Latency problems related to hostap?

Sven Packebusch Sven.Packebusch
Fri Feb 27 05:08:29 PST 2004

Dear list, once again...

I went back for further analysing the last days and now I definitly know, that it has to be
something (maybe easily configurable) with the hostap package in conjunction with the
Realtek chipset of the Laptop card. Why? Read on:

First the answers to the two replies I got:
- It has nothing to do with any power saving options on the Laptop, these are completely
- There's no impact on my problem at all if I disable WEP or take the bridge down.

We took the Laptop to a friends place who is using an AOL-wireless AP supporting a lot more
stuff. Interesting to us was only the performance of the Laptop being associated to this access


Behaviour beeing associated with my hostap: (as described below)
> > The "hiccups" can be monitored in the Windows Driver Tool delivered with the card. There
> > you have a status information field which is showing "associated" during normal operation.
> > On occurance of the problem it is switching to "checking status" for the durance of the
> > hiccup, afterwards it is showing the link qualitiy and the signal state as "very good" again.
Additional information: The interval between those "status checks" turned out to be exactly
60s in between, meaning if "x" would be our start time:
x -> hiccup, "checking status"
x + 3s -> resuming normal operation, link quality and status are shown again
x + 63s -> hiccup, "checking status"
x + 66s -> resuming normal operation, link quality and status are shown again
x + 126s -> hiccup, "checking status"

Behaviour beeing associated with the AOL-AP:
You don't get any "checking status" messages at all, Link status and Link quality are shown all the time. Still some of the pings get lost or a bad response time. But this is not a problem in general having an interval. It is more related to the bad signal quality and strength provided by the tiny wireless device in this AP.

So again:
Is there anyone out there knowing something about this strange 60s Intervall causing the connection to hang?

Thanks to all reading this and especially to the two having answered to me!


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