Firmware question

Jiri Fojtasek jiri.fojtasek
Sat Feb 28 09:28:11 PST 2004

Sergio M. Ammirata wrote:

>Does anyone have a large network of APs with a particular firmware working
>reliably? What firmware is best for a production environment?

I have three hostapAP routers, 40 users per one (average). I using mix 
of Wirelles bridges (wds) and station adapters for client side. I have 
used those firmwares in order:

- 1.3.6 (stock for Sparklan and D-COM cards)
    It was unusable due to lack of WDS support
- 1.5.6
   Some problems with WDS (Hardware bridges get some random timeouts, 
1-2 times per day with duration of 15 minutes).
- 1.7.4
    Seems that WDS problems from 1.5.6 aregone, and i not have any other 
problems (One router had 70 days uptime than i break with kernel upgrade)

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