Setting power on 200mw cards

Olivier Warin daffy
Sun Feb 15 11:26:13 PST 2004

Does maximum power means 200mW or 250mW as this card is supposed to 
support ?
I have tried to change txpower to 248 without any success.
Is there a way to increase txpower with prism2 card using hostap?
Le 15 f?vr. 04, ? 04:36, Jim TerWee a ?crit :

> Brian Capouch said:
>> I've been slogging through the archives for hours.
>> I see in the Changelog that the "iwconfig txpower" command has been
>> removed, but I can't find what the equivalent iwpriv command would be.
>> I have a 200mw Senao card.  If it comes up in Master mode by default
>> using the maximum power, I'm OK.  The archives were pretty dicey on 
>> that
>> front, too.  One message says the card will come up in max tx power
>> mode; another says it will come up in *minimum*
> Uses max power by default
> Jim TerWee
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