Troubles on long link... continue...

oleg at oleg
Tue Feb 17 23:27:04 PST 2004

Hello ALL,

I was try to make this long link under managed mode , but without
success :-((...
But it work if at freebsd side card have firmware 1.3.4 !

So if under FreeBSD 4.8 + prism 2.5 (fw 1.3.4) in hostap mode at one
side 35km long link and linux 2.4.24 + prism 2.5 (fw 1.7.4) + hostap driver(0.1.3) in managed mode
at other side - all work just fine!!! - how can this explaine ?

all config similar this:

local net---|linux+hostap|--wirelesslink35km---|freebsd|----|clients

where local net = ethernet tp
linux+hostap have two iface : left:eth right:wlan
freebsd have two iface : left:wi0(fw 1.7.4) right:wi1(fw 1.3.4)
all clients at right side have at leas one iface : left(wlan) and many
Os-es win98,winNT,freebsd,winXP

wi1 at freebsd work all time in hostap mode!
when i setup wi0 in hostap managed - linux AP-master at this time -
link does not work
when i setup wi0 in hostap master - linux AP-managed at this time -
link does not work
when i setup wi0 in ibss-master - linux ad-hoc at this time -
all work correct.

May be all my troubles in firmware 1.7.4 ?

Best regards,
 oleg                            mailto:oleg at

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