Troubles on long link... continue...

Sergio M. Ammirata ammirata
Wed Feb 18 06:37:50 PST 2004

I have 3 APs connected among themselves with wds. I disabled ACK
verification and everything still works fine. Station can associate without
any problems as well.

I also tested the patch for CCMP/AES, i.e. disabling replay protection, and
the wds links are nicely encrypted. However, if I don't set the key for the
ff:ff:ff... it does not work. Apparently the per mac key does not quite do
it. Also, when I set the key for the ff:ff:ff... I loose the ability to use
the devices as access points, i.e stations can no longer associate. Is there
a way to tell it to only encrypt for the wds macs?

Unfortunately, I do not have a long link to test this. By the way, I am
using secondary firmware 1.7.4 and the latest development release on all 3


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> So, did you try my suggestion of disabling ACK verification in Linux
> Host AP driver?
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