invalid misc counts too high?

Brad Langhorst brad
Tue Feb 24 20:38:00 PST 2004

I have built a community network using hostap.

I find that it works pretty well but there are some problems...

there is a server ap that connects to the internet
there is also a repeater ap with 2 radios in a more central location

the server and repeater talk on channel 1
the repeater serves clients on channel 10

mostly it works fine but when I'm listening to streaming audio i'll get
cut off periodically (once every 5 or 10 minutes)

i notice that the invalid misc parameter increases by a couple of
thousand packets in a burst sometimes

i gathered this (unscientificially) over a period of about 10 minutes

are these values unusual? (this is on the backhaul link, i see about 1/4
of those numbers on the client link)
How can i diagnose the problem further?
What do you all use for tracking the status of a link over time ?

thanks for any suggestions!


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