unused information elements

Martin Schiotz maline
Sat Feb 21 18:10:46 PST 2004

Sorry for not being specific!

> On Sun, Feb 08, 2004 at 01:11:29AM +0100, malinko at malinko.adsl.dk wrote:
> > I would like to use some of the unused space available in the information
> > elements part when transmitting 802.11 management frame.
> What "unused space"? Which frames? Host AP or managed mode?

I'm talking about master mode.
I would like to add some extra information to a beacon frame.
I guess I could add this information to the last part of the "Capability Information" field bit 8-15
or better as a new "Information Element" with element id 32 (unused).   

> > I have been looking at the source code of the HostAP driver to find where tx
> > frames fill out the information element part - with no succes. Is this filled
> > out by firmware or software ?
> It depends.. In Host AP mode, firmware generates Probe Response and
> Beacon frames. Other management frames are generated by the driver (or
> hostapd, if used). In Managed mode, firmware generates all management
> frames (with some exceptions needed for WPA).

So, beacon frames are generated by firmware. I have now been looking in the Intersil's "Prism Driver Programmers Manual" v. 2.30 rm025. 
I don't see any way how to add extra information to a beacon frame.

But is there a way ?

I was thinking about maybe to generate my own beacon frame (skb) and send this to the card for transmission ??   

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