:14:23PM -0800,  wrote:
> Verifying update compatibility and combining data:
> Failed to open '/proc/net/hostap/wifi0/debug' for reading.
> Incompatible update data.
> :(

My mistake. it seems that /proc/net/hostap/wlan0 is the only one that
exists on my machine, but it still doesn't work...

# ./prism2_srec -g -s wlan0 primary/pm010102.hex 
srec summary for pm010102.hex
Included file name: PM010102.HEX
Component: 0x0015 1.1.2 (primary firmware)

Verifying update compatibility and combining data:
Plugging PDR 0400 (NIC configuration): ram16=1 pci=0 (03 00)

Downloading to volatile memory (RAM).
ioctl[PRISM2_IOCTL_DOWNLOAD]: Input/output error

Download failed!

Joshua Kwan
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