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Martin Schiotz maline
Sun Feb 22 00:40:23 PST 2004

> On Sun, Feb 22, 2004 at 03:10:46AM +0100, Martin Schiotz wrote:
> > So, beacon frames are generated by firmware. I have now been looking in the Intersil's "Prism Driver Programmers Manual" v. 2.30 rm025.
> > I don't see any way how to add extra information to a beacon frame.
> Yes, with the latest versions of the station firmware (1.7.x and newer).
> See the current CVS snapshot for an example of how this can be done
> (generic element RID). wpa_supplicant uses this to add WPA IE into
> (Re)Assoc Request frames and hostapd uses this to add WPA IE into Beacon
> and Probe Response frames.

Perfect :-) I found the place in the source code of the current CVS snapshot.

I managed to flash my Netgear MA311GE pci card from firmware v1.3.6 -> v1.8.0 with prism2_srec and the driver from the latest cvs snapshot. I crossed my fingers and everything worked :-) 
So now I guess there is just the programming left.


> > I was thinking about maybe to generate my own beacon frame (skb) and send this to the card for transmission ??
> That's not going to work correctly because Beacon frames have to include
> exact timing information from the MAC and Prism2 firmware does not
> provide way for sending your own Beacon frames with such information.
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